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Mechanical Engineering: Prospects, Future and Institutes in India

Mechanical engineering is one of oldest branch of engineering and this course is available in almost all engineering colleges across India. Mechanical engineering is really a broad field of engineering because of its application. It has application right from manufacturing plants, vehicles, ships, robots, heating and cooling systems, aircrafts, even in medical devices.

During the first year of Mechanical Engineering Degree students learn common engineering methods, mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering design. From second they are exposed to specialized subjects like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science, energy…etc. Mechanical Engineering students after graduation will have the knowledge of these engineering concepts and will be ready to use them for industry.

Mechanical Engineering have good prospects in industry as well as higher studies. Mechanical Engineering jobs don’t mean to work in a workshop like a labor. There are plenty of office work and because of vast application of computers in mechanical engineering. All designing and manufacturing process is automated and computerized. Therefore the job profile for mechanical engineering is almost similar to a computer engineer.

Every top university offering engineering courses have mechanical engineering and there is lot of research going on in very specialized fields of Mechanical Engineering. You can see a good amount of requirement for PhD and research students abroad.

Core Companies offering Mechanical Engineering Jobs: ISRO, DRDO, Indian Railway, ABB, TATA Motors, General Motors, Fiat, Reliance Industries, Reliance Power Ltd,
Asoka Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra to name few.

Average Salary: 6~10 Lakh Rupees per annum

Institutes offering Mechanical Engineering Courses:
All IITs
All NITs
Almost All State universities and Private Engineering colleges
All Deemed universities

Refer to Engineering Courses: Future, Prospects, Institutes and Studies in India to know more about other engineering courses and their trends in the market.

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  1. John Smith

    nice education system.

  2. madhu

    Sir,Now I decided to study B.Tech mechanical engineering. But I want to become an aeronautical engineer. So tell me ,how can I ended into aeronautical after completing B.Tech mechanical engg?

  3. prince patel

    which is course best in engineering????? plz tell me sir answer only one day

  4. Agnel

    How is Industrial engineering as a PG course Mechanical?

  5. Asutosh Patro

    I have passed 10th with 87.33% and 12th with 58.3% due to some sever health issues and now i am pursuing my b-tech with 7.6 CGPA in Mechanical Engineering.Can i get recruit in any core companies ???

  6. debrup.choudhury

    sir, i want to kno whether there is foreign opportunities in mech. engg.??

  7. dipti

    Sir, im passout student of manufacturing engg. I want prepare for gate in production engg.. How can i prepare ? I hv only 5 months..

  8. k.MITHILA

    I am interested in both chemical and mechanical. As I am a girl which is the best group for me.

  9. Ravi

    “All designing and manufacturing process is automated and computerized. Therefore the job profile for mechanical engineering is almost similar to a computer engineer.”

    Good joke, Manufacturing and design process are not so much automated in India. Being a Mechanical Engineer you have to work in site or atleast visit it. It seems the writer in the article didnt did much research or has experience of what mechanical engineer do.

    Only Engineers of R&D profile have Computer Engineers like profile.


    sir, now i am studying in nit allahabad in mechanical engineering….i m interested in higher study after b.tech …plzz tell me what to do???? and also tell me what to do to get a job with sallary package of 60 lakh or more per annum?????

  11. Mahi

    Is mechanical engineering suitable for girls??
    everyone is saying it needs a lot of physical work ..Is it true? plz help me……

  12. abhishek kumar

    sir plz help me i got 105 marks in aieee and 67 percnt in cbse board gen.category nd i only want to do my btech through mechanical ,,,plz suggest me some gud. colleges in banglore where i can take admission through aieee no.

    1. umesh waychal

      i joint a machinical draftman ( auto cad) hi is best course

  13. swathi perumal

    am interested in mech can i go for it ? pls reply me in my mail…

  14. swathi perumal

    sir please say mechanical or automobile is best for girls in future?
    is there value for mechanical engineering for girls ?


      yes ……ofcourse mechanical is good for girls…

  15. santhosh

    what course can study after finishing BE


    pls. help me out to know the course in most demand???
    and demand of chemical engg. in market and job prospectus i.e. my interest……..pls reply via mail………

  17. kareem

    mech is the best go for it

  18. Akshay

    I’ve completed my 2 nd puc & I’m really confused which branch of engineering to opt..
    which is the best branch of BE.?
    I’m interested in Mechanical engineering..!!!
    can I go for it..???

