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RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automated identification technology that used tags to transmit data upon RFID reader queries. Compared to barcodes identification technology, RFID tags provide a unique identifier, […]

Server Load Balancing

Server load balancing is defined as a process and technology that distributes site traffic among several servers using a network device. A load balancer, intercepts network based traffic destined for […]

Load Balancing in Parallel Computers

A parallel compute is a collection of processing elements that communicate and cooperate to solve large problems efficiently. Parallel computers vary in two fundamental architecture facets, (i) Single Instruction Multiple […]

Multicasting in Ad Hoc Networks

MANETs are useful in many application environments and do not need any infrastructure support. Collaborative computing and communications in smaller areas (buildings, organizations, conferences, etc.) can be set up using […]

Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Developing support for routing is one of the most significant challenges in ad hoc networks and is critical for the basic network operations. Certain unique combinations of characteristics make routing […]

Expert Systems and decision making

One of the most successful applications of artificial intelligence reasoning techniques using facts and rules has been in building expert systems that embody knowledge about a specialized field of human […]