Before starting GATE preparation one must know the minimum qualifying marks. This would help in making a safe strategy for GATE preparation and avoid disaster in GATE results. This will help in setting a minimum target marks during preparation and practice. It will also help one in understanding how much effort they need to dedicate for preparations.

GATE qualifying marks change from year to year. Therefore, it’s better to have a track of previous years’ qualifying marks to get better idea.

According to GATE 2011 official site, the qualifying score for general category in each paper is (a + s) or 25, whichever is higher, where ‘a’ and ‘s’ are the average and standard deviation of marks of all candidates in a particular paper, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero. The qualifying scores for SC/ST/PD/OBC categories would be 2/3, 2/3, 2/3 and 9/10, respectively, of the general category qualifying score.

The GATE 2011 qualifying marks for different steams are as follows

Discipline/ Course / Stream General OBC SC/ST/PD
Computer Science and Engineering and IT 25 22.50 16.67
Electronics and Communication Engineering 26..11 23.50 17.41
Electrical Engineering 26.11 23.5 17.39
Mechanical Engineering 30.81 27.73 20.54
Civil Engineering 25.00 22.50 16.67
Instrumentation Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Chemical Engineering 26.9 24.21 17.93
Biotechnology 41.78 37.60 27.85
Production and Industrial Engineering 27.97 25.17 18.65
Aerospace Engineering 30.8 27.72 20.53
Architecture and Planning 42.63 38.37 28.42
Agricultural Engineering 25 22.5 16.67
Mathematics 30.03 27.03 20.02
Physics 29.05 26.15 19.37
Chemistry 25 22.5 16.67
XE 28.84 25.96 19.23
XL 35.77 32.19 23.85

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