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M.Tech in IIT or MS in US???

I came across this question when I was in B.Tech third year, from then I usually asked for my opinion on this. This is really a good question and every engineering student who thinks of either a great job or good carrier asks at least once to himself.

After graduating from IIT when I look back to this question, I can immediately conclude that the question itself was wrong. The reason is that the IITs are India’s top Engineering schools with a strong Alumni base in all technology companies in world, are compared to any university in US.

The right question should be “M.Tech in IITs or MS in top 50 Engineering Schools of US?” or “M.Tech in India or MS in US?” These questions are correct and not comparing apple with oranges.

Let me answer the second question first. M.Tech in India or MS in US? The answer to this question according to my understanding is US is a good option. As even a university with rank around 300 will have a one or two good faculties members who studied at top universities during certain level of their educational qualifications. At least they carry that culture with them and can be helpful for the students to think differently and confidently. Job opportunities in US are more, as the competition is less than when compared to India.

If I have an admission letter from top NITs or IITs and some university in US with ranking around 200, I will go for M.Tech in India. As NITs and IITs have all top companies of the world in every domain for campus recruitment with a 200% placement figures. No university in the world has this kind of placement statistics. This will also open doors for me higher education in top 50 universities in US with a scholarship which otherwise is quite difficult.

Let me come to the first question. “M.Tech in IITs or MS in top 50 Engineering Schools of US?” The answer is quite simple and straight, MS in US top 50 universities (with a scholarship) is a better choice. To reach there either you should be a fresh IITian, Some top 20 institutes in India, or already have a job experience in on of the top multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo…etc.

Getting into either IITs or Top 50 universities (with a scholarship) need lots of hard work and luck. With hard work and consistent try to get admission into these heavens of education one at certain point of time can be there. But I rarely saw someone with luck alone reached there. For M.Tech in IITs you have to prepare for GATE, take time to study for it. Need gather best GATE martial, solve previous questions papers and try not to be less than 99 % (percentile). On the other hand to go to top universities in US, you need to prepare hard for GRE and make sure that you won’t get less than 1400, write a good statement of purpose and run around to arrange good recommendations. After everything wait for admission committee decision, once you get an admission letter run around the US embassy to get visa. This all process make you understand that easy things don’t pay you much in life, so take a stand and work hard and pray for good luck.

To summarize this I would prefer to go to any Top engineering school in the world that gives me a freedom to make decision about career without any compulsions. Only IITs, Top NITs and Top Schools in any other developed country can give this opportunity. By Career decision I mean the decision to switch between Industry and academia easily.

Importantly, wherever I wrote Top US universities I also wrote with scholarship that covers your living and fees there. Otherwise, it will be really difficult to manage everything and study. Also, only top students will get scholarships and that is really an honor to start with.

I wish you a great luck with whatever you choose for your future.


  1. Mohd rasheed

    I m doing (civil) . I m in third year what should i do for crack the GATE cause my college is not so well .
    But, then also i jst wanna to know what is easy step so , i can crack the GATE.


    I am durga rao studying b tech 1st year in pragati engineering college.I want to study MS in abroad.So I want that which exam was necessary to write.Because I will prepare from now onwards
    Thanking you

  3. Bikash Kumar Sadangi

    Dear sir,
    I am from non nit or iit college.
    I am from cet, odisha. please tell me about ms in us and Which exam I have to appear to get an admission in any top University in us??
    And how much I have to score to crak that exam.
    Your sincerely,
    Bikash Kumar Sadangi


    Sir, I’m a student of B.Tech of 2nd year in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I want to pursue higher studies. So, I decided to do M.Tech. Besides I also want to do M.Tech from other countries. Tell me sir which countries’ which college is best for doing this. Tell me many more options sir.

  5. Chetan v

    Sir I have done bca now I want to do ms in USA my question is after doing ms in USA will ther be campus placement for indian students in a good company.. Will there be assistance in universities in abroad.. right after finishing masters in USA if we want to settle in abroad ……plz giv me a detailed explanation… Abt this.. I’m very much confused

  6. Mohammed Anas Javed

    Hi sir,
    I am doing my BCA and I’m very much confused in doing MS or Mtech.
    Which course would be suitable for me. If the advice is for MS then will it be in India or abroad or if the advice is for Mtech in IIT will I enter through GRE ?

    waiting for ur reply

  7. vikas shinde

    I m from india
    I had completed my BE in electronics and telecomm. With 67% overall.
    I hav more than 1 year of experience in electronic industry. I want to do MS in electronics in US with scholarship. To get MNC work in R&D department. Can u please guide how should i begin.

