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To join GATE coaching or Not?

It is really an important question and usually one who is preparing for GATE struck at. Usually the first question comes to mind that is it better to go for GATE coaching center or prepare from home or hostel. This a part of series of article that I m preparing for students who are preparing for GATE.

This really depends on oneself. The major thing is your concentration and motive for cracking GATE. Every student has different characteristics and this decision mostly depends on that. Joining and not joining a coaching center have their own pro and cons and you can judge what is best based on how you can handle the negative aspect while taking the full advantage of positive sides.

Let me first start with advantages of joining a coaching center. The first and foremost advantage is you are forced to take time for studies, eventually you will learn few things there. Second advantage is you can make use of tips given by experienced faculty. General information like study material, questions and solutions from fellow mates.

The basic disadvantage of joining a coaching center is that you need to go there. Time is consumed in traveling a little before and after the class. You may in a no time situation for revising the stuff you learned. This can be big issue in metro and big cities as the traffic and distance to a good coaching center may take up to an hour to go and another hour to comeback. Another disadvantage can be meeting new friends and waste more time with them, slowly as you go formal less information and more useless stuff start flowing.

The advantage of studying at home is that you have total control over time and a complete concentration is possible. You can save lot of time that you spend in going out to class and buffer time between the classes. You can spare some time for search and being a part of active forums on internet to see what others are doing and how they are preparing.

The major disadvantages of studying at home are lots distracters that may push you away from study like, TV, internet, family member, relative and friends. Even a single cut of tea from your beloved mom may take an hour and finally end up not doing anything. A Cricket match, a TV serial or a movie can lead to hours of distraction.
To make it in simple words if you are an average student better you choose to opt a coaching center. On the other hand, if you above average better prepare from home and keep the distractions away from you.

Make a balance between pro and cons and don’t waste your precious time in distracters like matches, TV shows, too much to time with friends and relatives. Stay focused and rise above you excuses and realize your dreams .Wish you all a great luck.


  1. neelendra pratap singh

    sir , i will be in btech mechanical second year in upcoming june , sir iwant to know whether any institute provide GATE coaching from second year and if not please suggest postal study course of some good coaching institute

  2. Dungar chouhan

    Dear sir,
    I can’t join gate coaching class because i am from a middle class family and can afford to study at,can you suggest me a good book for gate…thank you!

  3. rahul verma

    sir ,
    i am doing job from 9am to 6pm, till 6.30 pm i reach my home .I am determined towards my studies and in 2011 had joined madeeasy .so i am having the notes and all material. But I am really confused now how to start ,am I will be able to crack it or not . Many questions arises. Please reply and guide me sir.

  4. GATE Coaching

    Good differences are described in this article. Both pros and cons of coaching study and home study is skillfully defined. But i think that the disadvantage attached with joining the coaching is more better because both an average and more than average student when take a coaching, improves his previous skills and get the proper training only. For example: after all mostly a regular student is better than one correspondence student.

  5. N.Ramya sri

    good evening sir,
    i had a confusion dat i hav to join in gate or cat..
    can u plz guide me sir…

  6. abhishek

    sir m a student of civil 3rd year,,should i go for a gate or ies coaching??which one of these 2 wil be gud for my career

  7. Rajat

    Sir m a 2nd yr btech studnt.
    wen is d ryt tym 2 start 4 gate?
    N shud i opt coachng or slf study as m a hstlr so kepng dat in mind i supose i shud join..plz suggest

  8. gourav tiwari

    Respected Sir,
    Im in my 3rd year of B.E. I stay in a small town ,there are no coaching centers for gate near by.To get to a coaching center i need to travel atleast 100kms.Group study is not possible because most of them here r not aware of gate.most of them r planin for a job.I wasted 2yrs of my engineering doing nothing.Now ive realised the importance of precious time.Is the time from now sufficient to prepare &crack it.Im really determined now.Is it necessary to join coaching classes to prepare and crack gate.If not guide me and give me some tips regarding how i can prepare by self study and crack it.
    Please reply me and guide me as soon as possible.
    With regards,
    gourav tiwari

  9. harish s

    hi sir ,i went to coaching institute last year
    and could not crack gate due to diversion from placements
    in college but again i want to crack gate
    should i join coaching institute again?

  10. Piyush S. Wanare

    hello sir..
    I want to prepear for GATE 12 in IT so plz suggest me a best coaching class……
    thanx sir…..

