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Five Months To Go For GATE ‘Only’

Have you ever saw bank cheque amount written in words? However big the figure is, you see only after it. It indicates that whatever money is no money. Mapping it to GATE preparation no time is long time for GATE preparation. Don’t ever think that you just applied for GATE and you have enough time to start preparing. Though I said five in the title, in real it is far less than that.

If you look deeply into the preparation process you will feel why ONLY is the right word to use. There are many subject to cover, apart from General Aptitude and Mathematics there are at least 10 or more subjects to be covered. Based on this you equally assign work to each subject you get hardly 15 days for each. During this time you not only need to cover subjects but also practice the questions from previous years and question banks. With all these ones head do you think that you have enough time to open book and start preparing?

If you have higher goals, then you have sleepless nights ahead of you. It’s not that we competing with only our class that have more half students worthless. The whole nation is after it, students dropped a year or two, dedicated themselves for GATE preparation to see IITs not sleeping for quite a long time even before the GATE notification itself.

With all these facts and tight time frame, if we still sit in front of TV sets watch dramas, movies, cricket, favorite shows all, we will sit there forever in our lives. If you and I want to see ourselves in a different world and in a different position in coming days, we need to leave our comfort zones. The time has come to decide what we do in future. We have to make choice between our TV sets, friends that leave us soon, other time wasters on internet and a career that makes everyone proud, a achievement that not only contribute in personal growth but also make nation cherish.

Time move faster than anything, I posted GATE 2012,2013,2014 preparation guide and now writing another one. The time moved fast and in few days you will see GATE application forms appear and in a flash GATE exam. Time will go and it all depends on you what you make out of it. You use it and make everyone proud or just hid yourself and lock in TV changing TV channels or taking bike out and not coming back with the fear of getting scold if your dad sees you.

With this I call you all to make best use of your time, divide it properly among different subjects and stay focused every single day till you finish GATE. We are on the way of starting forum to help students to get updates do subscribe by email and like Inspire n Ignite on facebook to get updates.

Wish you all a great luck. Stay focused stay tuned.


  1. Eliza Tyas

    Thankyou for sharing information

  2. rohan

    zahid sir, can i read 2 , 3 subjects simultaneously or it is better to complete 1 subject and then go for another subject.. sir plzz rply..

  3. rohit

    I am gonna rock this year in GATE 2014 just wait and watch !

  4. chetan

    hi, jahid
    thanks for motivating me. I am a mechanical graduate from NIT,working in FMC technologies,work here is very much technical and i like it,but at the same time pay is around 5 lpa, i always wanted to go to psu so that i get time for preparing IES. the current company at which i am working do have lot of scopes but outside india ,i dont want to go away from my family for long time.I am perplexed ,can someone guide?

  5. Rahul

    Myself Rahul BE Mechanical Pune University(70%).
    I am having 3 years Work experience.
    My Salary is only 2.9 lacs from 3 years. I am Confused whether to Continue Job, OR Try Gate So that After Completion OF Mtech I will get Good salary.
    I am confident That i will clear Gate. But Still confused whether to continue same Routine OR try Taking Risk Of leaving Job And Fully Commited to Gate.
    But Seeing present market condition I am scaring to take risk.
    Is It Possible to prepare gate while continuing Job simultaneously.

  6. sindu

    am from eee .coaching is from aug to january in ace institute.can u tell me the important subjects and the way of time management.plz

  7. sindu

    am sindu.completed my with 86% and just qualified in gate in final year.after that i suffered a lot from pleural effusion in i hav 6 months of time.whether it is sufficient for gate preparation in ace.

  8. Vaibhavi

    Hello Sir

    Can you tell me about the priority of subjects in ECE for gate . My email id is [email protected]

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Princy

    I m in my 2nd yr of mtech from some private cllg. I have applied for gate.. wat r opportunities for cracking gate for me… aftr doing Mtech from private cllg.

