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How To Prepare For GATE: Nikhil Krishnan (AIR 4) GATE 2011 (part-1)

Alright, we are tuning into the GATE preparation, that’s nice to see after all we need to if not now then when would that happen? To gear up faster in right direction I have something special for you today. Yes as title says, a long interview with Nikhil Krishnan, All India 4th Rank ECE in Gate 2011. Presently Nikhil is a student at IISc Bangalore, in Telecommunication.

Isn’t that exciting? For me it was a great experience to talk him and get his point of view on different very common and most obvious question for every student preparing for GATE. It’s a nice and long interview for all who are preparing for GATE that will definitely give you an insight from an experienced and rocker.

As the interview was very long I divided it into three parts. First two parts are related GATE Preparation and Third part is about GATE exam, its difficulties and tactics to perform best in it.

In this first part Nikhil discussed the following questions in depth.

  1. What kind of student you were academically? What was your percentage in different educational levels?
  2. How much do you used to study for GATE? How managed time between your final year studies and and GATE exam?
  3. What is your view on Classroom Coaching or self study?
  4. How to manage time for each subjects, what is your view on subject weightage and preparation strategy? Which subject to start first?
  5. A discussion on GATE Rank Estimators and Rank predictors.

Just lay back and relax and listen to whole interview.

In a nutshell he emphasized on having a GATE study group, that I n I community is help to form a virtual group, apart from the one you can have at your college and institute. The next thing to focus on was to solve as many questions as possible. Do not miss the next interview to get more tips on GATE preparation.

It’s great that he spared sometime to help many more students in nation and we remain thankful to his time for I n I community. We are definitely looking forward for more interviews with GATE toppers from other branches too. You will hear them soon. I hope I can make a series of such interview. Editing the interview took a lot of my time and was a test of my patience all these days, but it is worth giving that try 🙂

I will be posting second part of his interview soon, until then subscribe to I n I for updates and you can also like I n I on facebook for updates in your facebook. Apart from all these, you can be an active member at I n I community and help and get help from others.

Thanks a million to Nikhil and wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Ujjwal Kumar Sen

    It is quite inspiration, but it could be better, if it was a video interview.

    By the way thanks for this interview, I hope it will help me.

  2. chandrakala gowder

    Sir in GATE2013 I scored 14 marks ,but I lost my confidence after looking at the question paper that how liitle I knew about my engineering field. Becoz of this I did not give the gate 2014. And now I think I have to clear all my basic concept…. as I am from a newly opened college, all fresher’s were available to teach us who were w/o experience………and now I have decided to join a coaching class and clear all my concepts and get good score. Will it work?

  3. babu

    i hav 60% in my b-tech i have fear abt gate .iwas eee student of snist college how prepare gate to get good rank

  4. Sashi


    I am Sashi and wants to tell something about the The Gate Academy that
    it is having the best Gate Questions written by IITans, IISc Toppers.
    It really helps students in getting success.It is conducted in online
    environment, where a candidate is required to answer by Clicking. It
    consistently provides Rank and Percentile, and will continue
    till the GATE Exam .

  5. vidhi

    as u r from same streem can you tell me from all of those subjects which subjects i have to choose to prepare or i have toprepare all of them as i m amother of two small kids so i cant do all subjects.plzz tell me

  6. priya

    hi sir…
    i am studing e.c.e ,3rd year. pls suggest me tips and books to follow for securing top 5 rank in gate. pls sir…….

  7. bijendra kumar

    i m in mechanical 3 yr ..
    how would in prepare foe gate 2013 to secure a good rank..
    and some special tips for self study.?//?????

  8. Soma Das

    Hi Sir….I would require your help urgently for some of my queries on GATE preparation….I am 2006 EEE passout…am married…..planning to go for GATE and take admission in any of the reputed colleges….can you please suggest me how to prepare for GATE 2013……as I am 2006 passout and working in IT domain…..i forgot most of my subjects in EEE… how should i start afresh for GATE 2013….should i join any coaching centres….if yes please suggest me a good institute in Delhi… confussed…..please help me out sir….what should i do to get a good percentile……

  9. sri ramya

    thank you:) its very inspiring


    i have given gate exam in my 3rd year from mechanical engg and secured AIR 41 in 2011..this year i have not filled the form for gate exam..i want to know about the colleges i can get in my field..can i get iisc banglore…is there any interview conducted by iit colleges after gate result as a part of their admission process..and if yes how should i prepare for the interview


    thanks a lot for providing such a useful information to all GATE aspirants

  12. Mahesh Khandelwal

    Thank you for providing this type of substantial information……

  13. harsha

    thanks zahid

  14. nitin srivastava

    thanks, zahid bhai … I am consistently looking ur post since last one year … your selfless effort really deserves lot appreciation … salute to u …

  15. Shoaibsam Ahamed

    JazakALLAH zahid Bhai..
    this time I’m not spending ON i came to see Ur updates..

