Time management is a real trick for achieving any goal in life. GATE is no exception. Recently, I have been receiving many emails and questions regarding time management for GATE exam. The questioners are either having full time job or students of final or pre final year.

The answer is not easy, and every great thing is not easy in life. If someone has a full job or college to attend they need a give an extra effort by managing their time tightly. For managing time first one need to find where is the time that they can use. I have few points to share with you all regarding time management.

  • Check daily routine and write down these activities on a paper with hours. Don’t need to be very hard and strict about timing, don’t need to mention exact hour and minutes of the activity.
  • Once we have a list of activities we do in a day we also have a good idea of what we are doing in a day.
  • Figure out activities we are doing for fun and can be compromised for certain time.
  • Make use of this time for GATE preparations.

When I was student I noticed that usually I spend time in traveling and with friends without doing any productive work. My college was 13 KM away from home and used to take about 30 minutes to reach there.

The first thing I did was started using public transportation. And second thing was to go little early. By which I can get a seat in bus to go to college and I spend that travel time either for reading, revising or taking rest in bus.

I was a student so I used that early hours to sit in library and prepared GATE and other exams. And another thing I did was to leave college very late may be at library closing time. I tried to make best use of library. When I finished my B.Tech, everyone knows where I am, if I am not in class. To make it great we need to sacrifice and need cut some of the thing which we love. Every time we make a hard decision by knowing what are we are doing, it will benefit us in long run. The hard work always pays us, one or the other day, in one or the other day.

The common distracters for students are

1. Travel long distance driving our own vehicles on regular basis.
2. TV serials
3. Too much unproductive time wasting friends
4. Too much sleeping
5. Spending too much in markets
6. Watching movies almost every weekend, watching them from bed till return to bed.

These are few common time consumers in life. If we manage them properly we can do many things miraculously on time.

The last point is to be very consistent in our preparation. It’s not a one day job it’s a consistent effort achieve big result.

GATE is big opportunity for student who didn’t have a chance to prove, because of image issue with lectures in B.Tech. They have a golden opportunity to prove. GATE is totally an open competition and you may beat the best student of your college with consistent efforts.

Your friends may tease for your change, please don’t worry about them much. They will also cherish your great achievements in future and feel great to associate themselves with you. Hard work with consistency will take you there.

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Wish you a wonderful luck ahead. Don’t stop keep going you are there at destination.