This is a serious question for those who are working or final year students. I have been asked about it quite a lot of times, but as I was never in such a tough situations I could not get time to think about it. Recently when I decided to take an exam and now feel that for itโ€™s a now or never situation, I started looking into it deeply.

Itโ€™s really tough for someone who has tiring day job or a hectic college schedule to compete with many who are preparing for GATE as a whole. I feel that cautiously making our daily schedules and showing up highest level of commitment is must for cracking GATE or any other competitive exam.

In the following video I tried to cover few of the most important things related to GATE preparations and personal management.

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Giving a sincere and honest try is only key for success in GATE or other exam. I am committed to give my sincere effort and ask you all have a sincere desire to follow your dreams.

At the end I ask your remember the points I mentioned video. Save Energy, Eat Well, Sleep Well, Save Time, and have great Friends around yourself. Keep me your good prayers for good performance in coming exam.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead