Recently I offered a question answering session at personal facebook page. A question really held me back was about GATE preparation in given four or five months time. I wrote extensively about how to prepare back in time, but felt that those posts we some who missed by many. In this post I will try to bring all those posts back.

My strategy has been simple for any exam preparation. I start with subjects that I am comfortable in and feel that can complete it fast and gain confidence about whole exam preparation. As the time goes on I adopt a different strategy to take on to subjects that value more in terms of marks. If you read be below posts you will realize it.

Few important posts related to GATE preparation are

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GATE preparation and exam interview videos

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These are just few of previous posts I made on GATE preparation, which are really generic in nature and timeless to be used. You need to set your targets and keep your schedules on track to reach out to best results. For other GATE related post dont miss GATE 2014 Preparation Guide.

I am preparing for one exam these days and its soo crazy to be busy with so many things in and I am trying to find ways to make use of every single resource I can. I will share with you all how you can use different resources such as video lectures and ebook to accelerate your preparation soon after my exam.

For other motivational stuff do refer to Personals and ini youtube channel. I do listen to and read my posts too for exam preparation when I feel low in energy, they serve as best reminders for me.

I wish you all great luck for GATE preparation and ask you to keep me in good prayer for my upcoming test too.

Do share it with friends so that a everyone around sync and help each other for better preparation.