I usually hit bed around midnight, it was 1.30AM in the morning I was awake and don’t know how to spend time. I was waiting for 2.30AM to start interview with Nikhil. He gave time at 11PM IST, and I live 4hr ahead of Indian time. I didn’t ask Nikhil to reschedule or change time because his interview was soooo much important for every single student that I cannot even thought for second to reschedule it.

After talking to him for more than hour and a half I realized that it really worth talking to him. There were several network and sound issues, but we both enjoyed the talk and tried to make it as useful and beneficial as possible.

We hope these efforts will help many students, but what makes us happier is your own contribution to your future. If you listen to us and rock your future we are successful in spending our nights, overcoming timing and geographical barriers and giving such an effort in spite of heavily hectic schedules. All these efforts are just to ask you to give your best.

Without writing any other thing, let me share what Nikhil is talking about in second part.

  1. Many Publishers for GATE study material, how to choose best and deal with rest?
  2. NPTEL and other online video lectures, how much time do one need to spend with them?
  3. How to prepare for GATE in short time, tips for student started preparing from now?
  4. When to start solving questions, after each chapter or after completing whole subject?
  5. How to prepare for aptitude and general mathematics?
  6. What was your biggest mistake in GATE preparation?
  7. How to prepare for GATE in 3 to 4 months?

Here we go with the video, just get back and relax and listen to whole interview. Do spare us for sound quality and network issues in between.

This was Nikhil, answered few basic questions for students all across the nation. Do share it with your friends, book mark it and listen to again and again during your preparation, this will definitely motivate you to prepare for the best.

We had lots of issues with network and sound quality but I tried to present best possible sound after processing it, please spare us for that. Do like it on youtube, I don’t know how does it matter 😀 everyone is just asking to give a thums up and I asked too.

The next part of the interview is exclusively about how manage 3hr of GATE exam time. How to exploit best practices to rip off the best results from your preparation. The tips given would definitely help every single student preparing for paper based entrence exams, whether it GATE, JEE, JAM, AIEEE or any other entrance exam. If you missed the first part do check it here Nikhil interview first part, and have something to discuss do ask questions to friends at I n I community.

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Good luck to all and enjoy the efforts.