After GATE Exam

GATE Expected Marks, GATE Rank Estimators and Which College: Myths And Realities

Since the GATE exam is over there are thousands of students asking this question. I checked my marks with GATE XYZ key please tell me which college I will get for M.Tech admission. Another similar question is related to All India Rank. Students check their ranks on surprising estimators. I really don’t understand how come they can estimate the Rank based on what data. Do refer to GATE 2010 and 2009 analysis, for similar marks for more details about GATE.

All the expected marks and GATE rank estimators are just nothing but the trick to misguide students. The rank is not same even for the same marks in two years. It depends on number of factors and one among them is toughness of GATE paper. Without GATE results known its highly impossible to decide on the toughness of the GATE exam.

Now let me answer the most famous question with this GATE score in which college I get M.Tech admission. With my experience I can say that everyone will get admission in M.Tech on or the other college irrespective of their marks, ranks and scores in GATE. Few get into IITs and few get into NITs, and there are lots of colleges that offer a descent M.Tech program.

The most important thing in M.Tech admission is knowing all colleges that are offering M.Tech programs and desperately trying to join anyone of them. If you think you a chance to see big schools after M.Tech and you are willing to take that chance I strongly recommend you to join some college for M.Tech and from the day one do start preparing for next hope. If you think you need to take a break and work for an MNC or some other good company for some time, then you need to set out and take a risk of trying universities and institutes that offer great placements.

The bottom line is all these rank estimators, marks calculations tricks, desires to know the colleges you are going to get admitted are not useful until 15th March, the day when you get GATE results. Till that stay cool, enjoy cricket and do read and follow what to do after GATE exam. Also, don’t forget subscribe to get updates on M.Tech admissions and job based on GATE.

I wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. yash verma

    Sir in ece my gate score is 362 please tell me which college i hav to prefer

  2. vinod

    sir,i get 49 score electric branch in gate 2015.i want to join psu company.which company will be call me?and which iit will be get for send my email. thanks.

  3. Sneha Tukaram Narvekar

    means can you pls tell my rank its urgent

  4. Sneha Tukaram Narvekar

    sir i got 19.67 marks in gate 2014 .it is normalised to 18.54.the paper is ece and the category is general can you please tell my rank

  5. pritam bari

    my gate AIR 2481 , gate score 671 , marks 58….my stream is mechanical egg. which college can i get for admission in can i get chance in any new-build iits???????

  6. pritam bari

    my gate AIR 2481 , gate score 671 , marks 58….which college can i get for admission in

  7. harish

    sir i got 8000 rank can i get seat in jntu hyd and my branch EEE branch

    category oc

  8. pvnlekhya

    sir i got 26543 rank.. can i get a seat in cbit or geethams or vidhanikethan college…

  9. kishore

    i got 4700 rank marks 46.67 and score 510 for wich coleeges i have to apply

  10. m.sailaja

    sir i got 21,750 rank in gate so which college will get in dependent on my rank (eee branch)

  11. venkat

    sir i got 43.22 marks in gate in biotech stream, would i expect seat in NITS

  12. rajkumar

    sir i got 6.33 marks in gate exam 2013… what is my gate score and percentile score

  13. damodar

    iam expecting 49 marks in gate much rank i will get

  14. sridhar

    sir am getting 40 marks in gate 2013 ece . what rank i can expect ? plz tel me……

  15. Joyal

    sir, i have got 54 mark in civil engg in general category. what is my expected rank?

  16. surya

    i got 52 marks in gate 2013 for ece branch….how much rank i expect?

    1. dushyant

      around 1000

  17. niki

    sir i m expecting 18 or 19 marks this time in gate2013 in “gen category” sir plzz can u tell what rank i can get.. with dis markss plzzzz i need to know urgently…..

  18. niki

    sir i m expecting 18 or 19 marks this time in gate2013 sir plzz can u tell what rank i can get.. with dis markss plzzzz i need to know urgently…..

  19. shariq

    SHARIQ @hyderabad

  20. shariq

    my gate 2011 results are :
    gate 2011 score 267
    marks scored 22.67
    percentile 78.4
    AIR 15448.
    can i apply for on gate basis ?

    SHARIQ 8099308724

  21. Deepak Mehta

    I am expecting 57 marks out of 100 in GATE 2012. I am from computer science stream. What would be my expecting rank ?

  22. swaroop

    my gate score is air is 3000.i belong to civil engg. lcan i get a seat in iit…if i can lis me the names of the iit’s

  23. irfan

    My branch computer science
    My AIR 9420
    My GATE score 416
    My GATE Percentile 93.07
    Suggest any good colleges in andhra pradesh or karnataka

  24. prasad

    sir ,
    i want to know, what rank in gate exam we have required to get a admition in iit’s and what rank is required for nit’s .. pls tell me…. and how many seats are there for mtech chemical engineering… and for suggests websites to get more information….

