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How To Prepare For GATE: Nikhil Krishnan (AIR 4) GATE 2011 (part-2)

I usually hit bed around midnight, it was 1.30AM in the morning I was awake and don’t know how to spend time. I was waiting for 2.30AM to start interview with Nikhil. He gave time at 11PM IST, and I live 4hr ahead of Indian time. I didn’t ask Nikhil to reschedule or change time because his interview was soooo much important for every single student that I cannot even thought for second to reschedule it.

After talking to him for more than hour and a half I realized that it really worth talking to him. There were several network and sound issues, but we both enjoyed the talk and tried to make it as useful and beneficial as possible.

We hope these efforts will help many students, but what makes us happier is your own contribution to your future. If you listen to us and rock your future we are successful in spending our nights, overcoming timing and geographical barriers and giving such an effort in spite of heavily hectic schedules. All these efforts are just to ask you to give your best.

Without writing any other thing, let me share what Nikhil is talking about in second part.

  1. Many Publishers for GATE study material, how to choose best and deal with rest?
  2. NPTEL and other online video lectures, how much time do one need to spend with them?
  3. How to prepare for GATE in short time, tips for student started preparing from now?
  4. When to start solving questions, after each chapter or after completing whole subject?
  5. How to prepare for aptitude and general mathematics?
  6. What was your biggest mistake in GATE preparation?
  7. How to prepare for GATE in 3 to 4 months?

Here we go with the video, just get back and relax and listen to whole interview. Do spare us for sound quality and network issues in between.

This was Nikhil, answered few basic questions for students all across the nation. Do share it with your friends, book mark it and listen to again and again during your preparation, this will definitely motivate you to prepare for the best.

We had lots of issues with network and sound quality but I tried to present best possible sound after processing it, please spare us for that. Do like it on youtube, I don’t know how does it matter 😀 everyone is just asking to give a thums up and I asked too.

The next part of the interview is exclusively about how manage 3hr of GATE exam time. How to exploit best practices to rip off the best results from your preparation. The tips given would definitely help every single student preparing for paper based entrence exams, whether it GATE, JEE, JAM, AIEEE or any other entrance exam. If you missed the first part do check it here Nikhil interview first part, and have something to discuss do ask questions to friends at I n I community.

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Good luck to all and enjoy the efforts.


  1. Ashish

    sir, at this time I have one yr left to prepare for gate .
    but Iam confused where to start with , can u please give me guidelines to prepare for gate exam .
    with regards Ashish a 3rd yr me mechanical engg student

  2. m satya lakshman kumar

    hi i am lakshman studying 3rd yer btech,i want to prepair for gate from itself,i am avarage studeent how much time i need to prepar for gate. ph no 099666848998

  3. m satya lakshman kumar

    hi i am lakshman studying 3rd yer btech,i want to prepair for gate from itself,i am avarage studeent how much time i need to prepar for gate

  4. Shweta

    Sir i am a SC category student and will be giving gate2014 . I have attended most of yours interview sessions uploaded by you. They were really helpful. But i m having a question that with gate score card where can a female candidate get through. What is the score necessary for a female SC category candidate to pursue a good future.

  5. rukhsar

    i m a final year btech student . I want to crack the gate 2014 exam…..with great score. but i dont have much money to spend on the mocktest series and other coachings. now i dont know what to do for preparation .at this time i have nothing in my hand. and my confidence is going me.

  6. gaurav

    sir, i am placed guy in a steel plant but now i want to leave dis job and want to prepare for gate-2014 but not sure about the institute which i have to join for fast, steady & better preparation, so can you please suggest me the best institutes for GATE preparation.
    kindly, reply as soon as possible.


    sir, i have only two months for gate exams and my preparations are not upto the mark.Now i am getting confused on which subjects to study and not. my self confidence is also low.plz help me sir..

  8. nidhi

    sir pls do me a favour as my internet connection is very slow i am not able to see this video….so kindly post a summary of this interview(part 2)…m reappearing in gate and quite tensed….i want some tips and tricks for quick revision…..pls sir m hoping for a quick reply….

  9. garima

    thanx a lot
    v truly need dis


    Is SRM University a good choice to do M.TECH for Mechanical specializations, pls reply soon..

  11. Ankitkumar Chheda

    @Zahid sir,
    I request you to put the original voice for the video. Question asked in this particular video (part 2) is somehow important for me. And since its audibility is not clear, I am not getting what Nikhil really wanted to suggest. I request you kindly upload the voice clip or transcript of the conversation.

    1. Zahid

      We have connection issues at end of second part and beginning for the third part. I processed it to make as understandable as possible. Sorry about that 🙁

    2. Ankitkumar Chheda

      Ohhh.. Sir its an request, try to make transcript and post it for last 8 minutes of part 2 conversation. I am not getting anything and thats the main part. It might help me a lot. The questions you covered all over the interview are upto the point for me, and in this 8 minutes, you asked the problem which I am facing. Thank You sir and if possible just give me your email, I have something to show you

  12. kunal

    which is the best class in india for GATE?

