This question is asked few friends, instead of answering individually I m writing this and hope that this will help many like them.

Valid GATE score the term is little confusing for students as everyone got a GATE score and think its valid that is why they have score.

There are two things associated with it. One is valid time period and qualifying marks. Both the conditions should be satisfied to apply for admission to that institution.

GATE score are usually valid for two years, for example if you give GATE in 2010 and your marks are above qualifying marks, you are eligible to apply in 2011 for Master of Engineering admissions. But in 2012 your score is considered as invalid.

The next condition is about qualifying marks. Mere getting score does not show that its valid GATE score. Your score is only valid when it is above or equal to the score of qualifying marks. For example, if you have 16 marks and the qualifying marks for that year are mentioned as 25, then your GATE score is not valid.

Another question may rise, for this year I got 16 marks and qualifying score was 25, if next year qualifying marks decreased to 15, does it make my score valid? The simple answer is NO. The results for the same years will be considered for valid and invalid scores.

Hope, this cleared doubts about Valid score or not. I wrote this because I got lot of questions about valid GATE score and GATE percentile calculation and for more details about different GATE related tips visit GATE and M.Tech admission tips.

Please feel free to answer in case of any doubt and also do not hesitated to suggest or correct me if I m wrong. This will help thousands of students across India.