Master of Engineering in many streams is very specialized course and lead to a very specific future in that industry. As any engineering stream is developed, more scope in industry will comes up leading to specialized courses in universities. IITs and NITs offer different specialization for M.Tech in each department. For details on specializations and their cutoffs do have a look at InI GATE cutoff and M.Tech College Predictor.

This post answers questions like, what M.Tech specializations are available for some field for engineering, M.Tech specialization preference based on placement opportunities. This is a part of series I m going to write for GATE preparation and M.Tech admissions. To make a truly informative recourse for millions of students, and hope this help them to set their targets and work for them.

Every specialization has its own value, demand and future. Few give better scope of placement because of its higher application and demand. In this post I tried to give a preference based on opinion collected from IITians in related departments. Hope this will help both student appearing for GATE and who looking for M.Tech admissions.

M.Tech specializations in Civil Engineering and their order of preference

1. Engineering Structures
2. Construction Technology & Management
3. Geotechnical Engineering
4. Transportation Engineering
5. Environmental Engineering
6. Remote Sensing & GIS
7. Water Resource Engineering
8. Offshore Structures

M.Tech specializations in Chemical Engineering and their order of preference

1. Chemical Engineering
2. Energy Engineering
3. Process Control & Instrumentation

M.Tech specializations in Computer Science and Engineering and their order of preference
1. Computer Science
2. Information Technology
3. Information Security
4. Software Engineering
5. Distributed Computing
6. Image Processing

M.Tech specializations in Electrical Engineering and their order of preference

1. Power Electronics & Drives
2. Power Systems Engineering
3. Instrumentation & Control Systems
4. Computer Controlled Industrial Power

M.Tech specializations in Mechanical Engineering and their order of preference

1. Thermal Engineering
2. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
3. Automobile Engineering
4. Manufacturing Engineering
5. Material Technology
6. Industrial Engineering
7. Product Design and Development
8. Industrial Safety Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Electronics and Communication Engineering (E&CE) and their order of preference

1. Advanced Communication Systems
2. VLSI System Design
3. Signal Processing
4. Electronic Instrumentation

Truly speaking, every specialization have good demand, the better specialization will give a little advantage. If you get a good score why to leave the little advantage. This is just to help find that little edge. If you don’t work hard even a good specialization don’t work for you, whereas with hard work any specialization can fetch what your are looking for.