Getting master of engineering (M.Tech, ME) or MS admission in IITs is dream for thousands of student. As every student know that GATE is conducted for Admission to all engineering course right from Computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical and civil engineering. The number of admissions offered in these engineering courses are very limited therefore getting less score not able to get admission doesn’t mean that your are not capable of studying M.Tech or MS.

How important is GATE score for getting into IITs for M.Tech studies? This is one of the first questions popup when we think of doing M.Tech (A master degree in technical education in India).IITs and IISc being the best in the country are definitely dream of every student who desire to go there and missed it for undergrad studies. Once you miss this place at undergrad studies you have to wait four years to knock the doors of these heavens of education again.

We write gate to enter there and face a huge competition. Even a 99+ percentile make you confused about the admission, as IITs call for their own written test and an interview to give an admission. Always there is a question how much is the GATE score important to get into IITs. What is the ideal GATE score will fetch me the test and interview call?

I made an analysis of GATE Cutoff scores for IITs, and an informative post about GATE 2009 Cutoff score for IITs and NITs, this will give you an idea about how competitive is admission to IITs and NITs.

The competition for admission to master of engineering degree (M.Tech) in computer science, electronics and electrical engineering too high and in other branched little less than these field of engineering. I think a case study for computer science it will be better for estimation of any other branch of engineering. If you dont have good scores or not able to get admission in good university for master degree you can also keep the option of studying abroad for ms usually master of engineering is called master of science too.

Here I present a very general case for IITs, which is almost same for all IITs. The number s are exact and just reflect an average considering general category.

In computer science for 20 seats they receive applications ranging from 400~600 (mostly depends on job market). Most of the applicants have good GATE scores. People with less GATE score never bother to submit application to save their and authorities time. These candidates are almost same in all IITs. Selecting best among then is a difficult task. The high frequency of similar gate scores made the selection procedure more difficult and regress.
To make it simple and more effective, a score based on their earlier education and GATE score is calculated. For example…

Score = (0.35) GATE score + (0.15) 8 sems Engineering % + (0.1) 10+2th % + (0.1) 10th %

This score has 70% of admission judgment (0.35 + 0.15 + 0.1 + 0.1 = 0.7), another 10% is for written test and 20% weight is given to interview.

As IIT can not call all the candidates, they will call who top in the list depending on resources, such as faculty and available stuff and scores too. If scores of candidates after certain level drops drastically, that is considered as limit.
Usually limit varies from 1:3 to 1:5, for every one seat they may call 3 to 5 top candidates on above said Score. To make it more clear, for 20 seats they may call 60~100 candidates to appear for interview and exam.
Once exam and interview in finished the final scores adding the test and interview are calculated. Top 20 students will admission and another 10 will be in waiting list, if anyone drops the seat can be filled by next best student.
If you don’t get a call for written test in IITs for M.Tech you fell some where at GATE score, Engineering %, 10+2 % or 10th %. As the GATE score is give highest weight, it clearly indicates the GATE PERCENTILE is a very important factor in deciding your entry to IITs.
When I look back and see this admission procedure sometime it looks easier to take admission in Low rank United States universities for MS. If you don’t get a chance in IITs I suggest you to think about this option too.

If this time you could not make dont worry there are lots of good universities all over the world specially if you an average student should try Master of Engineering programs in Germany, France and other European countries, as Education is free and you get good scholarships there, you can also consider master degree admissions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and US. Getting admission in MS same as M.Tech or Master degrees courses is easier than getting in IITs. On the same time These universities give you good facilities for research and development. Usually Master degree in Computer Science or Master degree in Electrical, Electronics have good findings and support many students. Try all the possibilities to go for higher studies if you are really on to it.

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