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60% aggregate for M.Tech admissions

This year many institutes struck to 60% aggregate in B.Tech or qualifying degree for M.Tech (Master of Technology) admissions.

60% aggregate means, one should have overall 60% marks in all semesters of Engineering course. Few students asked me that is it only final year percentage or all four years percentage? The answer is that one need score minimum 60% marks in all four years course in engineering. That also means from semester 1 to semester 8 combined one must have 60% in B.Tech.

In 2010 M.Tech admissions, I saw only few institute allowed students who have less than 60% aggregate, whereas 2009 many institutes didn’t asked for this conditions. I think from 2011 it will become mandatory condition for admission to al most all institutes and universities in India.

Many student who are at 59.XX have really bad time and luck. I got few comments too asking for some suggestions and most of them have got reasonably good scores but have 59 + %. I strongly recommend them to join some good central university as soon as possible. Because I feel next year may be the admissions will be more stringent. I also suggest them to apply to good institutes in India, because they always look for exceptional candidates and if get a chance you need to prove it. Do apply to NITs if you have good GATE scores.

If you are in final year student and targeting GATE 2011, you must take it seriously and work harder towards it, if you don’t have a 60% aggregate. Even if you score really great in GATE 2011 and don’t have 60% aggregate you will really difficult time during admission. Better prepare in advance and make sure are in 60% + class, usually first class student. Even finding a reasonably good job with below 60% is a quite a daunting task.

Wish you all great luck for your dreams.


  1. V Prashant

    Sir, pls do rply. . .

  2. V Prashant

    I have 50%(aggr) in B.E extc is it ok for eligibility in mtech from any iit’s

  3. Yash wadhwani

    i have 60.9 cgpa wise and 61.8% cpi wise is it ok for eligibilty for mtech at iits

  4. Aniket

    Sir I have kt in first semester til I eligible for the m tech in iit

  5. Koushik

    Sir, i havent completed my degree yet but i am in 7th sem and my average is on verge of 60s. I hope to attempt for gate(cse) next tym and aim for AIR < 100 . So even if i have an double digit rank would i be allowed for admission in iit B ???

  6. Chinmay

    I have 54% mark in +2/12th standard.Am i elligible for doing Mtech & Phd in IIT/NIIT/CENTRAL UNIVERSITIES??But yes I have 60% mark in 10th,BSc, is very important for me…i ll be thankfull if u reply it elaborately………..& YES i m a student of MSc electronics background……….

  7. Mohammed Ayaz

    hey Zahid, while calculating aggregate, can we include second attempt marks? or only first attempt marks.

  8. bhanushali shreya

    Sir, i have cpi alof first 2 year is 7.03 but i had a 1 block in one semester 2 so can i will problem for admition in nits iits after a gate exam


    i complete my graduation in maths i persuing Mca. am i eligible for M.Tech

  10. anamika pathak

    i complete my graduation in maths stream.then i done Mca. am i eligible for M.Tech

  11. piyush varshney

    sir ,
    i failed to get good rank in gate 2015 got admission in state college.can i prepare for gate with mtech and leave college next year or should i drop the admission.I am 2014 passout…but having 2 year backs in btech also having 6 months experience of a company.what should i do plzz reply?

  12. Rakesh

    Sir, my aggregate marks in B.E. is 59.3%. But, the % mentioned on the qualifying degree is C.G.P.A. 7.12 equivalent to 66.2% ( avg. of last 4 semesters). My doubt is regarding admission into IITs. Is there any chance for me to get admission into IIT’s if I get good AIR in GATE?? I have big dreams and I want to do M.E. from IIT. Are there any chances?? Pls. mention the list of IIT’s I can opt for. Thank you.

  13. Aditya Varma

    Sir,my aggregate marks in B.E. is 58%.As far as i know the eligibility criteria for CCMT round is min 60%.But i have seen on a few sites that some NITs do allow admissions below 60%.In case of IITs, only IIT kanpur has the minimum criteria of 55%.If a get a good AIR in GATE,what are my chances for getting into NITs or IITs as i dont want to go for any mediocre institute for my Mtech?

  14. raj

    sir plz anyone tell me det , i hav 55 % aggregate in btech & if i hav good score in gate den m i eligible for any iits ? ya if 60 % aggregate is required ??

  15. rahul

    the M Tech is possible in after Mca?

