TNEA College Predictor and Cutoff 2023

TNEA College Predictor and cutoff 2023 will give you all the details of TNEA cut off marks/rank from 2022 back to 2014. All cutoffs are collected from official sources during all these years. The predictor gives results based on college wise TNEA cutoff ranks and TNEA cutoff marks given by the official website. There are options given to choose from TNEA overall rank cutoff, TNEA Community rank cutoffs or cutoff marks. All Tamil Nadu engineering college predictor is based on previous year cut off ranks or previous year cut off marks. The data is subject wise, and College wise data can easily be searched using search bar given on the top of data. TNEA cutoffs are available for 2022 to 2014.

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TNEA College Predictor 2023: Keys to Consider

  1. TNEA College wise rank cut off are announced from 2018. So, you will get cut off ranks only beginning form 2018. Before that only cutoff marks are shown.
  2. All 5 rounds of TNEA cutoff data are made available from 2018. For cutoff data from years, 2014 to 2017 only the last round of data is shown for all rounds.
  3. Opening and closing cutoff marks/ranks are also available since 2018. All previous years will have only closing marks.
  4. If there is no admission taken in a college for a certain course in a round you will have to search in other rounds. Just change the round in form and follow the next steps.

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TNEA College Predictor and Cutoff 2023

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