M.Tech Admission Advises

A set of ‘Must Read’ articles for M.Tech aspirants

A set of ‘Must Read’ articles for M.Tech aspirants provides a set of articles which are going to help an M.Tech aspirant before choosing any subject and institute. After the announcement of GATE results I wrote many articles answering questions related to M.Tech admissions and clearing post GATE doubts. These valuable posts still get many readers but they usually miss other informative posts.

In this post, I tried to collect few very important posts those may help students prepare batter for GATE and equip them to deal with post GATE admission process. Initially I was reluctant to post such a list, because there are hundreds of sites copying information with informing or acknowledging the author’s hard work. As Inspire ‘n’ Ignite grow big in volume and well known among student I don’t need to worry about copy sites. Thanks to all my readers and subscribers for making me more confident and comfortable.

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I will update this list as soon as I write some good and relevant post or answer some good and general questions through the posts. The list of articles is as follows. I urge M.Tech aspirants to spare sometime and go through these ‘Must Read’ articles for M.Tech in order to understand bigger picture and decide.

‘Must Read’ articles for M.Tech

Why to do M.Tech?

What to do M.Tech or Job?

MS by research in IITs: prospects and future

What after B.Tech?

PhD after B.Tech

M.Tech in New IITs or old NITs

M.Tech Specializations and preference

GATE 2010 Analysis and Admissions to M.Tech (Master of Engineering Degree)

My GATE Score is … Which college should I apply for M.Tech (or Master of Engineering Degree)???

GATE 2011 Preparation: A Complete Guide

What is Valid GATE Score?

How to calculate GATE percentile

How to apply for M.Tech in NITs

Fee structure and scholarships for Master of Engineering degree (M.E./ M.Tech) in different Universities

IIT M.Tech Admission: Test and Interview preparation

M.Tech admission in IITs: Tips and Advises

M.Tech Admission Giude: GATE Percentile and admission to any IIT for M.Tech

To join GATE coaching or Not?

60% aggregate for M.Tech admissions

Migration certificate, Transfer certificate and Character certificate for M.Tech Admissions

Admission to NUS and NTU (Singapore universities) through GATE

Alternative exams for admission to M.Tech other than GATE

M.Tech Admission without GATE or Non GATE: Points that will help you

M.Tech Admission without GATE or Non GATE

M.Tech colleges in India: A State-wise list

Top Deemed Universities in India for Engineering

M.Tech in IIT or MS in US?

10 Best Uses of Orkut or Facebook for Students

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As its too late in night and I don’t have patience to dig back and search over hundreds of timely and timeless articles. I request you to use search on the inspirenignite site for more details. If you feel some information is missing or need to be added please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or an email to me at [email protected] .

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Wish you all a great luck ahead and suggest you to keep working hard towards your goals and targets.



    Please its a humble opinion from me for all ECE aspirants not to choose M.Tech Communications engg at NIT Surathkal
    its a waste of time for those who aspire more from their life after PG and future endeavours,
    but if u just want a mtech stupid degree and become a teacher then only take it.
    The teachers dont teach you useful shit, just tell to mug up some shitty research paper for project and publish one which u would not be able to,
    give tough semester questions without teaching shit..okay i agree coming at mtech u should know everything
    but they expect more from you as of you are at Harvard or MIT.

    U wont be getting any internships; and placements will be getting like 7lpa avg about 9/27 students gets placed, some even get 3.5 lpa pkgs


  2. lakshmi

    I am a biomedical engineering graduate.I want to do Mtech in signal and image processing.Am i eligible for that?where can i do it?

  3. Ajay

    I am student of EE engineering BE level
    I appeared in gate 2016 but cant make it this time
    I hav dedication for GATE
    Is it a good option to drop this year to make it to IIT ?
    Does droppers face problems in their Mtech placements at IIT ?
    Is their such incident happened before ?

  4. sheelu dubey

    i completed my B.E in 2014..now i want information about college for M.Tech without gate (non gate admission)..please inform me about that.

  5. Sudarshan

    Thanks for sharing the great information , I am studying BE meachanical . I am doing second year now and plan to go IITs in future . I am not that intelligent so I am thinking to start to prepare from now on . Your articles helped a lot . Thanks for the motivation .

