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IIT M.Tech Admission: Test and Interview preparation

Most of the students are confused about this phase of admission. The reason for conducting written test and interviews is to select the best students. As GATE is a multiple choice test, there is some probability of getting good percentile if some of the blind guesses are correct. To avoid these outliers, IITs and IISc conduct a written test and interview.

Written test:

  1. Usually this test includes multiple choice questions and has around 10% weight for admission. As many students appear for exam and in a single day IITs have to finish whole process of admission, they feel comfortable with multiple choice questions. Multiple choice type test help the administration to quick evaluate and process the results.
  2. There can be very few analytical questions, so prepare accordingly.
  3. Prepare with short note material which you used for GATE.
  4. Have a good insight into difficult subjects.
  5. Don’t worry if can not do as per you expectations, as it counts only 10% .

It is little scary to face professors from IITs for the first time, as you don’t know their expectations and your career depend on their decision. But follow these tips things will be great..

  1. Don’t forget to visit Professors’ web sites. This makes you aware of his area and with his looks too. When you enter the interview room you will not be panic.
  2. Initially they make you comfortable by asking some personal questions. Answer them and make yourself comfortable.
  3. Try to be master of at least on subject. Usually they ask you for your choice, as they have experts sitting from all different fields. So make your choice wisely.
  4. Even if you prepare for the easiest subject do not forget to read the most difficult part in it. As they are teaching these subjects for quite a long time they know what student either don’t understand or skip because of difficult concepts.
  5. Most of them love mathematics in any subject. Therefore if you can remember few mathematical definitions in the chosen subject will definitely help you.
  6. As there are only one or two experts in the subject you directed the interview panel, rest of the professors can ask you some general questions too, related to current trends and technologies in your domain.
  7. Understand the environment in room, if it is helpful and cooperative try to answer all the questions. But if things are leading to arguments and heated discussions avoid the questions if you don’t know them.  Better don’t mess up Profs.

Do remember, interview is a chance to prove that you are better than what your score shows. Mostly they try to analyze your understand of some problems and analytical skills to solve them. So try to understand the question and frame your answer based on logic. On the same time it is a good way to know, how good you are in subject. Bluffing something may lead to bad conclusions. Be polite, don’t be afraid. Show that given tips you will solve problems and ready to learn rather than arguing.  Interview has around 20% weight, and can change many figures if you do well.  I wish you a great luck out there, and waiting to welcome you a tradition called IIT, which I m part of and remain rest of my life…


  1. Nikhil Kolla

    Hello Sir,
    I am getting 57 marks in GATE CSE 2019,Can you please tell me which good college I can get?

  2. Nayan Khandelwal

    Thank you so much Zahid Sir…….Hope it will help me…..

  3. Prateek Saxena

    Sir, I got grace marks in my 1st year with above 70% marks, my 2nd and 3rd year score is above 78%, because of my grace marks in first year, will be there any problem for me regarding getting admissions in IITS, sir your earliest reply will help me a lot…

  4. roopa

    hi sir i got 15 in iiitb data analytics online test will i get seat in data analytic

  5. raghav

    hello sir , is the interview and written test on same day or different day??????

  6. raghav

    hello sir , is the interview and written test on same day or different day

  7. jyoti gupta

    i want to know , if gate score is not good, then any iit conducts self written test, on behalf of this test, call the students for admission in iits, please mention the name of iits.

  8. Fyn

    I had skipped a paper in B.Tech and as i have a rule that we can skip one paper in all the 4 year term..can i apply for M.tech??

  9. Praveen


    I am currently pursuing IIT Btech and I am planning to join IIT M EE branch. Could you please tell me how much difficult it would be to get into ?

    email- [email protected]

  10. seena.p.p.

    sir, my daughter is an aerospace engineer,how to help to the study ms with phed, in iits and other institutes.

  11. rahul

    Technical writing is the technical communication applied in varied areas namely engineering, finance, biotechnology, robotics etc. It is efficient in helping learn how to organize thoughts, and how to draw the attention and interest of your reader.

  12. sad

    tell me last year iit kharagpur cutoff also

  13. sad

    sir what to read for the iit written test & interview.Shall i concentrate on all the subjects which were there in gate or subject i applied for…..
    this tym iitb given the gate cutoff marks of arround 500 my score is 580 will iget a call…..

  14. anju

    sir my gate score is 355. and iam coming under SC category.which all colleges i can apply???

  15. anumodit kumar

    sir if i have a good rank (200-300) in gate 2014, and we have backpaper at the time of gate result then are we able to apply for admission at iits

  16. siddhant

    Sir, i passed my btech in petroleum engineering . now i want to take admission in mtech (petroleum engineering ) which comes under ocean engg dept. my concern is that :-
    if i qualify with “GATE with XE paper” and get a call then , will written test be based on XE paper or my btech discipline(Petroleum engineering) ??

