M.Tech Admission Advises

M.Tech admission in IITs: Tips and Advises

One of my friend got 99 + percentile in GATE and an all India rank between 280~290.  He was all jumping and very happy and came to me that now he can go to any IIT for M.Tech. He is from computer science, and I did PhD from computer science and worked closely on M.Tech admission process with admission committee for more than two years. Visited and appeared for tests all over IITs, IISc and ISI Kolkatta. I found it difficult for me to find some information desired for getting into IITs. I visited al most all the campuses over time and learned these.

So here I go with few quick advises.

  1. Marley a good Gate score does not guarantee your admission to M.Tech at IITs, especially to Computers, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.
  2. Apply all IITs and IISc don’t loose it because of over confidence.
  3. Wait for call for a written test and interview.
  4. Prepare well for exam as it is not like gate (multiple choice) most of the IITs give some descriptive and analytical questions too.
  5. Interview play the most important role, as they see you problem solving. Whenever get a chance tell them the subject you are very strong in.
  6. Importantly plan you schedule, as soon as you get a call book train tickets. You can cancel them latter on if you don’t go there.
  7. Two IITs may call you around the same time or very close to each other so be mentally prepared for this and make a priority.
  8. There are few other courses where you easily get seats in IITs. You can play a safe too if want.
  9. If you are unlucky and average in all aspects of admission and could not make it, you can look for some good alternatives.
  10. Enjoy your travel all over India 

Check out every tip in detail and don’t hesitate to post your doubts and questions for this all admission process. Let’s make it useful for coming generations.


  1. Sukant

    Does engineering (ug) percentage count , I mean is there any eligibility criteria that min this this should be your​ percentage then and then you are eligible for it’s?
    Please help me ..

  2. Yash wadhwani

    i have 60.9% of last 4 semesters and 61.8 of all 8 semesters am i eligible for mtech at IITS our university awards degree on the basis of last 4 sems aggregate

  3. rimjhim tripathi

    Hello , sir I am student of b.sc. stream how many percentile are required in b.sc to take admission in iit and niit.i belong to general category plz reply sir as soon as possible sure sir your reply will help me

  4. Akhil patnaik

    GATE 2015
    SCORE 706
    RANK 2502
    Can i expect any calls from iits for MS or M.TECH in interdisciplinary courses.

  5. padmaja

    Sir, I got 36 marks,1024 rank, 483 score…..are there any chances of getting seat in iit or nit,chemical engineering gate 2015

  6. padmaja

    Sir, I got 36 marks,1024 rank, 483 score…..are there any chances of getting seat in iit or nit……in chemical engineering

  7. padmaja

    Sir, I got 36 marks,1024 rank, 483 score…..are there any chances of getting seat in iit or nit

  8. Ajay

    Is there a repository of kind of questions that can be asked during interview in IITs / IISc for computer science ? Subkects like OS, data structures, algorithms & compiler design etc ?

  9. Sachin

    can i join m-tech in iit if i study in karnataka board in engg•••••••••••?

  10. robinesh paul

    hello sir i’m robin and recently passed +2 and took admission in btech in ECE in lovely professional university punjab could i take admission in iit or nit after my degree completes.thanks

  11. Avishkar

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Avishkar . I have been Offered for admission in Material Science(MM1) in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science dept. IIT-Bombay

    Sir I have done my Bachelor Degree in Electronics And Communication Engineering.
    I have few concerns regarding taking this course, and your valuable suggestions would help me in deciding whether to joining this course or not.

    My concerns are,
    1) As I am from ECE Background will i be able to handle the course.
    2) Course Scope and opportunities after completion of course.
    3) Companies that comes for placement and profile of work.

    Kindly help me whether to take admission in this course and do me a favour.

    Thanking You,

  12. Prashanth kumar

    I got 602/709 in Gate-2013. Is there is any chance to get Direct interview in any IIT and NIT’s.

  13. Bharat Bhatia

    I got AIR 710 in Mechanical Engineering in GATE 2014. Marks-67.14.
    1.What chances are there for me to get into IIT Bombay/Delhi/Kanpur/Kharagpur/Madras??
    2. How shall i give priority to subjects to get into IIT in 1st round of counselling??
    [Subjects- Thermal(most demanded by all), Design(less demand), Manufacturing (lesser demand).Order of subjects according to my interest is the same.]

  14. ARJUN AJ

    Sir i want to know more about writen exam and interviews..??
    Which type of question asked technical or apti type?
    And all about interview as well as u can elaborate it….
    Plz reply

    Thank you

  15. yamuna

    sir,i am yamuna student of 3r year electrical engg in a.u
    i want you to guide me how to prepare for gate to get a seat in iits

  16. SURAJ

    can i go iit after diploma?