  8. piyush kumar

    sir I’m in 2nd year what should id to score high in gre n get admission in us for ms

  9. Sneha Sutrave

    I am doing engineering information. Science in autonomous CLG in India can I do my further studies in USA and can I get scholarship

  10. Swapnil

    Thanks a Lot Zahid… always over reading your articles, you have resolved all my doubts about mtech admissions like an elder brother

    thank you very much

  11. Hemant Soni

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am Hemant Soni. I have done my B.E. with Computer Science & Engineering. I want do M.Tech. from US Universities. But i didn’t give GRE exam.
    So i want to ask you that can i eligible for do my M.Tech. from USA. Please give me some suitable information.

    Thank You

  12. devendra singh

    helo sir i want to go usa for ms from schlorship nd after qualify the gate exam what is better or ms i want to became a scintest

  13. Aju John

    I have completed MCA in 2012 after that placed in a software company, and yet workin there. Now i’m confused between MS in US or MTech in IIT. For which should i prepare? Please guide me..

  14. srikanth dharavath

    Sir, i got 271 score in GRE do i get a admission ito do M.S. in U.S?
    please guide me sir.

  15. sudha

    what if we want to settle in India finally but want to study in US. will that be a gud choice? that do MS in US and then come back to india for job. will it pay back enough?

  16. vamshi

    i am doing my 3rd year with aggrate of 69%.
    i would like to do m.s in US.
    can u provide me details regarding best univercities in US and also about scholarship details
    plz give a reply

  17. ravi hanwate

    sir me is at autonomus engg college …me totally confuse whether go with gre ..toefl or m tech in iit…give me suggestion that how i would crac all these exams…

  18. soomeone

    This article was so unhelpful on so many levels.

  19. Ashish

    Hello sir,
    I have completed 1 year of my ME (Master in Mechanical Engineering) in design from Pune university. Also I completed near about 3 years of my experience as a design engineer. Am doing both job & course at a time, Can you suggest how can I apply for any related job in USA. I didnt done MS as I cant afford for the same. Please have your valuable comment.

  20. Giridhar Durge

    Hellow Sir,
    I’m Giridhar. My GATE score is 615 in EC, CGPA is 8.95. I got Selected in NITIE bombay. I’ve also got seat in IITB for same branch of Industrial Engg. Please suggest me what should I choose?
    IITB is famous in world. NITIE is famous for Industrial Engg in India.
    For long run Which is best for me?

  21. sivakrishna

    sir actually i completed engineering in ECE with 64.8% i want to study the MS in iits in the stream of computer science engineering is it possible pls give the reply already i waste my year
    if i want to get the seat iit what should i do which course i have to prepare

  22. imtiyaz

    I am pursuing my 2nd yr in a JNTU affiliated college. untill now, i have scored an aggregate of 76%(1ST YR AND 2-1 COMBINED). Thank you very much for the above article. My question is that, is it possible to get a very good job in usa after pursuing M.Tech in IIT’S??


    sir i’m studying B.E.ECE, I would like to continue upto M.S.aerospace but i need is there any possibilities to continue in India

  24. Vicky

    I am from a non-IIT or NIT college. To be precise, I am from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. Is there any chance of me making it to the A+ or A schools of US if I can score very good marks (320+) in GRE ? Thank you Zahid. Please reply.

  25. this is bullshit

    this is bullshit top 50 schools are not worth attending. one should not fall below top 20 w/o funding. and ms with funding is next to impossible.

  26. PALAKK

    sir, i am pursuing in electronics and telecomm. 2nd year. i am confused about doing mtech or after please suggest me on this.

  27. Ayush Gupta

    i am ayush gupta doing final yr from computer science branch and my percentage is 61% can i b eligible for gre paper if i am eligible kindly suggest me books for preparation of gre.

  28. priyanka

    hey dis s priyanka…. m in 3rd yr b pharmacy… planning 2 do ms in us or uk… wat do u think?? when shud i give entrance…? n wen shud i strat preparing 4 xams??

  29. Gagan Singh

    Sir, I am from Bhilai,Chattisgarh and I’ve just gotten admission this year in ECE in Shri Shankaracharya Engineering College in the same place.My college is gonna start from September of this year but your post has already proved to be invaluable and I was also considering the same prospect about post-graduate courses in my mind for quite sometime now.I believe I can score good in GATE and GRE and can have a good GPA too but what I don’t understand is that can these things help in securing a scholarship for MS courses in USA?