  6. s.rubashree

    at present im doing my 3rd year ece (BE) . i would like to continue my ME in IIT
    but im not aware of the courses offered in it
    and i would like to do ME on bio related sub, so could to suggest me

  7. rakeshrcs

    Thanks for sharing a important notes with us but there is some doubts how to do after graduation and why this course will be best for us. Please share some important post with us which clear our doubt and increase our confident in choosing the course.

  8. Suraj Patil

    I am doing engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication. But i wish to go for civil engineering for my M.Tech Degree. Is it allowed to do so?
    please reply


    Sir my gatescore 710 rank1630 stream mechanical . May I got admision in thermal design and production in iits as bombay rurkee kharagpur bhu etc please mail me on [email protected]

  10. vikas kumar

    my gate 2014 score is 489
    and air is 4570 in cse branch can u suggest me which college is best for me to apply for m.tech admission.plz sir reply immediatly

  11. abdul wahab

    Actually i am M.tech student and when i went through all the topics u discussed here i did not get the topic what i was looking for….and that is about M.tech project.
    am in m.tech 2nd year now in CSE dept, what type of projects suit me better….some thing like web application, android application or some thing bigger like solving particular existing problem using algorithms and all or implementing ieee papers.

  12. pradeep madhava

    please tell me the difference between (mtech vs me) and (ms vs me)…..which one is tough to get …is it (me programme from iisc or ms from iisc/iitmadras )…….too many people does not talk about me programme ……..they talk only about ms or mtech…….i think if you can provide some good information on this it will be useful for many students….i.e.if they dont get admission for mtech/ms they can try for me in iisc ……..

  13. Abhijeet Waghmare

    Good evening Sir.
    I am regular viewer of your site from last 1.5 years and by viewing your videos at sometime I get inspired. I am doing M.tech from IIT Bombay and I am in first year. I want to say that please guide us about the placements/interviews in IIT. How to prepare for placements? After Ph.D there is only scope as a lectureship?

    Thank you.

  14. hemenrda

    how to start the preparation

  15. vikram

    sir, can u pls suggest me whether it is good decision to do m.tech in local colleges such as osmania university, cbit.

  16. bharat

    Sir,I got 6800 rank in GATE 2013(EEE),i want to join in NIT’S.May b i’l get last ranked NIT’S.Please tell me weather their will be placements for those new NIT’s and how will be the future of me after doing MTech in those new last ranked NIT’s.Please give ur suggestion sir,it is valuable for me.

  17. Ishwar

    who is admin of this site…. please help when any question or doubts arise.. i think it is only for one time and do play ….. if u r not able to answer then no need to make this type of discussion pannel .

  18. arvind choudhary

    Dear Sir
    Please inform me about CSIR UGC NET ,what to do after qualifying net, and where we can take admission.

  19. Ajay Naikal

    Sir my gate score is 23.33 in PI and cut off for my category is 23.5 so is der any use of it???? Can i get admission to M Tech through it??? Plz reply sir… My email id is [email protected]… Thank u….

  20. kalavathi

    sir my gate 2013 marks out of 100 is 46.33, what would be my gate AIR and score, will I get seat in IITs for Mtech and I also applied for PSU,what marks will they ask to get job there?

  21. gokilavani

    hai i am BE(CSE) student.i have one doubt in admission for MTECH in IIT.if i have arears in history of arears,may i made unfit for admission in IIT through GATE exam.please reply immediately.

  22. rajesh

    Dear sir,
    i am studying MTECH ECE,,,
    PLS tell what are the jobs available for me???

  23. sushant

    dear sir,
    after complited BE.machanical that student do m.tech in mechanical,
    but any stud complited mca then he can m.tech in which subject?

    BE electrical=m.tech electrical
    BE machanical=m.tech machanical
    mca= ????????

  24. mihir shah

    please give me detail of distance learning collages for M.TECH. AICTE approved. i can not find. and advise for good valuable collage.

  25. sachin

    sir, please give me a information about online internet GATE PRACTICE TEST ( for CE ) OR give a name of different website for free online GATE PRACTICE TEST ,

  26. ravi sharma

    my aggregate % in be is 63%……and most of the psu’s have eligibilty criterea of 65%….suggest some psu’s which is right for me.
    also what if the gate score is below 200 and the eligibilty criterea is 62….plz suggest

  27. mohd ziya

    Dear Sir,
    Please inform me about AICTE approval regarding UGC Recognized universities under section 2f and 3f is mandatory or not?

