Post Engineering Confusions

Why to do M.Tech?

Do I really need to do M.Tech? or just start early and find a job? Spend some time after the degree, learn some professional course and start looking for a job. What shall I do? Everything is dark and I don’t know how the future will be. I want to do something good and help others but I don’t know how.

These are few common questions that almost every final year engineering student has in mind. I had similar questions when I was in B.Tech’s final year, and I had friends who made different decisions at that time. Few prepared GRE and TOFEL and went to US and few took computer courses and joined software industry, few went to government jobs and few like me moved for M.Tech.

First let me share my reasons of doing M.Tech. I always thought of doing a highly respected, high paid job and a job where I have more control to do things that I like. Unfortunately, I found myself not competent enough to compete with top students for finding a job in Microsoft or Google. On the other hand, trying to reach there with experience in smaller companies usually takes a lot of time and after that gaining a authoritative position would have taken few more years.

Here, I got a chance to think of the best way to get higher positions in a short time. I felt that the entry to this is only possible through IITs. For that either I had to wait for a year and give GATE and score high or try for PhD. Again I made a good move and decided to not to waste another year for going to IITs and moved for M.Tech.

The first thing I did in M.Tech was that I avoided mistakes I did in B.Tech. I read the tough subjects in vacation and stood ahead of any other student in class. I worked on increasing my percentage to make it high enough for any company. I did an internship at Wipro and IIT Madras and finally dissertation at Defense Labs Hyderabad.

The first and foremost advantage of doing M.Tech is that you get time to think where things are going and how you can control them. Where do you want to go and what is your ultimate destination. You know the mistakes you made in B.Tech thus u can avoid them and improve to recover from them.

The second advantage of doing M.Tech is that you add a value to education and will definitely have benefit in the long run. As we are moving ahead in life our educational qualifications are becoming more and more important. At some point where all other competitors have same technical skills you will be given preference over others because of qualification.

The third advantage is that you will get more insight into the subjects as this time you are mature enough to understand the subjects. Usually teachers or professors are better than the ones who taught you in B.Tech and you are more exposed to applications.

The fourth advantage is you will have good friends who are similar to you and trying hard to move ahead in life. If your institute is good you will see all of them in high positions in future, their contacts may be good enough for you to start new projects and help many.

There are lots of other advantages of doing a higher degree. But there may be many social constraints and difficulties that may prevent you from doing master degree. Everyone knows their situation better than others and can make best decisions based on that. You can push your plans of having a master degree little later and gain few years of experience before. With M.Tech I also mean any master degree just not M.Tech. Wish you all a great luck in your future endeavors.


  1. Jk

    Hello sir,
    I got cgpa of 7.5 whether it is sufficient to join IIT

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  3. Ashish Nathani

    I have completed my btech this year and I am working in an IT firm since feb.
    I want to know that is there any benefit of doing mtech now or I should continue with my job

  4. Rizavia Sayeed

    Hello sir,
    I qualified GATE(CSE) this year and m getting NIT Durgapur and NIT Silchar through CCMT also m eligible for UoH. I wanna go for lectureship after, so what should I opt for??
    Plzz help me out as m unable to get a proper guidance….

  5. rama devi

    SIR IAM COMPLETED MTECH presant iam faculty sir iam prepare ies exam so please suggestion iam 24 years presant and this time ies exam preparation correct are not

  6. tuhin

    I am 3rd yr ece student. I want to get a good rank in GATE. Many of my friends are applying for internships. Should i try for an internship or prepare for GATE and leave the internship for later.?

  7. Raj

    I did M.Tech From VNIT NAGPUR EEE Department. In Hyderabad no one is preferring me. I tried up to 4 months for teaching side as faculty. No one gave me a job but my status is NIT M.Tech. Now iam taking Bank coaching. So don’t do M.Tech in NITs.

  8. rohan

    how can i do it externally

  9. rohan

    i want to get admissioin for me or m tech. i am doing job and completed be in electrical in regular collegee. what should i do me or m tech? and in which branch/ stream?

  10. Sharanu devakki

    Thank u so much…..i always confusion when im doing mtech

  11. milan lakhadhir

    i done B.E IN EC , now i think to move For M.TECH IN VLSI AND EMBEDED SYSTEM but I don’t how to do and get it , shall i need to Give GATE exam To take admission in in Any best institute across India , Right now i have my own office
    i got confused M.E is better or please suggest me something ??

