Recently I came across with this question very frequently, and I understand with question students would like to know about admission procedure in NITs. Answer to this question can also be helpful to the smilar question like how can I apply for M.Tech in IITs.

The procedure is simple and straight, you can easily understand the admission to NITs through these easy steps.

  • Once GATE results are announced check your scores and make sure you have a Valid GATE Score (it also mean that your are qualified in GATE)
  • Wait for Admission Notices for M.Tech Admission in NITs . Meanwhile, you can check last year Cutoff scores to have an idea where you stand you can also refer to GATE percentile analysis or GATE Score analysis. Usually NIT admission notice start in the mid of April.
  • Once the admission notice is issued in an NIT where you want to apply, visit their official web site, download application form.
  • Fill application and attached a DD of application form and send them to NITs you are applying form, make sure they reach before last date. (India is famous for postal disorders to be careful either sends them by register post or speed post, keep all the receipts safe till admissions are over, you can also write the name of NIT you paid for to easy identification.)
  • Usually NITs call all GATE and Non GATE applicants but I rarely saw them taking any candidate without GATE score. They say incase of non availability of GATE qualified candidate they will consider non-GATE candidates.
  • If the applied candidates are more then the applied candidates are short listed on certain criteria like given in GATE percentile for IITs. The date of announcement short listed candidates will be given in call for admissions.
  • You can visit the NIT admission site for checking if you are among short listed candidates. They usually call 1:3 (three candidates for one seat) and there will be a written test/ interview or both to select best possible candidates. Test is a sure thing for Non-Gate Candidates, I think in 2010 most of them will conduct test for GATE candidates too, as you can see the situation when you look at GATE 2010 analysis. (this is in respose to Vijay’s comment.)
  • If you are short listed, GREAT!!!!, get ready to visit NITs and knock the doors of few best engineering schools of the nation.
  • Book your tickets well in advance and prepare well for test or interview. Do refer tp general Tips for M.Tech admission if you time, you may find it useful too.
  • Some NITs will give you travel expenses and accommodate you in campus, so you can visit a day before. For more details read these posts preparing to go for interview and written test.
  • Sometimes they announce result on the same day or may take time too. You can visit their official site to check if you are admitted.

I hope this will help many students to the admission process in NITs. IITs are little strict about B.Tech % and most of them just ignore if you less then 60% or 7.0 CGPA, but rest of the procedure is same.

Wish you all great luck with admissions. Also feel free to ask questions and doubts related admissions. Your good questions will help thousands of students around India and your juniors.

Help me to improve it with your good suggestions. Best wishes for Admissions again.