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Top Marks In GATE 2014

Preparing for GATE is a challenging task. To deal with it in a right way we need to understand it in depth to avoid frustrations and retaining the confidence. One need to cover almost four years engineering syllabus to score best marks. Sometimes, I can be quite frustrating and discouraging.

The good thing is if you know the highest marks scored you will know the margin of error or hope to still do better when you don’t hit a complete score. This will help you gain confidence and a give a desire to prepare for GATE exam.

Thanks to my brother for applying for RTI letter to all IITs for GATE cutoffs and GATE stats. Here we have GATE 2014 highest marks. This is a part of GATE 2016 preparation guide.

GATE 2014 Highest or Maximum Marks

Gate Paper Gate Paper Code Highest Marks
Aerospace Engineering AE 70
Agricultural Engineering AG 57.33
Architecture And Planning AR 59.33
Biotechnology BT 70
Civil Engineering CE 86.26
Chemical Engineering CH 85.26
Computer Science and Information Technology CS 85.33
Chemistry CY 83.39
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 71.67
Electrical Engineering EE 89.86
Ecology and Evolution EY 81.56
Ecology and Geophysics GG 86.33
Instrumentation Engineering IN 60
Mathematics MA 49.67
Mechanical Engineering ME 88.84
Mining Engineering MN 69
Metallurgical Engineering MT 94.67
Physics PH 72.33
Production and Industrial Engineering PI 67.33
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF 67
Engineering Sciences XE 70.67
Life sciences XL 73

Hope this will help you in understanding where you stand in your GATE preparations and keep you motivated to excel in your preparations. We are coming up with more stats on GATE 2014 and 2015 in coming posts. Stay in touch by subscribing to I n I by mail, liking us on facebook and following us on Gplus.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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    Thank you Zahid Sir For your efforts towards helping the Guys like me, THE ASPIRANTS. Thank you From Bottom of my Heart.

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