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M.Tech in New IITs or old NITs

This is being the most common questions asked to me for couple of days. But if you little google this topic you will find my quite old post New IITs vs Old NITs and Universities. This post was followed by a huge argument people support new IITs and old Universities, specially BITS alumni and supporters, as I ranked new IITs above BITS in Top Engineering colleges in India list. Read all comments in New IITs or Top NITs.

To answer this question you need know why you want to go some place for studies. Is it job or placement that matters most immediately after your degree or it’s a long term plan that makes you to go for higher studies.

First let me put my stand for the readers who don’t want to waste time reading all the post and want to know my choice to go ahead further. I personally go for new IITs rather than old NITs or Universities. I have high respect for all institutes in India but IIT was and still are biggest brand in education for whole world. All IITs irrespective of old or new, established or converted, represent a community of Engineers who contributed and contributing significantly in the growth of humanity, and the world recognize it.

I think by the time the first batch of new IITs for M.Tech comes out it will be 2013 and they will also be preparing for their first batch of B.Tech to come out in 2013 and 2014, therefore, I strongly guess that if new IITs don’t have enough infrastructure for placements their placements will be conducted along with their parent institutes.

It is also mentioned that the mentor institutes will support new IITs until they are able to function independently and are under direct supervision of existing IITs, refer to this official note http://www.iitk.ac.in/iitj/circular.pdf. I strongly believe if classes can take place in existing IITs for new IIT students then placement too can be conducted along with the student of mentor IIT until new IITs have independent placement cells.

If you have a long term plan of leading the world around you then IITs are best places to be in. Every top university of the world knows what IITs are and what IITians can do. A good academic record with few good recommendations can show you worlds top universities, which is not so easy with any other institute in India. IITs have a definite edge for higher studies or MBA in world’s leading institutes.

All leading companies and leading projects in India are backed by IITian and being from this class will definitely make you more confidant and trust of people in you. In IITs you not only learn engineering you will learn organizing and managing, which eventually help one in later life to be a leader and a contributor.

According to a common person in India, which constitute a 90% of educated people still think and believe that IITs are highest places of education and there is nothing beyond them. If you are from NIT or some other university you still have a place called IIT to reach the excellence. You will realize it when you travel a long distance in train from north India to south India wearing an IIT T-shirt.

This is my personal opinion and reader may disagree 90 degrees with it. Please drop your comments if you agree or don’t agree with this. This discussion will help may students across the nation.


  1. Chitresh Kaushik

    Gate score 690 , branch cse , genral cayegory any chance of getting iit.

  2. manish

    i got nit trichy non destructive testing and iit hyderabad metallurgy and material science specialisation in mtech which should i choose and explain

  3. Pranjal

    I got 3754 rank score 570 in electrical engineering i want to know which clg is best for me i want good placement, is new iit like hyd good for me

  4. Shiva Kumar Nakka

    Sir, I am a passed out engineer in the year 2015, and my gate score in 2015 is 482(Mechanical). Do I get seat in any NITs?
    Please help me in this regard.
    [email protected]

  5. Sourav Chakraborty

    I have scored 42.6 in gate 2016 from civil. …I want to study gis….can I get into any IIT? Pls suggest me…

  6. raju

    hello sir
    i have got 65 percent average in b.tech(ME) from state collage. what is good for me m.tech or job.how can i get good job in abroad. can i do the m.tech from any iit’s.

  7. atharva

    I strongly disagree …
    you can see around you and it tells you satya nadela,narayan murthy(not btech from iit) are successful without that tag..
    if you really want to go ahead and get to the top its not IIT which is going to help you but Dedication to your work, commitment to d task, and love for the subject gives you peak success.
    Just because your surrounding people are so obsessed about iit degree does not mean you cant earn more respect than any other iitian.
    For the record kejrival is also an iitian.. and NAMO is not iitian
    U make a choice..

