Knowledge about the maximum affordable risk for achieving any goal is really important in making the safe and powerful strategy. GATE preparation has no exception. It is always better to be aware of minimum marks required to qualify GATE exam, to make sure during practice you are getting well ahead of these scores.

The unfortunate thing is GATE minimum score or qualifying score change year to year. On the same time, it gives a close estimate of minimum marks required to qualify GATE exam. Minimum marks also differ from one stream to another, as it is calculated based on standard deviation and average marks of all students. Therefore, if the GATE paper is tough qualifying marks will be less and if the GATE paper is easy qualifying marks will be high.

As mentioned in GATE 2010 official site, the qualifying score for general category in each paper is (a + s) or 25, whichever is higher, where a and s are the average and standard deviation of marks of all candidates in a particular paper, with all marks less than zero, converted to zero. The qualifying scores for SC/ST/PD/OBC categories would be 2/3, 2/3, 2/3 and 9/10, respectively, of the general category qualifying score.

The qualifying or minimum marks for a valid GATE score in 2010 for different disciplines are as below.

Discipline/ Course / Stream General OBC SC/ST/PD
Computer Science and Engineering and IT 25 22.50 16.67
Electronics and Communication Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Electrical Engineering 25.2 22.68 16.80
Mechanical Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Civil Engineering 25.01 22.50 16.67
Instrumentation Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Chemical Engineering 25.41 22.87 16.94
Production and Industrial Engineering 25 22.50 16.67
Metallurgical Engineering 33.08 29.77 22.05
Biotechnology 35.52 31.96 23.68
Life Sciences 40.16 36.14 26.77
Chemistry 30.56 27.53 20.39
Physics 27.22 24.50 18.15
Mathematics 25 22.50 16.67
Geology and Geophysics 38.21 34.39 25.48

This a part of the series of articles prepared for GATE 2011 aspirants to help and support them for their preparation for GATE and after GATE process. Please refer to GATE 2011 preparation: A complete guide for more useful articles.

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