  17. Dipali

    As i am 2 year dropout student,can i get admission in IIT if i do well in every other aspects….?

  18. kalyan Abd

    I got 577 score in gate 2013 MEchanical
    and I called fr counseling in Roorkee, guwahathi.
    can I get seat in any one of them.

  19. santhosh kumar

    sir , i am ch.santhosh kumar . i hvae got gate2013 rank 3370 in EC paper and my score is 540 and i belong to OBC. so i got shortlisted for IIT roorkee, IIT bombay (Research Assistant ship), and IIt guwahati till now. the problem here is IIT roorkee interview is on June 5th and IIT bombay written exam is on June 6th. please tell me which one should i prefer sir ,my friends are saying that heavy competition will be there in IIT bombay , and we don’t no how many seats are available for RA and how many people he shortlisted and as it is the top IIT no one wants to leave it . My problem is i want to get into any one IIT sir, so please suggest me what to do??… sir reply soon sir as i have no time .. 🙁

  20. mamta

    sir i got 28.67 marks in gate (cs),can i get iits ,please sugest me ..

  21. Krishna

    this year in Gate 2013, I got
    AIR 827 in CS.
    Score 632, 681.

    What are my chances of entering IITs ?
    Where all should I apply for ?
    Please help.

    Thank you. 🙂

  22. kalyan

    Sir,I got 42.666 marks in gate mechanical2013 paper.can u plz suggest me the best opputunities………….which I can get…..

  23. a srikanth

    sir can we write gate exam in other groups which is different from the group taken in B Tech

  24. rahul

    I am preparing for gate2013 electrical engg.please guide me regarding making study time table now onwards and other things which should i know during study . I am doing selfstudy.

  25. Nafisha Khatun

    sir, I am m.sc(cs) student..how can i get IIT ??..please help me..

  26. neeraj


  27. manohar singh gour

    My rank is 344 in gate 2012 (cs)
    Score 757
    What are my chances of direct admission in iitr or iith


    I got a call from IIT madras for MS Program (Design and also for manufacturing Eng). Please let me know how the written test and interview will be conducted and on what topics the questions will be asked. please help me in this regards.

  29. raju

    sir, i have iit kharagpur interview on may 15. Wht r d reuirements to bring for interview ?
    Is it required to in formal dres and original certificates want to take it or not ?
    Could u plz reply me…

  30. MANISH


  31. febin

    my gate score is 511 in ME.is there any chance for me to get in to iit or nit

  32. febin

    sir i got 45 marks in gate 2012 and i belongs to obc category,is there any chance for me to get in to iit or nit

  33. N. vidya sharma

    i m studying in 2nd year ece and i want join to iit madras.
    what is the pass mark for gate
    what i have to do to get good marks in gate.

  34. vishnu

    i have gate score 230 and marks 25.76 may i get any NITs ?(SC category too) so please any one can suggest me about it…..please..

  35. vishnu

    i have gate score 230 and marks 25.76 may i get any NITs ?

  36. Vicky Ponting

    Sir, i hv got 99.4%ile and 1054 AIR in ECE gate 2012. Is there any chance of getting any of the IITs?

  37. manoj


    sir, i m getting 329 score in gate 2012(elect. engg,) sc candidate….can i got addmission in any iit or nits

    thank you very much sir.

  38. pravin awalkonde

    sir, i got 498 gate score in gate12 in CE, air is 1056………what are my chances of getting into IIT?……

  39. akshay mahajan

    sir i got 35 rank in GATE 2012 and my score is 750…
    what can i get in iit Bombay…???

  40. jyoti

    sir I got 31 marks GATE score 450,AIR 827 with INSTRUMENTATION
    .will I get any IIT.

  41. vasu

    This is vasanthi, I got 1300 rank with 625 gatescore and im from OBC category, according to last year cutoffs i can get interview call for MS in IITB, IITM and others. But i dont hav any idea how to prepare for interview and wat to prepare, please guide me… 🙂


    Sir my gate 2012 result details:
    GATE score-527
    Which iits & nits i may get and apply?
    pls suggest.
    VIA e-Mail to [email protected]

  43. arpita

    sir i got 38(EC) marks;1279 rank, is there any possibility to get iit?

  44. pruthviraj pawar

    sir, i fot 60.67 marks (ME) with AIR 812 in gate 2012..

    waht may be my chances to get IIT b,k,d or M??
    please help me to resolve this….