  12. Vishant

    Greetings everyone. I’ m in final year of my B.E. Mechanical, i plan to do MS from abroad, I’m interested in design,manufacturing,thermal and automobile. So which field would i get in with ease and which country shall i apply for?
    Pls reply me here or at [email protected]

  13. Aditi

    I am in 2nd year of engineering in computer science.What should I do to prepare for GATE.What should be the initiatives?

  14. Divya S H

    Hi sir,, I am BE, Computer science passed out student this year(2015) from BIT, Bangalore. I have scored 2023 rank in Pgcet. i.e. Non gate 4th rank in computer science branch. I am interested in placements and internships. Which branch is most preferred for placements in top companies??

  15. Ram

    Dear Friends.

    I would like to answer ur doubts about masters in few words.

    First of all in india Mtech is a waste branding, where getting a job after Mtech is too difficult to get even in a average company. since the questionare will be such a way,,,

    In india masters in almost 80% of universities is theoritical 80% and practical 20% which is waste for companies. as soon u come out u must have some skill in any of technical languages. which is not thought in any universities except few…

    Instead Take some exams like E Litmus and if u score the best, most of companies offer u the best scale and u ll really be happy….

    My hearty suggestion is not to go for masters as its waste degree consuming 2 years and wasting money and u ll suffer to peak to get job…

    just 10% placement was there for master degree holders. one can take a survey.

    So without no doubt go for job. take exams. do some courses parallel. get technically strong.

    nobody will fetch u a job., if u hv good luck then only one can help.

    instead of waiting for someone help. work as i said…

    Mainly electronics guys dont think of masters in local universities other than
    Manipal in INDIA

    Better go to German, USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium. The best for further education. But check every aspect of urs bfr leaving the country.

    good luck…

  16. Supraja

    I got 38th rank in pgcet 2015 & a placement in avg company with 10k per it better to go with local universities or go for d job & attain experience??really confused ..please reply sir..

    1. Ram

      Dear Friend Supraja.

      I would like to answer ur doubt in few words.

      First of all in india Mtech is a waste branding, where getting a job after Mtech is too difficult to get even in a average company.

      You join that company without any doubts and just clear ur minds, learn and work hard, make ur resume look the best…

      Take some exams like E Litmus and if u score the best, most of companies offer u the best scale and u ll really be happy….

      My hearty suggestion is not to go for masters as its waste degree consuming 2 years and wasting money and u ll suffer to peak to get job…

      as u r a girl, once u settle in job, u can live independent and get married soon and lead happy life. if u do masters u ll suffer as me n my friends still struggling to find a right job, even with 80% aggregate.

      we r getting in colleges, but not in companies.

      But by 2014-15 clgs also flooded in politics, where giving job for people with references…

      So without no doubt go for job. take exams. do some courses parallel. get technically strong.

      nobody will fetch u a job., if u hv good luck then only one can help.

      instead of waiting for someone help. work as i said…

      good luck…

  17. Tehreem

    I did my B.E in 2014, and 1 year I worked in a software company.
    I am preparing for GATE16 for MTech(in any good college), is it a good option? Or should I try for GATE17, in IIT?

  18. Girijesh Gupta

    Hi sir I I am persuing MCA last semester.
    I want do Mtech please suggest me.
    How can I do?

  19. kirti

    Is it worth doing mtech in information security in nitj ?

  20. Anand shankar

    I want do , this time I am GATE qualified. But after four year of passed, is this right to do or not? NIT is alloted , what can I do? Please guide me

  21. Bhawna

    hello sir, I’m Bhawna … I’m a fresher passed out in 2014 with specialization in computer science engg. branch… and i was faced the problem regarding what to do after my completion, then i had decided to do and i got the admission. may i know the some extra benefits of doing except teaching.
    please suggest me..

  22. prasad

    hello sir, I’m prasad… I’m a btech fresher passed out in 2014 with specialization in ECE branch… may i know the benefits of doing in digital electronics field??? can i get high paid jobs after doing mtech??????


  23. anthony

    dear sir, my name is anthony . I had completed 2008 and i have bee working as an electrical engineer for the past 6 years, of late i feel the urge to proceed for and plan to take a drop of a year to prepare for Gate ’15.

    I would like to know ur suggestion on the same.

  24. XYZ

    Sir, I am a M.Tech(CSE) 3rd sem. student. But now i am confused bcoz i am thinking of RAS and leave the degree. Leaving degree for it, is it good decision or not? Please suggest me.

