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GATE Cutoffs Marks For IIT Kharagpur

When I post GATE cutoff for IIT Delhi, someone commented and asked to give the cut off in terms of marks not Score. As GATE score doesn’t give any information about cutoff and competition, because GATE score is a relative term. You can read more about it on how much GATE score need for get into IITs.

The other posts you would be interested in are GATE top marks and GATE minimum marks, these will give an insight about the marks that may help you to see IITs and at least get a valid score card.

IIT Kharagpur GATE Cutoffs Marks for the year 2010 are as below.

Department General OBC SC/ST
Biotechnology 47 42 31.33/31.33
Civil Engineering 30.67 27.33 20.33/20.33
Computer Science 50.33 45 33.33/33.33
Electronics and Communication 45.67 41 30.33/30.33
Electrical Engineering 38.67 34.67 25.67/25.67
Instrumentation 38.33 34.33 25.33/25.33
Mechanical Engineering 35.67 32 23.67/23.67
Production and Industrial 29.67 26.67 19.67/19.67

For cutoffs related to other IITs please visit IIT GATE Cutoffs 2010. I really ask you to target highest marks and these cutoffs are to just give an idea. Please target for the highest marks that will help to be more confident of what you are targeting for.

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Do not hesitate to drop a comment, in case you have some questions or suggestions or some information to share thousands of students all over the nation.

Wish you all a very very good luck ahead.


  1. sai rama prabhakar

    helo sir i am from mechanical branch and i am intrested to do my m-tech now in one of the prestigious colleges in india can u provide me the list of top colleges for doing pg in mechanical branch and which specialisation is sggested from ur experience can u answer me please sir?

  2. uppula mallaiah

    sir..i want 2012,2o13 marks list all electrical students only

  3. Betsy

    thanku u so much for giving the marks.

  4. nikhil chaudhari

    sIR,I am expecting 42 marks in GATE 2013.Do i have any chance in IITs or IT-BHU?

    or any NIT.Branch Electrical

  5. Divey sethi

    For M Tech programme in IITs does GATE 2012 score is considered only if my C.G.P.A in B tech is 5.7 of 10 point scale.

  6. naveen

    Please post the GATE2011 analysis of cutoff marks as soon as possible…

  7. shailendra

    can u tell me sir, how much must target marks for iits….

  8. Subrata Mukhopadhyay

    Would any one let me know if Panacea Coaching Center (exclusively for ECE GATE/IES) in Delhi is good enough so that I can send my son for classroom coaching?
    I would be obliged if I am helped by any ex-student of Panacea Coaching center at Delhi.

  9. swapnil

    please can u tell me how many totals seats are available for biotechnology(GATE-M.Tech.) branch in all IITs? Also can you pls tell me that in which IITs biotech is available?….Thank u in advance…:)

  10. suji

    Iam preparing for gate 2012.I aim to join any of the IIT’s and also i wish taking M.E in satellite communication or atleast related to my ECE dept.can you pls guide me in what all steps i should take for achieving my aim.pls guide me…

  11. pawan

    sir, my gate score is 574 (AIR-1354)(mechanical engg.). i received call letter from iit roorkee for conselling in mechanical stream & also from civil deptt. what are the chances to get a seat in dat? conselling date is 05-06-2011.
    pls response early…..i need ur valuable feedback…..!
    THANK YOU………….!

  12. satyaki goswami

    sir,my GATE (2011)score in CY is 432,AIR is 585 and got 29.67 out of 100.
    where should i apply?

  13. sasidhar

    sir i got 42.67 marks in gate 2011. Air is 4585. I have obc and disability reservation. Im from ec stream. Is there any possibility to get iit or nit

  14. Vinod

    I got 15.67 out of 100 n my gate score is 163. i belong to sc catagory. what should i do next ?

  15. akash

    my score is 42 in ee…how much percentile score i wud get….and what are the colleges i shud be lookin for?

  16. Shekhar

    I scored 42.67 marks in my GATE 2011 on EE.. So how much percentile score will I get?

  17. rahul tiwari

    plz send me about IIT bombay for .
    what are ableble seats for electronics and comm. in IIT bombay.

  18. shikha

    sir,can u plz tell me how many marks do we need to get admission in good iit clg?n gate paper consist of how many marks?

  19. Prathamesh D

    sir also got a very good suggestion,
    can you make a Q n A section in blog where people can ask and answer…..
    It will realy reduce the queries asked in the comments pl think over it,

    some good guys can also help you…… Answering the queries, and you can just monitor if you wish….
    It will reduce ur work n even solve sm of the comman problems…..
    Thank you very much for every post sir….
    I really dnt knw wt i have done without it……
    God bless you…….

  20. prachi

    Will u please tell me that which esteemed institution is providing M.Tech./ life science(biochemistry). and what should i have to score in gate for that.sir please reply soon..

  21. Sudhanshu

    Don’t get your hopes based on score and marks. I had 242 rank and score of 804 with 56 marks and didn’t make to any IIT. Prepare well for interviews, algorithms and data structures is must for interviews. I don’t know about KGP, as they selected on what basis is unclear to me, but rest will definitely will look on you interview(and their own test) performance. Score will guarantee only call from institutes not the admission.

  22. bhaskar

    hi zahid, can u give an idea about the preferred mtech courses for ece that are pursued by most of the students

  23. rangesh

    hello sir, that someone is none other than me!!! i asked u about gate marks instead of score..and thanks a lot for your information!!Its now really crystal clear that we should score atleast 50 out of 100(in terms of mark)..This would really help us to avoid confusion between score,marks and percentile!!

  24. Aarif Jindani

    please give the cut-off in terms of score and rank

  25. Prathamesh D

    Sir extreme thanks for that crucial info.

    Sir my friend told me that, Now interviews are taken compulsary to get admission to IIT. Even if your AIR ranking is 10 for example, you have to give interview and then the PANEL will decide whether to give admission or not?
    Because they dont want muggers in IITs

    is it true ???

  26. Amit

    Is it true that mtech will start in new iits from 2011.plz reply

  27. vishak madhav

    thanq zanid sir ….these data gives somewhat a clear idea of hw much we should target atleast…great work sir…pls do keep posting….

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