  11. Roshan.C.L

    Respected Sir,
    Im in my final year of B.E. I stay in a small town ,there are no coaching centers for gate near by.To get to a coaching center i need to travel atleast 100kms.Group study is not possible because most of them here r not aware of gate.most of them r planin for a job.I wasted 3yrs of my engineering doing nothing.Now ive realised the importance of precious time.Is the time from now sufficient to prepare &crack it.Im really determined now.Is it necessary to join coaching classes to prepare and crack gate.If not guide me and give me some tips regarding how i can prepare by self study and crack it.
    Please reply me and guide me as soon as possible.
    With regards,

  12. wedi

    sir i m passout in 2010 ece but i still not get a job…now i m planning for gate 2012 for doing in good institute…is there any problem in take a admission in good institute after gate exam cause i lost two years after passout.should i go for gate it better for my future?

  13. Siva

    I have always have an attitude of researching new things,but i m not sure am i able to appear for GATE

  14. ankit

    sir i got 88 percentile in gate 2011 with 3 i want to score well nd want to join coching for that.but my collg time is 8 to 3.30 and coching time is 4 to 9 pm.after that i hav no time to study at it is better for me to join cochng or not.if not plz specify the book that i hav to prefer at home…….plz reply fast.thank u

  15. Himanee

    This really a very interesting site which gives information about gate exam prepration also help motivate oneself and clear all pros and cons regarding gate.i rally enjoyed reading this site.yhank u very much for this wonderfull site.

  16. ammad raj

    very nice………

  17. sbp

    It’s really a superb guidance……..I liked it….Thank you so much

  18. raghvendra


  19. ameya

    hello sir..this site has been of gr8 help..thnx for all the info..i have completed my BE in mechanical..i am lookin ahead to appear for GATE 2012..rite nw i am planin on doin couple of courses which run till l8 am thinkin of takin up correspondence course..i am confused between ACE, Brilliant & GATE FORUM…which 1 shud i go for?..will it help me in my studies?…thnk u sir..

  20. iit jee

    nice information.. this is helpful for readers and thanks for share this.

  21. neha sharma

    thnak u sir for such a motivational aricle…as im in 6 sem CS n im looking ahead to appear for GATE -2012 soo definately now i’ll start preparing for my GATE..but i want to know all the necessary n important topics of particular subject so kindly help me out.plz

  22. Madhavan R

    hi sir,

    i like to join in GATE coaching center in coimbatore. i don know how to choose the coaching center. pl suggest me

  23. ASHISH

    Dear friends,
    The students who are preparing for gate there is a good institute at Hyderabad known as ACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY. Here you will find good faculty for the all branches.Many of my friends has joined it and scored good marks in gate also there is no problem of hostel and rooms, lots of hostel are available here with 2,3,4,,5,6 sharing facility at reasonable price.
    Best of luck!

  24. surbhi gupta

    i am doing from chemical engineering.Iam in 2 semester of first year .i
    want to crack gate is it necessary to go for coaching. in my city they donut provide coaching for gate in can i preprare .tell me important topics/subject to be focussed on.where i can get best correspondence course/study material and online mock test .i have got 88% in 12 cbse

  25. shilpa

    dear sir,
    i m shilpa doing Third year Comp engg.The problem is that what should i do now as i have time after college hours… prepare for Gate if yes how ? which study material should i use and one more question Is MBA good?? after BE should i study for CAT or CET or actually i m jus in delema wat to do as i have time and i can start preparing frm third year nw a days m jus preparing for competative exams n surfing various site for apptitude test ….sir plz help me for..hope u understnd what my problem is…..eargly waitng for ur suggestion

  26. Niket Shah

    Dear Sir,

    I am BE EC 2010 pass out and now i am planning to prepare for GATE 2012.I am staying at Mumbai and i am in confusion whether to join the coaching or not.There is only one well known (as per my knowledge) institute for GATE in Mumbai and that is Vidyalankar. Others are providing only correspondence material. So i am in confusion whether to prepare on my own, go for material or take coachings?


  27. Vani


    This is a very useful site for GATE aspirants. Thanks for such good posts.
    I have a small issue maybe silly for others but genuine for me. I have completed my B.E in E&C in 2008. I was a bright student, without studying got FCD. Ritenow working as a Software Engineer (testing) after failing 15 interviews at a stretch in LAST rounds during recession.. This made me lose confidence in myself.

    Now I would like to do masters in Electronics, since I am very passionate about it and would like to come back to electronics. I am thinking of GATE-2012 as I have to study all the subjects again. BUT I AM SCARED OF THE EXAM.
    Should I join any coaching centre or I can prepare myself since I have an year in my hand? Could anybody please suggest sites for mock tests..