    I gather that I might need to be an IITian or would have to be from one of the top 20 institutes in India but I chose my college because of some personal reasons.

    Will this college and GPA and Recommendation laters help me in acquiring a scholarship from one of the top 100 colleges in USA?

    If not,sir,would you be as kind to help me in this matter which is really important for me by shedding some light over some shady areas which I might’ve missed.

    If you could email me,sir,I would be incredibly grateful.

    And I want to thank you for writing this blissfully wonderfully calculated and realized post about post-graduate courses in engineering.

    Thanks a Lot,Sir.

  30. Gagan Singh


    First of all I’d like to thank you for your taking the time to reflect on these really important questions which already proves to be quite invaluable to the Engg. students aspiring for M.Tech,M.E,M.S or any Masters degree pertaining to engineering.

    Now,that being said,I’ll bring you towards my academic performance.

    Sir,I was always a student who didn’t have any driving force behind me,so,I did not do overly well in studies but could be considered as near-good.

    Now,sir,I scored 70% marks in 12th grade and due to some personal reasons couldn’t sit in IIT or AIEEE but I was able to sit in my stale level engineering test and through it I got admission in Shri Shankaracharya Engineering College in Bhilai,Chhattisgarh.

    Sir,while some who know me may consider what I’m about to say as nonsensical and think this as a kind of “Ego-spurt-just-before-the-start-of-the-college” thing.I actually think this as an utterly calculated and realized acknowledgement of myself and my thinking.Sir,I think I might do good in my studies in the upcoming years and that I can score a good GPA while also participating in extracurricular activities.I gather that I can become a good student now and can do good in GATE as well as GRE and TOEFL in the time of 4 years,and,so consequently I can have letters of recommendation,a strong statement of purpose.

    Sir, when I said the aforementioned things some might think I am grasping at straws but like I said I’m sure I can do that now when I have a force behind me to guide me through the approaching prospects.

  31. deepanshi

    hello sir.. firstly i wuld like to thank u for clearing my confusion…..
    now, i m sure about taking further steps regarding preparation only….
    i have cmpltd my 2nd yr of from CS with 75%…..
    would u plz suggest me good books or some info about study material….

  32. jai bharat

    Sir i have completed by btech with an aggregate of 76% ece,actually i got placed in TCS but i wish to pursue my higher education to strengthen my profile as have done my btech in some local college and i want to go to research field(product designing ,embedded sys).

    I made a decision to do MS in reputed univ and later with Ph.D prog.But most of them now are pointing out negatives in pursuing my MS rather than positives and they are opting me to go for MTECH in IITS.

    Please help me out.

  33. shubham khandelwal

    sir…i want 2 know how much marks i have to score for scholarship….in GRE to get top universities in us nd which books or study material should i prefer for gre preparation…

  34. harika

    hello sir,my name is harika i have completed my in cse, i am confused now because i want to study srm university in chennai or ms in us at top universities,kindly answer this question and clear my doubt.

  35. MONICA


  36. anonymus

    offcourse iit is best option in my point of view

  37. Manojit Pusty

    I am a graduate teaching assistant at a private Engg college ………………and while teaching I am pursuing 3 years M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in ECE………………admission was not through Gate but separate exam and interview conducted by the institute itself………………want to know my future prospect?
    This is a new course and not a single batch has passed yet…………
    also probably we can’t sit fr campusing…………….thanks fr reading


    i am studying 5 years integrated m.s petroleum exploration in govt recognized university(AP). I WANT TO STUDY IN USA

  39. aravind

    sir, i am studying 3rd ece i want know about the good course in m-tech , the company’s offering the jobs and their pay scale

  40. Mohammed

    sir, I had completed my B.E in comp. science. and in that i had scored 54% as an aggregate of 4 years,and in last year i had scored 65%. And my question is- Does getting through or M.S. with good score from average institutes will pay the way for good jobs in top companies? or the result of B.E. will affect even after getting good score in masters in some local college in india or university in US ranked above 500?I am 25 years at present and litlle worried about the job as i want to get settled down soon, though there is no family pressure but still i want to get settled down early.. i was wondering of doing mtech in some local college in hyderabd so that i dont need to attend the college regularly and in the mean time and can grab some good knowledge by doing comp cources like sap or application programming … and at the end of the mtech, i will be having good knowledge over the courses i did and a masters degree but still i will be a fresher and might required to struggle alot for job again… Plz reply on my email for that i will be very thankfull.

  41. anshul

    i want to know about ms ?

