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How To Prepare For GATE: Few Must Reads For Every GATE Aspirant

For an average student sitting and studying is the most difficult part of life. But nothing comes easy in life either. If we value something we need to be honest and our try and we will love the result and the time we spend on it. Just having a desire to crack gate and knocking doors of IITs is just dream of every engineer in India. The truth is only few realize it.

These days PSUs recruitment through GATE scores is lead to huge competition. On the same time the changes made in GATE 2013 gives an indication of future changes in GATE. Considering all that one need to focus truly on his dream and try to realize then giving maximum efforts.

In last years i wrote few important posts related to GATE preparation in different situation. In this post i tried to bring them all under one common post so that you can book mark it and read it one by one when you get time. Hope this will help you to keep the direction and stay focus. Few of the posts related to GATE preparation are.

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How To Write GATE Exam: Nikhil Krishnan (AIR 4) GATE 2011 (part-3)
How To Manage Time For GATE Preparation

Consider that every second in your life is important and stay focused on GATE exam. Because this could change you life and you also get an opportunity to learn things you didn’t learn in last four years of study. A good opportunity is waiting for you if you give it a good try.

Being average is not bad but being average in honesty is bad. If you don’t have courage to sit for your own dream then take it from me you will end up living someone else life and you curse you teachers, your college, your job and at the end life. If you really want to be happy be honest for your dream. One don’t need to say you to prepare and wake you up. Your dream should do that for you.

Whenever you feel you are out of focus, spend some time on InI and get back to studies, that is what your dream expect from you.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead and ask you to be focused.


  1. Santu

    …sir… now ..I have one year of time.. plz tell me how to prepair for gate…. now I am in 5th semester of engineering

  2. utkarsh dhote

    I’m 4th sem student and gate aspirant today I 1st time visited this page I like it and will follow it

  3. roopa

    sir..where i can get good study material for gat prepration??

    1. Santu

      Which branch urs??

  4. dhruvi

    how to prepare for gate with job and 2 month ago for gate exam? please help and where i get specified notes for IT branch which help me this duration to prepare for gate exam?

  5. Gitesh

    So good ! I feel motivated . Thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Anirban Kundu

    Thank you sir…..!!!

  7. Vinod Singh

    Fuckin ace guys. GATE is easy to crack. Last year I got 98 percentile by studying for just 15 days. Now working as a junior scientist at BARC

    1. vishal

      Sir, you must have studied in IIT. And that’s why it’s easy for u. But we are students from private college & we hardly have any knowledge. Now, is it possible for us to crack it? Please reply.

    2. Zahid

      Yes its possible. Just be sincere and keep trying. You will get there.


    Sir,as i am preparing for GATE2013 and almost i have covered the GATE syllabus but then to i am feeling insecure regarding to score good marks in GATE,becoz i have appeared in GATE-2012 and didnt got Qualified.Please sir help me to retain my confidence level

  9. Prashant Jain

    Sir you provided me the true guidance for my future!! Your articles are always inspiring and acting like a torch in the darkness!!! Thank u very much for guiding us!! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  10. raj

    thank u … you are a great inspiration….


    sir…i m really amazed when i read placement brochures of iit..s…!!!!!
    salary package offered to Btechs,Mtechs(thru jee) is very higher than the Mtech(thru GATE)…
    its is logically….wrong kindly repply me about this!!!!!!

  12. shashank

    its really a pleasure dat u r inspiring many for gate…plz give some more information abt psu recruitments through gate…..

  13. sandeep sandilya

    sir, u do a greate job by inspiring us on ini.i really feel to do smthing whenever i visit ini.but i have one question for u. u have not updated much about psu recruitting through gate.plz give an approx idea about the score or rank to be able to be called for interview.i m preparing for gate nd willing to apply for these psus also.

  14. Er

    Your words are really inspiring and informative for those who are serious about their career nd passion. Ramesh sir, I can understand y u r saying this, 90% of the GATE Qualified students were disappointed by the criteria of examination, but why are u giving the chance to circumstances to effect your passion???

    Gud lcuk friends! Let’s hit it harder this time.

    Sir I wish if you can click the pics of GATEFORUM test series of previous year and mail us/ post here… My email id is [email protected]

  15. sri

    Harldy 4 months now and im only 20% prepared now..i want to start again complete the syllabus in time and want to do revision..i can hardly focus and i lack motivation. What should be a perfect plan for these 4 months to secure top rank? A motivating reply will surely help me out , thanks in advance

  16. aparna

    thanku sir really inspiring

    1. prathamesh

      ramesh sir ,dont you think you are telling your younger brothers who really want to be something in life no to persue their are misleading them clearly. its all clear if anyone giving this exam or any exam just for the sake of giving will not be benefited. but what zahid is doing is very appreciative . i can tell this because i have done it. i have got tremendous motivation from his videos. and still watch them whenever i need some inspiration. i know there are 2 lakhs people trying. thats why the exam is tough.nothing which is worth having in life is easy,my friend. there you need to prove your metal.

  17. ramesh

    there are 2lakh cse students preparing for gate exam,out of them only 15000 gets qualified,the remaining all have to suffer,again iam warning u try to get a job.try try try

  18. ramesh

    hate this gate exxam!!!no useee!!dont waste ur time preparing for this exam!join in some job!dont believe zahids words,iam warning u as a senior!

  19. sarvesh singh

    I am doing job since passout(2010 btech-it).. but this year i am giving Gate… please advice how to keep focus and study hard while doing job..

  20. Arun


  21. thushar

    thank u sir

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