  10. vaibhav pandey

    Hi frnds. this is vaibhav. I have completed my MTech in Instrument Technology from IIT Delhi in 2011. My experience says if u r having a gud job then dont leave that. If anyone heard that 6.5 LPA is the average salry then its not true…..Its true for only CS branch.. core branches always get a lesser package. Even though I got a package of 7 LPA bcoz of my luck,not everyone gets a higher package….

  11. vidya

    some of my fnds telling that every one should have a p.g with the degre is it so need or some r telling that get a good job ofter their is lot of compitation which is better?

  12. siddharth

    hi sir.i just want to know from which book i should practice for the aptitude questions..because in GATE they ask good quality aptitude questions..please suggest.waiting for ur reply..thanks a lot.bye n take care.

  13. Alok

    inspiring n compelling…
    Thanks Zahid sir… 🙂

  14. pravin

    i hav got placed in accenture
    i want to focus on ma gate preparation
    so is it possible to crack gate within 4 months?
    or its too late to start
    plz guyz & zahid sir help me
    i really wants to make it into iit.
    4 months n 1week reamains is it possible

  15. Mohit Modi

    Hi Zahid…
    good job that you are doing to help GATE students.
    Can i have a list of priorities for ECE department. Means how should i start preparing?
    My mail id is [email protected]

  16. P Vasanthi

    Hiii Zahid,.. U r doing a awesome job… its really goog.. could u please give the priority of subjects for CS… my mail id: [email protected]… please mail me 🙂

  17. sumeet patel

    Hi Zahid,
    How about adding a countdown timer for GATE 2012.

    1. Zahid

      Thanks for the idea Sumeet. I did that last year and would do this year too. Isnt it too early to scare student ? 🙂

  18. ranjeet choudhary

    A message for all gate aspirants………….if u think like that ki maine phle hi bhut time waste kr diya h…..aur Ab bahut hi kam time bachaa h………then u will be the sufferer…….aap ye mat dekho ki aapne abhi tak kya khoya h………just think….ki aap kya kya paa skte ho………….”JUST BELIEVE IN URSELF”………..KYONKI jb aapko khud pe hi viswaas ni hoga to phir padh kr v kya fayada hoga……………..ALL D BEST 2 all of u…………………..

  19. siva

    i had completed my b.e in 2010 but i have arrear.can i apply gate 2012?please reply me.if it is possible means ,how can i apply.

  20. Arun


    I am a BE Mechanical graduate with 3 years experience in Aerospace and mechanical design. Currently I get a Package of 4.5 LPA (Rs. 35k/pm) and I have been for onsite to US for about 6 months. I feel very low with just a bachelors degree and I think a MS or MTech specialization is required for having a deeper understanding and succeeding in the competitive corporate environment. I studied my UG by means of a education loan and going to Job was very important so that I can clear off my dues.

    Suppose I consider going for MTech via GATE Exam, and secure a good rank and Join any of the IIT`s. Of course, I`l learn a lot of new things and will have a satisfying experience. Statistics show me that average salary of MTech fresher from IIT is 6.5 LPA. If I continue in my current job for 2 years, by all means my salary in my current company will reach around 7 LPA coupled with a couple of onsite chances(I make money here). So, is there a point doing MTech ? Studying for Mtech and Working is very difficult Zahid. I tried this in 2010 by joining for some GATE coaching classes, but I have failed miserably. I almost work for 14 hours a day inclusive of travel and I am so tired to open book and study. Weekends, I give time to myself and my family. If I need to come in top 500 among 81,000 candidates along with working and its pressures, it seems naturally impossible. Should I quit my Job or Should I quit my dream of going to IIT ?

    1. prasanjit

      Hi Arun
      I’m still in final yr of engineering and juggling between Gate and Jobs.
      but to give you any sugestion i would say leave your dream of getting into IIT. you yourself mentioned you never going to earn more money by getting mtech already earning handsome. pratical. its very frustating to continue job and study. you won’t be able to me. and even if you leave job its very dificult to change your lifestyle and study now.
      so just forget this rosy dream of IIT and concentrate on your will see better results.
      mail me for any other discussion.
      thanks and regards

    2. Vivek Singh

      you are doing very well .Dont quit your job if you are getting skills from it .Talking about your thirst of specialization i would suggest you to go for part time mtech programs from a GOOD institute(iit,nits) which you can do with your job .I think you can also go through this page
      (read the answer for 5th question specially second para i guess that might help you or may not help you at all :))
      Think about your needs, your academic requirements and then frame a best way you can fulfill them.Your path may or may NOT go from iit.But it should be good.As at the end of the day you should be happy.