  28. Abdul hameed bathusha

    dear sir,
    am studying BE civil, 3rd year,civil engineering, i would like to prepare for gate exam, seriously don’t know how to prepare.what subject do i need to concentrate, much . it would be really better if i get any guidance.

  29. pranav

    Dear All,
    I am extremely grateful to the useful advice that our fellow friends has given…
    is there any1 who can help me to find a coaching institute at dehradun..
    thanking u beforehand….


    sir i want to prepare for gate2011 chemistry plz suggest the coaching in lucknow which books i should prefer for it and how much a day i should study CAN i do a coaching for CSIR chemical sciences if coaching not available

  31. Avinash Kumar

    Dear All,
    i want to know that if some coaching center is there in kolkata?
    and whether it is full time or part time, for how many months.
    i need a coaching program just for 2-3 months. Is it possible.
    i want a crash course type of thing.

    Please reply.

  32. Sangita Singh

    Respected Sir,
    I am preparing for GATE 2011, Chemistry, but with a different purpose. I am involving in a project in IIT Kharagpur and I need to qualify GATE for my Ph.d. registration only. As I am working on some project I have little time to study for Chemistry. So, can u suggest me some materials for GATE Chemistry that will help me to prepare for that in short time. Though I have started my preparation from now please tell me, how many hours I should study in a day so that i can crack that desire.

    Thanking you,
    Sangita Singh.

  33. shiva

    thanku sir its such a motivational read for us and sir plz can u upload some previous year papers and can orgnaise some mobile updates for the dates of exam, form isssued etc

  34. Pooja Shinde

    give preparation notes for gate n tell d sylabus for it

  35. ashok

    with respect,
    i dont know but how can a person indiviually decide that he his above average or below. But sir im in a big trauma in which i require help from your side.
    I am very much focussed to crack gate.but my freinds are joining coaching institutes. i dont know am i above average or else take it that im a below average person.But the problem is that i cannot afford for coaching institute. so what should be my next step.

  36. Mudit Bansal

    well….to be absolutely pragmatic…….joining a coaching institute has a plethora of hidden benefits…….all the advantages of which cannot be bring about in a mere single learning any language is a process……similarly the serious candidate joining the coaching will soon understand the inexplicable experience and maturity that coaching classes instills in him is really something unimaginable………1. his way of thinking is completely changed
    2. he gets extreme competitive atmosphere which is necessary ingredient
    3. he can examine and compare himself with his fellow mates and correct his weaknesses.
    4. consistent hardwork will invigorate in him confidence as he will see that even at coaching more than 75% students r non serious so if he continues with his hard work…….it will take him to his objectives.
    5. the foremost thing in today’s world is that it keeps an aspirant away from stress, nervousness, anxiety, self doubt, hallucinations and evil thoughts which can never be escaped while he is preparing alone.
    6. he will appear for test series at coaching in tough competition that will finally prepare him for the real battle.
    7. the valuable experience and able guidance of the faculties about every minute element of preparation enables an aspirant to do exactly what is required……for example i used to stuck myself at nominal topics which were not at all important and hard to understand….so i got rid of that habbit…
    8. finally the notes that r prepared in the class will benefit u for too long……if u start preparing on ur own…no matter it will be better but the result will be more or less the same………and also self notes consumes a lot of time……

    so what i mean to say is strategy works 99% rather than emotion……there is no doubt that a dedicated person can perform either wise………but if he joins coaching then he will reap out what i said “hidden befits” of that……..i m sure i have missed many more advantages of coaching while disseminating this…but it surely has a lot more…..

    so HURRY UP join faster

    (95.25% in gate 2010 from ece, (ididn’t even know to apply thevenin’s theorem well before joining coaching!))

  37. shri kant

    u said right. Both the aspects have their own advantages and disadvantages. I have prepared at home and got 498 marks in GATE 2010. U jst need to make a time-table and strictly follow it.It takes a maximum of two months to crack GATE.
    My three friends prepared at Made Easy,Delhi and only one of them qualified GATE. IT NEEDS DEDICATION.

    1. Nk

      Is it really to crack gate that much easy

  38. prince

    my id is [email protected]
    plz reply fast

  39. prince

    dear sir

    i am planing to give gate 2011 my problem is that i have done in ece and after that i am work in a small software company as a software testing engineer from the past 2.6+ years. now i want to know that would i give gate for ece background or for computer science background and which is better for me to do i.e in ece or in computer science.
    plz reply fast in my mail id i am waiting for your repy its very urgent.


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