This is another common question I received from my readers, who are in the race or IITs or NITs. IISc Bangalore and IITs give admission in MS by research program and most of the students never heard about it before are confused and usually don’t apply or opt for it. The reason can be lack of clear information about the course and popularity. The another reason could be the duration of the course.

MS by research program is usually of 3 years in length. An MS student will complete all credits (Courses) same as M.Tech student sitting in the same class. The difference comes when it comes to work after class. MS students will be assigned a professor or can select a professor of their interest to work in his lab with other research students (PhD and other MS students).

M.Tech student have one year of course work and in second year they work on a project, seminar and dissertation. Where as MS students will have to complete course work in first year, during second year they may be asked to attend some courses regarding your area research or your lab area of research and the length of dissertation would be 2 years around. During this time MS students are expected to carryout research and come up with some research papers. You can see tips for writing good conference papers and research journal papers, which will really help you during MS program.

M.Tech is a time bound course and MS is a professor decision course as in US. The professor and a committee with whom you are working will decide whether your work worth giving MS degree, which not very difficult to convince them within three year time if you are sincere with your work.

Regarding placements in IISc and IITs, all the students are eligible (except sponsored and QIP candidates) for participating in campus recruitments. The magic is your course CGPA (same as percentage in undergrad but on scale or 4, 5 or 10) and skills. If some company from your domain is recruiting and not allowing you, you can definitely ask them to open for you. If a student degree is yet to complete, companies give them a due joining date and tentative placement offer. Therefore, be clear that they have equal job opportunities as other master degree students. But as they live in a research environment and have published research work and have contacts with professors working in the same area of research they usually opt to go abroad for PhD or research organizations in their area.

As I prefer top institutes and never had intentions to start working early I liked this program a lot. Though I did my M.Tech I moved for PhD just after working for some organization for 6 months. If you think you are patient, kind of don’t care guy and have your plans set and don’t go away with others success or failure, you should try this. You will get an extended stay at heaven (for me stay at IIT is same as staying in heaven, for some it was hell too…)

Make you own decisions and stand for it. Don’t care what people will say or what if you are not successful, you will be happy that you atleast tried what you like. Wish you all a great luck with admission.

Hope this helped you understand the MS course structure and Admssion and kind of nature you should have for this. In case you still have doubts or information is not clear to you please feel free to drop a comment, hope me or someone get back to help you.