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Preparing For GATE And Totally Lack Concentration

It’s just a month to go for the GATE exam and I receive many mails saying that students lose focus and cannot concentrate on studies. They are constantly requesting for help and tips to stay focused. It’s a common problem of every average student therefore I decided to write a post and share my experience.

I am and was always an average in life. Being average is not bad but being lazy and unfocused is. If you know what you are you know the best thing in the world. You can correct yourself to stay ahead and do well. If you live in illusions and close the doors of reality you will never get a chance either improve or realize what’s wrong with you.

When I was in B.Tech one thing that I know was everything just need time. I used to calculate and just give that effort. I used to think if a smart student needs 1 hour to understand some concept I need four. If highly unlikely that I won’t understand what others can even I sufficiently work on it. With this only thing in mind I used to sit and sit a lot in library so much so that when I was graduating librarian said to me that library may not see a extensive user than you.

The idea I adopted was to go to library and sit there whatever it is. If you bunk classes you are in library studying something that you like. If you have a break you are in library, if you reach early to college you are in library, if you want to meet someone give them library address. Be surrounded with books don’t leave that place until you really need to.

Movement is a killer for concentration, if you move from one place to another you need at least 5 to 10 minutes to concentrate and if are around TV or comp forget the concentration. Friends and family members add to distraction with their little questions and care.

Okie okie let me bring few points for concentration.

First and foremost is to make a comfortable place and sit there and study till you really need to move.

Second, don’t be around TV and Computer, especially internet to get distracted.

I am not a fan of group study (it depends on person to person) so I never told friends where I am going for study. Keep away from all distractions because nothing is going to help when you don’t show up great results.

Fourth is to keep your prayers on time and stay really focused. And ask for what are you preparing for, this will help you to understand what are preparing for.

Fifth is to spend some minutes every day to think how you prepared and who screwed, people, TV, internet, friend, family members, or some useless work. Check these and try to eliminate and avoid from coming day.

Always remember that you have just a few days left that can change your life upside down. If you still don’t take it seriously you will never get a chance to learn the subject you didn’t in last few years of study and also miss a chance at the end.

Set priorities just before doing something. If its really not super important just leave it for next time. All TV programs can be watched later, all comments and replies on Facebook can checked later. Nothing should fascinate you except GATE. That’s how you can reach and concentrate.

Even if you don’t make it great in GATE you will learn a lot during this time and I am sure this will bring much confidence in you to takeup next challenge in life.

With this I would like to take a leave and go home it’s so cold here -8 degrees and snow everywhere. I wish you all a great luck.

To read more about my views refer to personals tag. To read more about GATE preparations please refer to GATE 2013 preparation Guide.


  1. Akshay Pardhe

    Nice sir its Helps me lot… Ty..

  2. Andy

    Dear SIr,
    I’m just in 2nd year Mechanical Engineering, but highly inspired to crack Gate with a good score to get into PSU’s in first attempt. I would be pleased if you could tell me how to learn core subjects and prepare in Gate point of view.
    What should i do and how should i start just being in 2nd year.
    Waiting for your precious reply

  3. mounica

    Hi sir,
    I wanna crack gate 2015 in the stream of ece i have knowledge on every subject what to study and have all planning but not able to execute them.can you inspire me by telling how to get through and from where to start so that i can….

    1. aiyub khan

      First of all start with checking out the last three years gate papers. See what you know amongst them. Then read basics which you think are important. Better prepare for mathematics and little bit of aptitude as they will cover nearly 25 marks. Try it and get your result.

  4. Uday Kumar

    i have appeared for gate in 2012 and got a score of 500, which is not good score so i didnt join for mtech and i have joined in a company,
    right now i am working and my work is demanding more time from me in the weekdays which is not leaving me enough time for preperation,
    if am to prepare only on weekends i cannot crack this time too…
    can you please advice or suggest me sumthing or any plan like that so that i could prepare effectively.

    and also can you post the cutoffs and rank and score analysis of gate 2013 admissions for iit. or if it already exists can you pleas epost the link

  5. Sathiyasree

    Tho word ignite is most appropriate for this website.. Great work Zahid. whenever i feel that i’m lacking focus or concentration, first thing which come to my mind is this website..