  42. ravindra babu

    sir im studying 3rd from ece and im having 70% what i have to take after my, ms or to get a good job with nice salery im waiting for ur reply sir

  43. santosh

    sir, I had completed my B.E in electronics and telecomm. and in that i had scored 54% as an aggregate of 4 years,and in last year i had scored 59%. And my question is- Does getting through or M.S. with good score from premier institutes will pay the way for good jobs in top industries (both gov. and priv.) or the result of B.E. will affect even after getting good score in masters program? Plz replay on my email for that i will be very thankfull.

  44. Vijayalakshmi

    I am a graduate in Electrical and Electronics engg with a first class (73.5%)
    and a gate 2011 score of 380.I didn’t apply for current academic year as i was not sure how this thing works.
    Sir i would really be thankful if you kindly help me.I would like to know the colleges in which i have a chance of getting admission and the best course i can prefer ( i like Energy engg,but not sure if i could opt for that and the colleges providing the course)
    Is there any chance for me to get admission in a merit seat in any good college or an average college?

    if i could get an admission in MIT with this score ?

    looking forward to hear from you sir..pls do reply

  45. vandy

    what if we want to settle in India finally but want to study in US. will that be a gud choice? that do MS in US and then come back to india for job. will it pay back enough?

  46. ritu

    i m pursuing physics. i want to go for from us will please guide if m elligible nd how to prepare for this

    1. arun

      idiot in US its MS and not wont get a seat this year ..better luck next time lol

  47. d.harish kumar

    sir,am studying mechanical engineering final percentage till 3rd yr is 75.2%.i want to do m.s in USA.what will be a good score in GRE and TOEFL to get an admission in good university in USA with a scholarship and which specialization in mechanical(whether automobile,design,production etc.) i must choose to get good job opportunities in USA? plz send your valuable suggestion.

    1. ravi hanwate

      try to increse ur knowledge is not for better for us university bt still u need more confident and honour.

  48. sravanthi inampudi

    hello sir,
    I am studying in IIIT,R.K.valley.I want to know about the in IIT after my you send your advice about joining in IIT?

    1. Cold heart breaker

      No need to take tension, these studies are all made by human beings..just follow your heart…no body said if you study then only u ll be a successful man in life…there are plenty of famous eg. who are back to studies.
      Can you tell me name of one famous person from IIT or MS from US who changed the world, No…none
      Be cool buddy God has plan for everyone and dont tense just do what ur heart says…no man can give u advise only u can get advise from you only…listen to heart cause god is within your heart.

  49. Saloni Srivastava

    Sir, I am doing my btech 3rd yr from Birla institute of technology EC-Patna in ECE.
    I want 2 do MS from top universities in US. Will u please tell me how 2 prepare for this.

  50. divas

    Hi, I am currently pursuing (IT), 3rd year. I would like to know if a correspondence course of M.Tech from a top college is good or not?

  51. Dharish

    All this article spks nothin.. There’s no proper conclusion.. Dekh ku likh ba…

  52. Ashutosh Rajput

    i dont wanna take admission in fu***n IIT’s becoz they got no sense on admission procedure and just following bullshit government rules.

    I got admission in UL- chicago..
    which is my friend far far better than IIT’s.

    in 2010 i got an admission in IIt Delhi but depressed by their poor mechanical facilities.

    So dont compare IIT’s just on the bases on MNC placement and percentage on placement.

    US universities are not comparable and u my dear plz check out some real university data to compare IIT and Foreign universities.

    IIT’s are no where on the research side and if guys are placed in the MNC’s then why they are able to make any kinda research activities..still i heard no news about any kind of great research ..

    Now dont compare it like in US IIT are in most of the activities but i want to ask on question why they are doing all great in US universities other universities around the world, becoz we got on sense of implementation of technology into the right place…

    ANd last dont try to make mistake like comparing only 6 IIT’s with more than 200 great american universities.

    We are just used praise ourself becoz of some bunch of countable institutions and never able to develop more of that kind and not even close to any compareable standards.

    Back it on ….BUDDY!!!!!!

    Gud By…..
    God should Bless You…..

  53. pratik

    i am pratik and i am a 3rd year student from ips academy indore, i am so confused plz help me out, what should i do either i go for gate or gre… i want to go us but i have a financial problem…can u help me how can i get scholarship for continue my further studies in us…

  54. Siddharth


    I am a fresh Graduate form India’s so called top Engineering colleges’ in India (PEC, Chandigarh). I have been working for a Fortune 300 company for the last 9 odd months.

