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Feeling Weak, Lazy, And Lack Concentration: GATE Prep.

I just woke at 4 AM again, even though I slept late. A day before it was Sunday and I worked really hard and was in pain, and something was pushing me back to be lazy. I couldn’t concentrate for two hours without knowing what to do if I don’t do what I was doing.

I always have this feeling when I work continuously for couple weeks and see all others are enjoying and having a good time, I can do that too but I am sacrificing a big part of it. The make me go crazy but slowly when I get up for prayer and try to breath a bit and share my ultimate goal and its importance I feel that I am coming back.

When you are honest and chasing the dream and feel tired, it’s time to share with someone. I do it all the time and best one to share with is mom. Apart from mom I share with friends and these days with top executives of my company. As I am growing more experienced I just share with top people, I am just losing that hesitation to approach any and share my ideas, right from family, friends, executives and eventually the world.

Here is a video sharing my feeling about whole thing.

This is just a fundamental rule I am following whenever I feel down. May be there are many methods and ways to deal with it, but for me this works really like a magic.

If you know any other ways of dealing with it, please dont hesitate to share, drop a comment.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead with GATE exam and in life.


  1. furkan ali

    Sir I am now in 2nd year in mech branch my own study will sufficient or there is required extra classes for gate exam?

  2. furkan ali

    U r doing spcl sir which is very important for students like mi

  3. Kartik

    Yeah it’s motivating the gate aspirants like me thank you to have your advices with us.

  4. Devaraj.s

    I am a second year B.E MECHANICAL student,
    I really want to get placed in IIT.
    I sometimes can’t manage my schedule for college and GATE preparation.
    what should i do?

  5. Akshay Patil

    I am a second year BE MECH student.
    I really want to get placed in IIT.
    I sometimes can’t manage my schedule for college and GATE preparation.
    what should I do?

  6. Upendra

    Thank you Sir
    I really think same from last few weeks.

  7. KIRAN

    sir i scored 37 marks in gate 13 , what is my chance for or should i take drop and prepare for gate 2014 ???
    where can i get admission with 37 marks ??

  8. prasanna

    sir! ur article is really helpful to all gate students…u boost up us with ur words and just like a relaxation after a tired studies…i have some more tips for gate aspirants as u said all to comment if have like…doing something which makes us calm ourselves to reduce stress and tensions..and i feel thats very imp just couple of hours before exams…and not revising any thing and no discussions with any one jus 1 hour before exam..just feel free for ourselves and write the exam confidently…

  9. m.s tyagi

    young indian great smart scientist zahid , u r looking too much smart in white color T shirt. we are getting inspiring from InI.

  10. abdul sami

    salaam zahid sir,……
    am very thankful to you,…..
    Allah aapko jaza-e-qhair ata farmay, aap ki batai har baat par amal karne se bahot faida horaha hain….:)
    banda sami:)

  11. samina

    Thanks its exactly what we feel….and your solution is good i will try it.

  12. thecsguy

    Thanks Zahid. That was a very touching video there. Thanks for your suggestion. Everybody needs such inspiration. Today you gave me. Thanks once again.

  13. raju

    Hi , this site is really helpful to me
    One thing i need to ask

    In GATE there is no physics subject ? now i`m doing cse 1st year
    i know i can take other dept in mtech

    but is it gud in taking such a decision ?? and suppose if i opt robotics in mtech in btech iam doing cse den in which field ill get the job ????

    can u provide previous question marks of GATE and study material plzz tnqq in advance..!

  14. dhara

    really everytime u r able to describe like us average student condition………….
    thanks for motivation and these type of inspiring article……….. if i will do good in gate exam it is just because of these ur articles……. it was just 15 days ago i came across this site….. it’s really helpful to us…. thanx…..

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