  28. mohd ziya

    Dear Sir,
    Is M.Tech by Research of CMJ University (CCII Bangalore) is valid degree or not please inform me

  29. sirisha reddy

    sir my gate score os 404 air is 10354, gate percentile is 94% i am interested do m.tech in state level universities like ou.. have any chances to get seat ??? thanks in advance

  30. boobalakrishnan

    sir, I attended gate 2012 with preparation but in the exam i cant able to perform well all the things are forgotten and i really hopeless in clearing it I calculated my marks are coming as 17 only, what should i do now!!! I am trying for gate 2013 will you help me for how to prepare and crack gate!!!

  31. Rachit

    Sir, I m in 4th year computer science engg and interested to do preparation of gate 2012 and crack it with extremely good percentile and get admission for M.Tech in some IIT(like roorkee). But I dont have much knowledge about how to prepare.
    Please sir guide me.. this is the last hope for me..
    tell me whether I can crack it in this much time and please send me the preparation guide also.
    Thankyou so much!!

  32. manish

    thanks for your reply sir..!!

  33. manish

    sir i follow your blog regularly. sir i am in my third year and my current CGPA is 8.2, but sir i got 6 TGPA in my 2nd semister .please tell me whether i am eligible for gate or not???

    1. Zahid

      you are eligible next year 🙂

  34. meenakshi

    m in 3btech(ece)i would like 2 prepare for GATE 2012 n i should get goodrank .please guide me to make this possible.

  35. aarti

    sir,i want to join the all about eduction can u please tell me how to join it.
    and i have not prepared anything seriously for gate 2012 due to some problems,so i thinking to drop for gate can you please suggest me the right option to do.
    sir please do reply.

  36. Pradeep Rakshit

    I had appeared in Gate 2011 and I have got 546 score in Computer Science. Sir I just want to know that can I apply for m.tech admissions in the year 2012? Will I get the same weight-age as a gate-2012 qualified candidate?? I am waiting for your reply.

  37. dhanush

    i hav got 50.3% as my over all aggregate in my BE.can i apply for pgcet mtech exam??????????

  38. manishA

    MAIL ME TO [email protected]

  39. Radha

    hello sir….’i m doing b.tech in Ccomputer Science and how i will prepair for GATE exam…..i like to do free downloads of gate 2012 preparation.
    can u help me….???

  40. neethu

    hello sir.., im doing my b.tech degree in information technology… i like to do M.tech.. i like to do free downloads of gate 2012 preparation guide for information technology … can u help me…?

  41. shraboni

    Sir, I am pursuing ME in Process Control and Instrumentation, First year..Please suggest me about what can I do during Semester end Vacations.My Email address is [email protected]

    thank you.

  42. nidhi

    sir kindly do share some more motivating articles as u do so that i can never have a chance of loosing hope….
    i fought gate last year but couldnt make through it inspite of doing hard attempt….the only reason was i was not that much confident…dis time i m set on fire for gate….thanks a lot…


    sir,i beat gate entrance examination in 3rd year with gate score 410 in mechanical branch in 2011 sir my i take admission in iit college at this gate score plz sir give me infomation about my admission at my e-mail [email protected] &my cell phone no 09450827403. and i belong OBC category.

  44. chinnasamy.k

    how will prepare for gate exam? how to get best score?

  45. dipak

    my another question is that
    how can i be astronomer ?

  46. dipak

    please give me the list of MTech courses available for mechanical student

    am i get admission in nuclear science engg?

  47. William Gadesha

    I am M.Sc. (Electronics) student. i want to know that M.Sc. students can take admission in M.tech. or not ? Many of my friends and some websites says that we can apply for the GATE but no one is sure about Eligibility for M.Tech.
    I hope you will solve my problem as early as possible.

  48. Jagruti

    Hello Sir,
    I have done M.Sc. Nanotechnology.I wanted to appear for GATE exam. please help me with details.Should i appear through physics or material science.
    Your article help me a lot.
    reply soon.
    Thank You

  49. soumya

    Hello sir,

    i am BE 2010 (CSE), currently i am working, i want to take gate 2012, but i am not able to go for coaching classes , i am serious about my gate preparation please guide me and i am on average student, i am loosing my hopes because i don’t know anything about and and i am not able to go for coaching classes.

    please help me.. please refer me the books, material .

    its my humble request.

    i have planned to start prepare from now on wards

    please help me to make time table.

  50. Neha

    I am Metallurgy student from NIT . I want to do M0tech . Pl. guide me?

