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Top Marks In GATE 2013

We usually tend to look for highest possible marks in an exam we are looking forward to excel and GATE is no exception. After knowing highest marks in GATE are 100 itā€™s a good pointer to know how much was highest in previous years to try to make margin for yourself and get out any issues you are facing during practice tests. Especially when you are not able to get to the top score and started feeling down.

I have cover top marks in GATE exams since last three years and this year is no exception. Please refer to GATE 2010, 2011 and 2012 top marks too. Top marks change year to year the best things is that after having this data now we can analyze how many marks one need to get into IITs and NITs. In coming posts I would bring more detailed analysis of that.

GATE 2013 highest marks are

Paper Title Code Highest Marks
Aerospace Engineering AE 73.33
Agricultural Engineering AG 52.00
Architecture and Planning AR 70.67
Biotechnology BT 78.67
Civil Engineering CE 80.67
Chemical Engineering CH 77.67
Computer Science and Information Technology CS 69.33
Chemistry CY 69.67
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 88.67
Electrical Engineering EE 90.67
Geology and Geophysics GG 77.00
Instrumentation Engineering IN 70.33
Mathematics MA 48.33
Mechanical Engineering ME 88.67
Mining Engineering MN 62.33
Metallurgical Engineering MT 71.67
Physics PH 56.00
Production and Industrial Engineering PI 75.00
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF 62.00
Engineering Sciences XE 63.33
Life Sciences XL 71.67

Hope this will help you all to get an indication about how the toughness of paper defines highest marks every year. Dont forget to compete highest marks instead of just looking for to reach highest marks obtained last year.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Nishant

    Gate Topper 2013 for Chemical Engineering was 84.67/100

  2. dharmendra kumar

    Thanx ….

  3. Tannu

    My name is Tannu Bali and I have got 25.32 marks.Is there any chance for me to get into IIT via some non sponsored in which student is not paid any stipend?

  4. Neeraj

    Just one correction highest marks in GATE 2013 For CSE is 73 AIR-1 Bibaswan chatterjee..

    1. dipali

      Good things for information …Thank u

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