  16. sarvu

    aggregate=(sum of all semester marks)/(sum of max marks obtainable in semester). and it is not aggregate of percentages you got in every semester. and if the criteria says aggregate 60% it means aggregate. it need not be 60% in each and every semester. only people who are fucked by universities like pune need worry rest chill.

  17. ajeesh

    sir i have 61% aggregate in my b tech (passed out 2012) but i have only second class and 58% in 3rd,4th semester .
    i am applied gate 2014
    will i get admission for iit f i score well in gate.
    i am really confused please help

  18. alphons

    1.iit Chennai not asking any % for btech (just complete btech and high gate score.
    2.IIT Kanpur 55%
    3 iisc Bangalore 55% second class.
    4 iit gandinagar 55%
    5 iit Mandi as iit chennai
    6 iit hy same as iit chennai
    7 psg comb. no %


    sir, my degree certificate say ‘second class’ engineer with 59%(3rd sem-8th sem) but according to 1st to 8th sem marks I have 62.83%. So am I First class or Secondclass engineer. I am really confused plz help. Thanx in advance.

  20. Isha

    Sir I have scored 70% in all 4 years but in one sem I got 59%.
    Sir am I eligible ?

  21. sajal jain

    sir i hv got 65% aggregate or throughout in…but only in one sem i hv got 56%. does it represent a problem in case of admission into iit

  22. ravi

    sir i have 57% in my passed out)
    i am applying for gate 2014
    will i get admmision for iit if i score well in gate.

  23. nakul

    what is the ultimate conclusion then…what does the aggregate mean..??…i hv ‘avg’ of 59.73% (avg of 1st to 6th sem…(as admitted directly 2nd year of degree course)) and 65.33% in the last year (avg of 2 sems in the last year)…so m i eligible for ‘60% aggregate criteria’…??…plz answer…!!!


    Sir,please reply is the gate pattern going to change from 2014 onwards?

  25. pankti

    Is there direct admit-ion to second year for mca students… or they have to do it from first year…

  26. mukesh

    can i give gate exam after doing distance mca

  27. Jitesh

    Suppose i m maintaing agreegate 60% and if they change the criteria to 65% then all my hardwork is wasted???

  28. amol

    i am intrested in doing Mtech after complition of mca but i have to do mtech by distance education with doing job can it help me to build my career or is there necessity to do it full time & attend the lecture.. and is there any admition process for mca student to get it in to second year directly…. similar to diploma studens applying for BE… AND
    also give me information for after mca should i go for mtech or mphill. or any other…. what should be good path for my career….
    and what is the procedure for mphil.

  29. amol

    Is there direct admit-ion to second year for mca students… or they have to do it from first year… and can we do mtech by distance learning or its full time course and is there any necessity to do regular lectures or can we do it by distance with doing job…

  30. varsha

    after msc in cs can i do m tech in cs in iisc n iits

  31. varsha

    after m sc in cs can i do m tech in computer science in iisc n iits

  32. varsha

    after master of science in computer science can i do m tech in computer science in iisc or iits

  33. jayan

    For gate admission whether they consider the first attempt or second attempt marks for calculating the BE aggregate..?

  34. Dinesh

    if you don’t know the meaning of aggregate don’t misguide people. Aggregate is not average always. it depends on university. Like for Pune university aggregated means only final year %, for some university it will be like 10% of (1 st , 2nd , 3rd year ) and 70% of final. Aggregation is summation not the arithmetic mean, i.e. take some weight age from each % and calculate the total. what weightage to take it already decided by university and convey to student so student can manage their study to get 60% aggregate.

  35. praveen kumar vanamala

    Sir, I have scored only 50% aggrigate in my B.Tech. which is not eligible to get any job in IT industry. I wanted to know whether i am eligible to do in any inistutions (atleast a local, ordinary college) and please tell me necessary steps to take to get admitted into M.Tech & details of admission tests etc. I am from Andhra Pradesh.

  36. ravi

    Hi sir do they consider the 1st attempt marks or do they consider the last attempt marks.

  37. Aniket Narvankar

    Sir,please please take some time out and reply to this question Is educational gap considered while taking admissions for CSE in IITs?

