This is the third and final part of the interview I conducted with Nikhil Krishnan, who scored All India 4th Rank in GATE 2011 in electronics and communication paper. In previous two interviews he talked about how to prepare for GATE and in this third part he is talking about how to write GATE exam.

I strongly recommend you to watch first two interviews, they are very helpful and guiding. You can find them here How prepare for GATE interview 1 and interview 2.
In this interview for first two or three minutes the sound is not clear, therefore I had to cut the call and call him back. Rest of the interview don’t have any issues are second interviews last part. Just stay patient and listen to all interviews to know how to make best use of those 3hrs of GATE exam to score best possible rank for your preparations.

In this interview Nikhil answered the following questions. Here (you stands for Nikhil)

  1. How you planned three hours of GATE Exam?
  2. How you planned for one mark questions and two mark questions?
  3. How did you plan for making best out of Negative Marking?
  4. What was your mistake in GATE Exam and what you suggest students to take care during the exam?
  5. How did you feel when you saw GATE results and what about your parents and friends reaction?
  6. Any final message to students preparing for GATE and I n I community?

The interview is here.

It was great contribution from Nikhil for all students who are preparing for GATE. In future we will bring many more interviews and very helpful videos for all students community. Please also have a look at GATE 2012 preparation guide for different posts helping towards GATE preparation and exams.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead with GATE preparation and GATE exam itself.