  45. rekha

    sir. i a getting about 45-46 marks in gate 2012(civil engg.), what are the possibilities of getting call letter for m.tech from iits and iisc?

  46. yugesh


    Sir, I am getting 42 marks in gate 2012(ME) as per the made easy key. being a OBC Scandidate what chances do i have ? will I get any call from any IIT. Please Help me out Sir.

  47. sikandar

    sir i calculated 40 marks in gate 2012(cse) through answer keys available.What are the chances of getting iit

  48. Nikhil

    Hi! I have calculated around 58 marks. Could u please tell me whoud i get admission in iits?

  49. sharada

    sir,am getting 28 marks(as per key answer sheet) in gate 2012(CE).being a sc candidate. will i get any call from IIT or NIT
    Please,help me sir

  50. Shivaprasad

    Sir, I got 56 marks in GATE(ME) 2012. I belong to GM. Is there any chance of getting IIT Mumbai or Delhi?…Please help me sir?

  51. munesh singh

    i am getting almost 35+ marks in gate 2012 in ece which college may i get ………..

  52. Kaushal Meena


    Sir, I am getting 43 marks in gate 2012(ME) as per the made easy key. being a ST candidate what chances do i have ? will I get any call from any IIT. Please Help me out Sir.

    Thank you very much sir

  53. bn2

    sir, i think i will jst qulafied in gate 2012…..what can i do to get admt in good college?????

  54. revanth

    sir i calculated 37 marks in gate2012(me) through answer key . what are the chances of getting iit?

  55. revanth

    sir i calculated 37 marks in gate 2012(me) through answer keys available . what are the chances of getting iit?

  56. prashant kumar singh

    u got 60 according to answer sheet available ….so may be u get 50 or it may be 40 ….so u can get iit or may be nits respectively…..but surely u will get iec-cet …….

  57. vinod

    sir i calculated 23 marks in gate 2012(cse) through answer keys available.What are the chances of getting admission for m-tech(through boc category)?

  58. Divya

    sir, i got 1867-AIR in gate 2011 do i get admission in iit(mtech) and i am OBC

    Gate score-615

  59. Sudheer...

    I got 30 marks in eee gate 2012 what rank i can expect?

  60. Sudheer...

    I got 30 marks in gate 2012 what rank i can expect?

  61. faria

    sir i calculated 37 marks in gate 2012(ME) through answer keys available.What are the chances of getting iit?

  62. PAVAN

    I got 60 marks in Gate 2012 exam.
    Iam a CSE student.
    Can i get IIT or IISC?
    Please help me sir…

    1. manohar singh gour

      In admission process your rank matters .so plz post your rank and gate score .
      I think your rank is 600-700 try iitr,iitg,iitm(ms),iitb(ra),iitd(ms)

    2. Md.Nashif

      you got very good marks in GATE.I think your rank is around 500.you have a good chance to get iits.you should apply in iit kanpur,kharagpur,roorkee, and guwahati.I think will get a chance in any of these iits.best of luck..

  63. nandita

    hello sir
    i am doing my BE mechanical 3rd year
    what study material should i refer for GATE preparations?
    and which couses should i opt for m tech?

  64. sona

    gud evn sir !

    Sir i am appearin in gate 2012 n completed b.tech in this year.I want to do M.tech so what should be the percentile to get the good college n which one should i go through…pllzzz suggest me

  65. Kandar

    What iz the min marks required to get admission in IITs. I m a cse student. i m a reservation candidate(SC).

  66. Kandar

    What iz the min marks required to get admission in IITs. i m a reservation candidate(SC).

  67. Chittra

    hello sir,

    my last year gate percentile was 91%. and even this year i am planning to appear in gate exam..
    sir, i am an average student….and i cannot easily remember the vast syllabus of B.tech…..sir please guide me….i know there is no shortcut to success but your tips will definitely help me..
    Kindly reply..

  68. Ramavadh

    Dear Sir,
    Plz gv me the whole information in detail im planning to go for IIT for tht any trick and tip before i gv GATE and After tht…….Thank you

  69. nupur miital

    hello sir,
    I am in btech final year…my branch is computer science.i am going to give gate exam in the coming year-2012..may you please tell me,wat study materials and books i should follow in order to get admission in iits/nit..what procedure should i follow to crack gate exam..please help me…

  70. satish

    Iam in b.tech final year..how GATE score is required to get into IIT or NIT…thank you

  71. Abhisek Pal

    Sir i completed my btech in etc.now i’m doing a specialized course in embedded system,sir i want to know how i aply in mtech in embedded system..in recognized colege..without gate..can u give the list of those colleges..& also fee structure.

