Since 2009, we have been answering different questions of Engineering student and presented on InI. Recently when we sat back and saw comments asking the same repeated questions, felt that the contented is not reaching students in a proper way. That very moment we decided to look back and classify then into categories and present it in a way that students can easily reach to all the answers they are confused about.

One broad category is M.Tech, where there many subcategories and most of them have posts and articles addressing specific issues around M.Tech. To read more please follow the blow links.

M.Tech Admission Advises

Top Colleges

GATE Cutoffs

M.Tech Distance

Post Engineering Confusions

Research Advises



If you feel that your doubt is no cleared even after going through posts here please drop a comment at InI Ask Me. We will either write an answer to your at that place or write a detailed post addressing the issue.