  25. Dheeraj

    hello sir.
    i am dheeraj i have completed my BE in Computer science in 2011 and Mtech in Digital communication and Networking(2013 sep) i have a first class %age in both. i am trying hard to seek a job plz guide me.

  26. Kartikeya Shukla

    Nice article bro. Actually I was searching for the age limit for mtech and I found your article. By the way your from which branch and did you do an mba. And im a student (I passed my 12 th this year lol!!) so I dropped a year to consider my options and finally Im going to UCLA for bachelor of engineering ,so I was hoping you could give me any suggestion of what its like? And what are you doing now ? As in I heard research oriented people go for mtech and those who want to earn money,go for a mba?

  27. Manabendra Borthakur

    Hi,I have passed BE in CSE in 2009. After that I was doing job in a reputed IT organisation for 3.5 years.This year i.e 2013 I have admitted in a Central university to do MTech(IT).I got admitted not through GATE but through own exam conducted by the university.Please tell whether doing MTech(IT) from the central university will help me?

  28. deepu

    waiting for ur suggestion.. Plz rply fast..

  29. deepu

    i got mtech seat at nit agartala. I am from andhra pradesh. I wil get seat in local good universities.. I dont know where to go.. Can u plz suggest me.. Dng mtech in nit agartala or local university of our state.. Because it is so long..

    1. Zahid

      Local good university 🙂


    Hello Mr. zahid,

    I have been working hard since childhood , I maintain good percentages ssc(84%),inter (93%), and finally BE in electronics and communication engineering (75%). I think i too have made many mistakes during my engineering studies as you mentioned in your post.I believe all happened because of lack of plans. The reasons would be as per my veiw point is lack of proper guidance.

    1) Firstly I thought i would get a better jobs through college placement.But unfortunately I didn’t qualify for any of the company qualifying exam.(reason for that was that many CAT and GRE n TOFEL people cracked that). I was weak in english and verbal skills.
    2) I have written Gate exam but i was not qualified.All this happened because I didn’t study well for the exam.

    Recently got result passed in distinction.Now i don’t know what should i do.

    Is it good to do from local colleges (i mean not good).But getting a degree from JNTU?

    Your precious advices please…

  31. Prateek

    Sir,I want to to ask you that, Is is good to do from SRM University Chennai?

  32. Ishwar

    i have same question that i have done my in 2012 from IT branch . currently i m doing job in small company … and now i m confused that what should i do…
    first mind says .. do MTEch and go ahead
    and second is going on with this job…

  33. Rahul

    I have done engineering) in 2012. Now i working in a small company as a software developer and I don’t want to leave the job so i have decided to do from correspondence.
    I want to know that which is better for me regular or corresspondence.?

  34. Rajat Avasthi

    sir i am a second yr student of civil engineering i want to get inti iit’s for mtech at any cost i had made this my goal but the teachers in my college are not so good so i am not able to understand how to start and what to read how to study whether basics or just syllabus i am so confused please guide me sir it will be so kind of you
    waiting for your reply….

    1. MADDY

      Hi Rajat. Since you have made it clear that you don’t understand as to what your teacher are trying to teach you during lectures you need to first sit down and with a cool and calm mind you need to analyse your strength and weak areas. Once you realize where you lack behind you can log on to Google and search for those topics which you did not understand. There are a numerous sites on Google where they explain you various topics in a easy and simplified manner.Also if you wish to you can log on to You Tube and find for the video tutorial Lectures for those topics which you find it hard to understand and grasp. In these video tutorials they explain you each and every topic in a very simplified manner. Also you need to start preparing for IIT-Gate from now itself as there is a saying in English “Early bird catches the worm first”.Also be through with all the subject that are taught to you in your B.Tech Syllabus. Hope you will implement these advises and come out with flying colors.Best of Luck for your future endeavours.

  35. Vageesha JM


    Please reply me if possible, since begining i had a goal to to bcz of some committments i joined job and now after 1 and now 2nd year running, i feel settled and am always motivated my self to do as everyone told you will not have interest to study once you get in to the work and still i am interested and reading my subjects and preparing to GATE.

    but always i feel i can do this but small voice inside me tells negative that you can’t.. Please tell me how to mange this..

    Waiting for your reply…..