  72. vinothkumar

    Dear sir,
    I am curreently pursuing my final year of B Tech in Mechanical Engineering. But I am very much determined to do my M Tech in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science which has been offerred in IIT Delhi. what should me my GATE paper and as am from mech branch, will it be a issue to seek admission?

    kindly reply me please

  73. Chaitanya

    I have done B.Tech in Instrumentation & Control. Which suggest me suitable courses that are available for M.Tech in IITs.

  74. Arup borah

    hello sir,
    due to my last semester project work i couldn’t manage time to apply for mtech admission . In this regard is there any possibilities to apply now for this session in any IITs.

    or if i wait for the next year admission what is the possibilities , will there be any hindrance for applying with one earlier gate score.
    Your kind reply will be emmensely valuable for me.

    thank you

  75. sumanth verma

    how to prepare for interview at iit sir plz say me sir………?

  76. SHAHID

    sir please recommend me books for mechanical engineering iam B.E 7 SEM

  77. jenny

    hello sir!! i am a b.tech student and i want to do m.tech after b.tech.. so will u plz say me abt GATE and hw to take admission in to IIT’s by GATE….? wht score do they need? if we wont get good score in GATE is there any other option to get into IIT’s…??

  78. sastry

    thank you so much for clearing the dilemma of students concerning their careers..im studying B.Tech 4th year in chemical engineering discipline.may i know the advantages of pursuing career in iisc on getting a good GATE score?

  79. shailendra kumar

    I got call in IIT kanpur for written and interview. I am from CSE, tell me what type of ques. may there. what topic&subject i cover mainly.

  80. Gaurav

    sir,i m from instrumentation branch..as seen very less students give m-tech in this..so for me too interview and test is there in iit’s.???.. what a good score will be for instrumentation in IIT’s???

  81. neela

    hi there.. i’m an ece student.. i got selected to CEDT of IISC.. I’m even heading to IITB. my gate score is 772.. is gate score important wen in admission process at iitb.. pls do let me knw wat r the questions i can expect at written test
    thanks in advance 🙂

  82. sasidhar

    sir, i got call for interview in iit kharagpur. im from ece stream. what may be the questions i can expect?

    1. shakti

      sir, i am 2nd class career student right now i am in 3rd of my b-tech(ece), how to prepare for gate in both written and other interviews.

  83. mahesh

    sir, i get a rank 223 in gate 2011 ec streem& gate score 796….suggest me which brnch in which iit is best for me….giv me reply…plz………my mail [email protected]….

  84. vikrant sharma

    sir, i got cleared my gate and got AIR 4174 and gate score 424 is it possible to get a good college for doing m tech. i belong to electrical branch . And one more thing sir plz tell me abt the course for wch i should go (abt branch selection)

  85. manju


    While filling the application form i have specied caste as general merit, but now my father has retired from his services, can i use obc while applying for any iits ?

  86. Nithin kishore R S

    sir i m having sc reservation i’m getting 25+ marks in GATE 2011 will i get admission in IIT’s

  87. sathya

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks a lot for ur useful posts. Could U pls post on this blog whenever any IIT/NIT/IISc gives admission noification? (GATE2011) That would be greatly helpful for us.. Thanks in advance 🙂


    sir,can i get in seat in iit or nit without coaching.

  89. savitha

    Hello Sir,

    I am basically B.E graduate in IEM stream.I am currently working in software industry having 4+ years of experience..I am planning to do MTECH and want to continue my career in teaching profession.
    Could you please clarify which would be better, whether to do Mtech on Industrial engineering or in Mechanical engineering. I am bit confused since people are suggesting to do on Mechanical subject.. Please help me out.

    Please guide me on how to apply for GATE exams.. Which are all the materials we need to go through and other related information.


  90. vinit

    i am in be mechanical in final year preparing for gate 2011 but not sure abt the result so how to ME/MTECH without considering gate score. please tell ,me

  91. B Prasad

    sir, i want to know about Gate admissions after March 15th results time, how colleges are going to take gate score and what are those colleges names, i want entire college list in India and it schedule.

    Please provide sir and answer send it to [email protected]

  92. kratika gupta

    hello sir. i m graduate in IT in 2011 my agree is more than 55 and less than 60 but my rank in GATE 112. so i want to get iit so plz advise me for getting iit’s….wats i can do….

  93. vamshi krishna

    this is vamshi .
    now i am in btech final year(CSE).i want to get
    GATE with full score.so i want to take a 1year long term coaching.
    is there any problem if i took 1year for gate preperation,when i appear for IITs.

