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GATE 2010 Qualifying Marks

Knowledge about the maximum affordable risk for achieving any goal is really important in making the safe and powerful strategy. GATE preparation has no exception. It is always better to be aware of minimum marks required to qualify GATE exam, to make sure during practice you are getting well ahead of these scores.

The unfortunate thing is GATE minimum score or qualifying score change year to year. On the same time, it gives a close estimate of minimum marks required to qualify GATE exam. Minimum marks also differ from one stream to another, as it is calculated based on standard deviation and average marks of all students. Therefore, if the GATE paper is tough qualifying marks will be less and if the GATE paper is easy qualifying marks will be high.

As mentioned in GATE 2010 official site, the qualifying score for general category in each paper is (a + s) or 25, whichever is higher, where a and s are the average and standard deviation of marks of all candidates in a particular paper, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero. The qualifying scores for SC/ST/PD/OBC categories would be 2/3, 2/3, 2/3 and 9/10, respectively, of the general category qualifying score.

The qualifying or minimum marks for a valid GATE score in 2010 for different disciplines are as below.

Discipline/ Course / Stream General OBC SC/ST/PD
Computer Science and Engineering and IT 25 22.50 16.67
Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Electrical Engineering 25.2 22.68 16.80
Mechanical Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Civil Engineering 25.01 22.50 16.67
Instrumentation Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Chemical Engineering 25.41 22.87 16.94
Production and Industrial Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Metallurgical Engineering 33.08 29.77 22.05
Biotechnology 35.52 31.96 23.68
Life Sciences 40.16 36.14 26.77
Chemistry 30.56 27.53 20.39
Physics 27.22 24.50 18.15
Mathematics 25 22.50 16.67
Geology and Geophysics 38.21 34.39 25.48

This a part of the series of articles prepared for GATE 2011 aspirants to help and support them for their preparation for GATE and after GATE process. Please refer to GATE 2011 preparation: A complete guide for more useful articles.

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  1. sachin pathak

    what was the cutoff for gate with bitechnology for IIT

  2. sreenivas

    Hi sir,

    i’m qualified in gate 2010. but i didn’t take admission in 2010. now i want to join in 2011.
    Please suggest me whom i have contact to get details.

  3. Harilal

    Pls tel sir,how mach qualify marks for ST+PH

  4. Udaya

    Apologies, around 60% considering negative marks

  5. Udaya

    I did some sample papers, and my score is around 65% (or 40 out of 65 answers right). Is this score fine, or does it need significant improving? For the record, I did the sample papers at:

  6. Naveen

    Respected sir how to prepare for gate with physics there any imp books.plz suggest me that books. Thanking you sir

  7. Virendra

    Respected Sir,
    I just want to know wether the marks needed to qualify for GATE exam are aggregate percentage or it considers only final year marks of B.E. for Ex. Final year marks are first Class (65%) but aggregate marks are (58% all 8 sem). AM I eligible for GATE Exam or Not Please let me know.
    Thanks & Regards..

  8. Virendra

    Respected Sir,

    I just want to know wether the marks needed to qualify for GATE exam are aggregate percentage or it considers only final year marks of B.E. for Ex. Final year marks are first Class (65%) but aggregate marks are (58% all 8 sem). AM I eligible for GATE Exam or Not Please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards..

  9. hafees

    which subject of gate did you write Karthika…

  10. kolhe ujvala

    Sir, i got 6 marks in GATE 2011. SO …how i can improve my marks next time or now what can i do.

  11. Nitesh Agrawal

    I m frm Computer Science. General Caste. My Gate Score is 416, Marks is 32.33, Cutoff- 25 Marks, AIR- 9420, Percentile- 93.07…..

    Plz tell me what is the scene for M.Tech in NIT’s!!!!
    Plz must and soon Reply. I m waiting.


    sir my mark is 12 out of 100. GATE score is 168. my category is OBC. Am i qualified or not? will i get a GATE SCORE CARD?


    Sir, I secured 28.67 out of 100 in cs,where as qualifying mark is 22.67 in OBC.
    please tell me what will be my percentile score?

  14. Keerthi

    sir i am in tamilnadu,my mark is 6.33&also i m obc,,,,,,what ll i do for my higher study


    sir my rank s 91576,i did’t qualified in gate exam,wt can i do for my higher study…

  16. R.Chithra

    sir,i got 21.67 for cs, am i eligible for selection based on gate exam at any university?

    1. rk rajesh

      Try next year because ur marks is very low.

  17. Rajesh

    i qualified gate 2010 with gate score 525. but i didn’t take admission at that time. is their any chances that in 2011 i’ll get any of the nit’s using the same percentile???

