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The Last Few Days That Can Change Our Lives

It’s been a long time i wrote something about gate exams. Whole month of January was crazy for me but i loved being crazy 😉 travelled a lot and changed hell lot of things back in personal and professional life. on the same i missed my great presence on I n I. Today is beautiful cold day and i am here with you all for a sip of coffee with a little mild music.

We are just couple of days away from gate exam and these few days will decide what you will do in future. If you lose these days for a test match between India and Australia or some saas bahoo drama you will have to be prepared to suck your life for one more year. You know the pain of preparing for exams, especially competitive exams. You can watch Djokovic because it gives you more energy and motivation to fight completes everything in an hour.

One day someone told me that Dr. Abdul Kalam works for 16 hrs a day. I was surprised and was motivated. On the same time, i realized that during M.Tech exam preparations i made up to 17hrs of self-study without messing with distractions. I cherished the results and became more confident and strong after that.

Remember to have good time during the breaks. Avoid time killers and TV for the rest of the days, talk to friends to get an idea for what going around and how everyone else is doing and making it a deadly competitive.

Never give up early. I saw people play long till end would always have some results to share. Sharing some results is always better because latter you can blend it with hard work and good luck to fetch a great admission and eventually a successful life.

Keep yourself motivated and watch at the toppers what they did in past. If get time listen to Nikhils interview to get motivation and several other interviews like that. Visit IIT websites and see the profiles of the candidates there. This will bring your motivation to get into IITs.

Nikhil Interviews are here. Do listen to advises Nikhil (AIR 4) gave for last few days of GATE preparation and GATE exam.

How to Prepare for GATE AIR – 4 talk – 1
How to Prepare for GATE AIR – 4 talk – 2
How to write GATE exam AIR – 4 Talk

Remember in last few days you just need a high level of motivation and focus. Do everything in a day to get these. If you are using internet you are at IIT website, if you are watching Youtube you are on to motivational stuff, if you are in front of TV you are watching a great match. During breaks you talk to friends you talk about GATE and IITs. All your efforts in a day should lead to your ultimate goal of cracking the GATE.

Make sure at any cost what you want in your life is not leaving your mind. Every action you do should finally lead to your ultimate goal. For now there is nothing but GATE is our ultimate goal. We need to eat, sleep and breathe GATE. Do read GATE preparation part in GATE preparation guide 2012.

Wish you all a great few days. Stay focuuused and stay tuneddd


  1. sai trinath

    those last two paragraphs are really motivating zahid sir….. 🙂

  2. Ankit

    Hello Zahid…I am truly inspired of your comments….i have bookmarked all your motivational blogs…and time by time i go through it when i get frustrated or hopeless.
    My gate preparation for 2013 is good…i am not fully satisfied but yes i think i can crack iit this year…..and if i could do so your hand will be there behind it definitely….Thanks a lot……

  3. sarvesh singh

    Thanks for the motivation. I really need it because i am giving Gate 2013 and its really difficult for me to prepare with the job(passout of 2010 infornation tech. But fed up with d software industry). so can anyone give advice on how to prepare with the job.

  4. raj

    i a 4th yr mech engg guy,,,,,i want to join iit for mtech but due to some silly mistakes i could not perform in gate 12(getting only 39 mrks) upto my potential and prep(i think i will miss iit),,,i did not appear in campsng in my college,,,,,
    now i want to prepre for gate 13 taking 1 yr gap studying @home for iit or iisc,,i have the confidence that i can easily make very good rank in gate13
    my familiy have no financial probs,,i did not have any yr gap after 12th,,and my parents will let me do whtever i want,,,i also have one advantge of SC catagory,,

    will u plz advice me in this regard that should i go for 1 yr gap,,will it harm my future career….what will be the scopes for me after mtech?
    should i join some sorts of coaching (if prepre for gate 13)??

    plz ,,,i need guide,,

  5. tc

    please write about this years comlete Gate analysis …… question difficulty level , min rank for qualifying for interview for psu, rank for admission into iits, no of students appeared….i m feeling frustated after gate 2012
    ………please post as early as possible

  6. Arunanand T A


    GATE 2012 CSE Question paper and Key can be downloaded from:

    Arunanand T A

  7. Harsh Khatri

    hey Zahid seems like u didn’t liked my post, but still would like to hear some views or comment from you … in case u have some time, that will be really nice of u b/w i didn’t saved the post can you copy and mail it to me from the trash box.. i spent quite some some writing it ..

    — with regards
    Harsh Khatri

  8. jatin kashyap

    Hello friends, I just want to say that, do work hard to make this world a better place to live by using engineering fundamentals and while doing so you will be amazed by seeing you got more knowledge then required to crack gate. And at the end of the day it’s knowledge that matters not gate.
    Best of luck for your life.

  9. Rajesh

    hey dear…. pls solve my problem and give me some direction ….
    i really need it…

  10. harsh khatri

    @nikki and to many other like me and her..

    first of all, ask yourself….. ” Why the hell you want to appear for GATE????? ”
    and if your answers include (apparently they do ): –
    -> to impress my teachers, family and friends .
    -> to get a good job
    -> to stand up to the expectations of all (those mentioned above)….and similar answers..

    than baby, you really need a break, because with this mind set you will never make it to an iit (one or the other screening will stop you).. neither you will get a good job, and moreover you will remain gullible for ever …

    saying sorry to a teacher for not studying is like ” blaming god for not designing the most beautiful dress “. I am again repeating ” stop being a little gullible baby ” and pursue you own desires , if you will keep meddling with situations bearing this mentality you are going to perish even at the job or “placement ” you have in hand …

    please don’t take me for offending (mean no offence) , but broaden the view of your vision and realize as early as you can that world is no place regretting
    ->for what you don’t want, but what others expect from you,
    Have your own expectations only from you, a teachers job is to teach your is to study, if you don’t study feel sorry for yourself ….

