I know most of you must be tensed and may even don’t go to you computers. I wish could have given this message a couple of days before, but got busy with some personal stuff.

I need help from some of you for making GATE 2013 cutoff tables, as I already have the cutoffs from IITs. If you are computer science of IT or know a bit of HTML and willing to help a million others like you, do give me a message at zahid@inspirenignite.com, let do something amazing.

After GATE exam do, when you have estimated GATE marks, you can use GATE score calculator to get an approximate GATE score based on GATE 2013 scores. I am also trying to make a college predictor in coming days, if some of you join we can really do great on that front. Because we have M.Tech admission data for few years and can write software to help the nation of engineers.

Without further delay let you watch the quick messages.

We will together cover all M.Tech admissions in India as we did for last couple of years, and when we help each other we can get all admission notices in one place.

At the end I ask you to stay relaxed and give your best efforts and rest leave it creator, you will be at peace and get the deserved score.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.