Things One Must Track After GATE 2012 Exam

There are few things one must do after GATE exams irrespective of how you wrote GATE exam. Usually I am bad in evaluating my performance in exams. Only results can help me with the proper estimate of my performance in exam ^^

For all those who are my type I would suggest to stop worrying and start tracking few important things. As we all need to wait for the results to finalize what to do next we can definitely have an insight to make the admission or college selection process by researching a bit before we actually take admission.

There are few key floating on the internet but totally unaware of their correctness and genuinity. If you have calculated your marks you can do some research on that, especially for Gate cutoff and all. Here are the things one should track after GATE exam.

GATE cutoff 2009 (for IITs and NITs)
GATE Cutoff 2010 (for IITs and NITs)
GATE Cutoff 2011 (for IITs and NITs) (Coming Soon)
GATE 2011 Minimum Qualifying Marks
PSUs offering Jobs through GATE 2012
M.Tech Admissions 2012
GATE 2012 Rank Estimator based on GATE 2011 results (Coming Soon)

We are collecting official data for GATE 2011 cutoff for both IITs and NITs and would post it as soon as we are done with formatting. Meanwhile do check 2009 and 2010 cutoff and analysis.

We collected an awesome amount of information about GATE Rank and marks through a survey in 2011. With help of over 6000 entries we are making a GATE Rank estimator for GATE 2012 for given marks. You can expect this in couple of days from now. Though the ranks totally depend on the papers and capacity of students appeared in GATE exam this will just give an idea, but cannot be totally relayed on. For detailed discussion and argument do refer to GATE Expected Marks, GATE Rank Estimators and Which College: Myths And Realities. For more details about GATE 2012 please refer to GATE 2012 preparation guide.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Chandra Sekhar

    When are you going to update?? I’m eagerly waiting!!!

  2. rajeev

    sir m getting 41 marks in gate 2012 electronics and communication …..sir please guide me whether it is respected score for getting into NSIT or DCE ….

    1. sk

      i don’t know about nsit.but for dce it is not the respected score

  3. uday

    please be posting these information on a regular basis…

  4. govi

    thank u sr for updating us always

    may god help to enlighten d lamp of education always far n wide

    al d best

  5. Prithvi Yesudas

    I am getting 41 marks in ME gate this time zahid sir . could u pls tell me how many wrote this time and tell me an idea about the score i ll get for this mark sir pls

  6. hunar

    can you please tell what is the pattern or syllabus of jnu for computer science for mtech aspirants…

  7. subbu

    What is the overall mood this time ? Was the paper tough or easy ?
    How much marks is required to gain admission to iits ?
    Please help. I am getting 51

    1. kalyan

      Computer science was too easy.If you get that marks in Cs,sorry you dont have any chance for Iit or top nit if you are from open category but you you can try for average nits(just try).the Cut off for computer science would be 35 or 40 this year(damn delhi is considered to be the toughest paper Setter).easiest paper in the history of Gate exam(f**k iit delhi)

  8. soumya

    I have a valid gate score in electrical engineering dept. of 2011. But I went for job.
    Now I want to admit to M,Tech colleges on the basis of last year’s score card.
    I want to know that suppose my score is 450 and this year, some student score that much i.e. 450.Does he get any advantage in case of admission in any university?
    Please help me ……
    post about my confusion ….
    please write & guide me properly……

    1. kalyan

      I think Btech percentages will be considered in that Case in Iits or nits and age factor in universities(priority to older one).Mana state universityla rules Ento naaku kooda Theleedu!Nenu kooda last year score thone Join avvali.

    2. sk

      yes,admission is based only on the gate score which year(valid) it may be

  9. khyati

    What is the minimum cut off for instrumentation(process control and automation,signals and controls) considering better colleges?

  10. Subrahmanya Swamy P

    Info:: Gate Cut off for IITR is 745 for Microwave engg in Electrical Dept

    1. Abhijit Choudhary

      I have some information on scores of GATE-2011 results.


      94.33 1000 1
      72.67 908 63
      69.33 867 110
      64.67 810 237
      54.33 684 988

      47.67 603 2075
      46.33 587 2392
      44.67 567 2850
      43.67 554 3165
      41.33 526 4030
      40.67 518 4289
      38.00 485 5583
      33.33 428 8539
      28.67 371 13354
      21.67 286 24819

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