  36. vinay

    hi sir now i am in final year be mech my parents r forcing to to m tech what r the job oppurtuinies after m tech.some people say we have to go only for teching there is difference between me and m tech pls tell me details on my mail thank you

    mail id: [email protected]

  37. Suyash

    Which comapnies come for mtech students in iits,,,,ec branch

  38. seema

    sir…I recently finished my engineering in Electronics and communication nd got job in wipro…bt stream got as testing usually people will tell like in testing cant learn anything nd no value..I got full confusion..and also I have planning to do higher confusion is whether to do or M.s?and which specialisation nd Institution?Everything confusion like wat stephas to take further…If I done job one year in testing will I get advantage for higher education?Did testing has good value?which one have more value in industry..whether or M.s or If I done some course is enough or its better to continue in this job only as testing…Fully confusion..Please suggest me…

  39. Sharukh

    Can we do job after persuing mtec. Do we gt 1st prefrence than b.e graduates in company…..

  40. vaibhav


    how much increase in package after doing in comp. sci from good collage…?

  41. S. R. Giri

    I have completed B.Tech in 2009 and M.Tech in 2011 (GATE 2009 qualified). Now I am working as a research associate in a company with good salary.. So I suggest go for M.Tech after B.Tech if you are really interested to stick with your technical studies. Otherwise go for MBA.

  42. sabat

    I did my B.E. in ECE . I am interested in Nanotechnology at the masters level.Could you let me know about which institutes ,including iit’s and iisc, offer courses in nanotechnology on the basis of gate score/performance.
    I’d be ever obliged.
    Thank You.

  43. balaji

    what are the institutes in india providing ms?

  44. temsu

    the article here is an eye opener to many who r at the crossroads after BE/B TECH,…… i myself have benefited from this guidelines for making a good choice.. thanks a lot for the wise advice.

  45. ravikiran

    sir,the rumors said tat pre fnal year students are not eligible to write gate exam.and there are many rumours whick leads to ambiquity,so i request you to send da set of rules which got changed from this year.pls send to my ID.thank you

  46. kumar

    sir, i am final year,b-tech,eee my aim is to become an IES officer , but it requires many hours of preparation nearly 1year, so is it good to join m-tech and parallel study start IES preparation “ or “ sit 1 full year for IES ??? plzz suggest me

  47. sidharda

    zahed thanx 4 ur work …….all beneficiaries will be greatful to u………i got 655 in pgecet 2011…..counselling is not yet started..can u tell me the colleges i can get in counselling and what are the best courses leading now in mtech to join………kindly reply…i will be thankful for u

  48. puja kimari

    I want to know what i do after completed B.Sc.IT

  49. Vivek

    nice one to do M.Tech sir this is really good advice to those who are planning for higher degree.

    Love you for your beautiful advice and story….especially beautiful narration of the advantages.

    Thanks for that.

  50. raju

    sir, i interested in vlsi, but i have min. knowledge on this subject, may i take vlsi in M.Tech sir

  51. aathira.b.k

    sir….heard that a limitation has been put in number of times we can write gate…is it true?which is the best college for doing mtech biotechnology?wat must be the rank to get into the best colleges?


    Sir,tell me advantages and disadvantages of doing mtech in local colleges rather than in iits and nits.


    Sir,tell me the best course in mtech whether vlsi , embedded systems,power electronics or digital design.give me the best one in placement point of view and govt jobs point view.


    Sir,i got 901 rank in pgecet,i want to do mtech in university or top private colleges,will i get seat in those colleges in vlsi branch.give me list of placements after mtech.please guide me in proper way sir.

  55. kapil kumar

    sir is it the case that packages offered btech iitians is more than mtech iitians

  56. sagar marathe

    plz tell me something about internship. How do we get it. What is the procedure? Can anyone get the internship? My branch is ece

  57. sagar marathe

    hi, i am also preparing for gate 2012. I have joined ace academy hyderabad. They told me that our notes are sufficient so u dont have to reffer books just solve no of problems, because reading a book will take too much time. Only refer those point of which u r not able to solve the problem. So what do u thing of this? I m very slow in reading books.

  58. dhirendra


    i had done in automobile engg. in 2009.i hv been working for 2 yrs. now i want to do in automobile engg.

    pls. suggest me good colleges in india or abroad for doing in auto. engg.


  59. vishwas

    sir wat are the job opportunities v get after m tech…? please reply to my e mail id………..