  8. shivaprasad

    i got 635 score in gate EC , is it better to do m.tech in any nit or to take a yr drop for iit or psu’s


    I think IIT’s are just brand for Technical degree.It is because of good placement record,High funding by central Govt. or by some other agencies.I have respect for IIT’s.But there are many old universities having better achievement than IIT’s. in some fields.Ex: IISc (for science research),University of Calcutta(Department of Physics specially),Jaharlal Nehru University for Airts. Biswavarati,Shantiniketan for language study.University of Mumbai,University of Delhi for chemistry and material science.Even,every branch of every IIT is not the best .Still, IIT having good quality infrastructure.Please do not forget that when these IIT started it was lead by those old University professors or some Indian great researchers who were the output from those old universities.IIT just could be able to manage its level from the begining dude to Govt’s special interest (Institute of national importance).If funding available, those old Universities can do better than IIT.

  10. Shashikant mitkari

    if i score AIR<200 in GENERAL category but my marks in BE are as follows:
    aggregate of 4 years: 58.70%
    final year: 60.40%
    ssc: 80%
    can i get into old iits?
    Plz reply me asap its urgent…

    1. ravi

      You can get in mit harvard


    i got 3507 rank and 49.33 marks in EC paper. is it possible to get admission in any iit only….

  12. anil kumar

    sir i got 50.33 marks with 1662 rank mech branch.. is there any chance of getting production branch in any iit…

  13. Siddhartha Saggar

    my views are not in complete satisfaction with that of the article’s author. I know one thing, that universities or institutes, are not where students as raw materials are taken in and manufactured out into elites. Universities are places where knowledge is discovered, where science is discovered – it is home to research. Any university which is high on research has gained respect and status. If you doubt me – IISc Bangalore had higher respect than IITs even before IISc started it’s latest Bachelors program. So, a quality institute is the only one where research is high (if IITs stop their Masters, PhD, and professors stop their research, Will IIT have it’s status ?). New IITs are not good in research, and students to these institutes were present in their mentor college’s campus, only during the first year, and after that, into a transit-campus. Comparatively, I know some departments in NITs doing ground breaking research. eg. School of Nanoscience & Technology in NIT Calicut, has a great research background. Even though, with zero placement record, it continues to attract the highest funding in the campus. Its students have continued on and studied in some great international universities. Same is for NIT Surathkal, Trichy etc. Will new IITs be able to provide such an atmosphere ?? As of now, I dont think so. It takes time to develop infrastructure and for faculty to develop that experience. Will new IITs nurture out elites ?? As of now, I say “no”. It itself doesnt have the complete potential, so how can that be passed onto students. There goes a lot into choosing the college, than just the name. (This is 21st century. It all just doesnt go on name now)

  14. vydehi

    sir i got 48.33 marks and my rank is 1157 in general category in gate 2013. please tell me any chance of getting nit or top university

  15. Sidh

    Hi Sir,
    I have got 416 rank(General) in CS Gate 2013 .Do i have a chance to grab some IIT(OLD).
    In case i dont get it should i go to NIT-Tirch/warangal/suratkal or IIT Hyderabad.


  16. for all mtech student

    please dont take admission in Mtech in communication engineering .No companies are interested and no placement so take VLSI only otherwise dont do MTECH only.

  17. satya

    hi sir i am satya have got 19336(AIR) GATE score 318 22 marks( while my cut off is 16.67) & student of CS belongs to category SC.
    is there any possibility to get admission in nit? plz plz plz plz plz send the ans of this query at [email protected]

  18. gaurav mehta

    not possible
    u can try for bits ,vit ,iiit hyderabad ,they r conducting seperate examination for admission and u can try for ur state university

  19. adarsh

    hi..tis is adarsh…im in pre final year…pls give information about the interview during the admission process…for m.tech/MS…

  20. prateek sharma

    sir,iI have got 37 marks in gate 2013 and my rank is 11714 in general so any chance getting nit and top university

  21. Abhishek kumar

    sir, I have got 34.00 marks in gate 2013 exam &I belong to general category. my gate score is 384 and my rank is 9172. In which college I have a chance to get admission in M.Tech.? pl’z reply me!

