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GATE 2013 Qualifying or Minimum Marks

After knowing highest marks in GATE it’s an obvious desire know what are the lowest marks. On the same time its important for few students to know where they stand. If they reach out to that qualifying mark. So that they can focus on every single mark to reach out there. This will also help many student to know how their preparation is and how much effort they need to give in coming days.

For me both the maximum marks and minimum marks are useful in calculating the GATE scores for certain marks obtained. I am making a GATE score calculator, using these that will help student to evaluate how is their performance is, in coming days. With time we will increase its functionality and make a complete tool helping students asses where they stand when it comes to M.Tech Admissions.

Gate 2013 minimum or qualifying marks are

Paper Title General OBC SC/ST/PD
Aerospace Engineering 31.39 28.25 20.93
Agricultural Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Architecture and Planning 40.51 36.46 27.01
Biotechnology 38.77 34.89 25.85
Civil Engineering 27.13 24.42 18.09
Chemical Engineering 32.35 29.12 21.57
Computer Science and Information Technology 25 22.50 16.67
Chemistry 27.39 24.65 18.26
Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Electrical Engineering 25.74 23.17 17.16
Geology and Geophysics 45.16 40.64 30.11
Instrumentation Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Mathematics 25 22.50 16.67
Mechanical Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Mining Engineering 37.63 33.87 25.09
Metallurgical Engineering 40.30 36.27 26.87
Physics 25 22.50 16.67
Production and Industrial Engineering 26.11 23.50 16.67
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science 27.54 24.79 18.36
Engineering Sciences 31.29 28.16 20.86
Life Sciences 32.71 29.44 21.81

Hope this helps you all, who are preparing for GATE and looking for a pointer to evaluate your preparation.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


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    This might also help in preparation:

  2. Nadeem

    where is GATE score calculator??

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