One of my friend got 99 + percentile in GATE and an all India rank between 280~290.  He was all jumping and very happy and came to me that now he can go to any IIT for M.Tech. He is from computer science, and I did PhD from computer science and worked closely on M.Tech admission process with admission committee for more than two years. Visited and appeared for tests all over IITs, IISc and ISI Kolkatta. I found it difficult for me to find some information desired for getting into IITs. I visited al most all the campuses over time and learned these.

So here I go with few quick advises.

  1. Marley a good Gate score does not guarantee your admission to M.Tech at IITs, especially to Computers, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.
  2. Apply all IITs and IISc don’t loose it because of over confidence.
  3. Wait for call for a written test and interview.
  4. Prepare well for exam as it is not like gate (multiple choice) most of the IITs give some descriptive and analytical questions too.
  5. Interview play the most important role, as they see you problem solving. Whenever get a chance tell them the subject you are very strong in.
  6. Importantly plan you schedule, as soon as you get a call book train tickets. You can cancel them latter on if you don’t go there.
  7. Two IITs may call you around the same time or very close to each other so be mentally prepared for this and make a priority.
  8. There are few other courses where you easily get seats in IITs. You can play a safe too if want.
  9. If you are unlucky and average in all aspects of admission and could not make it, you can look for some good alternatives.
  10. Enjoy your travel all over India 

Check out every tip in detail and don’t hesitate to post your doubts and questions for this all admission process. Let’s make it useful for coming generations.