      You are doing well at job and if you are learning something from it dont quit it .Think wisely on what options you have and what you want.Research for different courses in india and abroad .Talk to experts .And decide what is best for you

  21. rohit

    Great work sir!!!!!
    can u kindly suggest on how/what time management should done by 3rd year students who were preparing for GATE-2012 but can’t appear now due to iit-delhi’s thoughtfull eligibility criteria. …. bexause i can’t see any point in this …. so plss write something on what we pre final year students should do except sitting idle.
    Thank you

  22. richa

    sir, i m btech biotechnology 4th yr student….plz tel me how should i prepare for gate exam now..its too late now but i really want to crack it.i m ready to do hard wrk &put best of my efforts..i m also preparing for campus selection…so plz plz tel me how to properly do it all…….

    1. Barath

      September is not too late to start preperation , i too have started just recently

      There will be aptitude questions both for gate(15 marks) and campus selections , so studying for aptitude from books like RS Agarwal will be a double benefit

  23. richa

    thank you so much sir….
    your such advises and motivations are really very imp for us and these help us alot………thanks again sir

  24. Renu

    tell me about the best study material..from which i can crack GATE
    i m doing i have very limited time for preparation.thanks a lot

    1. Barath

      The best study material are the text books themselves , there is no shortcut than getting a solid foundation in your basic concepts .
      i xerox only some part of the textbook , where gate concepts are included , instead of buying the full book
      I have heard that briliant tutorial’s study material is good , you can refer it if you want to
      Also you can refer additional gate question banks , and books by G.K publishers to solve gate questions

  25. siva kumar

    Dear Sir,
    Great article once again. We are all eagerly waiting for the forum to be started soon to discuss a lot..


    zAHID SIR,

  27. sumit jaiswal

    hi sir,
    i just wantd to say a lot of thanks to u fr whatevr i am today.
    I got seat in nit durgapur by gate 2011
    thank u again fr ur support.
    I wud b happy if i wud b of any help to u.
    Thank u

  28. gouti

    i gave gate11 n qualified.but not get chance to get admition in good university… so i will give gate12 again.. but the thing is that i can’t get the enthutiasm i hv had in last year.. please give me some suggestion… the way i m a member of this family since the day of result out of gate11 n i read ur article every time it comes in my mailbox…
    thank u … hv a nice day…….


    if i start preparing from now will i succeed? i am from computer science and engineering. what should be my routine?

  30. Priyanka Jain

    Very rightly said by you Sir, just 4 months and even between that final year students will have their 7th semester exam…that’ll waste a month too..
    So every single second is precious…
    Just keep us inspiring like this and reminding us again and again that u have to work hard to achieve ur goal.
    Good day

  31. omkar

    Thank you sir .This article is very special to me and all aspirant !

  32. shoaib


  33. Kapil

    Zahid Sir,

    I n I and your words have put great impact on me. Especially at a lonely time after boring tiered working hours when my mindset was negative and I was regretting my decision of leaving Gate/higher education and opted for a job and going after money.

    I still remember the ‘aha!’ moment when I landed on I n I. On that day onwards, I n I cookies are most active on my browser! Its been my adrenaline anecdotes for long time. 🙂

    Indirectly/directly I have learned countless things from you and I n I and its improving not only in preparations but also in other aspect of my life. Very very very few bloggers are fortunate to put such impact and impression on the masses in their respective niche.

    Thank You sir! for being such a wonderful inspiration.


    Thanx dear for valuable article for me and all.

