New Year, New Direction And New Hope: Happy New Year 2014

The year 2103 was amazing year, from nowhere raised a hope for a great change in life. It was true turner for personal, professional, and social life. Especially AAP coming into power in Delhi was a great lesson for me. When we are with truth and determined and honest in our desired no one could stop us. Out of all disappointing news stories related to corruption, rapes, communal riots and worthless politicians a great story of Aam Admi emerged as hope for a new direction for India.

I made a quick video message, but was reluctant to post it as I recalled a famous name wrong : ( hope you all forgive me for that. I am very poor in memorizing the names : ( The message is important and I hope you will reach to the core of message and leave the names aside : )

You will see a lot coming on InI in this year. A GATE score estimator is first to come. We already received GATE cutoff scores from various IITs and hopefully will post soon in couple of days. Also looking forward to make a Engineering book review site to help a greater student community with right choice to start with and right resource to look into. I will also make more focus on PhD and videos too.

I have certain personal and religious goals and of course will be regular to gym. You may also see some muscle at the end of the year : D

Hope you all do great in coming year and reach your goals and targets with lot of ease. Wish you all a very focused year ahead.


  1. Ashok Mandal

    Sir, I completed my M.Tech in thermal engg. in 2013, I am not interested in lectureship, so I decided to appear for Gate 2014 for PSUs. I scored 63.22 marks (ME) and my gate score is 729. So what are my chances in getting shortlisted for interviews in PSUs like IOCL, NFL, MECL, MDL and NLC, as I belong General category. I also wish to do ph.d from IITs as I believe that there are lot more things for me to learn, but ultimately its the non academic job that I seek for, where I can develop my skills. So should I opt for ph.d, and having done my M.Tech from a autonomous government college, what are my chances in making it to the IITs. And if not Ph.d then what should I do? Please enlighten as I am really confused right now.

  2. asha

    hai zahid bayya
    please tell me how many times one can attempt gate exam
    according to my knowledge there is no limit but somebody told that recently it has been changed and the maximum limit is only two times…is it true ? please clarify

    1. Rahul Kulkarni

      No. Maximum limit not changed to two times.

      (Neither are previous attempt score considered to calculate new attempt score. I am appearing GATE third time. 🙂 )

  3. Arunkp

    Thanks, Happy new year to you too. after 5 yrs of IT exp i am trowing stone at GATE tree 🙂 . You are doing a good thing by taking out time for people in indeed.

  4. Dipendra yadav

    Thank you sir for inspiring us..

  5. kiran

    Happy New year Zahid, again a inspiring video thanq bro.
    I have a question, Why has BHEL not yet advertised its recruitment through Gate.
    Not much news on the internet also. Do you have any updates or news on this or can you get some updates from your resources or friends working in BHEL.

  6. prince

    sir,my preparation is very well till now and I know I can crack gate..but recently my 2 year long relationship came to an end..and I am very depressed about it that I could not study like I did earlier..i am not able overcome my mental state..and I really dont wana spoil my gate..
    I really need your inspiring words..please help..

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