  25. shishir

    i have got 33.33 marks in gate 2011 in eee branch. Do i have chance to get into iit’s or nit’s?
    what about jadhavpur university?
    please send me the list of list of good college.

  26. vineeth v

    sir I have got 20.67 marks in gate 2011.My gate score is 237. my rank is 19517 in EEE BRANCH. I belong to SC category. which NIT can I apply?

  27. vineeth v

    sir I have got 20.67 marks in gate 2011.My gate score is 237. myrankis 19517 in EEE BRANCH. I belong to SC category. which NIT can I apply?

  28. ajay

    i am a gate aspirant. and i am looking for a guideline for the admission details..i need a link for the last rank details of gate 2010..
    pls enter a link………

  29. navya

    GATE 2011


    is there any chance of getting NIT’s in south india?
    which other colleges should i apply for?
    what colleges can i get in dis rank?
    plz reply to my email id [email protected]

  30. Sumanta Dey

    i got 28.33 for computer engineering gate 2011 and gate score is 367. Please tell me for which college should i try to get admission .

  31. Shallu Verma

    AIR- 3633, marks- 42.33 plz tell me which collg to apply for……

  32. rahul

    i got 26.69 for mechanical engineering gate 2011.but qualification mark is 27.73. what shud i there any provision for getting into nits,wthout the stipend provision.please suggest me a gud idea.

  33. lahari


    marks – 26.33 out of 100


    sir please tell me the name of collge that i can enter with this score

  34. soham das

    sir my gate score is 362 in mechanical so please tell me for which college should i try to get admission .

  35. meenu

    Sir, My gate marks are 25, and gate score is 306 and rank 22133 in electronics & communication Branch in SC Category.So i want to know that which college i should apply..Please suggest me in which IITs & NITs i can get admission? plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir reply soon.


    my score is 31.33 in general category in ECE branch with AIR 12805…
    plz name the colleges in which i can get admission through this score…and also give me information abt colleges which conduct own test for admission…plz rply

    with regard,

  37. DIVYA

    gate score-395

    gate score-386

    which year score should i apply?

    which NITS & University would i get?

    my btech aggregate percentage is 79.4 till 3rd year.

  38. DIVYA

    gate score-395

    gate score-386

    which year score should i apply?

    which NITS & University would i get?

  39. prashant


    Marks Obtained: 28.33 Out of 100
    GATE Score: 367
    All India Rank: 13797
    No of Candidates Appeared in CS: 136027

    my branch is compter science…

    which college should i get the seat and which branch is more demand in my field.

  40. Vipin

    my gate score is 28 in CSE branch

    can anyone suggests the clgs for this gate score


    tell me the name of college that i can get with this score

  42. riyaz

    GATE 2011


    is there any chance of getting NIT’s?
    which other colleges should i apply for?
    what colleges can i get in dis rank?
    plz reply to my email([email protected])

  43. Sudarshana

    My get score is 375,air 6300 n percentile 91.33 in Eleectical Engg.
    Pl. suggest colleges for M.Tech.

  44. anant

    I want to ask that i have got 295 as gate score and 28.33 marks in mechanical stream can i get any good college with that
    air- 13567
    category general

  45. rajasekhar

    i pursuing 3/4,wrote gate 2011,got AIR881 ,whether i need to apply for this year or can apply directly next year?,if i apply next year can i get any IIT’s in any branch of ece….

  46. sheetala prasad soni

    Air – 18036
    category – obc
    marks = 25.33 out of 100
    percentile – 86.74

    tell me the name of college that i can get with this score


    sir i m the student of ECE


    air : 7157
    marks : 38

    sir plz list the engg. clgs in which i should apply ?

    can i get the admission in Nirma , Nit surat , Daiict

    email @ [email protected]

    thanx in advance

  49. Rushiraj

    I got 69 marks in gate 2011. My gate score is 863(AIR 118). Is there any chance to get into IIT Mumbai. Reply

  50. Rushiraj

    Vandna you should try in newly opened NITs .

  51. Vandana

    Hi Sir, am Vandana,doing biotech9final year) got 53.3 (out of 100) in gate. my AIR is 662 and gate score is 444 can u pls tell me where can i get admission for or MS.pls reply


    in gate 2011
    my AIR 6488
    MARKS 39
    GATE SCORE 468
    I am a OBC candidate.
    Can i get any NIT.

  53. venkat

    eee branch
    gate rank 448
    gate score 671
    is there any chance to get admission into iits in any stream.?

  54. mallikarjuna

    sir, i’ve got EC1240
    shall i eligible for MS in iits

  55. karthi

    I got 370 in 2011 AIR 6563 percentile 90.87 mark 29.67
    Can i get any govt college in india

  56. Mohit

    Hi Manoj,

    I am agree with you. But,there is a relation between the number of students appearing in the exam & your rank. If similar paper had been given to you last year, your rank would be better.