  35. shravya

    hey….ur articles are really inspiring, special thanks to you…!!

    it would also be better if you can include forum discussions on GATE, where we can discuss about subjects and also you could guide us in the best possible way…


    I got a lot of inspiration from you..Really Your artical are like a booster for me and my preparation.I am a last year student of M.C.A. from PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY and looking honestly to crack GATE 2012.
    Thanks a lot…
    Please keep it for our betterment……………

  37. Ritu Srivastava

    Hey Zahid,

    As usual this article was also inspiring.I am also am a GATE 2012 aspirant.Although I am working so sometimes its hard to trick with time to study.But its your articles that always inspire me and I hope I will able to get throygh this……

  38. vipul


    I want to know that can i make into IIT (top seven) in these 4 months.In GATE 2011 my AIR was 18000 (qualified).

  39. r.ganesan

    Dear hemant,
    It was a general practice to allow engineering students to sit for GATE exams in the pre-final year itself. They can also write in the final year. This gives them an opportunity to select the better score out of two.
    This year IIT delhi has decided not to permit pre-final year students to appear for the exams.It takes away an opprtunity from this batch. Is it an arbitrary decision by IIT DELHI administration or is there a sound reason behind this decision.
    Can we look for a legal remedy.
    Kindly let me know.

  40. Nitin

    hi zahid,

    the primary source of inspiration behind my fascinations towards GATE was your blog. I am following your blog from sep 2010. I prepared for GATE-11 cs and got a rank within 4000. Even I got a nice institute for but it was not what I dreamt. I was frustrated and I left the very thought of and joined company in which i got recruited in campus placement.
    but still your blogs post notifications were coming to my inbox and they were compelling me towards reading your blog again. And the history repeated you again waked me up and now i again started preparing for GATE-12 with new enthusiasm. This is your articles that provide an immense source of energy to me..
    Many thanks for writing such ‘life changing’ articles.

    1. Manajit Chakraborty

      Could you just tell me which institute you are referring to in the line,”I prepared for GATE-11 cs and got a rank within 4000. Even I got a nice institute for” ??

      Thanks and Regards,
      GATE 2012 Aspirant(Just like you…)

  41. prasanna vignesh

    respected sir,
    i want to thank you very much. i am an engg college student from an rural area. i attend gate2011 and got 21 marks without any guide and notes bt this year i have coinfident that i too will get place in IIt’S all because of you words and preparation methods..
    once again thankyou very much sir.

  42. Abhishek Kumar

    Thank you Zahid sir For being a great source of inspiration for us.
    Your forum really ignites the zeal to do something..and to find out the best hiedden inside us…
    Thank you once again for such an inspiration..

  43. Ashish Joshi

    Sir, one thing I would like to Say:

    Lucky Enough to Being a Part of INSPIRE n IGNITE Family

    Great Ignition,Thanks For the Post…..

  44. Mohit

    I had appeared in GATE 2011 & Secured rank within 3300. I was getting admission in different reputed college but due to our family business, I had not joined any one of them. From last year, I was following your website. It’s really great. Even today, when a notification arrive in my mailbox, I cannot stop myself to click on the link.

    Your articles are superb, an inspiring one, not for the GATE aspirants but to anyone who want to succeed in life. In last few months, my life had changed a lot but still reading your articles are extremely refreshing & provides an immense source of energy to me.

    1. Zahid

      Hi Mohit,

      Welcome back. I still remember the analysis and conversation we had on I n I.
      Though opted for family business you are among us. You are Engineer and went through all that every Engineer go.

      Many posts related to analysing GATE scores impact on M.Tech admission came out because of your comments and read over a million times.

      I am starting a forum soon to bring all members together and get their honest opinion to help student community in a better way.Hope we can pay back to nation this way.

    2. Manajit Chakraborty

      Well,Mohit I also appeared for GATE-2011 and secured a rank of 3268(CSE). So,could you tell me which reputed college you were getting admission in based on your rank?
      And best wishes for GATE 2012.

      Thanks and Regards,


    hi shahid,
    so far you have been doing a very good job.. congrats….
    i have been following you for the past three months and i have learnt a lot from you… the informations you give are very valuable in my preparations and i would llike to thank you for that.thanks a lot …..

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