  19. mehaboob

    I completed diploma mechanical engineering . But interest in designig field . What i do next BE or any othere idea ? Please…… comments me

  20. mehaboob

    Friends i completed diploma in mechanical engineering . But more interest in designing field .what i do next BE or any other idea ? Please comments

    1. sudharshan

      Mehaboob, consider BE as your best choice. you have not mentioned your age/exp for further sharing.

      all the best

  21. c.obulesu

    tell me the gate pattern sir from onwards

  22. c.obulesu

    sir kindly i am ask to you,give me the pattern for prepare of gate,from now on wards.

    1. shahid

      if you get mechanical engg seat take it it any other institute

  23. sarathjith k

    sir mechanical engineering is it tough/?

    1. kareem

      nothing is tough if you can


      My son will get a seat in Electronics & communication branch in NIT, Surat. But he is interested in Mechanical engineering and his chance in this branch is marginal. Pl comment whether he should opt E&C or to other institute for Mechanical.

  24. ansari zuber

    after b.e. best choose by feild m.e.

  25. Afsar

    Mechanical Engineering – Final Year Project Ideas

    Benefits of final year project
    Your final year project (BE or ME) can help you in the following ways:
    1. You can increase your overall percentage by scoring 90 to 95% marks through a good project.
    2. An industry-oriented project can add extra weightage to your resume and help you get a good job in the core mechanical industry.
    3. A technically good project can give you an added advantage if you are planning for higher studies in US, UK, Germany etc.
    Hence, make your final-year project valuable even if it takes a little more time and effort.
    Choose the right industry
    You can choose one of the following industries for your project:
    Aerospace, Automobile, Marine, HVAC, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Turbo-machines, Machine-tools, Appliances etc.
    Choose the right type
    You can choose one of the following types:
    a. Experimental Projects:
    a.i. This type of projects need good lab-facilities and hi-tech instruments for measuring your experimental set-up accurately. Only IITs and IISc have such facilities. Students from Tier II and private colleges try their best but mostly end-up in cooking-up the results or change the project at the last moment due to non-availability of the above facilities.
    a.ii. Also it involves more time and cost for setting up the project for those students who are already tightly scheduled with final-exams or campus interviews.
    a.iii. This type is feasible for those who don’t have such constraints.
    b. Design Projects:
    a.i. CAE Projects – Stress analysis, dynamic analysis etc. of aero, auto or mechanical systems can be done through these projects. New design, Improving performance, optimization can be accomplished. FEM based software like ANSYS, NASTRAN, RADIOSS, HYPERMESH etc. can be used.
    a.ii. CFD Projects – Flow analysis, Thermal analysis, Aerodynamics improvement are the typical projects. This uses software like FLUENT, STAR-CCM+ are used for CFD analysis.
    a.iii. Flexibility and accuracy are the major advantages in this type of projects.
    a.iv. However it needs some additional training. To know more…
    Job Opportunities
    Interviewers give more weightage for good projects.
    CAE or CFD projects in Aerospace and automobile systems have more job opportunities in India, US, Europe and Japan.
    At the same time HVAC, Oil & Gas, Marine have good opportunities in Gulf.
    Choose a RELEVANT project
    Go ahead and choose the right project using the above factors. All the best….
    Some Project Titles.
    CFD projects in Automobile Industry
    Design Optimization of Diesel Engine Manifold using CFD Simulations
    Improving the mileage of a passenger car through aerodynamics re-design using CFD Techniques
    CFD projects in Aerospace Industry
    Prediction and minimization of drag on an aircraft wing using CFD Analysis
    Design of aircraft safety systems using CFD analysis
    CAE project in Automobile Industry
    Design optimization of chassis of a truck using CAE analysis
    Redesign of a suspension system for passenger car using CAE analysis
    CAE project in Aerospace Industry
    Design optimization of nose-cone frame of an aircraft using CAE analysis
    Performance optimization of wing-box of an aircraft using CAE analysis
    More projects…


    The choice of the industry can be based on your interest or based on future job-opportunities.

  26. amina

    is mechanical engg suitable for girls?

    1. kareem

      yes why not there are many girls who completed mech engg and doing jobs

  27. bhatt brahmarshi bharatkumar


    1. kareem

      mechanical is a multipurpose branch you will have lot of options and also good salaries

    2. sagar

      it is not the branch it is you who can make your future

    3. shahid

      brother, i would like to inform you that mechanical field is a evergreen field!! even if you get less salary in start u will increase your pay with respect to your increase in experience and knowledge. if you have better knowledge at the start and you can expose yourself to the employers you can be the best at start itself! and frankly speaking, i dont know anything about ece.