  38. vijay

    Hello Sir
    I am ,B.Tech(Computer Sc & Eng) from NIT warangal (2003-07 batch),
    My CGPA is 5.74/10 equallent to 57% on the calculated by college.
    I Have a gud Score In GATE Exam and want to take admission in IISc/IIT. I belong to SC there any CGPA criteria for taking admission in IISc/IITs for M.Tech.
    Kindly please solve my query, I would be very thank ful to you
    Thanks & Regards

  39. sandesh

    respected sir,
    Some colleges ask for 60% in degree(agreegate not written).In pune university they consider last year % on degree certificate.In this case what is the meaning…..i got 60% in degree as per the rules of pune university(i.e. in last year only) so am i eligible for such colleges? plz reply…mi email is…[email protected]

    1. Aditya

      Mate stay in contact. I’ve got same situation

  40. vaibhav

    why r u confusing these guys actully there are many colleges which asks for only final year percentage like iit bombay(u can go through application forms) only iit delhi and nit jaipur asks for 60 aggregate which can be relaxed in case of high gate score

  41. Aditya

    Some colleges ask for 60% above but CGPA required is above 5.5. What you comment on this case? Recent institute doing this I saw is PEC, and I’m sure there are many more.

  42. suraj

    Its not about only me,59%
    What happened with bachelors, belowed 60% !.
    1.Aren’t they did well in course!, then What happens in GATE,and Interviews?.
    “Not Every solid guys comes above 60%”.
    what happened with senses of IITian Interviewers,
    2.Are they lose that! OR
    3.Is it load sheding funda!
    4.mention your opinion.

  43. kamal

    first all i wanna really thank u for such a good work for right n accurate guidence to aspirants …..
    i really appriacite ur effort in in this direction..
    now coming to the point for which i m writing this comment is that we only able the question asked by other aspirants not the answer given by u as many of us have same common question again n again if one could see the answer given by you other aspirant will know their answer which for such type already asked…
    to the point what m trying to say is ur answer should be openly viewed by anyone sothat they widen their horizons of knowleghe of related or some new they may not like the communities in ORKUT have forum where anyone answer given experts thereby sharping thier knowleghe on question which may they wanna known but doest strike in mind or they too lazy ask or post their n wait for its answer….
    in all please allow ur answer veiwed openly viewed by anybody sir..//
    in the hope that u may bother my request..
    sir plz plz….

  44. hari

    thank u for providing ths useful information

  45. Sachin

    i have completed my BE with 58%. BUT my final year aggregate is 64%. As i completed my BE from MUMBAI UNIVERSITY, here the Final year marks is taken into consideration and class for the course is given. That means sir i am first class in my course ie 60%
    above. Will it be a problem in me getting a seat in IIT? eagerly waiting for reply. plz rep

  46. Ramakrishna

    Respected Sir,
    I am having 60% aggregate in Engineering but i am not having 60% in all the semesters,I mean I could only manage to get 58% in my 4th sem,am I eligible for IIT’S with a good gate score
    waiting for your reply

  47. Ganesh

    i have 0nly 55% aggregate in B.E now i am in final semister of my degree so i cant improve previous aggregate
    in third year i was qualified for gate now if i am able to get very good mark in GATE
    is 60% is compulsory for admission at IIT for M.Tech please reply urgent on [email protected]
    thank you in advance

  48. Pradeep Ingle

    I have read ur page abt 60% aggregate.
    But by PG admission procedure only 30% weitage will be givaen to
    the performance.
    I am a Final yr student & have 4 sem,SY & TY, SGA(sem grade points)
    below 6.0, n that r mostly core subjects.
    But now things r changed. I had gone throubh ACE academy & now I am confident abt those subjects.
    Please help get through this situation.
    I got totaly afraid. Please clarify my doubt.
    Thank you.

  49. Prafull Kumar Chowbey

    I have completed AMICE(I) equivalent to B.Tech,I want to do M.Tech (in civil Engineering subject) Part time at Bhopal (M.P.) because I am doing Govt Job,Please suggest me The Institutions.
    My wife is M.Sc(Maths) with 57%,She also want to do M.Tech Part time or correspondents course.


    sir i’m having 1st to 8th semester aggregate percentage is 60.60 but 5th to 8th semester aggregate percentage is 59.68 now i’m confusing about which percentage is to be consider if any kind of institute or job post ask for 60% aggregate.
    please give me solution sir

  51. manu

    hi i have an aggregate of 57.34 in B.E and i iknow that iits ask for 60%,but i came to know that for getting into M.E at iisc the minimum requirement is a second class.plz tell me what should be the minimum GATE rankin for GM to get into iisc for ME in E&C email i.d is [email protected]

  52. Simon

    Same query again… have 60% agg but not in every sem. is there any iit which considers only overall 60% ? eagerly waiting for your reply

  53. kavita

    As my overall percentage is 59+. But according to university degree i have first class as they consider only from 5th sem. so what is my chance of getting through gate to IIT’s please reply sir.

