Have you ever saw bank cheque amount written in words? However big the figure is, you see only after it. It indicates that whatever money is no money. Mapping it to GATE preparation no time is long time for GATE preparation. Don’t ever think that you just applied for GATE and you have enough time to start preparing. Though I said five in the title, in real it is far less than that.

If you look deeply into the preparation process you will feel why ONLY is the right word to use. There are many subject to cover, apart from General Aptitude and Mathematics there are at least 10 or more subjects to be covered. Based on this you equally assign work to each subject you get hardly 15 days for each. During this time you not only need to cover subjects but also practice the questions from previous years and question banks. With all these ones head do you think that you have enough time to open book and start preparing?

If you have higher goals, then you have sleepless nights ahead of you. It’s not that we competing with only our class that have more half students worthless. The whole nation is after it, students dropped a year or two, dedicated themselves for GATE preparation to see IITs not sleeping for quite a long time even before the GATE notification itself.

With all these facts and tight time frame, if we still sit in front of TV sets watch dramas, movies, cricket, favorite shows all, we will sit there forever in our lives. If you and I want to see ourselves in a different world and in a different position in coming days, we need to leave our comfort zones. The time has come to decide what we do in future. We have to make choice between our TV sets, friends that leave us soon, other time wasters on internet and a career that makes everyone proud, a achievement that not only contribute in personal growth but also make nation cherish.

Time move faster than anything, I posted GATE 2012,2013,2014 preparation guide and now writing another one. The time moved fast and in few days you will see GATE application forms appear and in a flash GATE exam. Time will go and it all depends on you what you make out of it. You use it and make everyone proud or just hid yourself and lock in TV changing TV channels or taking bike out and not coming back with the fear of getting scold if your dad sees you.

With this I call you all to make best use of your time, divide it properly among different subjects and stay focused every single day till you finish GATE. We are on the way of starting forum to help students to get updates do subscribe by email and like Inspire n Ignite on facebook to get updates.

Wish you all a great luck. Stay focused stay tuned.