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Dealing With A Challenge: GATE Prep. in Last Few Days

As GATE exam is getting closer my mail box is filled with a common question. How to prepare or how to manage so many subjects in limited time. I cannot reply all messages personally because of volume and personal schedule. I cover this and other common questions I made a short video.

I wrote many posts on GATE preparation based on and for an average student’s capabilities. Please refer to the topics posted on GATE preparation guide for more details.

I shared an event from life of IIT to bring the attitude to deal with a challenge in life. This is way I deal with things in life and move on with dealing. For me being first is not important, being best and know where I am best is the key.

Here is vid.

With this I would like to ask to focus on strong areas in the last days of GATE preparation. Stay focus and stay relaxed.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Ashwin

    Hi Zahid,

    Its Ashwin, I am writing here because I need some guidance regarding the problems that I am facing in my life these problems just has come now when I am gonna face the most important time of my life i.e. Gate Exam. I do not have your email ID so I am writing here. Can you please send a blank mail or something to me so that that will hint your Id to me and I can discuss the things with you. I have given my heart and soul for this year gate exam but now seems like life has given a hard stop.

    I am waiting for your reply Zahid,
    Your words has impacts on me and you can save my career and save my life as well…


    1. Zahid

      You can reach me at [email protected] . Stay calm n relaxed okie.

  2. Saurabh

    very very thanks for your support..

  3. anjali

    chemical engineering GATE key please………..

    1. ankit

      Give ur mail id

  4. CmK

    Thank u Very much
    for boosting up the confidence !

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