When I post GATE cutoff for IIT Delhi, someone commented and asked to give the cut off in terms of marks not Score. As GATE score doesn’t give any information about cutoff and competition, because GATE score is a relative term. You can read more about it on how much GATE score need for get into IITs.

The other posts you would be interested in are GATE top marks and GATE minimum marks, these will give an insight about the marks that may help you to see IITs and at least get a valid score card.

IIT Kharagpur GATE Cutoffs Marks for the year 2010 are as below.

Department General OBC SC/ST
Biotechnology 47 42 31.33/31.33
Civil Engineering 30.67 27.33 20.33/20.33
Computer Science 50.33 45 33.33/33.33
Electronics and Communication 45.67 41 30.33/30.33
Electrical Engineering 38.67 34.67 25.67/25.67
Instrumentation 38.33 34.33 25.33/25.33
Mechanical Engineering 35.67 32 23.67/23.67
Production and Industrial 29.67 26.67 19.67/19.67

For cutoffs related to other IITs please visit IIT GATE Cutoffs 2010. I really ask you to target highest marks and these cutoffs are to just give an idea. Please target for the highest marks that will help to be more confident of what you are targeting for.

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