  22. Kapil

    I’ve got 26.67 marks in CSE stream,and I belong to SC category,any chance or getting IIT or NIT?

  23. sandeep kumar sakugy

    hello, sir i get 29.33 marks in gate 2013(EC) rank 21690 and gate score 334&401, i am sc student can i get any IIT or NIT , please help me and fee structure for sc student

  24. B A Vikas

    Hey zahid. Nice topic. I really found this nice. But, do you think we’ll get same companies for placements in Mtech as in the old IIT’s. This question really ticks me? With companies like Goldman Sachs, Nestle and other MNC’s, do you think they will recruit even in new IIT’s?

  25. Saragadam Shakar

    I got admission in IIT bhubaneshwar for joint Mtech and Phd and i also got NIT calicut signal processing,i am not able to choose between the two. Please suggest me

  26. rayx

    hello sir..
    Is it very necessary for some one to have a good percentage or a excellent academic…who wants join in iits..

  27. Neha

    hello sir…….
    I just complete my 2nd yr . My father wants me to be a lecturar. For this i hav to give the master’s exam. pls tell me which exam i have to give and give the detail of it’s preparation . i am so thankfull to u.

  28. srinibas

    is it bound to have a CGPA of 8.5 to get a seat in iit delhi

  29. arun

    See IITs are the best and will remain the Best.. i dont believe in doin MS frm US or UK.. I ll prefer IITs rather than doin MS..

  30. harry

    sir i just completed my 2nd year
    …..i wana make my way to iit….for m.tech in electrical engineering.from where i shoukd start and what what things i should keep in mind while preparing..should i join any institute….or the information on internet is enough for prepration…..plz help

  31. aditya singh

    if iitians are so much capable, why dont they bring a nobel prize to india from many years it seems like a drought. another thing is that may be iitians are best in india. in gate 2011 ma score was 24 and cutoff was 26 i lost ma dream but ma friend got admission at a score of 20 becauze he is schedule cast student. he is iitian but i am not. teif the tag matters so much what if the tag is made by the corruption and reservation of india. still iits are not in top100 indtitues of the worls n u say worls recognize them. why not iit produce great scientists like einstein or newton. not a single indian company is globally recognized like microsoft, ST microelectronics etc.
    if u still feel so proud of iit tshirt then its just like a common indian thinking, we cant even create a metro train in india what is the iitians doing just endup getting a gud packege only. nothing else.

    hope u reply ?


    1. lakavath srinivas

      good thought bhayya
      srinivas lakavath.

    2. vvvv

      hi ,

      Its not IITians are nt capable ,but ,their ideas ,projects like metro and all are not accepted ,just cozz whoeva has to approve will not get the kickbacks,whch he/she will get from other countries.

  32. worldlover

    Guys and gals, first of all congratulations on clearing the toughest entrance exam of this nation, the IITJEE. I suppose now it is the time for your counselling. Well this is the most important time for all of you, just for one reason, you have to make a big choice….a very big choice….you need to select your IIT and the department of your choice. Obviously it is not an easy task. Even I have faced this situation some years ago. For those of you, especially with those around the lower rank region, the choice becomes even more difficult. One main thing, you youngsters should keep in mind is choose a department of your personal interest, just do not blindly follow the rank pattern your previous batch has followed i.e., just don’t look at the branch or IIT the guy with same rank last year has chosen. Choice must be made on interest.

    For those with a comparatively lower rank, do not worry too much. Now that there are many IITs, you will get into an IIT, but the one of your preference cannot be assured. The country right now has 15 IITS, the 7 old ones, 6 started in 2008 (with their pioneering batch heading towards their graduation completion in 2012), and 2 more started in 2009. The new IITs are all set to get the much awaited IIT status on 26th of July, 2011 when the bill will be passed in the Parliament. As you all may be knowing, IT-BHU, Varanasi is also getting the IIT status taking the total to 16 namely, BOMBAY, DELHI, KANPUR, KHARAGPUR, MADRAS, RORKEE, GUWAHATI, HYDERABAD, ROPAR, GANDHINAGAR, BHUBANESHWAR, RAJASTHAN, INDORE, MANDI and PATNA.