  18. Puneeth

    Sir, I am a final year mechanical engg. student and I got selected in TCS. I want to go for higher education but I didn’t got qualified in GATE. Should I join TCS or study for one year and again write GATE exam?
    If i did M.Tech by the company side, will that really adds to get a better position in IT industry?

    1. rk rajesh

      Leave tcs join eii, which will help u lot to qualify the exam

  19. reena mehta

    my marks {calculated) are coming to be 70 out of 100 in gate BT 2011. will i qualify?kindly reply in my mail

  20. reena mehta

    my marks are 70 out of 100..will i qualify in biotechnology gate 2011? pl reply

  21. supraja

    i belong to ECE (electronics and communications) branch in BTECH
    in the gate2011- i got a total 0f 34.666 …….
    can i get i seat in iits..
    please inform me the top colleges to which iam eligible to apply…

  22. supraja

    in the gate2011- i got a total 0f 34.666 …….
    can i get i seat in iits..
    please inform me the top colleges to which iam eligible to apply…

  23. Chandra Prakash

    Sir, I may get around 40 marks in gate. So which college i hv to prefer. I am from EC branch. Please suggest me some good colleges. I am also intrested in in Energy & Instrumentation.
    With regards
    Chandra Prakash

  24. vinod

    sir iam fourth year studying csit,sir i have doubt i calculate my marks i have 16.5 marks,iam category of sc.i have to got good college or not.

  25. smruti pradhan

    I expecting the qualifying marks for Gate-2011 mechanical will be at best within 30.00.
    It will never cross this limit whatever may be the question pattern.
    Though this time question was somehow easy, but by this question a average student can get at most 30 – 35 not more than.

  26. siri

    sir i want to know about the minimum marks in gate 2011 biotechnology………….?

  27. Utkarsh

    Me too getting 50.33 or 51.67 marks from ece.. i am from third year.. Is there any chance of getting into IITs or good NITs? …

  28. amit

    hello sir,
    i given gate 2011 in mechanical engg.
    i have calculated my marks it is 30.2 ,i’m from genral category,

    what r my chances to get in iit or nit.

    will i get call from iocl & barc ???

    sir please clear my quries,
    & plz give your expert suggestions to me,

    plz reply me on my email id [email protected]

    waiting for your reply.

    thank u.

  29. Shekhar

    I scored 42.67 marks in my GATE 2011 on EE.. So how much percentile score will I get?

  30. sushma


    I belong to general category and from EC branch.

    I am expecting either 48 0r 50.33 marks in Gate 2011.

    I have very least idea about where all I need to apply and can I atleast get into good nits with this marks or shud I write again?

    I am interested in VLSI and please let me the good ones for the same and also where all can I get into with this score.

    Please do guide me.

  31. divanshu

    hello sir can u help me out,i want 2 know that in 35 marks in civil engineering how much had been the percentile in 2010…….so that i can compare myself from my this years results….

  32. muttalwad uttamrao satish

    i am in third year of B.E. course in mechanical engg.from SRT marathawada university. i want to know that how much minimum marks required for me to qualify GATE exam. i belongs to SBC catorgy.
    ID:- [email protected]
    plz reply me.
    thanking you.

  33. swappy

    im swapnil got 21 marks last year just 1.5 marks lesser from obc from civil engineering , i havent prepared much at that time also and now also i havent studied seriously there are 12 days remainijng for exam what should i do now?

  34. santosh kumar singh

    dear sir i am student of btech ,pleas help me ,which type to preparetion to the exm of gate 2011,

  35. shamili

    dear sir,
    it is just exactly,one month for gate….i really got wondered by looking at the words that u hav told at the beginning……really sir i’m getting heated ……hw 2 crack gate…..??? sir…please tell me how to prepare seriously..this one month 2 crack gate……..and the subjects that i feel easy is digital electronics,communications,controlsystems,i like emtl but unable 2 decide weather to read it or not.?sir i’m basically such a kind of learner that i do concentrate more deeply in to subject when i start 2 prepare any thing…..which consumes a lot amount of time resulting in no forward movement of my subject………i know that this is not a good way to prepare….sir,one more thing i’m rather poor at maths…..sir please help me in this regard ……how to plan this one month effectively….n the topics that i have to stress more to gain a good percentile…sir i’m requesting u please give me a plan me……
    mail:[email protected]

  36. Parshuram sharma

    is there much scope for jobs after being

  37. Yogesh patil

    Dear sir,
    i m 3rd year student of electronics & telecommunication. I wana know full syllabus for GATE & good study material. i m a candidate of NT-2 categeory is any reservation for IIT colleges or considr as obc categeory. Plzzzzzzz suggest…..

    Thank you.