  51. sohan laal

    sir i have scored 79 percentile in gate exam .branch civil…..which private college would be preffered………..

  52. Srivathsa

    Good morning Sir. :-).I request u to post an article regarding internship in d second year of M Tech and guidelines to do a good project…plz u shud write regarding this coz as I have seen many ppl doing d project jus 4 namesake/university..So plz guide d students of this nation to do grt pg project……

  53. Yogita

    m in 4th yr ,how i should prepare so dat i vil get iit

  54. chithra

    sir.., im doing my b.tech degree in biotechnology… i like to do M.tech.. i like to do free downloads of gate 2012 preparation guide for BIOTECHNOLOGY… can u help me…?

  55. yousuf ck

    m very sure to go for m.tech..but i have little bit of confussion, whether to take admission through gate or through pg entrance.if i took through gate,then what are the financial benefits will be able to get
    please take me out of this confussion


    sir, I m Final year B.E. student with course EC, I hav qualified gate in third year as
    marks= 26.33
    Do i get admission in NITs
    Pls Reply

  57. rakesh

    sir i have 21.33 in gate

  58. sheth heta

    Dear sir,

    Dear sir,

    I m student of final year B.E(I.T). and i am the average student from not any popular college or university. I leave in a’bad. I m interested in programming. I m damn confused that should i go for M.e/M.Tech or MBA or for job…………?????

    most of the person told me that ME is for researcher or for becoming faculty n i don’t want to become faculty or researcher. My dream is to become programmer……..

    so give me the direction in which i have to go………..?????

    for MBA, M.E. or For job……???? or going with some private courses……….?????

  59. Kavya

    I completed BE Information Science in 2010 n now am working. I want to purse Masters .Now am really confused about whether to give GATE or GRE. But when I started browsing I found all Information regarding Mtech here , but i need information about MS in abroad also. How to take up GRE? what is the top score required to get into top colleges in abroad? Will i get scholorhip if i have good scores in GRE?
    Some pls pls answer my queries.

    Eagerly waiting 4 u r reply.


  60. shaishav

    what is gate cutoff 2010 in svnit, surat for E.C. branch?

  61. Jeanie

    Nice article, thanks for the info. Though I would like to share some info that I got from a education seminar. I got to know some very interesting and unique programs like artificial intelligence, robotics, built environment etc. These are programs related to core sector and they are in good demand too. If these programs interests you then you can look for UPES, it is one of the university offering these programs and its programs and faculty both are famous in pan asia region.


    Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i got
    rank : 127
    gate score : 659
    in instrumentation.

    i did not apply within the deadlines of any IIT. but now i want to do MTECH . what are my options . does any IIT take a student in midyear… or can ii approach them now and ask to consider my case??

    ill be thank full if you can answerr my queries

  63. ramesh

    i have no reservation…….

  64. ramesh

    hello sir
    i qualified in gate-2011 in ec stream with 628 score and 1552 air………will i am taking admission next year with this score which colleges i will get…can i get in iits or in nits..please reply to this….at present i am in fourth year b.tech….

  65. ashok kumar

    sir i got 31 marks in obc category , please tell me in wich nit college i should apply or not or do any job

  66. sasmita singh

    sir,i am a general category student having 424 gatescore and 33 marks in cse.please please tell me which college i should apply for?

  67. nithin kumar

    i got 1211 rank in EC in 2011(655 score)……………..accorking to last year ranks iam able to get communications in warangal nit….but most of my advicers telling me that VLSI is better branch…..shall i join in communications in 1st NIT or VLSI in 2nd or 3rd or 4th NIT….kindly give ur advice…iam belongs to open category…

  68. a.surendranath reddy

    hello sir ,
    am a general category student , i want to do M.tech(cse) in hyderabad central university with gate score of 498 in 2011 ,
    will i get seat in that coll with this score .

  69. Akash

    hello sir , I just want to know about the level of BARC OCES written exam for computer science and how to prepare for it.
    reply soon……..

  70. Er. devanshu

    sir, presently i am in jaypee cement project in karnataka since one year getting 39000 per month here. but i have a keen interest in academics and i have given gate in ECE last year with score 440 rank was nearly 6500 94 percentile. it is valid till 14 march 2012 only.this time also i have given gate but got lesser than before although qualified, moreover i dnt get enough time to prepare as the duty timing is from 8 am to 8 pm.
    i am very much confused whether should i join for mtech this year and what r my possiblities there i.e. resign from the job. or continuing the job.
    pls help me sir regarding this. i am really need your help . please if possible then please give me your contact no. . mine is 9379594076.
    thanx in advance.