  28. avinash

    sir.,i had taken admission ece in vit(chennai)…i think i might get good rank in aieee exam..i like both mechanical and ece….frankly i like mech better than ece..but most of them suggesting me to take ece as mechanical is rough field ,where u have to work a lot and getting less salary…sir plz suggest me which course should i take…

    1. B.Akhil

      even i have the same doubt 🙁

  29. Harikumar

    sir what is way to get in automation field?????

  30. revolvingcommissions.com

    Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

  31. DINESH

    Plzzzz replyyy Sir…, **URGENT**
    I’m doing 3rd year Mech Engg and got specialisation in Manufacturing stream but not so good with design. And I’m interested to pursue my career in aeronautics stream. In what way (which further studies like MS/MTech) should I proceed with?
    I also have an opinion of doin a job for 2years and then complete MBA. Which would be better for a sound life?
    As a bottom line I’d like to add I’ve good grades so far and I’ve the confidence of excelling in whatever may be the stream you opt me.

  32. Ankul

    sir what kind of packages are offered in mechanical engineering


    what type of job will be offered here in this fiueld n can we do our own bisiness after graduation.

  34. Manasa

    Sir,is there any special cources especially for womens in mechanical engineering.

  35. swapnil

    i have completed my inter with 67%.Is mechanical branch the best or which is the best course.plz giv info about it I will wait for ur response..

  36. Sankalp Pund

    myself sankalp,I wanted to know about petrochemical eng. branch.what are the job oppurtunities & what r the avarage sallary for this branch.

  37. naveed

    Sir I have completed yr 12 n wanted to do engineering either computer science or mechanical engineering which is more demanding.plz guide.what are the chances for mechanical n civil engineers here in India as well as in abroad like australia.

  38. sanjay

    hello sir am sanjay i would like 2 know which branch is(ever green) branch……

  39. saikiran

    say me whether ece or mec is better,which one is better among the two?

  40. ravi

    i want to know that i just want to do my engg. around engines and all that stuff not with computers ..so mech. is the right branch for me…

  41. Pappu

    Sir, for mechanical branch which college should i prefer btwn nit durgapur and nit rourkela.
    Sir i want to have the best knowledge of subject instead of package. My air is 10000.

  42. vijayasree

    i completed inter.which group can i take so that it will be useful in future?

  43. Krishna.D

    Sir, I completed my inter at 92% my family friends and many are suggesting ECE but i am extremely interested in mechanical engineering.But I am afraid of future for mechanical engineers in india and abroad(like US,England etc.,).Could you please answer me how might be the future of mechanical engineers? [My dream is to produce highly advance unmanned aircraft using renewable resource(i.e.,air..).]

  44. SP

    I required detailed information on B. Tech course on process Engineering

  45. victoria

    am really..excited to take up mech engineering but so confused would this course really give a good income.,and being a girl would i be able to go for this course..!!!

  46. SHAKTI

    sir i am in confusion whether to take machanical or ec .could you help me to solve my problem

  47. SHAKTI

    Sir,i have finished my 12th std at present. which are the best deemed university and under anna university for mech.engg dept and what is the scope for mech.engg at present$ what is the scope after 4 yrs

  48. SHAKTI

    Sir,i have finished my 12th std at present. which are the best deemed university and under anna university for mech.engg dept and what is the scope for mech.engg at present

  49. Raja ram

    Sir.I request that about,which course in engineering is most useful future ?(i.e,) after 4 years. Reply to us.

  50. karthik

    sir, i have finished 12 and then i need to know that for mechanical engineering is there any high scopes and is there any more job offers and more companies in india.if it’s there what will be the salary costs.please reply me

  51. haneef

    i have completed my inter with 78%.Is mechanical branch the best or which is the best course.plz giv info about it I will wait for ur response..

  52. ramanathan.k

    Sir,i have finished my 12th std at present. which are the best deemed university and under anna university for mech.engg dept and what is the scope for mech.engg at present?

  53. Vikash anand giri...

    Hi, sir what is scope of mech. Engg. In abrod (U.s,astralia,england).What pakeges we will gate in this city.