  60. jay

    sir i hav completed btech in EEE with first classmarks and i dont knw .. wats the quality in doing mtech ..{ i mean in high institutes IITs or NITs }..
    Is it useful for getting a High job directly ..
    wat should i do???
    go for small small jobs and getting experinced ..
    or go for coaching to get in IITs???
    PLEASE HELP >>>>>

  61. Athira

    I am a final year student. I was in a dilemma till I read this article, but now I have decided to go for

    Thank you very much.

  62. Pankaj Sharma

    Hi Zahid

    could you pls tell from which univ u did ur m tech

  63. supriya


    i pass-out in electrical engineering in 2007.i got a job in same time i also got a chance to at jadavpur university through gate.but i went for job.still now i am in this i am not interested to continue job and planning to resign job soon.i am working hard for this year i ranked 4800.i am trying to rank high next year.
    please give suggestion with respect to above future plan.

  64. Khan Mohammad

    Hello Sir,

    Assalamualikum ( May the Peace be With You )

    This is Mohammad, I have Passed Out my Electrical Engineering in 2008 with II nd Division ( 56 % ), after Few Months i Moved to DUBAI for JOB, Right Now I’m Working in a Very Huge Project, I was Always,Feeling LOW, When Ever I see Area/Project Engineers (M.Tech in Electrical ) Dealing the Vital Issues of my Project, Wither its in Designing/Site Implementation.
    Now i Wanna Go Back ( HYDERABAD ) home and Do my M.Tech.
    Right now i’m 26. May be after Passing out i vl 29/ 30. Does my DUBAI (U.A.E) Experience in Electrical Field Counts or Will it be too Late for Applying for a JOB Again ?

    [email protected] ( Please Do Reply Me )

    Warm Regards
    Mohammad Khan
    Electrical Engineer ( U.A.E )

  65. Ruchita


    I am doing job as a lecturer in government college (visiting lecturer). now for getting the permanent post i want to do the M.Tech. But the problem is that , my GATE score is very low. in 2010 i got 16.33 score, and in 2011 i got 3.33.. Now please suggest me in which colleges i should apply? and how should apply? and of which university…..
    1 more thing is tht.. i want to do the job to pay for FEES of M.Tech while doing M.Tech and i am of OPEN category..

    So please reply me as soon as possible….

  66. shweta

    really,you put forward d situations which is surely faced by each an every student….ur post inspire me to do m tech…by d way my gate score is 23.33…in which institute i will get admission….i want to choose best institute..

  67. geetha

    your advice was really useful for me.i even thought like you.but i’m little worried whether i will be able to get a m.e seat via gate or tancet.since most companies are recruiting in masses can i be sure tat i’ll get a seat easily bcos of less competition in gate or tancet.

    1. Sharq

      I am yash

  68. bharadwaz

    With out GATE shall we join MTECH?

  69. mohan

    Hi, I have joined with instrumentation and controls specialisation in jntu kakinada, is it really a good course, I have given preference to university only………….
    Is really this course has a bright future????????????? Am I did wrong????? Please give me a hopeful answer

  70. Sagar Abnave

    hi to everyone….
    this is really good comment written by Mr.Zahid sir,
    do not worry abt ur job?
    At this stage INDIA in a row of fastest growing country in any type of field,
    next 15-20 yrs u should not worrry abt ur job?
    don’t waste your time to think such question’s?
    just do that.
    Such thing u were to prepare in academic year while doing B.E/,
    now this time is to take action?
    if u r thinking u may get lot of option!
    But When u do u have only ONE option.
    so do that .
    and all the best for ur GATE 2011.

  71. Krishna

    I am working in an IT company, and i have my in ETC.
    I want to pursue M.Tech.
    Can u suggest that will it be a good decision to leave the job and to do M.Tech ?

  72. Prashant Racheti

    good morning sir,
    I am Bsc Entreprenuership second year student.i have get 69% marks in first year.
    I am confused to details about m.Technology.after graduation can i take admission in M.Tech.
    Please guide me and inform me details about M.Technology

  73. adarsh

    Thank you sir,iam adarsh.rite now iam doing first year in IIIT.I have the dream of doing in releated physics domain.give me some suggestions to make myself as clearer please sir, i am waiting for your response!

  74. Raghuram K.M.

    That was an awsome suggestion. Doing M.Tech after having two years of job experience makes the degree very precious one. Thanx a lot for the suggestion!!!

