Recently I received many mails asking the question about doing M.Tech or Job. Most of the students, who asked this question, had little above average GATE scores and a placement offer from Infosys (Infy), TCS, Wipro and Satyam.

The answer is simple; everything depends on your confidence. If you think you deserve something above those companies should try your luck for M.Tech and keep your percentage or CG high to match your capacity. Remember one thing colleges other than IITs and NITs or few other good universities will land you in same boat or Infy, TCS even after two years.

If you are able to make it to IITs or NITs grab it. Just getting admission in IITs and NITs don’t guarantee you anything more than Infosys (Infy), TCS, Wipro or Satyam. If you want more, you need to work hard and prove that you deserved more. Institute will provide you a good platform through placements to project yourself. An M.Tech course gives you a chance to wipe your mistakes you did in B.Tech or BE level.

Remember on thing, everyone who joins IITs or NITs is same as you, very competent and came there to make a difference. M.Techs specially works harder and sincere than B.Techs at these institutes as they have seen the world out side. Make up your mind to score the maximum you can. Don’t ever think that companies only check your skills even if your score less its ok as your study in a good colleges. Just to make it clear, most of the companies short list candidates based on CGPA.

Another reason to join M.Tech could be your research attitude. If you think you are suitable for research and want contribute to scientific development for humanity. You like power and independence more than money then I suggest you to enjoy IITs or NITs for some times and then try for PhD in some top universities of the world.

If none of the above suites you, I mean you don’t find strength or patience to sit and read for another one year at least and want to start being independent or need to support family. I strongly recommend you to go ahead with Job in hand. After certain period you can try M.Tech, MBA or a plan MS by research in India or abroad.

To summarize, institute and M.Tech degree gives you a platform to present yourself. If you don’t work hard and use this opportunity, you will land in same boat you are sailing after B.Tech, may be a slightly better boat because of Institute. Always know what you need and why are you doing M.Tech. Work hard from day one and make the best your targets.