  17. rohan

    can any one tell me the medium(language) for the interview
    because my english is not very good (well this is embarrassing) and i am selected by most of the iits for interview/written test.

  18. bhawar sarjerao

    hello sir…
    i have gate score 591(mechanical),AIR=1244 and
    my BE percentile upto last semester r 75.76%. i have been applied for iit delhi,sir, their is one criteria about min 75.00% in BE and valid gate score. i am confused that, is 75.00% is only the criteria for selection or along with 75% gate score is also required for selection?
    please help me.

  19. Naresh Kumar

    Sir, I got Gate Score-405 (Mechanical Engineering) in Gate-2013 and belongs to SC category. I have applied for all IIT . Out of them I got Interview call from IIT Madras. Can Someone suggest me here some question related mechanical engineering which could be asked in IIT Madras ? Can I get more interview call from other IIT ?

  20. Snehal Patel

    Sir I got AIR 469 in Mechanical.Can I get direct admission in
    IIT Kharagpur?

  21. gowri

    hello sir……i got AIR 965(civil engineering) in gate2013…and also my category is OBC….which iits can i opt for?am interested i geotech,transportation,water resources……..U R MY ONLY HOPE SIR…….PLSSSS help me

  22. abc

    rank-339..branch -cse.. cn i expect admission into iit delhi??
    wen d interviews into various iit’s get started after declaration of result?

  23. Manoj Kumar

    hello, Sir i m d student of b-tech 2nd year nd m doing b-tech in chemical from nit srinagar. I want to doing m-tech from iit’s orgood nit’s. I m an average student. Please help me sir.

  24. avanish singh yadav

    sir- i’m ece final year student from vtu.
    i want all detail for m.tech admission process with interviews question ……..
    please guide me…

  25. priyanka yadav

    hi sir,
    i am b.tech(ECE) 2nd year student,i want to prepare for m.tech so how can i prepare and which book i should follow,plz tell me sir i am confused plz help me.


    I have done B-Tech in 2007.Now am i eligible for M-tech???

  27. kapil kumar

    i want to know the whole process tht how i can get admission in Iit Mtech…my name is kapil kr. and i completed my Bsc(IT). and i want to take admission in M-tech now is it possible…….

  28. Deepika

    sir, i have gate score 330 from sc category. And rank is 18574 and branch is CSE. I got call from IIT Roorkee but from diasater Managment dept. I want to know that what type of questions they will ask in interview as its diffrent from my branch totally. either they ask questions from my Dept or disaster managment dept….pllzzzz help me sir…..

  29. srinivas

    sir ,i was copleted my btech in new college i.e my batch is 1st for the college…so want to do mtech in iit ….how can do this……..

  30. srinivas

    sir,i was completed my btech in new college…can i join in iit college for mtech…..plz tel me the process


    I got a call from IIT madras for MS Program (Design and also for manufacturing Eng). Please let me know how the written test and interview will be conducted and on what topics the questions will be asked. please help me in this regards.

  32. gaan

    Sir Can you share your IITM MS interview experience..please Sir!

  33. ugersain dangi

    Any difference between syllabus of aeronautical engg. & aerospace engg. If any d
    difference than send me syllabus for GATE exam in aeronautical engg.

  34. Sabiha Khan

    Hi Zahid,
    Your blog has been very informative.i did not score well in GATE 2012,,my rank being 6163.so my aim is to get into iiits.i have been wavered off with entrance exam at iiitb.My interview is a month afar,Can you please give me an insight about the kind of questions that are asked at interviews, i have no experience at all.Just give me an idea with few questions as example.I am also appearing for iiit delhi and hyderabad,,,if u could guide about their entrance tests it would be very helpful.

  35. kundan kumawat

    sir i have scored 372 in gate exam may i get nit college,and when the application forms available after the gate result and how can i apply for that?

  36. Sheelvardhan

    hello sir,
    i got 98 percentile with 4166 all india rank in Gate 2012 in ECE branch,i want to know that is there any hope for me to get in IITs or in any other good colleges.

  37. sas

    Atleast give a reply u egoist

  38. Dushyant

    I want to start m.tech from a reputed institutes, in computer or IT – those who can give best package. currently I am a maths professor, and i have appeared for GATE 2012, waiting for the result.

    can you help me to choose the best one – and what should i do next – as i am from maths background – does not know much of computer or it, so how shall i prepare.


  39. Anandakrishnan

    Sir if a student completed diploma in iete whether he/she can apply in iit.

  40. sriram

    i am a first year student in b.tech(IT) . i want to do my PG in good college . so i have decided to prepare for GATE examination. i am an average student is it possible for me to clear the gate examination and fulfill my dream to go to IITS . please help me sir.
    my email id is [email protected]

  41. priya

    hello sir…
    i want to ask that if a student is average in studies and completed his/her btech from not a vey big institute then he/she can apply for iit or not??