    Lets now straight away jump into the serious matter, Selection of IIT and a branch. Most of you might be thinking that, if you are not getting the branch of your choice at your preferred IIT, then the concept of department change will be your saviour. This should not be the reason for your choice. The department change is offered for the top 5-10% of the incoming students and that depending on their first year performance. So it is any day better to go with something that you are getting for your rank and happily accepting it rather than worrying about other factors like, departmental change, first year show, future with that branch etc. Questions like “Will I be able to like this branch or IIT and be able to continue in it?” often come to students’ mind. Answer all your questions yourself or get them answered them by a senior from an IIT.

    New IITs – as per the performance in their first 3 years that is the last 3 years, one can say all of them are in par with each other. All new IITs had their share of success; faculty, good students, labs, regular classes, industrial visits, seminars, cultural festivals…everything. The new IITs have set a standard among themselves and with experienced faculty from other IITs moving into them, these IITs are day by day marching forward scaling new heights of success and achievement.

    Don’t have a second thought before joining them. It is very advisable to opt for CS, EE and ME from the new IITs than settling for somewhat lower and less chosen branch from an old IIT. That will put you in a uncomfortable situation later on. I suggest you to go for the new IITs.

    Hyderabad and Ropar are right now the best among the new IITs, all because of the above mentioned reasons. Though several students prefer a nearby IIT to a distant one, it should not bother you, I should say. When you have decided to join IIT and stay away from home, so why not stay a little far away. Hyderabad, as few people think is currently the best among the new ones for its proximity to the city. Well the truth is IIT Hyderabad campus is situated roughly 80kms from the city of Hyderabad, in an ordnance factory in the district of Medak. Coming to IIT Ropar, it is situated about 35-40 kms from the city of Chandigarh in a much pleasant and developed area. The fact that IIT Ropar was named after the district in which it falls unlike other IITs which have been named after capital of the sate in which they have opened, has seriously affected the reputation and name IIT Ropar could have gained over the years with all the achievements it has made till date. Do not consider this as a negative point. Don’t go after the name, go after what the IIT offers to you and the standard it has. Similar was the case with all the old IITs in their beginning years. IIT Bombay which was originally IIT Powai ( as it was named by the Central Govt. ), became famous with the name Bombay after rigorous efforts from the students to popularise the name and make it famous. If name is the only thing which is coming in between you and your choice of IIT, we at IIT Ropar, are constantly trying our level best to get the name changed to IIT Chandigarh or IIT Mohali or IIT Punjab.

    North or South, East or West…it does not matter….IIT Ropar is a place for everyone…
    IIT ROPAR – academics with values…….build your future….leave a legacy behind

  33. Prathyusha Guruprasad

    Hello sir,

    I am a constant visitor of inspireignite site as for most of the queries i google the apt answers seem to be found only there.

    I did my engineering in Applied Electronics and iInstrumentation and passed out in 2010.In 2010 itself i wrote Instrumentation gate (IN) and my rank is 68 and score 765.
    But i joined Bosch(a German based MNC) and has been working for the past one year.Now I badly want to join for Mtech.I had attempted IISc CEDT but could not crack through the interview.
    I also missed all the IIT interviews.Now I am left with NITs only and I would like your expert advice very much on this.

    Is it better to join the NITs or prepare for one more year and give one try for gate-2012?

    And if i go for NITs which course in which NIT is the best?Only very few courses are open for IN.

    Please guide me.

    Expecting a reply, Thanks in advance.