    Now, coming to the point , again ask yourself ” why GATE ?”

    and if your answer is that you want be an iitian (as some folk call it) than ask one more question ” why iit ?”

    the second one is more important, though some may not agree and will say M.Tech. from iit is the best, therefore GATE. well in that case there are many universities in our little world that are even better. why shoudln’t go for them .

    In short you and we all do have to come out of this mentality to succeed in life.

    AND never study, cram or do the the other stuff most teachers try to make us do .
    because that will take you nowhere, and if my guess if true than you have scored good (as considered by all (those mentioned above)) in school or may be at college, but what is the use ? ask yourself how the marks are helping you now? and ask the same question again 3 years latter and you will realize that marks may have got you a good college , nice job…. but you never grew after that and your life became stagnant..

    if you would have had the hunger to learn than the books you studied to score at college and school to satisfy all (again those mentioned above) are more than enough to get a first rank in GATE or any other company or university …

    this post means to harm to sentiments of anyone . It’s not that i am telling not to care about anyone but if you can’t keep yourself happy, satisfied and filled with knowledge of your actions ( like the books we study{ 3X( action(X,study), student(X), score_good(X) )->3Y(itt(y), subsetof(Y,X), learned(Y),student(Y)) ; n(Y)<<>that’s not knowledge<< ) than you will itself make everyone happy without the need of saying sorry even once to others or yourself…

    — please excuse mistakes

  11. bakeel khan

    Nice post sir… especially before same days to the gate exam… thanks a lot for your constant support and motivation…

  12. nikki

    m noot able to sleep well’s affecting my health..m tryying to b positive…hope i cud do sumthing within these days..

    waiting for ur rply sir…

  13. nikki

    hello sir…first i wanna say u sorry for not being so serious about my i got placed..i got distrract away..i jst read out your words today..feeling anger on my stupidity…

    just as u wanna help of my teacher who got 90 percentile in gate n cmplted his from iit delhi guided me for preparation…he trusted me a lot sir..n wat i did till jst kp saying myself that i can’t do it..

    getting into is gud for a placed student??? it’s sumthing that distrcts most of the engineers..

    please give ur views on ths sir…m an electrical student n got placed in enercon india ltd..prior to my plcmnt i wnt to crack gate for me..but nw it’s jst that m dng t for my m nt that much serious..

    what to do now sir..
    i need your help..please sir..:(

  14. alok

    sir…………..tell me abt m.teck how many field u seful for me………

  15. sachin nigam

    iit is not important,important is your passion ant if passion is iit then you need no one’s suggestions

  16. Anjali

    thanks a lot sir…need ur motivation…

  17. xyz

    just super..:)

  18. Rajesh

    Hello Zahir bro…
    u r doing fantastic job …and helping thousand of students like me..
    I am a Mechanical Er. 2010 passout.
    but i have not preapared for gate 2012 yet ..
    wat to do now…
    also i have forgot maximum concepts of my B.e
    almost 10% remember.
    and currently i m doing job ..but i m only getting 6k/mnth.
    m not satisfied with it..

    and in my life wat to do i m unable to decide…
    from few days m reading jeet apki book of Shiv khera.
    now m thinking that yes i can do something bigger..
    pls guide me ….for my bright future..

  19. sachin

    why is qualifying gate so important?
    i havent given my efforts the whole year and i think i wont qualify for gate..
    will it affect my admission if i give it next year?
    sir please reply

  20. Mahesh Khandewal

    Zahid sir always motivate us like this.Thank you

  21. xyz

    its not abt how many hours we put in.. its abt if we are through with the concepts or not.. agar koi rat rat ke IIT me bhi chala jaye to uska kya use hai.. 2 hrs a day but doing the concepts right will do wonders.. fir jahapar bhi admission milegi, ratne ke vajah se nahi milegi.. concepts clear hone ki vajah se milegi.. aur anyways, agar poora saal dala ho preparation me to fir abhi itna mar mar kar padhneki koi jarurat nahi lagni chahiye.. last minute study are for exams.. usase aur koi fayda nahi hota.. not sustainable.. is liye, i would suggest ulata k do 2 hrs only revision.. lekin humko jo kuch samjha nahi hai usko samajh ne me laga dene chahiye.. ratne me nahi..

    1. Zahid

      There are thousands of students competing there with all concepts cleared. The post is for students who are sincerely preparing for a year. Students with no clear concepts, should not think of IITs at this time 🙂 Qualifying GATE should be their target.

    2. Jay

      Zahid Sir (+1 like)


    3. mechprog

      I liked your comment whoever you are (if my comment passes moderation this time!).

      GATE MAY BE important but it is in no way end of the life. At the end of the day what counts is the knowledge you acquire. It is saddening to note that we Indians suffer from sheer short sightedness! In the process of achieving short term goals we altogether forget our long term aims. GATE can be a milestone, but it can never be a destination. What many of us have as attitude is ‘ just do hard work for the next exam and rest of the life will be easy’. Friends we utterly need to realize that life is never easy and it should never be, neither before GATE nor after it – GATE or no GATE, JEE or no JEE, IIT or no IIT, your struggle to learn must never end!
      Be prepared to work hard for rest of the life (not only for the couple of days ahead)!

    4. Lorin Ahmed Khan

      @Mechprog. You are right. Life is full of challenges. but shouldnt we work for one milestone at a time? giving our 100% to it.

  22. Lorin Ahmed Khan

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. 😐 doing it.

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