  71. archana

    I completed my M.Sc. in electronics.I want to do ME or MTech & i scored 105 in GATE.i am in SC catagary is it possibel me to take addmission for same.How? plz reply

  72. Dilip

    respected Zahid sir,

    NIT Kurukhetra has published it’s notice for Mtech admission.


  73. syed aamiruddin

    hello i hv gate score 445 and hv 7600 rank ……………….plz suggest me if i could get nit allahabad or nit bhophal ,surat any one………………… thanx waitin for reply

  74. dishant

    Sir, i have got 35 marks with a score of 362 and rank 8951 in GATE 2011, ME branch. My percentile is 88.97 and i belong to SC category.Please tell me, can in expect iits or nits with this score?i have applied all iits nd tell me which nit nd other best institution i apply?please reply me…..

  75. A Reddy

    thank u for all the information
    My Gate Score is 513,
    AIR : 1944
    Category: Open
    Marks : 39.33
    Branch : EE
    do i have any chance in any IITs? i am very confused as to which colleges i can apply, pls tell me which of the top colleges i can hope to get admissions?

  76. Nysha Singh

    sir, My gate score is 343 ECE 2011 please tell me whether I should apply in NITs or private universities. I also want to know the cut off for NSIT.

  77. lokesh

    my Gate Marks is 17,
    Category: PD
    which college i can get

  78. rajan

    i am very confused whether i will get admission in some good university
    GATE score 225(cse)
    AIR 37915

  79. Alphons

    Sir my Gate score is 474 in electrical stream. my all india rank is 2752.. In which college i should apply for..

  80. manoj kumar

    Hello sir my gate score is 384. Branch CSE
    category OBC
    Where i should apply for M-TECH. Please guide me which institute is better for apply…

  81. Nooka Padmanabham

    I’m studying MCA 2nd year, want to join in IIT’s for MS. My optionals in BSc are Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. Am I eligible for gate or not pls reply to my mail.

  82. tajeswita

    i have done my b.e with E&I and apeeared in Gate 2011 in EC branch. I have secured 37.33 marks and 94.49%ile i want to know which college i get. can i get any NIT and want to know which NIT is good at this score. plz help me to find out


    my gate score is 532
    air rank is 2141
    category : open
    marks: 51
    where i should apply for M. TECH?
    Please reply me

  84. dharmendra singh

    i am from ece branch i have following information regarding GATE 2011

    Gate score:527

    sir will i get some NIT’s if so then please mention the list,one more thing if i will get some NIT then is it good to continue with that or should i take a year drop to look for IIT’s. I am very confused plz reply soon
    thanks and waiting for your reply

  85. Shyam Kishore Paswan

    Sir, I am Shyam Kishore Paswan. I have qualified the gate 2010 and 2011. My gate score in 2010 is 256 and marks is 17 and 2011 gate score-245 and gate marks-18.33.I belong to SC category.My branch is CSE. So, i have qualified the gate category specific. Please tell me which college i have to apply for mtech. Can i gate good nit?

  86. Athistam


    My gate score is 18.33 out of 100
    category : OBC
    can i get m.tech admission in tamilnadu govt and aided colleges.
    Please reply to mail sir.Thank you

  87. Satyavan

    My GATE Score is 454. AIR Rank: 4382
    Category: Open. Marks: 43.67
    Where i should apply for M.Tech.(NIT or Autonomous Colleges)

  88. khyati chopra

    i am very confused whether i will get admission in some good university/NIT
    GATE score 355(cse)
    AIR 15064
    pls reply to my mail

  89. RAKTIM

    I am doing my btech final year. I want to study mtech,i dnt attend gate exam due to some reasons ,nw i want to attend non gate. Cn u plz tel me the proces of mtech entrance through non gate, and i want to knw dif b/w gate and non gate. Plz reply to my mail

  90. Machindra

    Good evng sir,
    i got 50 marks in GATE 2011 in Biotechnology
    And gate score is 407
    i wants the information about admission procedure

  91. lal

    i have a gate score of 429& air 5385..possible clgs to get mtech admn.

  92. jasmin

    thank u sir
    these info are very very useful

  93. Chandra Sekhar J


    I am Chandra sekhar appeared for GATE 2011 in mechanical stream and got 37.67 marks out of 100 with GATE score of 390 and AIR of 7253.