  54. Vaishali

    Respected Sir,
    I have completed my in Computer Science Branch from AMIETE(ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP OF
    THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENG) Which is approved by MHRD and UGC. Sir I have got 6.6 CG PA and my percentage is 59.0%.i want to know if my gate score is good
    then can i get admission in IIT’S and NIT’S or any Central Universities.please suggest some good colleges
    where i can get admissions preferably in Delhi and NCR please…. reply ASAP. waiting for your reply.
    My Email id is [email protected]

  55. Babeesh

    I am a Software Engineer working in a MNC. I have completed B Tech in ECE but managed to score only 59.68%. Now I want to do M tech in Computer Networks and I am preparing for the GATE exam.

    What is my chance of getting in to a reputed institute with a good GATE score?

    I knows doors of IIT’s and NIT’s are closed in front me. What is my chance of getting in to institutes like Ramaiah Institute of Technology, RV College of Engineering etc…
    Will I get admission to these kind of institutes with a high GATE score?

    Desperately waiting for your reply……

    1. Swapnil


      Please guide, my academics are low but for suppose I achieved AIR under 10, can be considered in IITS or NIT, isn’t there any clause

  56. tushar

    sir i dont have 60% aggregate but if i score nice, can i get admission to nit

    1. Zahid

      Tushar: Most of the NITs dont allow less than 60%. 🙁

  57. Ajinkya

    I have the same problem dat the Shreya has..I got 65% as a 4 year aggregate marks.but in 5th semester i hv 58% marks..So plz tell me as soon as u can if i am eligible.I hv started to study.I am waiting for yr reply.

  58. shikha

    In my 4th semester , i got backlogs in two subjects in a semester. Does it effect in entrance for IIt’s ??

  59. Shreya

    I have 67.4% overall engineering % including all 8 sememsters. But in one semester I just got 59.1%… is that a problem when the eligibility criterion is “minimum of 60% in” or if it is “should have aggregate 60%”?????

    I’m going to join an institute and they’ve given me provisional admission. Paid the fees and they said they’ll verify the documents on the day of registration. So if they find that we don’t meet the standards I’m out and they get the fees :s so please help! 🙁

  60. sameer

    i dont have 60% to every semister but m preparing from gate 2011.
    can i gate admitted to iits if i score good. please guid me

  61. kirthi

    hello this is kirthi. i’m pursuing my M.Sc(electronics) and now i’ am going for gate coaching. My percentage in 10th is very less(42%). Is this will effect my admission after cracking gate with a good score. from 12th to p.g i’ve scored more than 60%.
    thank u

  62. Devesh


    I have got 58.25 % marks in MCA and have 6+ years exp of IT industry. Now, I want to do in comp. sc. and want to build my career in teaching line.

    Please tell me that will i be eligible for any instutuion.

    Could you also answer me, that will i be eligible for teaching if i do part time MS from some of the universities. if i am not eligible for then how will be the MS from manipal university of part time.

    Please reply ASAP

  63. vijay

    sir i m having an overall aggregate of 61% in btech but not semester wise i want to concentrate on gate 2011 and want to get the good college for my mtech. As i was not having percentage of 60% in every semester if i can score good do i can get a nice college for my mtech. you said that all colleges may be stringent with the rules from this year so u can plz guide me for my future. waiting for u r reply

  64. vijeta

    I wan to do ME from any college of Jabalpur through non gate. I cut off from studies for 5 years. Please told me about addmision critria & fee structure of any college in Jabalpur. Also explain exam. pattorn & syllabus held by university at the admission time.

  65. Srishti

    I have got 72% in B.Tech, with all semester % more than 65%. I wanted to do weekend or part time M.Tech in IT as i am doing job. Can someone suggest me some good colleges…. with admission criteria…

  66. RIVIN

    sir, My gate score is 370 and my AIR is branch is CGPA is 5.93, but wen i calculated my percentage its i eligible to apply in all NITs?which all NITs do i have a chance?plz reply soon sir…………..

  67. rcy

    i have an aggregate over 60% but i had 3 backlogs in my 4rth semester. will it be possible to get into iits for mtech if i manage to get a good gate score??

  68. Ashish Dubey

    my gate score is 200 and my air is 39941 i want to take admission in mtech. So please suggest me some universities/colleges in which i can take admission.