  6. Dhaivat

    Hi everyone I’ve completed my BE in
    electrical and I got a remedial in last
    semester.. luckily that’s over now and waiting
    for my result. but I want to share one thing.
    People (including some friends and teachers)
    often tell me that I am not good with
    engineering or technical stuff.. I should go
    for MBA or something else.. I think they
    might be correct. because I know I am really
    not good at that stuff. but one thing I for
    sure, is that I am not a looser.. if I can
    complete my engineering without much of a
    trouble, I can atleast pass the gate.. last time
    around, my gate score was only 11.33
    (gate’13). but this time… it’$ just something
    else… I have decided to clear the gate no
    matter what it takes… and I will for sure….
    look friends in short the only thing I am
    trying to say here is that I’ve suffered from a
    lot of agony in life. and after all that
    suffering if I can reach such level of
    confidence then so az u can…
    All The Best Everyone….

  7. shruti

    Really very inspirational article…i was feeling sleepy,read it n got inspired…thanx…

  8. Abhishek

    Thak u sir ur views insist me to do great….

  9. Karthik M

    The BHEL careers page not loading. Does anyone face a similar problem? I am unable to open the page and apply.

  10. Netra

    Thanks a lot sir. 🙂


    no doubt it is very helpful article.
    thank you .

  12. Reka

    What a timely article sir!thank you very much..had a totally demotivated attitude..and your words really gave the much required spark!

  13. Rajesh

    dear pls. respond me ..waiting only for ur precious reply

    1. Rohit

      How can some body answer the Q. related to your future?
      Take it as YES and start preparing.

  14. Manmeeth

    Brilliantly said felt that u r describing exactly my situation thanks a lot for the above precious points.. 🙂

  15. Karthik M

    I just went through the 2013 brochure for GATE and found that 15 marks are reserved for GA(General Aptitude) but didn’t find any details for Mathematics marks reservation. So I just wanted to know whether there are marks reserved for Mathematics as usual or has something changed. If I remember it used to be about 12 marks reserved for Maths in previous papers. Also just wanted to inform that GATE admit cards can be downloaded from 10th December 2012, 5.00 pm onward using online application interface.
    P.S. Thank you for giving us such valuable inspirations.

    1. kasata

      Maths weightage is roughly 15 marks.

  16. MOIN

    ZAJAK-ALLAH, ZAHID BHAI…….WHAT an idea Sir ji……..really, you are actually our well wisher because you IGNITED US……That are very nacesary now. this is actually DAWAT-E-INSANIAT, MASHALLAH AAP KE SATH ALLAH KI MADAD HAMESHA HO, AAMEEN……IN THIS WORLD AND ACTUAL WORLD MEANS AAKHRAT.

  17. MOIN

    ZAJAK-ALLAH , zahid Bhai, for that tips…….really you always help us …… i think this is also a type of spreadig ”ISAANIAT”, MASHALLAH , AAP KE UMAR ME BARKAT HO……AAMIN.

  18. Chander sen

    Thank you very much zahid i was just feeling sleepy but yor words inspired and ignited me




  20. P M G Bashir

    Thank You sir.. I was totally demotivated earlier, but now your magic of ‘inspire and ignite’ really worked . thanks n salaam

  21. Rajesh

    hello Zahid bro..
    till yet i haven’t prepared for gate exam.
    coze i was working in private job.
    but now i had left that job.
    so can i clear gate exam now..?
    coze i want to work in any good psu company..
    thanks reply me soon..

    1. shyam

      even i have reisgned job and trying GATE . are there pupil clearing gate with two months preparation ..??? tel me pls .. because of less time left i get frightened often

  22. sandeep

    Really nice tips…. they are useful not only for GATE but for other aspects of life…

  23. Nikita

    Thank you sooo much !!!
    I was going through a period of lack of focus ,
    reading this reminded me to gain it back. 🙂
    keep posting inspiring and helpful articles !

  24. Naren

    Respected sir, really the points i need at present was given by you sir. Damn sure that library is great source. I just got idea to write GATE due to my college digital library only. I went there to check facebook and it is locked by cyberoam. So i searched abt studies and got inspiration for gate at that day from your site. Today u ignited me. Thank u so much sir. Whether i will ignite till end or not, i will glow as shine as sun. Even all darkness in world cannot extinguish a single candle light. Such ignition frm u thank u optimist.

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