    Is there any chance of getting admissions in NIT’s, if so kindly let me know stream to be applied.
    Also I am very much interested to pursue masters in Industrial engineering. Is there any chance of getting this branch.

    Do I get into ISM with the above score into the branches of Industrial engineering or Minning machinery equipment engineering.

    Kindly let me know

  94. Lakshmi Kumar

    I am doing my btech final year. I want to study mtech, my daughter Gate Score is 666 AIR 478 Plz reply to my mail
    thank a lot for valuable information…
    score :666
    AIR :478

    so which college can i expect ??
    Is any possibility of getting addmision in IIT ??

  95. Lakshmi Kumar

    I am doing my btech final year. I want to study mtech, my daughter Gate Score is 666 AIR 478 Plz reply to my mail
    thank a lot for valuable information…
    score :666
    AIR :478

    so which college can i expect ??
    Is any possibility of getting addmision in NIT ??

  96. praveena

    I got 304 gate score…and AIR IS 22133…i am an SC candidate and appeared for ECE PAPER…i got 25 marks.where can i get the mtech admission?

  97. m.subbulakshmi

    i got gate score in 2010 is 348. in 2011 is 279. what i ll get with typend?

  98. dhanu

    im having sc reservation category
    can u tell me what is the minimum GATE score to get seat in IIT and NIT.
    i got GATE score 400

  99. a.ramesh

    hello sr,

    my gate score is 495.
    marks – 41.33
    which nit i may get or any other deemed college.

    is it good to take a year drop & go for IITS .i m very confused ……..plz reply soon………

    thanks 4 ur gate relevant informations…

  100. yash

    hello sir,
    thank a lot for valuable information…
    My marks:40
    score :480
    AIR :5912

    so which college can i expect ??
    Is any possibility of getting addmision in NIT ??

  101. hem narayan chaudhary

    this year percentile is not given in result……….

  102. hem narayan chaudhary

    sir ,is there any possibility that i will gate any institute .my no is 19 in ce category.
    shall we get my rank card.

  103. rajput

    sir i m the student of cse 50 per iit mil jayega kya ? plz reply

  104. pratik

    i like your article very much.. very helpful to all student including me..
    i am also in those dilemma .. but i’ll get some guidance from that
    thanking you

  105. Padma.k

    I am doing my btech final year. I want to study mtech,i dnt attend gate exam due to some reasons ,nw i want to attend non gate. Cn u plz tel me the proces of mtech entrance through non gate, and i want to knw dif b/w gate and non gate. Plz reply to my mail

  106. Rajesh

    i want to know what is the procedure to do MS in IIT’s and Phd in IIT’s,

  107. vijay

    sir, can you please clarify my doubt, i am from ECE department and OBC category with an AIR of around 1000 in gate 2011 , can i get ANY ( anything ) course in iit madras?

  108. vijaya lakshmi sahani

    ThanQ sir,4 ur well-organizd informations relatd 2 m.tech.its very helpful n useful.
    vd regards,
    vijaya lakshmi sahani

  109. vijaya lakshmi sahani

    hi sir!
    i hv appeared in gate2011.i wanna do ma m.tech in embedded system course n wanna hv a career in d same field.wchich college should i select other than that f any deemed universty?i also wanna knw dat wat iz d difference between knwledge gaind through 2-year m.tech course in embedded system n 6 month courses provided by some institutes lyk Vector institute?
    vd regards,
    vijaya lakshmi sahani

  110. kuldeep singh

    i am kuldeep singh persuing b.tech from AIMT LKO with IT3rd year stream.
    what should i have do after b.tech………..

  111. hruaia

    your work is praiseworthy. It is informative and i benefit a lot. Thank you.

  112. james

    Dear Sir,

    I have a Doubt regarding MTECH admission at IIT’s.
    I am currently pursing 3rd year BTech in the branch EIE.I am interested in MTech VLSI.do i have to write ECE paper(GATE) for getting admission in to IIT’s.if so should the score be high.which IIT’s would accept this way??
    Pls give me feedback regarding my doubt sir……

  113. priya

    Your article is realy useful.Thank you so muchfor sharing it with us.I wannna know when IITs will call for written test and interview.

  114. Ramana Murthy P.V

    Dear Sir,

    I have completed A.M.I.E(EC) from Institution of Engineers(India) With 55% and 5 Years Experince in Telecom Sector. I would like to Pursue M.Tech(Regular) in IITs, suppose if i will have get the High score in GATE. Shell i elgible into IITs M.Tech with 55% from Degree.Pls give the feedback regarding my doubt.