  34. saurabh

    will it be a little bit easy to make it to the iit for m.tech programs as new iits have emerged

  35. P.V.V.R.Nageswara Rao

    Sir,i got 17,910 rank in Gate 2011 in the Instrumentation engineering stream.
    i got -4 marks out of 100. is there any possibility of getting admission in IIT’S & NIT’S,as many institutes came into existance.

  36. Hendry

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a third year engineering student from Tamil nadu. I’m going to attend the GATE 2012, from this date I’m having merely about 10 months and my question is ” how do i want to prepare from this date.
    Your answer will be very helpful for my preparation. Thanks in advance

  37. sandy365

    plz answer d previous questions

  38. tarun saxena

    hello sir..
    sir, i scored 30.33 marks in gate 2011 in cs branch. can i get any good college plz reply me.. AIR- 11385, I am confused.. pls suggest me… thanx.

  39. mayak

    sir i scored 38 marks(393MARKS) in gate 2011(me branch) can i get seats in new IIT

    Can i get a good college.. ( nit & good univercity)

  40. u.s.v.r.sagar munji

    i got score 601 in electronics and communications stream.. an AIR 2041,, marks-50.33… can i get admission in any NIT?


    thank u sir for ur dis post,, i was really in a big fix about new iits,, dis post really helps me alot..

  42. Pravin Chilweri

    Thank you for this much helpful information
    i have 720 score AIR- 257 in EE.
    i was actually in tremendous confusion
    it helped me to clear & confident.
    thak you a lot.

  43. Shubham Gupta

    Hello Sir
    I have scored 44 marks in Gate 2011 in CS branch……………………Can I get DEC,NSIT,New IIts………………Plz Reply sir

  44. sonu

    I have got 343 score,26.33 marks, AIR – 16492,
    Can i get a good college.. ( nit & good univercity)

  45. sivajagannadh

    i got 32 marks in gate 2011 electrical stream

    i got rank 4897 and percentile 402 can you give me suggesion i got which nit or university

  46. murali

    sir,my gate score is 589(ECE stream)..can i get into a new IIT?

  47. vishal

    sir, i got 36 marks in ae wid 372 score. Whr i ll get d admission.

  48. Yogender

    Hi Zahid, I don’t know that you have time for this question or not ? It’s another simple one. But please answer “Yes” or “No” atleast if you have 2 min.
    My Gate Score is 501, Marks 39.33, AIR 4891, Belongs to OBC.

    Do I really stand a chance in any IIT ???
    As acc. to this pdf http://www.madeeasy.in/Alert/F8449600Final%20Tamplate%20for%20Web%20Design.pdf
    I should be applying for-
    1. IIT Roorkee
    2. IIT Kanpur
    3. newer IITs

    Please Help, pls pls pls….Thanks in Advance.

    PS: I am from CS branch.

  49. Yogender

    Hi Zahid, I don’t know that you have time for this question or not ? It’s another simple one. But please answer “Yes” or “No” atleast if you have 2 min.
    My Gate Score is 501, Marks 39.33, AIR 4891, Belongs to OBC.

    Do I really stand a chance in any IIT ???
    As acc. to this pdf http://www.madeeasy.in/Alert/F8449600Final%20Tamplate%20for%20Web%20Design.pdf
    I should be applying for-
    1. IIT Roorkee
    2. IIT Kanpur
    3. newer IITs

    Please Help, pls pls pls….Thanks in Advance.


    I was really impressed by your post, I really prefer New IIT’s ,your words, your quotes, your way of expressing was excellent sir, Have a great job….

    Thank u ,sir…

  51. santosh kumar

    sir i got 20 marks in mechanical eng. in gate 2011. can i get admission somewhere?

  52. santosh kumar

    sir i got 20 marks in mechanical eng. in gate 2011. can iget admission somewhere

  53. suman

    my gate marks is 28.67 and score is 371 …..in which college should i apply ???