    I am planning to go for my MS in VLSI (I have applied and have got a few admits too) and thereby on the basis of my experience I would like to comment on the article presented.
    First of all, I would like to thank Zahid for taking out time to give his insight on the the issue (MS from US-top 50 or M.Tech from India). From my view point I found quite a few of his ideas in-sync with present students (like me), especially the parts where he mentions its not that easy to go for your MS, during the whole process (preparing for GRE and TOEFL, LORs, SOPs, essays, sending transcripts , Visa interviews etc) one is tested many times on terms of his determination to go for higher studies.

    But there is one point where I would like to correct Zahid. Its actually not THAT TOUGH too!! from my college only there are atleast 10-15% students going for MS each year and as to my knowledge we don’t even look for top 50, we are aiming usually for the top 20!! nothing below it! And many a times we go without scholarships. What I meant by that was, that students have to do part time jobs (which include Research assistantships and Teaching assistantships too) and that is enough to take care of at least the day to day expenses and rentals.

    Overall, I would recommend anyone who is actually interested to study more in the field of their interest (and I actually mean interest), should definitely go for an MS. As its an experience like none other. Even if you have financial constraints, please don’t worry too much about it, if you are determined enough and if you have a good admit (from one of the top universities) the banks today give student loans without much hassles.

    For all those who have posted queries regarding whether or not they would get selected for MS or not, I by my personal experience can tell you, that these questions don’t have a straight forward answer as what you might be seeking. Please go through various university websites, go about their courses, check whether or not you wish to take them and then take a sound decision on your own. Moreover go to the right forums. I would suggest one like, where they have a thread for almost all major universities in the world and there are seniors there who are actually studying in those universities (they are the best source of information what you seek).

    Last but not the least: there was a reply my Mr. Akshya Singh in between. He had a few valid points in between but his own analysis and comparison of Indian Universities was kind of – biased and probably incorrect. In India (as in US ) we can’t compare the student of the top 15 colleges, as we all after a few years of job experience are at par in some facet or the other. So Cheero guys, hopefully this might be of some help to future readers.

    1. Anjali Tomar

      I need your help , if you have time please let me know.

  55. Praveen

    I have appeared for EE

    As per your advice:
    “There are few other courses where you easily get seats in IITs. You can play a safe too if want.”

    So, please reply with such courses for my stream (EE).

  56. amitabh abhishek

    sir, am pursuing my btech in a very ordinary college bitm-shantiniketan i want to study in us for my ms wat are the criteria of getting scholarship or us universities take guys from iits and nits

  57. Durga Rao

    Dear sir,
    I am BE(Mechanical) with 4 years exp. in shipbuilding.Now i want to do MS in USA on shipbuilding.(could you please tell what is the scope)

  58. Aditya Desai


  59. purnima

    Hi sir, am dng B.E iiird yr, am in confusion whether to go to r m.s…. and even i don kno how to prepare for gate r g.r.e….. Could u pls hlp me sir

  60. purnima

    sir, am dng b.e iiird yr, am in confusion whether to go to r m.s…. and even i don kno how to prepare for gate r g.r.e

  61. abish kumar y

    hello, i am completed my in (ECE ) i have only 58%
    now i am doing ccna course
    my AIM i want to became a entrepreneur i a world

    i am interested in networking field

    can do do the MBA IN UK
    MS IN US in computer networks
    having this present can possible to study in aboard
    PLZ suggest me what can i do ,i am so much confusion about my career

  62. Memon Gulfam

    hello sir,
    right now i am studing in 4th level mechatronics engg and i want to my masters in manufacturing ,but i am confused whether to pursue my mtech in india(top 20 collg)or in us.please help me figure out.

  63. Shashidhar J

    Hi Sir,

    Its my pleasure to necessitate you for some clarifications.

    I have completed my B.E(EC)in 2007 and I have been part of Wipro Tech. for past 3 years.Now I am thinking of higher education.

    Query 1:Is this ideal time to leave Job and seek higher education?

    If I choose for higher education then there is confusion of choosing either MS in US or Mtech(NIT or IIT) or MBA (GMAT).But I know that its required more efforts to crack these.