  115. A.Narayana Reddy

    plz send me u r meterial

  116. arjun

    sir i am 1st year IT student can u tell me what is the best time to start preparing for gate?
    waiting 4 ur rply!

  117. Prathamesh D

    sir got a very good suggestion,
    can you make a Q n A section in blog where people can ask and answer…..
    It will realy reduce the queries asked in the comments pl think over it,

    some good guys can also help you…… Answering the queries, and you can just monitor if you wish….
    It will reduce ur work n even solve sm of the comman problems…..
    Thank you very much for every post sir….
    I really dnt knw wt i have done without it……
    God bless you…….

  118. piyush

    hello sir,
    I wnat some innovative ideas in the field of software or hardware.Actually i am searching for a topic of paper presentation which needs to be decent and also innovative.Kindly help me in this reguard.

  119. S.Harini

    Your article was v.useful … and i seek further guidance and information about instrumentation engineering .

  120. shweta

    The questions u have posted here were very much
    my own questions. U answers to each of these questions
    are very much satisfying. Thanks a lot for posting this.
    This has answered most of the questions i had in mind.
    One question i have is: Is doing MS in IIT, madras a good

  121. sarat

    sir ,i am persusing b.tech in information technology i want to persuse m.tech so please advice how to lay a path to IIT


    what are the scholarship for different for IIT and NIT colleges

  123. Maxwells

    Hi, i just want to ask one thing.
    I have done Electronics and communication. Can i take computer science paper in This upcoming gate 2011. And choose cs in MTech.
    Kindly answer for this .

  124. shashank shekhar singh

    hai i am shashank.I want to know about jadavpur university.I want to know whether it is a top engineerig colleg or what kind of study level it has as compared to top IITs or NITs.Is it better or equivalent to bits pilani?What kind of reputation it has?

  125. Pavan

    Hi I wanted to know two things regarding GATE

    1) The aggregate required in the graduation level is known to be 60%, but what if any one does not meet that requirement but has a very good GATE score, say above 90 percentile, will that person wont be able to get any IIT’s or NIT’s for his/her post-graduation?

    I would like to explain the second question with an example

    2) Say if I write the GATE 2010 and get 90 percentile, with which am not satisfied and I would write GATE 2011 again and in case I would get 80 percentile so will I be able to use my GATE 2010 score for my PG admissions even after my GATE 2011 exams?

    Kindly reply to my two questions.

    Thank You.

  126. pankaj

    hello sir, whether there is any quota for obc students, and to waht %.

  127. kiran

    I am pursuing my b.tech in geo sciences from university of petroleum and energy studies,dehradun i want to do higher studies. Please tell me information of courses and colleges that offer m.tech in that or relative course and which branch to write exam in gate. I have searched many ways in net but i didn’t get enough information so please help me. Mail to [email protected] Thank you

  128. Bhawna khokhar

    Thanks for this….its really helpful 4 the gate exm..

  129. amjad

    sir iam student of 3rd year instrumentation engineering plz. tell me some projects that will be useful for my future

  130. Nayan

    i want to know how many times a person can appear for gate exam

  131. someswararao

    hello sir,

    you are really great person…….

    the information which you are giving is very useful for the students those who are preparing for gate like me. thank u so much…………

  132. someswararao

    hello sir,

    you are fabulous!!!!

    the information which you are giving is very useful for the students those who are preparing for gate like me. thank u so much…………

  133. anusha

    I take immense pleasure to thank u for ur effort.I am doing M.sc. chemistry and am planning to do P.hd.Is gate an entrance for P.hd. as wel?If so can I apply for 2011 gate(13Feb 2011).plz send me reply..

  134. Niranjan hiremath


    Iam final year student in mechanical engineering so it is must to do a project but I dont have any ideas about which project I have to do so, please send complete details of projects and their reports to [email protected]
    thank you

  135. Niranjan hiremath


    Iam final year student in mechanical engineering so it must to do projects but I dont have any ideas about which project I have to do so, please send complete details of projects and their reports to [email protected]
    thank you

  136. Manish

    I want to know that I did my MSc In Physics from mumbai University. I want to appear for GAte 2011. My quesry is if i give the entrance in physics so can I get addmission for Mtech or for PHD.