  94. RejithRaj

    sir i just want to know is there any reservation in iit for obc & if its there how much percentile is required for an obc student to get admission in iit.pls send me the reply to my mail id [email protected]..

  95. rajesh singh

    Dear sir,
    thanks a lot for helping the students,
    i did B.tech (poduciton engg) in yr.2005.
    now my gate Exams-2010 details are following
    Gate score -425 in production and industrial engg.

    (A) i have 4 yrs of working exp ,will it be fruitful for me to do M.TECH?
    (B) plz inform me about my chances in iit and nit’s for M.TECH?
    (c) What is the difference between M.Tech (engg) and M.Tech(interdisciplinary)?

  96. rajesh singh

    Dear sir,
    i did B.tech (poduciton engg) in yr.2005.
    now my gate Exams-2010 details are following
    Gate score -425 in production and industrial engg.

    (A) i have 4 yrs of exp ,will it be fruitful for me to do M.TECH?
    (B) plz inform me about my chances in iit and nit’s for M.TECH?
    (c) What is the difference between M.Tech (engg) and M.Tech(interdisciplinary)?

  97. prasad

    sir,i got AIR 800 and my score is 449 in instrumentation paper to which institutes i can apply for admission

  98. Prateek Chandra

    Myself Prateek Chandra. My GATE details are as follows:
    Gate Score : 595
    AIR : 1775/107086
    Marks Obtained: 41/100
    Branch : Computer Science and Engineering
    Category : General

    Can i hope to get admission in my trade in any of the IITs???
    kindly reply…
    email id: [email protected]

  99. santosh

    my gate 2010 score is 301 with AIR 3589 with 81.5 percentile in civil engg stream,….
    can i get m.tech seat in any nit or in any googd university…

    my b.tech percentage is 55.6

  100. santosh

    my AIR IS 3589, 81.5 PERCENTILE, 301 SCORE.
    can i get m.tech seat in any nit or in any googd university…

  101. deep

    I have scored 99.54 percentile marks in gate 2010. I have done B.Tech in CSE and secured AIR 483 with a gate score of 737. What are my options in IITs? Apart from IIT, what are the other options available to me.If you could kindly guide me through with their admission procedure.

  102. ROHIT


  103. francis

    cs branch

  104. francis

    is it possible for 2 ppl to get the exact same gate score marks AND rank???i’ve a rank of 5098 score of 468 and marks of 32..

  105. rajeshsangana

    respected sir…..
    sir, i got 1800 rank in gate 2010,belongs to EE dept,
    my sore is 503, i also hav an OBC reservation,
    sir i want to know… for which nits i should apply…..and any chances in iits.
    please sir…..
    i will wait for ur suggestion there onwards i will proceed firther……….
    sir i want to know some information abt reaserch prg in Mtech(3 years ) some iit are offering that…..is these are good….
    Thanking u sir

  106. shripad

    i am mech student with GATE score 508 & rank 2214. i want to take admission to M.tech thermal please guide me

  107. anu

    hello , this is anu . i really liked your post on this website. i hve a good score in GATE . and i wanted to know exactly what is the type of wriiten tests and interview questions in IITs . ? plz tell me an example/model question paper . do they ask about ur project in final year? and do they ask about programming languages such as ASP.NET or java or like that ? Plz answer my query as soon as possible.

  108. sahav

    my AIR IS 3565,MARKS-36.33 AND score is 516 in ec {obc} wat iit or nit can i expect?

  109. lydia justin

    my AIR is 5098(CS). is it possible to get admission in nits or other good institutes?

  110. ravikanth

    hello sir.,
    my AIR gate rank is 1938.(electrical branch).,can i get mtech admission in any of nits or gud universities.,

  111. vijay

    im doing engg .

    Is it requried to score 60% in all sems in engg

    1. admin

      Vijay: No it is really not required. If you have a good GATE, I strongly believe that enough. I know many students who have less than or around 60% in Engineering and doing M.Tech in IITs.

  112. avishek deb barman

    I am pursuing btech from a private institute in bengal.How important is to keep high semester reults to get admission into top ranked government colleges for mtech?

    1. admin

      Avishek: Basically for M.Tech your B.Tech percentage should not be counted. Most of the IITs give calls based on GATE score other who conduct written test and interview only consider for B.Tech percentile and they invite more candidates. Therefore it is always good to have high percentage but not mandatory for admission to Top Schools in India.
      But when it comes to placements most of the companies will definitly look into your graduation records and if it falls less than 60% or 6.0 CGPA you will have tough time find a job in campus placements even in IITs. But you can always get on in off campus. Therefore i suggest you to get as much percentage as you can. All the best.

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