  42. Richi

    Sir, now i’m doing 2’nd year in IT, I want to write gate exam on final year, wat i’m do from now, i’m confused about that, please help me…

  43. sushil

    sir i got 60 mark in gate what i am eligible for all iit or not

    1. sad

      branch please

  44. Ram Kumar

    Sir i have been shortlisted in IITG for the written test for M.Tech admission in Biotechnology.They are only conducting written test not interview. They have shortlisted approx 680 students for approx 10 seats. so it is really a very tough competition and my gate score is not very high (= 91 percentile). Now its my request to please guide me how to prepare and what to study?

  45. arti


  46. sid

    thank you for above information.

  47. sid

    i have got call from iit kharagpur for mtech in mechanical engineering.
    will you give me idea about what they ask in interview?

    i mean to say, they ask basic questions or they look for in depth knowledge.

  48. Amit Singh

    i am a GATE qualified student in MT.
    i want to know the application form date for nit jamshedpur.
    please reply as soon as possible.

  49. Amit Maurya

    Gate admission confusion, help!?
    Well, the problem is IIT Madras has offered me MTech in CSE. But I will have to submit admission fee and Original GATE scorecard by 14th of May.
    On other hand, IIT kanpur and other IITs will take interview after 15th of May. I do not want to loose the seat offered by IIT Madras and want to be on the safer side. But if I submit the scorecard, I don’t know- how will I produce the scorecard at the time of Interview. Anyone, Has got any suggestion. Anyone, who has undergone the admission process, What should I do?

  50. dev

    my gate score is 301 in ec . iitd had cutoff for pd candidate in 2010 for instrument technology was 301. then may i get call for interview. for interview preparation i should focus on each subject or any one special subject

  51. dev

    what question can be asked in interview from ece student applying for instrument technology and Centre for Applied Research in Electronics at iitdelhi

  52. praveen kumar

    i want to admission in M.tech(ECE) in best college.
    i did not qualify gate exam, so please suggest me about college…………….

  53. mahi

    hi sir my gate score is 796&rank is 223 in gate 2011 ec streem…..which branch in which iit is best for me…..plz reply me at [email protected]…..i am in dilema…….

  54. mahi

    i got 223 in gate2011 ec streem…….which clg and which branch is best for me …reply me at [email protected]

  55. chary

    my score is 24 wht is my percentile

  56. chary

    my gate score is 24 and rank is 2140, im from metallurgy dept can u please just me some colleges where i get seat for the m.tech for apply
    can i gt any nits for m.tech please help me ,weather i will get any seat
    please tell me

  57. neha manglani

    my gate score is 37 and rank is 6159. i m from cs dept.
    could u suggest me colleges tht i should apply for…!
    thanks n regards!

    1. Aditya

      apply for jypee colleague….

  58. RAkesh kumar Gupta

    hello sir i am getting 18+ marks in GATE 2011(Electronics) in OBC condidate, and i know that I am not qualify in gate exam can you tell me how to get addmision in M.Tech on NIT’s or other good colleges. and I am M.Sc (Electronics) student score 64.56% please help me sir

  59. k.srikanth

    Hello sir

    I have appeared for gate 2011 in Instrumentation field. I felt that the paper was tough, and same i heard from my friends. My doubt is that wether the cutoff mark will come down or will be the same as that of previous year.
    If i dont qualify gate 2011 can i appear for the written and interviews conducted by iits.

  60. Nithin kishore R S

    i m getting 25+ marks in GATE 2011 how much percentile would i get and what is my All India rank

  61. anbazhagan

    thankyou very much……!!!

  62. krantikumar

    i m the MCA passed student , i want to know that can i apply for M.tech without GATE exam in maharashtra
    waiting for ur response
    regards-krantikumar V Patil.

  63. anbazhagan

    hai sir i am reading your inspiring thoughts about iit …..
    so thankyou for providing all the informations…..
    yours friendly

  64. Gajendra singh chauhan

    i m the MCA passed student , i want to know that can i apply for M.tech without GATE exam
    waiting for ur response
    regards-gajendra singh chauhan

  65. Anjan


    Thanks for the information. This is my first opportunity and was very
    confused. It has cleared my doubt regarding the next phase.


  66. prabha

    Sir i have been shortlisted in iitg for the written test for MTech Biotechnology.They are only conducting written test not interview. They have shortlisted approx 600 students for approx 10 seats. so it is really a very tough competition and my gate score is not very high (= 90 percentile). Now its my request to please guide me how to prepare and what to study?

  67. rahul

    I have Rank 1296 and gate score 633.
    I have applied for All IITs.
    Please tell me about the preparation of written test and interviews for different iits
    what they will ask from the students..

  68. sweety

    Whether there is any chance to get into an ANY IIT without gate score for the admission of 2009 batch?

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