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15 Days To GATE: How To Prepare Now

Last fifteen days left for the exam that will decide what and how your life will be. If one prepares well have to look for M.Tech admissions and worry about cutoff scores. Even now, if one is having fun with friends and wasting time on movies and drama serials, must start looking for things to do after their engineering.

Fifteen days’ too less time and sincere students preparing for GATE must be confused with so much read. What you have learnt in last four years have to be brushed up in just fifteen days. Looks difficult but is for sure possible.

In this post present the strategy to get ready for GATE. Remember these and try to adopt, they will definitely help you to grow.

Avoid going out: Student who are staying hostels are lucky and can easily think of not going out of their room except for food, (meals three time and some snacks). This will save your lot of time and make you think why are you at your hostel room? And I hope that will eventually help to concentrate more.

Don’t waste time reading all the concepts again: This is not the time to start reading again from scratch. You have to go ahead with short note and revise whatever you have read and practice questions and answers.

Solve papers and Question Bank Questions: Try to solve as many papers as you can if you are not able to solve or get correct answers, go back to notes or explanations and understand that from book and move on. Don’t go back to texts and stay their all the day long.

Easy Subjects first: I read a quote few days back, “If you have to eat four frogs, eat the biggest first.” This was about facing challenges and if you have too many difficult things you have to start with most difficult one by which you can relax a bit at end. But my idea is different specially when time is less and you know you can run short of time and miss few of them. Its better to start with the subjects you are confident in and you have already read. Make sure that you get everything there. Solve its questions and learn the concepts well. Stay confident about them and that will help you with other subjects and built your confidence.

Don’t think too much, start working: Another quotation “Leaders start with the end in mind”. I would say that don’t see the end start working. Without giving a tough time you cannot get anywhere. If you think about all subjects you need to finish, you will feel totally burdened. Just plan out what you want to study today and be sincere and complete it today. You know the end, that is cracking GATE, you all need to do is to be sincere and keep working for it.

These 15 days are not yours: Back in 1997 I had my 10+2 (pre university or intermediate) exams one of my friend’s family decided to watch DDLJ (Dil Wale Dulanhiya Le Jainge) and rented a VCD player along with a color TV. Almost all the street children were at their home. I too went there, sitting on the floor and desperately wanted to watch the movie. As soon the titles started I thought I have exams in few days, if I study now I can watch it later. I get only a chance to do great in exams but there can be many chances to watch this movie latter too. So I just moved on with all my friends enjoyed and discussed it for days. That day made me strongest in my will and desires and actions. Since then I watch cricket matches, news and read news only when I am free. I have good things to do than getting attracted and affected with all the drama going around. With fifteen days left for GATE exam I ask you to ask yourself what do you want in life and what things can you do after GATE exam.

With less time left for GATE exam I call you come to life. Decide what you want in life and live the way you want it. Don’t let anything takeover your desire to be great. You can not be an example for you younger’s by watching movie and dramas all the day and night, chatting and roaming around markets. We are average students; we need to an extra effort to reach to higher level. The extra effort cannot come with wasting time.

I wish you all a great luck. Stay focused and work hard. Every single second is valuable and need to be used properly.


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    sir I am in 3rd year. I want to crack gate exam. but I have less time to study. university exam are ends in may. sir please tell me how to study for gate after may.

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    A lot of thanks to you for giving those useful and valuable tips…….”These 15 days are not yours:” – this story must be read all students….


    Thanks you very much for the tips…
    These 9 days will be dedicated for GATE2016

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    sir how shoud i prepare atleast to get qualify in these 15 days.

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    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your advice but I have completed my B-Tech in mechanical engg. And I have already wasted my time in all that useless things and don’t know how to prepare for GATE exam in 24 days which is in my hand.
    So please give me suggestion so that I can at least clear my GATE exam.

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    I now have less than 3 months….Hope I can do my best to get best result.

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    Thank you for giving a good information to prepare GATE exam in short period……….

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    Thank you for giving good information to prepare GATE exam in short period……….

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    It’s one of the most inspiring and focused plan of action.
    Thank you Mr. Zahid
    The examples given are too motivating & movies & thing we can do latter has the most impact.
    Thank you once again.

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    my exam is on jan20th, just a few days away. i’m from aerospace stream and i feel i shoi do not have much time , as i havent started preparing seriously, but after reading you’re column , i think i’ll give it another try…..thank you &god bless you for inspiring so many others…

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    i want to know the cutoff marks of ME

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    thankyou sir your motivation keep raises our focuss to reach our goals .thank you onceagain

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    thanx alot… u gave me lots of confidence …. my sem exams are from 10th to 25th jan and gate is on 12th feb… i’ll surely take it seriously….

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    sir,what minimum marks required to score out of 100 in cs field???

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    sir i want to know what minimum marks are expected to be scored out of 100 to qualify gate in cs branch this year

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    sir i want to know what minimum marks are expected to be scored out of 100 to qualify gate in cs branch this year

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    Good luck to all GATE aspirants.

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    Sir i have qualified gate last year. Nd not preparing dis year. I’m jst looking 4 any nit dis year as i want to b in teaching profesn. I’m from mechanical back ground. Wil this year cut off effect my admission , gate qualification and all. 2010 gate score 472 air 2737.. Pls reply. I’m vry much cnfused


    thanks a lot for all the useful tips and updates…… it was really useful and inspirative…. a must join group for all GATE aspirants…

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    i have not yet received my gate admit card . i have given my home (kerala) address but i am writing my gate exam in chennai only….pls help to how can i get my admit card

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    its time 2 revise all subjects and specially maths
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