I read all of your comment and selected few good questions to answer. As there are thousands of similar questions I took few questions, answering them can make a good source of information for many others.

Here I answered a good question from Mihir Gokani’s commented on M.Tech Admissions 2010, the question is below and you can see the comment here

Hello Zahid! I had given GATE(IT) in 2008 for the first time and my result was:

GATE score = 523
Percentile score = 98.32
All India Rank = 85 (that’s right! eighty fifth!)

but sadly, I could not get admission @ IITs.
This is the second time i’ve given GATE(CS-2010) and today I got result as follows:

GATE score = 737
Percentile score = (Don’t know)
All India Rank = 483 (shocking!!!)

Now my question(s) is(are):
What is my Percentile score? (or formula?)
Why my AIR is too low even though I’ve scored higher? (I know it depends on some other factors, but what are they?)
What is considered for getting admission – Score or AIR? (Dependent question : What are my chances of getting admission knowing that I did not get admission last time with above-mentioned results)
Thank You.

Let me answer Mihir’s Questions to give an idea to everyone about GATE 2010 Score and Ranks analays and Admission details.

1. GATE percentile not base on your score it based on the number of candidates are below you and calculated as
P = (number of candidates who have scored less marks than the candidate / N) x 100 (where P is percentile and N is total number of candidates appeared for exam)
if total number of candidates are 100 and 90 of them have less marks than you P= (09/100)x100 = 0.9×100 = 90 percentile.

2. High score and low AIR in GATE 2010: The reason may be that the paper was too easy for above average students this time and many nailed it well. Please look at the below analysis for CSE

1 1000 85.33
100 0878 61.00
483 0737 ***

The above stats show that with 122 differences in scores there are 100 students but the number of student increased exponentially after that. After rank 100, with difference of only 140 in Score, you have 380 students around.

There are over 100 students in CS between 100~99.90 GATE Percentile.
There are over 380 students in CS between 99.90~99.55 GATE Percentile.

Can I get Master of Engineering Degree (M.E/M.Tech) admission in IITs with GATE Score 0737???
You can, if some IIT conduct their own written test and interview ( as there are too many high scores I strongly blive that many IITs will conduct their own test and interviews). At this point, your ealiers education will help your admisson, please refer to GATE percentile for Admission to IITs.

If admissions are direct, then you should try IIT Gowhati, Roorkee and New IITs and Second or spot admissions in IITs.

If any of you from other branch and want to have an analysis please give me you exact details as follows (make sure that your AIR is around 700 for a deeper analysis of IIT admissions).

Analysis about NIT admission will be given, after NIT admission notices are issued. Thanks for the support and Encouragement.

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