  16. praveen v

    yet to see the video………….

    but the real thing thing to crack is use ur full time…..for preperation.

    Stop planning and start doing was a good eye opener for me…………..

    But really getting from ur 30’s to 50’s (marks) can be achieved thru rigorous effort……….50+ will land u only in 98percentile……… me a shock everytime

    yet no use of 98 percentile……….to get in iits
    now i realized………….

    made a daily plan………will devote at least 2 hour daily …..but hard to follow

    Ur really …………good in making us decide what is important and how much time should we devote , if we are serious of mtech

    i have decided to steal some time from office time, to pursue my dream.

  17. aonkar

    post the remaining thing soon.. cant wait.. thanx man.. 🙂

  18. bakeel khan

    Excellent post Zahid bhai.. thanks a million for such a great and usefull vedio… really hats off to u..

    A great come back after a long and unusual conversation on the last post 🙁

    thanks for the way u r helping us.. eagerlly waiting for the next parts..
    A big thanks again.. may Allah bless you..

  19. Mithun H

    @zahid sir, i think the spelling “krishnan” is mispelled somewhere in the video…and i saw some more . Please see to it.

    1. Zahid

      Thanks a Million Mithun, I corrected in part-2. Thank you soo much again.

  20. Mithun H

    @ Zahid sir,I was not expecting that…….well…. thanks a lot .It did leave a mark in my mind. awesome …
    @chetan , ya just google IISc and i promise you will definitley want to study there, coz its the best institute for higher education in India.

  21. Abhishek Tiwari

    I feel so nice to tell his experience about the gate.. I feel so nice to tell his experience about the gate.. But i wanna ask that as i m in 3 year nd didnt started till now can i break the gate…

  22. Bikram Ballav

    @Chetan , It is IISC because a premier Research Institute , which is only one of it’s kind that’s why toppers prefer it also it is 100 years old. To know more about them best way to check their site. They are more inclined towards Mathematics and it’s related subjects and Basic Science.

    But IIT’s are also doing the same job,they are relatively new and truly speaking there are very few differences among them.

    1. Chetankumar

      Thanx Bikram for your reply; now I got it 🙂

  23. prasannaw

    its very inspiring..very thankfull to zahid sir..

  24. Chetankumar

    The interview seems to be very helpful but I have slightly different & basic question in mind that it is mentioned that Nikhil is now a student at IISc;
    So what is the difference between IIT’s & IISc??
    Is they are same? If they are same then why it is “IISc” & not “IIT”.
    And why students with upper rank prefers to IISc first?
    Whether in IISc better amenities are provided or what?
    Basically what makes the IISc to be first choice for the students????

    Plz anybody tell me …. I m waiting… … …

  25. sutanu

    tanks for this post….plz try to post computer science topper’s interview…

  26. Muralidhar.V

    A great post man…:) iam following ur website since two years almost…. :):) u are doing a great job…:) keep it up…:)

  27. mohd.shahjad.tyagi

    i inspire after reading the topper guideline about gate preparation.
    i will give the motivation to gate student.

  28. Rohit

    Very helpful.Thank you for taking time to interview Nikhil and helping us to know more about the preparation straight from the horse’s mouth !!

  29. Kalyan

    Way to Go zahid bhai,this post is quite a big surprise. This is the Zahid we all know.always trying to motivate the students in some manner. You found the best way to do it. And please dont indulge in religious issues whilst doing that. And you showed the best alternative here itself.interview with a topper is very inspirational and helpful.loved it!

    1. Zahid

      hahaha 😀 Kalyan, you know I will punch you man. Let me be what I am 😉 you will see best here.

    2. Kalyan

      Hahaha Zahid bhai,cant wait for the remaining two parts.

  30. Gate Cse

    JUST GREAT I N I \m/ and KEEP IT UP ..

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