  54. Jose

    Sir I get 1152 rank in GATE 2011 ECE stream. My score is 659 and mark 55.33. Can I get admission in IIT Hyderabad for M.Tech? Pls reply

  55. mohini

    sir, i have got 344 score , 29 marks(CHEMICAL BRANCH) AIR- 1590 PERCENTILE -87.79

  56. Ngarjuna

    sir i got 34.67marks and 449 in GATE2010 will i get seat in new nit’s

  57. SHAMBO

    I got 488 in Paper IN, ran 565, please suggest colleges!!!!

    thanks in advance……

  58. Abhijeet

    sir,i have got gate 2011 score 450(44 marks) & AIR 4505 in Mechanical Engg.. in which NIT,i can get admission through OBC category


    sir i got 35.67marks in gate 2011in ece (429 score) will i get any nits for admission.

  60. danus

    i scored 32.67 marks,gate score-414 and AIR-4505.will i get admission in any of the NIT’s.

  61. rishi

    with score 32.67(obc) life science i can get admission? M Tech in iit/nit

  62. naina

    sir i got 50 marks in gate 2011 (cs branch) can i get seats in new iit’s

  63. sandy

    i got 54.67 marks in ECE ..and currently i am working in an automotive Industry..So please suggest me which institution suits my career and the leading group

  64. Mansi

    I have got 398 score, 33 marks, AIR – 11055, percentile – 91.98
    Can i get a good college.. ( private or govt. any)

  65. ASHOK

    sir i scored 47 marks(595 MARKS) in gate 2011(cse branch) can i get seats in new IIT

  66. pragya

    sir, i scored 32 marks in gate 2011 in me branch. can i get any good college plz reply me….

  67. sachin

    Sir, i gott 33 marks in cs.which college i will have a chance…

  68. sachin

    Sir, i gott 33 marks.which college i will have a chance…

  69. sonu kumar

    sir i get 34 marks in gate 2011 in ece ..can i get any god college plz reply me…

  70. sachi

    sir i scored 48 marks in gate 2011(cse branch) can i get seats in new iit’s..or old nit’s

  71. saranya


    My AIR is 1409 in GATE 2011. I am from ECE. Will I get mtech in new iits ?

  72. Sonu agrawal

    Thanx 4 ur regular updates sir.u r doing a fabulous job 4 us….dis article reduces my confusion a lot.
    Sir,i got 2041 rank in gate-11.so plz suggest me which colges should i apply…do i opt 4 new iits or top nits or not?Plz reply

  73. Ashish

    GATE 2011 ME 47.67/100
    score 496, AIR 3032
    Cat OBC, Which NIT or new IIT can I get?

  74. Shashwat

    sir, i got 46.33 marks and my air is 2400(cs) WHICH are the best institution where i can get admission..plz rply

  75. GAURAV

    i have scored 25 marks in gate 2011 (comp. scie. engg.)
    please tell me good collages in maharashtra that suits my gate score

  76. venkatesh

    my got score is 29/100.i qualified through throw OBC reservation.where can i expect m tech seat.AIR is 14038

  77. venkatesh

    my got score is 29/100.i qualified through OBC reservation.where can i expect m tech seat.AIR is 14038

  78. joseph

    My GATE2011 score is 374 , marks 31, in ECE. Where can I get admission?

  79. sumit

    sir .. plz posted the site who get the new iits details for mtec. i,e seats for all dicipline .essential qualification cutt off marks.gate cutt off marks approx.

  80. sumeet kotak

    sir i applied as mech. paper in gate and according to me i got 40 marks(by checking key sheet) can i get admission in iit? please reply sir…. and I am confused in which branch I should take admission? admission in root branch(like thermal/machine design/manufacturing etc.) or any specialised branch(like automotive/aerospace etc.) please give me proper guide line sir…..

  81. yashodhan

    i’ll get marks above 46 so suggest me what should be my step now to get into best IIT possible with my score and how to apply and all

  82. dileep krishna m

    sir i got 37.5/100 in gate 2011(in electrical).with this score where can i get admission?plz reply me.

