Time moves very fast and its nine years I took any competitive exam in those years. The last competitive exam I took was for PhD admission, after that I could not think of any other competitive exam. I recently thought of taking up an exam and see how far I can stretch my limits. I took a date in just a month time and changed my schedule and tried all possible things to reach a good position in it. Here I bring few points you will find useful when preparing for GATE.

If you are looking for admission to IITs and serious about it, you cannot afford to loose any single title mentioned in syllabus. Just qualifying is no important and reading few hours a day for few days and taking breaks from study will not bring any good results. Take on the syllabus and finish all topics as soon as possible. Complete (complete means all topics) the syllabus as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Finish all with enough time in spare so that you can take on to the exam seriously.

Once you are done with syllabus take a jump-start practicing. Practice, practice and practice more. You should feel happy to solve any questions you get anywhere. Get them from any possible source and solve them. Enjoy doing it and make an investment on it. If you are started enjoying every problem you solve and feeling hungry for solving more and more trust me your close to your target.

I was talking to a friend who took many exams including JEE, GRE and GMAT, he took few of them several times until he nailed them. He said to me, bro remember on thing, you should never repeat mistakes, the moment your repeat one give yourself a tight slap. You cannot reach anywhere when you are repeating mistakes. I made an error log for myself after every wrong question. I tell you to follow the same approach. If you don’t want to make a log, just remember to remember your mistakes not repeat them.

When you are writing a test think from a test takers perspective. They don’t have too many questions or every time they come up with new questions. If you look into GATE its valid for two years and to they must keep paper at least comparable. There mostly the pattern remains same even if the units change. Keeping this in view, try to catch that pattern from practice test and previous year papers.

Invest in study material and tests, because M.Tech might cost you more money than the tiny cost of material. Find the study material wherever you can find, Internet, library or friends. There is no excuse to not get material and leave gaps that hurt you preparation and finally your dream of getting into IITs.

Finally give yourself enough time to explore as many tests, and as many questions as you can. Just remember practice, practice and practice more.

Hope these few tips will help you in preparing. I will write a detailed post once I settle a bit more and get out of exam mode to preparation mode again. With GATE being three months ahead I recommend you to focus on completing syllabus as soon as possible and get on to practice and practice more.

This is a part of GATE preparation guide, for more posts on GATE follow my recent post about how to start preparing for GATE.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.