Do I really need to do M.Tech? or just start early and find a job? Spend some time after the degree, learn some professional course and start looking for a job. What shall I do? Everything is dark and I don’t know how the future will be. I want to do something good and help others but I don’t know how.

These are few common questions that almost every final year engineering student has in mind. I had similar questions when I was in B.Tech’s final year, and I had friends who made different decisions at that time. Few prepared GRE and TOFEL and went to US and few took computer courses and joined software industry, few went to government jobs and few like me moved for M.Tech.

First let me share my reasons of doing M.Tech. I always thought of doing a highly respected, high paid job and a job where I have more control to do things that I like. Unfortunately, I found myself not competent enough to compete with top students for finding a job in Microsoft or Google. On the other hand, trying to reach there with experience in smaller companies usually takes a lot of time and after that gaining a authoritative position would have taken few more years.

Here, I got a chance to think of the best way to get higher positions in a short time. I felt that the entry to this is only possible through IITs. For that either I had to wait for a year and give GATE and score high or try for PhD. Again I made a good move and decided to not to waste another year for going to IITs and moved for M.Tech.

The first thing I did in M.Tech was that I avoided mistakes I did in B.Tech. I read the tough subjects in vacation and stood ahead of any other student in class. I worked on increasing my percentage to make it high enough for any company. I did an internship at Wipro and IIT Madras and finally dissertation at Defense Labs Hyderabad.

The first and foremost advantage of doing M.Tech is that you get time to think where things are going and how you can control them. Where do you want to go and what is your ultimate destination. You know the mistakes you made in B.Tech thus u can avoid them and improve to recover from them.

The second advantage of doing M.Tech is that you add a value to education and will definitely have benefit in the long run. As we are moving ahead in life our educational qualifications are becoming more and more important. At some point where all other competitors have same technical skills you will be given preference over others because of qualification.

The third advantage is that you will get more insight into the subjects as this time you are mature enough to understand the subjects. Usually teachers or professors are better than the ones who taught you in B.Tech and you are more exposed to applications.

The fourth advantage is you will have good friends who are similar to you and trying hard to move ahead in life. If your institute is good you will see all of them in high positions in future, their contacts may be good enough for you to start new projects and help many.

There are lots of other advantages of doing a higher degree. But there may be many social constraints and difficulties that may prevent you from doing master degree. Everyone knows their situation better than others and can make best decisions based on that. You can push your plans of having a master degree little later and gain few years of experience before. With M.Tech I also mean any master degree just not M.Tech. Wish you all a great luck in your future endeavors.