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GATE Preparation With Job Or Daily College

This is a serious question for those who are working or final year students. I have been asked about it quite a lot of times, but as I was never in such a tough situations I could not get time to think about it. Recently when I decided to take an exam and now feel that for itโ€™s a now or never situation, I started looking into it deeply.

Itโ€™s really tough for someone who has tiring day job or a hectic college schedule to compete with many who are preparing for GATE as a whole. I feel that cautiously making our daily schedules and showing up highest level of commitment is must for cracking GATE or any other competitive exam.

In the following video I tried to cover few of the most important things related to GATE preparations and personal management.

This is a part of GATE preparation series for many other related post I recommend you to visit GATE 2014 preparation guide.

Giving a sincere and honest try is only key for success in GATE or other exam. I am committed to give my sincere effort and ask you all have a sincere desire to follow your dreams.

At the end I ask your remember the points I mentioned video. Save Energy, Eat Well, Sleep Well, Save Time, and have great Friends around yourself. Keep me your good prayers for good performance in coming exam.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead


  1. Mayank Soni

    Hello sir,
    I am Mayank,currently i am doing job in pvt ltd company as a exe.but i want to carck gate is it possible to carck gate duing job in 10 hrs continously working.Plz sir suggest m?

  2. Neeraj rathore

    hello sir,i am working in as an executive engineer in maintenace field, i am completely overloaded with work throyghout the day and thus get tired after doing continuous 10hrs of routine job andsometime more,as i need to prepere well and crack the gate 2015 , so plz.. provide me the way for it and also the book foralong with publisher for mechanical gate 2015. Pl let me knw whether i hve to go thoroughly with all my books included in gate syllabus or there is some other books to be consulted due to inefficient time period.Pl let me know??

  3. aakash reddy

    Sir,I am studying b tech 2 year,could you please suggest me how to prepare for gate,so that I could crack it by the end of my fourth year.

  4. Jayant

    Hello, are there any job openings for production & industrial engineering students in any company or in PSU through Gate- 14 score???

  5. mrinmoy_dey

    nice one….!!!

  6. monica

    hello sir … wid this link is again not workin …plzzzzz we want it back

    1. monica

      ohh m soooo sorry….its my mistake …its working now

  7. Saptarshi Pyne

    It was Sunday night. Dated September 1, 2013. This video struck me so deeply that I wondered what is the message that has been conveyed. I said to myself, “First Let me understand it by heart. Do not rush for a comment till then”. So I re-ran the video for these three days whenever I felt like getting distracted. I figured out some of the key areas to reach ‘Ok now I am getting it’ stage. I jotted them down briefly below.
    Key 1:Content: It started with a very specialized area of education. It started with an ‘ IF ‘. InI is stretching beyond the generalized information repository to each and every aspect of a student life. It is answering long coveted questions where ‘where, when and whom’ are not applicable for an abstract generalized human dummy in a suitable time frame and space any more. I think it is InIites who made it possible by sharing their customized real-life queries with Zahid Sir who has been able to ‘wear their shoes'(@Poornima) in this case.
    Key 2: Representation: I realized it second time while watching the video in Full Screen Mode. As Indians, we give a lot of importance to the elders of our own generation. Starting from that jumpy sit back, casual hand gestures, full face-to-face interactions, it seems to be, we are being advised by our elder brother who is relaxing in a couch next to us after the family dinner. InI seems to have traveled a long way from those ‘Direct from the Founder’s Desk’ videos where InI Home page has been flashing in the background (though in why do PhD video the monitor was gracefully turned off). From the simplicity and impact, I would like to keep this video right with the Steve Jobs’ Macbook Air keynote. This is the ‘Thinnest Notebook Ever’. But how thin is it? Please do not measure with scale. Steve casually entered the podium and lifted out the notebook from an A4 sized paper envelope. Human being would remain knocked down forever.
    The ‘I am Zahid from …’ and the ‘Do subscribe to…’ seem to be a little distracting (@Naveen) for InIites but it may be helpful for new visitors.
    I could not agree more with @Sanjay Raj and @Nishant that InI is being a very different(new) way to help us “realize the importance of the important things in life”. Zahid Sir, please keep doing it because you got to do it.


    That’s really nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ You get to know why some people ask on preparation strategies when in job or college only when you wear their shoes ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Vishal

    Hi Zahid,

    In Gate 2014 we will be facing numerical answer type questions where answer will be an Number which has to be entered by candidate using virtual key pad. I am Mechanical Engineering Student hence my question is “How Many Questions in exam will be of Numerical type? Will Entire Question paper having Numericals will have Numerical Answer type? can you please explain it?

  10. Naveen

    Don’t you think subscriptions and likes will come to you automatically. Why to ask for it in every post?

  11. sanjay raj

    presently i am working in college and expanding 8-9 hours , now after watching this
    video i got my energy level top point thank u so much…

  12. sanjay raj


  13. siva

    Anyone intrested in aerospace pls contact to this email
    [email protected]
    And pls share ur preparation with me, THANKS

  14. manju

    video not available pls check it sir

  15. Nishant

    Superrb sir..something different that keeps us motivated to achive our ultimate goal.T’s very nice to have ur experience.

  16. raj

    Hi sir,
    I want To Do my M.Tech In foreign can u suggest me the way and entrance exams i need to write
    thank in advance

  17. Basanth

    Great thought mamu. Reminds me of my college days – specially exam prep times. You literally took me back to those days. I am preparing for something at the moment and I am sure your video helped me realise how to prioritize. Thanks and keep posting more InI videos and thoughts.

  18. Niran

    The video is not playable Zahid..
    Can u please check it..

    1. Zahid

      huh Soo fast. Bro. it was just 10 minutes I posted it and you are here : D changed the link : )

  19. john

    video not available

    1. Zahid

      huh Soo fast. Bro. it was just 10 minutes I posted it and you are here : D changed the link : )

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