  75. Sarang

    Thanx a ton for ur encouragement!!! u dont kno how relieved i am now…. thanx again!!! keep up the gud work!!! 🙂

  76. mayank

    sorry sir,
    posted query without reading other posts by u.
    u hav already discussed d issue in another post. thanx once again for starting and maintaining such site.

  77. mayank

    hello sir, i am B.E. Mechanical engineering student graduating in may-2011 and i m already placed with Linde Engineering india (German engineering company in oil and gas sector ) as a GET. I am also preparing for GATE-11 and hope of doing good in it as well. I always wanted to be designer and job profile is same so plan to work for some(1-2) years before going for M.Tech, there is 1 yr intensive training at Linde on joining from which i will learn many practical things because of which i will have added advantage while doing M.Tech. Also i am not much good at soft skills and just about average in communication skills which i think will develop while working with Linde which deals with many regions of world. What do u think am i doing the right thing or i should directly go for M.Tech after my graduation?

    Waiting for your reply in anticipation
    Thanks in advance

  78. Sarang

    I am a mechanical engg grad of 2008 batch. Rite after college i accepted a job offer in a software company through campus placement and continued working till nov, 2009 when i quit. After that i appeared for gate 2010 but couldnt get a decent score. Now i am 26 years old. i am confused as to what to do now. if i go for an MTECH thru gate 2011 then by the time i pass out i’ll be 29 years and i am completely unaware of the job prospects that i’ll hav at that time. Will my age be a disadvantage for getting jobs or its absolutely fine to go for an MTECH at 26 years. What is the best way to go forward according to you??? Please Help!!! :)))

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Zahid

      Sarang: As you know placements are excellent in IITs and very good at NITs. If you get into these institutes you can always talk to the company HR come for campus placements or you can also try off campus jobs and experienced engineer. Hope you will get good advantage of your qualifications.

  79. gaurao

    i am BE in computer science with 8.66 cgpa and now waiting for joining in cognizant company..i scored 92 percentile in first attempt GATE 2010 without any preparation… but now i am worried. is it good to join company now. what shud i do in future. shud i join in company or MTech or MS.Please suggest me sir…
    Can i apply for MTech in next year on this score. And also tell me colleges which are good for MTech in CS.

  80. manish kumar

    sir,i m a student of chemistry..thinking to go for gate fot in chemistry..can you tell me whether it is an appropriate course that i can go for
    or should i try for some other exams like net or something…i am particularly concerned because i have not much persons in my circle that are going for in chemistry.
    so please clear my doubts as soon as possible.thank you

  81. rajni

    rajni: On August 10th, 2010

    HI,i am in electronics and communication in 2010 year .i want to pursue further studies but i am in great dilemma as to which course i should opt for..I have three options-ms, or mba.I am very much interested in pursuing ms but m not sure whether that will be a good option after investing so much money.I have done my engeneering in E&C WITH 70% MARK And then i have an option for but i am not full aware about its scope in getting job opportunities.and lastly i have an alternative option-mba..people around me suggesting to go for mba as it has bright career option in terms of job the same time i want to let you know that i am not that much interested in doing mba as i want to pursue masters in my relevant field only.kindly guide me regarding as to which course i should opt for–GRE or GATE or else CAT.i would highly appreciate if you can answer me as soon as possible.Thank You.

  82. vamshi

    sir i am 2010 passout student. ia m aspiring for gate 2011 but i had 59.65% in i am very worried about that. please give a suggestion that if i get a very good score in gate… for which type of universities can i apply?

  83. piyush

    which is better ECE in Nit(JAL) or Civil in PEC or Prod in PEC
    please call 09417080085 as Counsling on 18.8.2010 in PEC

  84. Shivanand Hallur


    After reading the above paragraphs, i just thought those are the real things in everybody’s life. Hope to see the best future ahead with the master degree.

    Thank you,


  85. ravish

    that was a good lesson for me to read because me too same kind of student in
    but i m confused what should i do or mba

  86. Siddharth Raghuwanshi

    I am good in my study. Can i prepare for GATE by self.

  87. abhinay

    i like your content very much………. its really motivating and it actually tells about why mtech………. it really good………

  88. rutika

    can u plz guide me as to how did u approach for your dissertation at Defense Labs Hyderabad. plz sir i do need guidance regarding this…as to what do v hav to do for getting the sponsorship from a gud company for my dissertation.
    ur guidance wil b of great help to me sir.
    i request u to kindly spare some of your precious time to guide me n oblige.

