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Top Marks In GATE 2011

Once you decided to take GATE 2012 you must be looking for information that will help you stay on top. Help you determine how much effort needed for preparation and kind of preparation expected and a method to evaluate where you stand. Top marks in GATE will help you see where the competition is heading and how to prepare for it. Have a look at top GATE 2010 marks to get an idea how competitive GATE is in 2012.

Trends are changing in technical education and industry. Fresh graduate, even from IITs, are appearing for GATE to try their luck and explore larger possibilities. They want to have best possible opportunities to select from before they make decisions of their future.

Having an idea about top marks will help you in evaluating your performance in GATE preparation, especially when you take practice test. It will be a good pointer to know how many marks one needs to stand in top.

Top Marks in GATE 2011

Discipline Rank Top Marks
Computer Science and Engineering and IT (CS and IT) 1 94.33
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) 1 91.33
Electrical Engineering (EE) 1 74
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 1 87.67
Civil Engineering (CE) 1 74.33
Instrumentation Engineering (IN) 1 62.67
Chemical Engineering (CH) 1 76.33
Biotechnology (BT) 1 79

Though one should try to target the maximum marks, top marks in previous years would give an idea of how much effort is needed. In general you must score over 85 in practice test to stand in top scorers in GATE exam. Apart from all data presented here I ask every single individual to target 100 marks. You have enough time and you can make it too.

This post is a part of GATE 2012 preparation guide, do check other useful articles there. Keep concentrated and stay tuned with your aim for this year. Don’t ever think that you have enough time, time passes very fast and every second counts. Take control of your time and be the best.

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Wish you all a wonderful luck ahead.


  1. manish kumar

    I m Electronics communication engg, final year.
    I want get more mark in GATE exam! How to manage the time. How to start and prepration to 2014 exam. Plz help

  2. teja

    what should be AIR rank for a general category student to get in to IIT’s?
    and how many questions one need to attempt to get AIR around 500 if the paper is like that of previous year’s standard?

  3. pankaj malav

    minimum marks for good gov. sectors/campanies…
    And also the name of companies.


  4. avinash bajaj

    I want mijinum marks to getbiit in chemical engineering

  5. SUHAS

    Thanking you sir for providing the study material.

  6. K Basu

    Hi sir…
    I completed my BE(Mech) in 2011. I want to crack GATE2012, plz tell me how to manage the time


    sir… If i score 60 marks… than what is my percentile???… and how it calculate???

  8. ankaj

    hi sirrr

    i m a ist yr ece student so wat iz the ideal tme for prepartion of gate nd at which subjects should i focusssssss??????????????

  9. Bhargavi

    i want the top marks in gate 2011 in architecture&planning(AR) stream……….

  10. abhinav

    Hi, could you please update this list for the Aerospace Engg topper? Thanks!

  11. neha

    I have completed my in 3.5 years..I have done 7 semesters and two summers which is equivalent to one semester ..Am I eligible to apply for M.Tech in IITs or MS in other foreign university.

  12. shivaram

    Is there any reserved seats in iit’s or nit’s for grandchildrens of freedom fighters.My grandfather holds tamara patra which is the identification for original freedom fighters

  13. amit

    hi zahid sir,

    i hv completed my in three and half years and i got the degree too …..i want to knw will i be eligible to apply in iits with this degree… my degree there are seven semesters and two summer terms….i.e 1 semester is replaced by two summer terms..this is how i was able to complete in three and half years..

  14. sachin gupta

    sir i want to know that what is the cutoff marks in mtech admission 2011 in electronics & communication branch in various iits/nits/top deemed university?

  15. vishnu

    hello, i am a ece graduate and i wil be cracking gate 2012. I want to pursue my in remote sensing. I have seen that the remote sensing is under civil engg dept. Is it possible for me to join the same course aftr crackiing Gate in ECE. Need help!

  16. Santanu

    sir ,
    could u plz tell me what specialisation should i take in in cse in nit durgapur as there r two option 4 me

    1) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY(taught by cse dept)
    2) INFORMATION SECURITY(taught by it dept)

    plz reply it soon..

  17. Santanu

    a lots of thanks to u sir,i cracked gate 2011 and now admitted in NIT DGP. so thanks again for updating all the information about post gate admission to several institutes and universities time to time and delivering it by mail. its really helped me.. keep it on bcz thousand of students will b benefited for wht u r doing..

  18. baji

    Sir, i got air 9428 and marks 26.67 in gate 2011. I am physically disabled person,This year i am studying iv year. Sir,please tell me where i can get admission.

  19. Darshan

    thanks sir… these posts help us to have an idea of how to prepare for gate…… i need to know one thing, is it possible to get a good score in gate if i start preparing now ? please reply to my email…

  20. chandan

    At first thanks for giving a lot of information about GATE…

    anyone know how to got admission in University of Maryland college i.e admission procedure to get admission in University of Maryland college ………..

  21. syamala

    very nice article.. its quite useful for those who are going to appear for gate 2012.expecting good articles from u.. thanks a lot

  22. Sushant

    Sir, when are you displaying your survey results, we are waiting for it.

  23. rohit

    thnx a lot zahid sir….

  24. NUPUR

    You are the best sir!!!!all the information related to GATE helped me a lot to crack GATE 2011 that too in first attempt.I am really thankful to you sir..I got 94.25 percentile in EE paper but dint get admission in any iits/nits…But the spirit to study hasn’t died and I will now try GATE 2013 after getting two years experience in the company.

    Thanks once again..

  25. javed

    Salam…. I was reciving many mail from, I. Thanks to god for giving such great person, I decided that this time I will do prepartion as sugessted by u
    Allha hafiz

  26. Rajat

    Wat about top marks in metallurgy branch of GATE 2011????

  27. lakshmi

    sir i want the details about gate exm to appering in 2011 ………

  28. mona

    Thanks for info.I also liked the line “Take control of your time and be the best” It really works

  29. syed aamiruddin

    the topper cs anshul is rare exception is he had passed btech from IIT delhi in 2002 and got air 58 in IIT JEE . So now he wanna do masters so tried in Gate . but ultimately he got Admission in University of Maryland college gate campus which one of the best univ in World .
    So cant campare his ability to ours as we r too far from that .

    1. Zahid

      @ Aamiruddin, I think rank 2 have 91 marks. May be he is super genius but as zahid said its an insane competition that meets luck on the exam day. Many IITians dont make it top list because of lots of factors. We can have see how many topper are like him. this is just an outlier, all others are likes us. So there is no choice than to work hard and compete.

  30. zahid

    insane competition !!

  31. Abhinav

    Thanx! zahid sir , these posts are boon for gate aspirants, you have given all the information that can be benificial for students.

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