Top marks are the first thing students look for when they decide to take up any exam and do early study on syllabus and eligibility. To help them i made sure this information to be more accurate and authenticated for years. You can see you GATE 2011 top mark and GATE 2010 top marks.

Top marks for years would give you an idea of how much effort is needed to stand on top in the competition to get reach to your dream destinations. It’s a good evaluating point for your preparation and a good check point for your desired targets.

To help you with that i give out the GATE 2012 top marks that are obtained officially from IITD.

Paper Title Code Highest Marks
Aerospace Engineering AE 64
Agricultural Engineering AG 48.33
Architecture and Planning AR 80.67
Biotechnology BT 76.67
Civil Engineering CE 84
Chemical Engineering CH 73.33
Computer Science and Information Technology CS 90
Chemistry CY 62.33
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 67
Electrical Engineering EE 70.33
Geology and Geophysics GG 66.67
Instrumentation Engineering IN 56.67
Mathematics MA 61
Mechanical Engineering ME 92
Mining Engineering MN 66
Metallurgical Engineering MT 84.33
Physics PH 80
Production and Industrial Engineering PI 67
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF 62
Engineering Sciences XE 78
Life Sciences XL 71.67

Competition is just too high these days and increasing every day. The above marks just give an idea about how many marks one scored last year. These figures can change drastically and someone give it a blank this year. I mean 100 out of 100 it’s just a multiple choice you cannot guarantee anything. If you are serious about GATE I highly recommend you to keep target for 100 marks nothing less nothing more.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.