A Short Visit To India And Too Many Big Decisions

You would have felt that InI was not active for almost a month time. It’s not that I stopped writing, it’s just that I was writing for myself, my family and close friends during Ramadan. The whole month was too much of productivity and teaming up.

Every time I visit home I try to stand and see where the world is specially my own country is heading to, what is the future and how best I can contribute to it. This was Eid time and I expected to see all my friends from different parts of India as well as world. Listen to their ideas and react and reflect on them.

As expected I met many of very old and close friend next immediate day of my arrival. The first thing they said was that I started writing more than I talk. It’s just because I was listening carefully, thinking and realizing a social change both among friends and India.

Frankly speaking I was not very social this time, spent much of time around my family and newly purchased home. Just went out twice for some shopping once with a friend to one of the best shopping malls in India and another time just an occasional shop in a function hall near home.

Few things are beyond my understanding. I could definitely see India is going towards a big business location. We get almost everything here that we get in any developed nation, any brand we name and anything we desire. On the same time, the inflation was so scary to me. I started reverse calculating currency. Check price of something convert it to USD and then compare if it’s worth buying. It just came naturally and I was really surprised.

It was good to see big shopping malls and nice development. On the same time it’s difficult for me to understand how people are making money and where this difference of classes would lead us eventually. How can a middle class parent afford a home and good education for his children. This definitely add a lot of pressure to student to do good in studies so that they can make it possible for their parents to dream for a better life.

With all these observation I added some value to InI too during this visit too. There is a lot going on for InI and its future projects. I felt that it’s almost impossible for me handle everything single handedly on InI along with my full time job. I had to make some quick decisions and act up to help a bigger community. I spent time discussing and doing following things.

  1. Give InI a shape of company, Applied for registration.
  2. Looked for a small office place, where people can contact.
  3. Met few awesome people to look after InI’s would small home for coming days.
  4. Laid a future plan for different projects on InI that would support one of the biggest community of Engineers in India.
  5. InI would get more video content.
  6. Focus on PhD, especially in Engineering
  7. Would give InI an energetic and lifelong partner in couple of months 😉

I believe with this InI would be more professional, accurate, and more prompt in sharing information. Probably we would charge for services a nominal fee to fulfill the requirement running those services. Information would remain totally free and clearly accessible to all.

Its very early to announce upcoming projects, but I just would like to share that really awesome things are coming up here to make students more productive and focused. I am totally positive and looking for a great platform for Indian engineering students where they can learn, interact and share information.

All I need is your support encouragement and prayers to move InI forward from mare information sharing to a place where all engineering is done.

Don’t forget to whish me and InI a great luck ahead.


  1. Vageesha JM

    Dear Zahid,

    I can say it too late for me that i got this inspirational website with all this content to achieve in education. Really i respect and appreciate your effort.

    My self working in OMAN as an engineer (Mechanical 2011 passed out) and aimed to do through GATE and i downloaded all the videos and everything and it given me an immense strength to achieve something in life and i hope i will contribute something to my country.

    Whatever your plans we are with you and i need your support and guidance to qualify GATE 2014.

    Finally thanks brother………..

  2. Haridas

    Nice!!! and all d very best for ur new platform.

  3. Ratiranjan Senapati

    Hello Sir,
    First of all wish u a happy Eid (Eid Mubarak). I am here for the last 2.5 years and since then i didnt miss any of ur post. They are just awesome :full of knowledge.
    Your idea of expanding InI is great and Waiting for ur plan to be executed.
    My Suggestion: I think you should also give some idea about PhD in abroad, the scholarships we may get, the opportunity and the scope.

  4. shoaib ahamed

    Assalamalekum zahid Bhai…
    .I pray for u and Ur family..

  5. Farquad

    Best of Luck…

  6. Paresh Mathur

    I don’t know how to react to this. I am a silent lurker and commenting for the first time. While prompt delivery of information and good video content would add certain value, I am afraid InI may become too professional. The whole attraction of InI was that it is written by someone like me, an average student who went on to do amazing things. I know you may have planned contingencies for this but I beg you to prevent InI from becoming a company. I am not talking about a registration or a few paid services. I am apprehensive that InI may start to have a … shock and awe… business model.

    I hope we will still be able to get that warm feeling when we open this website. That we are talking to a friend and not reading an information bulletin.

    1. Zahid

      Dear Paresh,

      Thank for such a nice input. It’s been couple of years I am writing and developing stuff for I n I. I met many young people here looking for information and feel it friendly. I love to read every single mail, I read every comment too, even though i don’t answer many but read them all.

      I feel that I am so close to uncountable to students and parents across the nation and entire world. This is what kept me going for years without making any money, rather I did all programming and content by myself for years.

      The decision of going professional (on services) kept for almost a year. A good reader and tech support from Pune asked me to return a year before. He was read to give all his time for I n I platform. The only thing that kept me aside was the personal feelings attached to InI. If you see I could not cover M.Tech admissions in 2012, and after a long break when i returned how readers reacted. It’s all because they care and trust InI. I felt I need to make a decision make boundaries how much professional we go and how much personal we stand.

      I wrote all my statements, sat alone for days, and finally made decisions to keep information updated and give best services at nominal charges so that all students can have access to equally good educational and preparation resources.

      InI would remain same as guide to ambitious average students with extra care, you can call me : ) once i get number. We will make teams to support preparation and admission even on phone queries and many more things. You can visit our office, if we get one soon and have a coffee with us.

      I really love sharing, just pray that someone would come and take all responsibility and leave me to just write for InI rest of my life.

      I am more successful with every single average student get inspired from here and nail success in head of the world.

      Don’t be sad or worried, InI would remain same and if the direction is not correct you help us to correct mail me directly and comment here I will definitely read and evaluate.

      I am really thankful to you for such nice input, InI will never be a information bulletin, it will remain a true friend.

    2. Paresh Mathur

      I seem to have struck a chord with you with this comment. I was telling myself all of this as I was writing the original comment. That is why I mentioned that I know you may have planned contingencies to prevent such a thing from happening.

      BTW, the phone service seems awesome and I forgot to mention the focus on PhD in India is good too. I have heard from too many people that a PhD in India is worthless. I have half the mind to tell them the link to your website. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I would be looking forward to the announcement of the paid services. And I would consider it a duty to start bugging you if I find something off. You will be held accountable dammit :).

      BTW, its not much, but I am a moderator of Its a community of entrepreneurs from india. Everyone is very supportive there, if you ever want any guidance in formation of your company, come post there.

  7. rizwana

    wish u a very Good luck to you and InI, sir 🙂

  8. Mohammad Shahid

    It has been 4 years since i m reading your post.I got this website while searcing about i have completed my M.Tech with 2nd position in university and have joined a bank as an IT OFFICER.You have a share in what ever little i have got in life.thank u for it.ur decision of making it professional is good it will make ur website more of luck for all ur endevours.may allah bless u.

  9. Vigna

    I mean Mr.Zahid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Vigna

    Greatttttttttttttt Work Mr.Zaheer Keep on Goin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. nitin kakkar

    Thanks sir , for your efforts . Your posts are very useful for me .

  12. Aravind

    Good thing Zahid..It is very impressive…where u have started and now where u are going to be..

    All the best..

  13. syed aamiruddin

    sound like a good future plan all the best to InI and u zahid

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