  38. Sarwar alam

    Dear Sir,
    I like your blogs so much.When i read first time your blog, i was surprised because i was not supposed that anyone can write about gate like that. This is a great contribution for all students who preparing for gate. thank you so much…..

    sir i have a question for you personally. i m a final year mechanical engineering student in a private low grade college and i want to do from I.I.T Delhi.But i am from low middle class family belongs from Bihar. And i am last hope of my family,i have to do job after But i will try hardly to get IIT delhi. But i am confused with these questions-

    How much money i will earn after

    I am really confused what should i do? job or

    What type of field i will go after

    Is better for my future?

    I know that this is not your job to give answers of my questions but you are my ideal and don’t hope that you will be disappoint me. so please give a right answers to my questions as soon as possible.

    my Email id is [email protected]

  39. leela murali

    dear sir,
    iam student
    iam ready for writing gate exam in 2011. so please send information how to good marks in gate to my email id

  40. debajit

    after doing M.Sc. will it be right choice to go for M.Tech in case of Biotech or just a wasting of time?


    dear sir ,
    i am B.E. Mechanical 2010 passout student.
    i got 16.73 marks and my arnk is 10950 in get 2010.
    i would like to take admission for M-TECH in 2011.
    i am NT-2 catageory student.
    Is any reservation for NT-2 in IITs or it will consider in OBC?
    please guide me.

  42. Binita Kar

    Am a chemical engineer and am interested in giving GATE 2011 for the life sciences stream. In case I get qualified will there be any difficulty for me to get admission into any college/university due to my different Bachelors?


    Hello sir

    I request you to please send me the list of the colleges which are actually participating in the GATE 2011 exams and the colleges who will provide the admission all over India to the GATE qualifying candidates

  44. santhosh

    i need the qualifying marks in computer science and information technology for 2011

  45. Ratna

    I request to know about gate



  47. Bhavin

    Sir, plz tell me is there any recruitment in gujarat government departments through GATE score ? If yes then plz tell me which department ? Plz reply me soon. Thanks in advance.

  48. avinash

    respected sir, i am from NT (nomedic Tribes)cast, category. then while taking admission or at the time of ranking my cast consider as a OBC or seperately consider like SCSt.
    plz reply

  49. Sayali

    i want to get the gate 2011 syllabus details.

  50. Sayali

    suggest me how to prepare for gate i am pass out student of B.E(IT).

  51. shriniwas

    sir wht is eligiblity criteria for gate exam. i am student of engg.3rd yr

  52. vandita kaushik

    hi….i want to know the ful details of gate2011…i am doing & Electronics Engineering) final year…please respond me how can i prepare for GATE2011 exam

  53. Jay

    i m nw in 3rd year infotech i thnk abt 2 giv d gate 2011 ….should i ? ?

  54. Dhiraj

    i am student of Mechanical , if i give Life Sciences paper (XL SECTION 4 THERMODYNAMICS) then which colleges & streams i get admissions.
    & i give two gate papers at a time in same year 2011
    1. xl fluid mechanics
    2. mechanical engg

    what is the benifits & dis-advantages of xl papers.

  55. Tejbhan Singh

    hi! i want to get the gate 2011 iam doing B.Tech(ae) third please respond me what is the procedure to prepare to GATE 2011 exam.

  56. pakkiyavathi

    hi! i want to get the gate 2011 iam doing B.Tech(IT) final please respond me what is the procedure to prepare to GATE 2011 exam.

  57. anand

    please give me good suggestion to prepare for gate please sir

  58. aatreyee

    Sir,can u please tell me in which colleges for instrumentation is taught..

  59. G.Thiruneelaakndan

    Sir: I got 29.16 in Gate2010 Biotechnology, Where i can get admission. sir i dont know about the full details of gate, can you explain how to join based on my gate score. Thanking you

  60. Rajesh Kashyap

    which book should I buy.Name some of them which has last year question paper with solution.

  61. Ankit Singla

    sir, pls tell me who can give this paper. 3rd year or 5th sem. student can set in GATE2011 paper which is going to happen in FEB.’11
    please tell me…..

  62. Gunjan

    suggest me how to prepare for gate 2011..

  63. samagata reekth

    is it necessary to appear in GATE for job in Indian Oil / any petriolium company?

  64. Roopesh

    I’m planning to take up GATE-2011, could suggest hoe to prepare for it…..

  65. sonal

    Pls guide me for doing MTECH under sponsorship.
    I am gate qualified ,rank – 4000

  66. Muthuvisvashwaran

    I need aerospace qualifying marks and highest mark..

  67. Gagandeep gogia

    sir i want to know about no. of seats in life science gate exam

  68. Narender

    Hi sir, i have scored 341 score nd Bc-D candidate sir.wil i get seat in hyd clg sir.

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