    Query 2:Please suggest which one is better [MS in US or Mtech(NIT or IIT) or MBA (GMAT)].?

    your’s sincere,
    Shashidhar J

  64. dipesh kumar

    Sir I am Doing M.C.A from Anna University,CEG.
    I want to do M.Tech from I.I.S.c Banglore.
    What i do Give me some suggestion about Gate Preparation.
    Whether i am eligible for Admission in I.I.S.c

  65. Raj

    I did my B-Tech in IIT Madras in Biotechnlogy (CGPA 7.49). I am currently working for a networks firm(kind of startup). I just wanted to know If I will be able to grab a gud unviersity with scholarship for masters in computer networks? and what should be my GRE score?Does the number of years of experience matter?

  66. sushma

    hye sir.. i juz want ur advice.. i got admission in iit roorkee for in paper technology, and i have completed my in biotechnology from C.B.I.T. i want adn advice which would be better for me.. US or IIT.. If i do my in iit roorkee what would be my next step..?? kindly hlp?

  67. vamsi tummala

    sir I am a Btech student in computer science. I completed my Btech with 58.7% and now i am really confused what to do. I really need some ones help. Am i able to study in US for MSC or shell i go for job trails and find a job in India. I am confused what to do? If i write GRE TOFEL and go to us. The only confusion is that can I(a 58.7%) can study in us and get a job there.

  68. sanjay bhosale

    sir i got a interview call from iit madras for MS and my gate score is 574 and air 1336 please tell comparision about job opportunity in compony after ms and mtech in nit

    1. Zahid

      Sanjay: Please my article on MS by Research in IITs. You will get a complete idea about MS studies in IITs. do search MS by Research in IITs in search.

  69. Jason

    i just wanted to know

    what is the Average pakage of IITian(MTech in electrical)

    What about NITs

  70. sachin kumar

    myself sachin kumar, i have completed my B-TECH in mechanical engg. from kurukstera university kurukstera Haryana with 72% first class with honours.i want to take admission in m-tech

  71. Razorsharp

    You are seriously mistaken.How in the world did you conclude that ONLY Pilani sends students to top foreign univ , and others are “good for nothing” ???
    Let me provide you some info , you are most welcome to go through it and form your opinions after that.

    And another thing , only 2 batches have passed out of BITS-G till now.And even then (acc to your stats) , 15% are BITSians(mostly from Pilani).And there are 7 IITs with 25% share.

  72. Akshya Singh

    Well Myself the alumini of IIT-ROORKEE (BE in Electricals in 1997) i am not at all satisfied by the akward ranking u hav done here son…..

    first off lemme tell you ..even the 300 ranked college in usa is FAR FAR more better than our IIT ,being a faculty member in Stanford…i tell you no IITIAN is accepted to work here in usa either he does a diploma here or a MS …so there is no value of iit if u r planning to cum abroad….

    also our very own NITs fails to send there participation abroad as very few of NITians are there in abroad (only 4-5%)

    foreign Students in USA From India is as:
    IIT = 20-25%
    Manipal = 15-20%
    BITS Pilani( only piani , not goa , hyderabad or Dubai they are gud for nothin) = 15-16%
    NIT = 4-5%
    REST – 40-45% other colleges..(they include all other colleges lik HBTI,Thapar,AMU ec.)

    now also let me tall the newer IITs have no infrasructure at all so they shouldnt be counted until 4 years……..till the placement starts…ok so if you are ranking the colleges check they hav buildings also or not like ur new iits….

    also some good NIT like BHOPAL,SURAT u ahve ranked very low though they have better placements than your IIT Guwahati….and have anked Nis lik Jamshedpur or Hamirpur Aove the gud colleges like Thapar, Maniapl ,VIT … i think you hav done this ranking not to help but to do injustice and to fire off the concept of IIT vs Others… i think its so cheap…..please correct it…..

  73. Muthumari

    what are the career option in Integrated 5 year course in computer sciece and Information Technology,Software Engineering provided by Anna university Tirunelveli

  74. oxford

    i m in electrical engg. now i m pursuing in nuclear engg. from course will complete in dec 2009(winter admission).now i m not very comfortable with electrical engg as i was at the end of my nuclear engg i m so so.i want to know which is better choice for me-
    1-phd in nuclear engg. from us after gre (looking difficult as during my preparation for gre i hardaly score 1050 and my cpi is 7.0 in
    2-phd in nuclear engg. from iit-k (not good scope of research & placement)
    3-phd in electrical engg. from old iits(very difficult to get as my is in nuclear engg)
    4-phd in electrical engg. from new iits(not good scope of research & placement)
    5-phd in management from iim( very difficult to get)
    6-phd in management from iits(less known for there management)
    7-mba from top 25 college as my cat percentile is 81 in 2008 (appearing 1 st time) and looking to increase it to around 90 this time.

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