  89. sahil

    sir i m in 2 year,,,,,,,,,,,can u tell me is correspondence course is good for preparing for gate exams

  90. Aankit Doni

    wow a graet job to spend time for others
    really one of the good job to help someone unselfishnessly it will surely pick u up to one next level….as compared to others
    but here in these sites i only find current status of indian education while now a days foreign education is also becoming popular…so i think these should b the nxt step..ahead..

  91. Vijay

    i am complete my B.E in Computer and prepare for GATE2011 .
    tell me howmany percent of chance in industry after M.Tech in CS

  92. SHAFI

    hi sir i want to do in automobile i compleated in information technology.can u pls tell me how can i do in automobile engg ..i have phassion pls giv me guidels..

  93. ashish joshi

    sir,i got selected in hcl,noida with 2.75lac package , i have gate score of 431 (93%)in electronics and expecting admission in PEC,chandigarh.kindly suggest me what to do.I am interested in doing jobs at psu.

  94. tejashree

    hi am also a final year student…

    should i do mtech from iit or private institutes can make up?

  95. archana mishra

    i’m persuading my final year.can u suggest me how to prepare at home?how to get all those materials?

  96. ashy

    dual degree is better or simple btech

  97. devanshu

    i am selected in jaypee association limited (JAL) with near about 4.5 lakh package annually.
    i am shotlisted in nit jalandhar, nit hamirpur.
    results of nit bhopal, nit durgapur, nit jaipur are awited .
    please help me what should i do .
    i really need ur help sir
    as far as my aim concern
    sir i want to do mtech from some good govn college so that i may selected in one of the psu’s that come in such colleges.

    but sir as far as ranking is concern is nit jalandhar or hamirpur is so good so that psu’s come to these colleges.
    please reply as sson as possible.
    sir , now which of the option i should opt.
    1) go for 4.5 lakh package job and gain experience there and after 2-3 years go for mtech .
    but is it practically possible to attain

    2) go for nit jlndhar or nit hamirpur.and give gate next year and try to get some good college where psu come for oncampus placement.

    3) go for job and give part time mtech from some of the good colleges like 2or 3 tier nits from my present year gate score.

    please tell me what should i do.
    i need ur help.

    1. Sandeep Singh

      I am an Electronics Engineer

      Anyone wanting help may contact me

      I would like to help my juniors happily

      whatsapp 9646582154

  98. Annie John

    You really gave a motivation for students to go for higher studies. Many students put a fullstop to their education after B.Tech. They get a job in some company and remains in that post forever. Once when they realise the importance of higher education chances may be less. Your article gave an insight into the prospects of higher education.
    Thank you.

  99. Akil Raza

    Thank u sir
    Avery well explanation to the question

  100. Anil

    thank you sir ,,,
    it was a great usefull

  101. chirag patel

    thank you sir
    ,it boosts our morale. I was skeptical about but now I am more clear about it.

  102. ANUJ


  103. ravi

    great… good analysis friend… thanks for sharing..

  104. Umer

    thanks , that was really helpful !

  105. Nikhil

    Hi Zaheed Sir,
    I really appreciate your way of explaining all things related to M.Tech. The above topic is very motivative. I also liked the topic ‘M.Tech in New IITs or old NITs’ very much.

  106. shalini shah

    i want to be a professor or lecturer in govt college.i m a be student & need ur guidance wt sud i do?

    1. Tushar

      Did u got any help on these because i m also stuck on these point?


    Thank you very much.
    You are doing a great job by helping many students across India

  108. shailesh

    thanks zahid sir……dis column z really a moral booster…..i have taken admission in IIIT-A through GATE SCORE(605)……i hope i hav nt takn any bad decision by opting MTech as off campus placemnts r too tough to crack and demand time….

    1. Tanmay Chaudhary

      Shailesh sir how are placements for ece students in mtech there, could u plz tell me?

  109. Anuj

    I am a final year Btech(CS) student and want to do M.Tech. I got 95 percentile in GATE 2010 so I could not get admission to any of the IITs or NITs this year. I got selected for M.E(Embedded Systems) in BITS,Pilani. So i wanted to know whether i should join BITS or wait for 1 more year and prepare for GATE. Please tell me the scope of Embedded system in terms of placements and R&D in India and whether a CS student will find the course difficult in comparison to an electronics student

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