  54. Vikash anand giri...

    Hi,sir please guide me how can i inter in space engineering field or in field of aircrafts or in field of ships manufacturing after the end of B.tech(mech.).please inform me soon.

  55. Vikash anand giri...

    Hi,sir please guide me how can i inter in space engineering after end of B.tec(mech.) please inform me soon.

  56. heaven

    Hi my name is heaven
    i passed 12 class in good marks
    which course is perfect to me ???

  57. bharath kumar

    i compleated intermediate and i want to do mechanical engineering. is it better for career or not?please tell me about that

  58. kishor

    my gate score is 368 in ME.
    AIR is 6563 out of 3239,
    my marks is 47 out of 100.
    sir,for m.tech in mechanical which college/university i can get admission?

  59. om prakash

    sir mai m.tech thermal engg. Se karna chahata hu nit coleg ka naam batenge please…

  60. Rajkumar Suryawanshi

    Hi friends
    I am rajkumar. I am learn in 11th class. I want become a mechanical engineer.Therefore I want admission in IIT engineering collage bombay. I hope I will get my aim.
    I am very happy become a mechanical engineer

  61. Vasanth

    Am pursuing 3rd year mech engi…. am interested in pursuing M.tech… so plz guide me which branch to take up, college and procedures to get into that college…

  62. Mohammed Salman

    I am in my 11th std.I have taken combination of physics,chemistry,mathematics,biology.I am very much interested in nanotechnology.I want to know which colleges in India offer this course.

  63. govind sanjeev

    i am ding be mech. after i want to know the suitable course for study in south india

  64. shah raj

    I want to know that after pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering if i want to do my masters abroad which is the best institution which provide me with the suitable course and what is the procedure for that?

  65. ARUN

    hi,iam doing my +2. I would like to join mech_eng… can i now the top colleges in tamil nadu . also want to more about this course.. pls help me to start a new carrier

  66. balumahendran

    i am balu stu in 2nt year mech engg.in kpr insititute of engg &tech.covai. i am joint in letral entry. subjects is very esyely an the same time intrstede. so plz all mech gaus love for depart.

  67. A swati

    I am interested in mech engg. But my parents dont want me to take that.Instead they say that Comp Science or Electronics is better.They further are discouraging saying that there are not more job prospects in Hyderabad and mech engg is not suited for girls. Pls advise me.

  68. Daredevilz Rohan

    The average salary mentioned above is on an overall basis.What’s the same for NITs and IITs..?? As per my knowledge,in IITs,it lies somewhere between 5-7 lakhs p.a..!!

  69. ramadurai

    i want to know about basics of all mechanical engg subjects

  70. Balu

    Nice and cool info.Thanks a lot to you…………………………

  71. naveen

    which one is better to take industrial at nit kurukshetra or mechanical at ymca faridabad

  72. Pranav Prajapati

    Hi ZAhid,

    I just wanna to know future about M-tech in CAD/CAM Engineeing according to u .Plz rply.

  73. anurag singh

    i wat to know about the jobs in mechanical engg. with a package upto 6 lakhs.
    also tell me about the companies in india which i can join after my B.Tech in Mechanical Engg.

    1. Suneet Rastogi

      Now you got a job.

  74. sanjeev

    I have passed class 12th in 2010 with 75% i want to do engineering but don’t know with what . I want to know the scope of electrical,electronic,mechanical engineering.

  75. rajaperumal

    My relation have took 1044 marks in +2 exam. The cut off is 178.
    He want to study engg.Which college will available to him?….Which course is better to him?..He has no idea to take any course and college. Plz help him.
    THANK YOU…….

  76. binod

    i have passed class 12 in 2009 with 70%.I am a nepali and want to apply for mechanical engeneeing in nit especially for suratkal warangal and allahabad .what might be the procedure and mine chances ????? kindly response to my query as soon as possible . thank you

  77. mathew

    best course for PG mechanical, its manufacturing technology or CAD/CAM..

  78. Jojo John

    My AIR for Gate 2010 is 1162 & Gate score is 595.
    When i checked last year cut offs, i may get direct admission to IIT Kharagpur for Ocean Engg & Naval Architecture. I would like to know more about the course and placement offered. I am a native of Kerala. So is it worthwile for me to do that course from Kharagpur. Also i would like to know about my chances with NIT Trichy & Suratkal. I am interested in doing M-tech in Thermal Engineering. Kindly respond to my query as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance.


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