  83. rahul

    sir iwill be getting abt 37(mech) marks in gate 11. may i get admitted in a iit’s

  84. rahul

    sir i”ll b getting abt 36 marks in gate 11. may i get admitted in a iit’s

  85. rajat

    sir i”ll b getting abt 36 marks in gate 11. may i get iit’s for structure

  86. deepchand

    sir iam fial year off the b ed

  87. mani gandan

    i am first year student.i am very eager to do m.tech.when i have to start preparation.thanks in advance.

  88. Dhara Kashyap

    I am a 2nd year student in computer science.
    This article changed my view abt new IIts.Thannks for enlightment.
    Please tell me how to initiate to have a bright future after my B.E.

  89. aditya nagpal

    im a final year student doing be in applied electronics n instrumentation.
    which are the best collages to give mtech cources in my branch.

  90. snehal


    i have completed B.E.(chemical) this year. i want to know about m.tech programmes in all new IIT’s. as well as how much marks should i have 2 secure in GATE-2010? PLZ GUIDE ME.

    Thanks in advance.

  91. poulomi

    I am a 3rd yr student of Information technology . I want to know about the m.tech programs in the new IITs.


  92. prakhar vasishtha

    how much rank/percentile/marks should i secure in gate ( cs/it ) 2011 to get into IIt ( in new and in old ) .

  93. satendra kumar

    sir i want 2 know..abut new iit…tel me how many seats in iit for m.tec(cse)

  94. Mayank

    Yes, an IIT really make a difference from other engineering institutes of india(private and other regional colleges). because when we walk on the road and saw any guy wearing IIT tag tshirt we feel ashamed somewhere that why arent we are in IIT.

  95. yogesh

    my AIR-1760 IN gate 2010. i m frm mechanical
    can i get i.i.t?

    1. Zahid

      Ygesh: Its very difficult to get into IITs with that Rank but no harm in trying. Good luck.

  96. Nikhil

    Hi Zahid Sir,
    Can u please tell me the link, where i can get the list of students shortlisted for the M.Tech in IIT Hyderabad?

  97. Nikhil

    Hi Deepak D,
    As I can see on the website of IIT hyderabad, there is no any list of students who have got admission in IITH is dispalyed on the site. Can you please tell me where did you see that you have got a seat in IIT Hyderabad. Please respond , as I am also eager to know the seats allocated for M.Tech in IITH. I have also applied for the same,in IITH.

  98. Deepak D

    Sir, I have got a M tech seat in IIT Hyderabad…Mechanical Engineering ..Design Engineering….

    I would like to go for job after my masters…Should I take up the course at IIT Hydearbad considering it is a new college…

    Also how are the placements in general for Mtech in IITs….Do all Mtech students get placement like B tech students…or do most enter teaching field…

  99. deepak

    sir plzzz answer my questions sir , i have been posted my comments , i did nt get any reply .sir my name deepak i got 1482 rank(EE) ,and a score of 529 ,belong to obc category can i get seat in 5 nits(except agaratala) conducted by nit trichy . can i get a seat in nit allahabad …i have applied for this nits ….can i get seat in these institutes …
    or shall i have to still apply more colleges ? can u suggest what r the colleges to apply…

    1. Zahid

      Deepak: Sorry for not responding, usually I dont answer to the questions where will i get admissions for this rank. Whereas I have already written an article answering this general question please refer to https://www.inspirenignite.com/my-gate-score-is-which-college-should-i-apply-for-m-tech-or-master-of-engineering-degree/ you may get a call from these NITs for interview or exam. But as a safe side would like to ask you to apply for other univs too.

      Wish you a wonderful luck.

  100. kovid


    i got 6868 rank in CS in GATE 2010 where i will get admission kindly advise

  101. veera

    sir i was not qualify in gate exam. can i get seat in iit kharagpur through back door sir……………….

    1. Zahid

      Veera: Please read my articles about NON GATE M.Tech admissions.