    1. Ankitkumar Chheda

      Depends on how much money you wanna spend..? Coz classes gonna teach you the subject and it will be worthless if you don’t do self-test.

  13. Ravi

    where is the part 3…… i cant find it.

    1. Zahid

      Will post soon. Rendering is pending for it 🙁

  14. Mahesh Khandelwal

    Thank you for providing substantial information…..

  15. bakeel khan

    A very helpful post.. from here we can find what to read or what not to read.. thnx for such a useful video.. thanks a lot for ur and Nikhil efforts to help us..

    thanks again.. 🙂

  16. Mithun H

    @ ROBIN
    Now thats a problem for me also. But am still in college and hopeful that i can get a 60. Well, cheerup bro.. Go for some coaching and Try for IISc . Try for the best always.

  17. Mohammmad Mustafa Shareef

    I hope ur doing well over there in Korea. I went through with blocks which u have placed on inspirenignite.They r inspiring and igniting us in all fields i.e in the field of IIT & religion etc.If u have anything regarding education system plz put on ur block.

  18. soumya

    Please mention the approx. cut offs of NITs and other Government Colleges in Electrical Engineering across India
    It will be very much helpful otherwise previous year I can not find a better institute in my rank ..
    I think only your posts can help me otherwise it’ll be a problem like previous year.
    Please reply me soon…..

  19. Kalyan

    @robin i would give you the information i know.Iisc,iit kanpur(without stipend or Htta),iit madras(not 100% sure),nit durgapur,nit surat,ism Dhanbad,isi kolkatta.These good institutes give you the seat even though you have a second class degree and a Gate rank.apart from them Tezpur Cu ,andhra state universities also gives you seat If you are interested.these are the institutes i know. If anyone knows other institutes please post here that will be very helpful to Us.

    1. Robin

      @ Kalyan Dude, we are in the same boat. Institute should be good enough to provide ample opportunities in terms of jobs in highly reputed companies and also Ph.D abroad in decent universities. We should give our best for IISc and also apply in 2-3 other colleges to be on safe decide. But, if we can’t find good colleges to apply(<60%UG), it may not be worth it. Wish we had realised this in B.Tech and didn't waste time on girls who sucked the life out of us!:)
      Zahid (who has traveled the world and knows much more about these things), please wave your magic wand and tell us are we destined to live a life of ignominy or something greater might be in store for us? 🙂

    2. Ankitkumar Chheda

      Its wrong brother. You can get admission in any college in India if you have 55+ %. But ofcourse then more bigger the institute, the more tough process we need to get through. So start hard working at least now

  20. Kalyan

    @robin same problem here.i dont know why these institutes give high value to ’60 even though they are conducting an all india level exam called Gate.that rule really sucks.whats in “numbers”?anyway i have been requesting Zahid bhai to post something related to second class students for a very long time.once again i Am requesting Zahid bhai to give some guidelines to Us people.please!

  21. Robin

    Dear Zahid,

    I stumbled across this website some time ago and have read many articles which are all very useful. I am preparing for GATE 2012. I need some guidance from you. What do you think are my options? I am a 2010 passout from IIT but with very poor grades below 60%. I didn’t try for jobs mainly because I was depressed and felt worthless. I was a very good student but I got very depressed in college, had lots of issues, lost confidence and got plagued with low self-esteem.
    ECE interests me mainly because I have always loved mathematics and ECE has intense use of mathematics everywhere. I want to make things right.
    Can you show what can be my options? Right now I feel most of the programs require that I have 60% in Few institutes that I have short-listed from your posts which don’t have 60% requirement are IISc bangalore, PEC, NSIT. IISc bangalore may be difficult or challenging for me right now. Do you think it will be wise for me to join PEC or NSIT if I could get selected. If you could tell me any other good institution that may allow people below 60%, it will be very helpful. After I probably want to do PHD abroad. It looks like I am answering my own question. But, I am really confused and don’t know what to do? What do you think is my best option, with GATE or without GATE?

    1. Ankitkumar Chheda

      For M.Tech/M.E. qualifying score is 55% all over India. And if you got less than that then you can do M.Sc. and then M.Tech or directly Ph.D. Same case happened with me in my acads and now I am over it. I think we should talk once. Pls Zahid sir, get me his email or allow this post straight away without edit. Thanx sir.
      my email :- [email protected]

    2. Kalyan

      Hello Ankith,i sent u my mobile number To your email Id Pls call Me or else send your phone number to my Id and i will call you.i need to talk with you brother,it will be very helpful for Me.

  22. Mithun H

    @ zahid sir, thanks again ………..

  23. ਹਰਜਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ


  24. Priyanka

    Hi Zahid,

    Can you please tell me the weightage marks assigned to the different subjects in GATE CSE 2012 exam?

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