  137. Madhavi Prakash

    Hi Sir,

    This is a one stop site for all Gate aspirants with all the informations.
    I have completed my Engg in Electrical and Electronics.
    I am currently working in an MNC from 1 yr where i joined as a fresher,I wanted to know
    is this a right time to take up Gate?I always wanted to learn.
    If yes how do i manage my time with work and preparation for Gate?

    Thank you.

  138. subodh

    hi sir, a very nice to see ur appreciating website, bt sir pls tell to those who are persuing in Final/Prefinal yr of Engg. i.e How to manage their time (an avg student).

  139. apurva

    hello sir!!
    i am final year student.my branch is mechanical,looking for project..
    so plz suggests me some topics if possible..send it on my email [email protected]
    i am also preparing gate..you have done a great job..
    very well said sir!!

    thank you.

  140. Medha

    sir you are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!
    great work………………
    no words to say…………………

  141. dhanjee

    dear sir
    tell me the best institute for m tech in design(mechanical) via gate

  142. RAKESH

    Hello Sir,
    Its a fabulous work by you. I am also appearing for GATE 2011. I have to ask you lotz. I will write to you soon.


    hello sir ,
    i have got admission in NIT KKR in nanotechnology ,i am a non gate entry i hve done btech in biomedical engg ….sir i want to know about my future after mtech in NANO ..and does it make any difference that i am a NON GATE in future .plze sir reply i am eagerly waiting for ur reply


    1. Zahid

      Ashish: I dont think it will make difference. Checkout with NIT place whether you are allowed for sitting placements or not, otherwise no difference. Wish you good luck ahead.

  144. shipra

    m a 4th yr be.tech student plz suggest me some latest topics for my project.
    this year i am appearing for gate. plz suggest me how should i prepare for it.
    My branch is electrical n electronics so can i give exam for electronics
    paper in gate

  145. sujana

    mail me the details for [email protected]
    thank u sir.

  146. sujana

    i’m a b-tech 4th year student.my score in gate 2010 is 974 & rank is 22.
    so,i should join m-tech next year as it has 2 years validity.
    i don’t know the process of admission into IISC, IIT?
    which courses are best?–embedded systems?
    –communication systems?

    is iisc better than iit’s in m-tech?can i get a seat there?how many seats r alloted for oc in IISC-bangalore?

  147. Vishal

    Hello Sir,
    i am the student of CSE. i am looking for a project because i am in the final year, so please guide me about CSE projects and tell some projects in details…i also want to give the GATE 2011 exam so please guide me sir….thank you sir

  148. dipali

    thank you your guidelines are very helpful can you focus on mtech in iit ?
    plz send the information

  149. shireen

    sir,i want to do proj this yr…m in final yr b-tech.my branch is electronics telecomm..pls suggest me some topics..pls mail them to me on [email protected]


    now I am in first year B.tech ,please say which group is most demanded? and also which has most specialization in M.tech level.
    What are the ways to do M.tech?

  151. amit

    bit mesra alumni statement—

    Hi Everyone,

    I have just read everyone’s post. I am here to tell you about the post graduate(MSc, Mtech, M Pharm and ME) scenario at BIT Mesra. I have completed my post graduation from here. In one word it is ‘WORST’ from placement point of view. If you are looking for a job after your post graduation, please dont risk your career by doing any of the above 4 courses in any stream from here. I am sure you will get a better scope else where. Though i got placed on campus in a MNC but I know what i had been through and the attitude of the training and placement department especially the present placement officer toward a PG guy. Many eligible people do not land up with a job and become frustrated. The placement officer and the administration is only concerned with the ranking of the institute which is largely dependent on the placements of the BE people and to some extent of the MCA people. Even the postgraduate people are not allowed to sit for the companies by the placement department even when the HR people have no restriction. This is my personal experience. I am not going into detail since it is a public community.

  152. Shivapriya

    The info u provide is very useful sir…A gud guidance for youngsters sir

  153. Shivapriya

    Sir, I have completed my 12th.I want to do engnrng.What is the major difference between CSE and IT? What are the scopes of these two courses? If i study any of these two courses will i be placed only in software field or are there any chances in being placed in other sectors?

  154. Md Sharique Nadeem

    Sir, You have done a fabulous work helping ot the Gate aspirants.I am big fan of yours.I hope you will get benefit both in this world and afterworld for your kind work. Though I have not been qualified in Gate 2010 I am looking to make it in 2011.

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