    Thank U

  69. tushar vilhekar

    hello this tushar
    cont. no 9028371879
    my gate 2010 details are as follows:
    Examination Paper: electrical
    Marks out of 100: 20.33
    No of Candidates Appeared in this Paper: 52512
    All India Rank: 11214
    GATE Score: 0268
    in which coolege i will get admission in marashtra

  70. shibani

    my gate 2010 details are as follows:
    Examination Paper: CS – Computer Sc & Information Tech
    Marks out of 100: 18.00
    No of Candidates Appeared in this Paper: 107086
    All India Rank: 023854
    GATE Score: 0270
    i dint take gate seriously this time when i wrote it. but now i yearn to do mtech. can i go for admission with this score? suggest me some college, pls. Otherwise, pls suggest me the best gate coaching centre in south india. I’m a keralite and i have heard of Gateforum centre. Are they good? Pls reply me by mail if u dont mind.

  71. rahul k

    iam TE PRODUTION engg stdu..from PU..if my agg. is less then 60%in i get good marks in gate then there r any chance to get admmis in iit for Mtech/nit. in any branch of mech or prod. an plz tell me the branches that r avilable for mtech.if my BE is in prodution engg .
    can an prod engg stud choose an mech branch for mtech in iit/nit.what r the posbt of geting addmsn in new iits.
    there r ayn 1 or 2 years courses avlb that can b helpfull in getting good job if my be academics is not so good…..

  72. viki

    respected sir ,i m interested to do,but i have58.33% in B.E.please suggest the names of colleges which crireria is less than 60%

  73. viki

    sir i m interested to do,but i have 58.33% in B.E .can u suggest the names of colleges suitable for me

  74. azim

    Hello sir,
    my gate score is 322. AIR is 16180 & my marks is 21.67 belongs to cse branch.which college should i there any chance to get good college in this score.i’m belongs to OBC category. PLZ reply as soon as possible

  75. santoshkumar

    for2010 gate i got 3085 rank score440. can i got seat in nit.

  76. santoshkumar

    i got 3085 rank in gate 2010, score is 440, in which nit i can get a seat.

  77. santoshkumar

    i got 3085 rank in gate,score is which nit i can get a seet?


    sir give me the list of institutes who gives admission with 60% marks

  79. suraj

    you make me confuse .so u mean to say if average of 4 year is 60% then its k to apply NIT and other even if got less than 60 % in 1 or more semester

    1. Zahid

      Suraj: Yes I mean that.

  80. wajih

    thnx zahid for ur valueable comments……….
    .i hav the same doubt of 60 % agg. is 60% but got less in
    second year..
    thnx for ur answer…
    and my air is 1146 in civil any chances of gettin in south NITs…and my agg. is 64.6%

  81. sooraj

    I got 60% aggregate ,but i got below 60 in 2 sems ,what are my chances of joining for m tech in central univrsitys

    1. Zahid

      Sooraj: If you have overall 60% that is ok your are eligible.

  82. Ravi

    i got 912 rank in ece-gate2010.
    My aggregate is 63%.
    But i got 58% only in 3rd year 1st semester.
    Can i get admission in NIT’S

    1. Zahid

      Ravi: If overall % is over 60 then there is no issue.

    2. Aditya

      Zahid is there any consideration if the GATE score is exceptionally high?

    3. Zahid

      I dont think so Adi. Good luck with that dude.

  83. harshad

    i was not called for interview in 1st round by some iit’s which i wanted.
    will they call me for next round?

  84. vinay

    sir which colleges come under central universities. n plz suggest me some good universities..

  85. kedar

    Which are the colleges are coming under Central universities.

  86. R.Sharanya

    Which are the colleges are coming under Central universities.


  87. ASR

    This year lots of students have appeared 4 gate, so chnaces of students getting average percentiles(like me) to get into mtesch admission into good colleges are very bleak.but this year the market scenario is good, many students will enter into jobs,many of them will have less than 60% marks in degrees,etc
    so considering my branch which is ec(which offers many specialisations) though my AIR is above 4000 what do u think about my chances of getting mtech admission in a good college lke nits??/
    (i read one of ur previous post where you told that students having air close to 2500 should apply 4 nits)

    1. Nishant

      Hi sir as per my knowledge.many IITs are entertaining students with less than 60% marks in their qualifying degree..IIT kanpur and madras being among them plus IIT bombay has clearly mentioned requirement of 60% in the final year and not aggregate,IISC banglore has also mentioned 2nd class degree requirement for admission.

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