This year many institutes struck to 60% aggregate in B.Tech or qualifying degree for M.Tech (Master of Technology) admissions.

60% aggregate means, one should have overall 60% marks in all semesters of Engineering course. Few students asked me that is it only final year percentage or all four years percentage? The answer is that one need score minimum 60% marks in all four years course in engineering. That also means from semester 1 to semester 8 combined one must have 60% in B.Tech.

In 2010 M.Tech admissions, I saw only few institute allowed students who have less than 60% aggregate, whereas 2009 many institutes didn’t asked for this conditions. I think from 2011 it will become mandatory condition for admission to al most all institutes and universities in India.

Many student who are at 59.XX have really bad time and luck. I got few comments too asking for some suggestions and most of them have got reasonably good scores but have 59 + %. I strongly recommend them to join some good central university as soon as possible. Because I feel next year may be the admissions will be more stringent. I also suggest them to apply to good institutes in India, because they always look for exceptional candidates and if get a chance you need to prove it. Do apply to NITs if you have good GATE scores.

If you are in final year student and targeting GATE 2011, you must take it seriously and work harder towards it, if you don’t have a 60% aggregate. Even if you score really great in GATE 2011 and don’t have 60% aggregate you will really difficult time during admission. Better prepare in advance and make sure are in 60% + class, usually first class student. Even finding a reasonably good job with below 60% is a quite a daunting task.

Wish you all great luck for your dreams.