  102. gaurav

    sir,my branch is mechanical,GATE 2010 rank is 1452,gate score 564,97.55 percentile,where can i get,i have applied to all iits and nits.please guide sir

  103. prashant kumar mishra

    sir my gate score is 539 and rank is 2964.which iits and nits can i get. also tell me about placements in m.tech.

  104. marry

    hello sir, i have notgiven gate test, i m b.tech in cse. so which colleges will be suitable for me to do m.tech in cse.

  105. kris

    hello sir,thanks alot for ur valuable information. i’m from MECHANICAL. I GOT 2214 RANK WITH 508 AS SCORE,COMES UNDER OBC CATEGORY.PLZ SUGGEST ME WHICH COLLEGE SHOUlD I HAVE TO APPLY?

  106. Angamuthu


    I hv read that the profs from Old IIT will be handling the classes until the new IIts get the faculty. But hvnt read that “Placement will be conducted in Old IIT for the students studying in new IIT”.

    could you please let me know the website/webpage where this was mentioned in any of the IITs website.

    Am asking this question because ther should be some difference between a student who got GATE AIR 1 and a student who got AIR300 (what ever may be AIR) studing in new IIT. what is meant in conducting GATE and provding AIR Score?.. and ofcourse the institute having a large number of Alumini.

  107. prabha

    Sir is there any MTech Biotechnology or related programmes in new iits?

  108. neeraj shrivastava

    I am graduating this year in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
    My GATE rank-4608
    percentile-95.58 and
    Please guide what colleges can I take and also What courses??

  109. chandra

    I got AIR 3306 in GATE 2010(ECE).I am an OBC candidate….can i get in NIT warangal

  110. Rajesh

    Hi…this is rajesh…
    My gate AIR:3559
    Gate score:424/1000
    can u please guide me wher n for which universities should i apply for…plz plz plz help me out…
    My mail id is [email protected]

    1. Zahid

      Rajesh: Try Anna univesity, Jadavpur, ISM, BHU and HCU, hope you will see anyone of them for M.Tech.

      Good luck.

  111. tejas

    i m tejas from electrical branch. i got 461 score and air is 2591.i belongs to st category. sir in iit b i ll get admission.plz rep me.waiting for ur kindly response

  112. shubha

    m.tech. programmes are not announced yet by any new IIT??
    in this session will there be programmes or not??

  113. kapil

    Hello sir
    My gate rank is 2987 in computer science
    where can i get admission.
    i am confuse so much please reply me.
    Thanks in advance
    My mail id is [email protected]

  114. Deepesh

    HEllo Sir,
    I got 3370 Rank and 520 GATE score this time. so which college would be best for me …
    or trying for GATE next time will be better option for me??

  115. kartiki

    hello sir,
    i m from mechanical engineering… & got 2130 all india rank with score 513 & percentile 96.4 . can u tell me about iit hyderabad .. is there any chance that i will get admission there? or if not which nit should i apply for?


    Gate rank:3073
    Score: 534

    I want to do M.tech in VLSI or Communications..
    Which colleges are best for me……..
    Please reply…..

  117. Anup KUlkarni

    i Have tried to find out but there seem to be no mtech courses offered in any of the new iit’s except iit hyderabad.

  118. Sampath.S

    Gate rank:3306
    Score: 525

    I want to do M.tech in VLSI or Communications..
    Which colleges are best for me……..
    Please reply…..

  119. Abhishek Bafna

    Hello Sir,

    This post is very much helpful for me…because I was confused about should I choose IIT or better NIT’s…but you have made it very much clear to me….AS I got 393 AIR in CS which not so good.

    please give me your suggestion about my rank…DO can I get any IIT. (I really need your guidence.)

    Thank You
    Mail Id: [email protected]

  120. SRUJIT A K

    I am graduating this year in Mechanical Engineering.
    My GATE rank-2130
    percentile-96.4 and
    Please guide what colleges can I take and also What courses??

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