    Please read my analysis that I had given in the previous comment.

    There is no direct relation but a hidden relation that the rank falls with an increase in the number of students. Competition increases a lot with an increase in number of students.

    Again, you can see at the bottom on Gateforum’s
    website, it says that
    “(*)Please note, the rank is just an estimate, and do not reflect the actual results”.

    It was an estimate only. I am agreed with what you told about the keys. Same thing had happened with me. In our cases, marks had increased. It really created anxiety & excitement when I think about the students whose marks had decreased.

    I don’t have any queries but just trying to analyze the situation. I really love analyzing these cases. Well, thanks again for your comment. Atleast, you had not asked the same repeating question “I got 61 marks & my rank is….”

    Hope that, you will get admission in your dream college.

  57. Mohit

    Hello Zahid,

    I understand that reading 600 comments a day is really dangerous, when the people gives useless comments, not related to the post. I believe, it is next to impossible.
    But with the help of proper web-application, your work will become very easy.

    I have an option to handle the questions/comments like
    “Hi, my score is xxxx, rank is yyyy, marks is zzzz; Can I take admission in “AAAA Institute of Technology.” I believe, it is impossible to give answer to this question but the data presented by a student would definitely help us for an analysis. Again, you don’t have to read the comment for moderation. I really like these questions, some of them are really funny. I read a comment on a forum for 2010 session.

    “Sir, I got 29 & my gate score is something around 390 (I cannot remember), Will I get admission to IIT?”
    He had not mentioned about the branch. I believe, answering these questions is really easy. Say, Big NOOOOOOOO………

    I believe till the counselling results, one cannot predict the position, he/she will get.

    Again, for handling large comments like the one, I had presented, you can use Java-Script Code to minimize the section. It really creates frustration to scroll down large comments.

    Again, while asking for the comments, you can ask for the head-line & minimize the content section. I believe, your website is based on just pure XHTML & there is not even a single javascript or vbscript.
    I got your website evaluated, it ranks 2,22,598 in the world with 756 views per day. It’s genuine. Value of your website is $12,466. Wow!

    Please reply me via mail for the web-application, I am talking about. I cannot give all the details in comment-form.

    You told that “Because many people either dont know how to comment or frustrated.”
    Student asks such questions because they are really anxious & want to get some rough idea about admissions but there is not a single source from where they can get an answer. “डूबते को तिनका का सहारा होता हैं” (I believe, you can read the text in Hindi)
    Just due to this, they ask such questions.

    My web-application in JSP (You can use any other) will definitely help these students to answer such a question for the next session i.e. 2012 batch & will reduce the quantity of comments, you get daily.

    Well, your prediction about the keys are correct. I was expecting 37 & a surprise comes on the result day, I got 42.33. So, shall I ask that frustrating Question. Sir, I got 42.33 & my rank is …..

    Finally, coming to our old discussion, you had writtent the number of students is (may) not a factor directly influencing the GATE Rank.
    It is, let me prove it with your own words.
    You had written “If the GATE paper is easy many student will have great marks, hence leading to higher ranks”.

    Now, let’s say that paper was easy, so most of the students will score good. Let’s say that scoring between 50 & 60 is easier this time. Many students will score between 50 & 60. This time, there was increase in 30,000 students for CS & Mechanical. These 30,000 students will definitely place a position in between 50 & 60. Same is applicable for all pairs of marks. So, as the number of students increases, over-head also increases. Let’s say that only 500 (Minimum 100) students, placed themselves in between 50 & 60; So, it will change the entire scenario, compared to last year’s analysis. Don’t you think so?
    There will be an increase of atleast 500 (Minimum 100) in rank for the same marks, What rank a student got last year.
    There is no direct relation but a hidden relation that the rank falls with an increase in the number of student. Competition increases a lot with an increase in number of students.

    One more thing, can anyone explain the definition of an “easy paper”?

    Finally concluding, rank estimators make a student cry, when the actual results are published. Reason: The number of students appearing in the exam cannot be predicted after the GATE Exams & again the so called level of difficulty cannot be predicted by just taking the response of a handful number of students.

    Number of students appearing can however be asked directly from IITs by giving an application to PIO, under RTI act, 2005.

    Now, I am agreed that don’t take the words of these rank estimator’s to be true. It will make you cry in most of the cases.

    I realized the same, when I observed this with many of my mechanical friends. One of my friend had found that he will get a rank around 2000 from rank estimator published by many of the websites. He had taken the upper limit to be around 3,000. When the results had published, he secured 3589. He cannot control his tears as he had made a lot of plan beforehand.

    Well, waiting for the reply via mail for the web-application.

  58. surekha mishra

    my GATE Score: 553 and All India Rank: 324

    is there any chance in IITs?

  59. Ketan Agarwal

    Gate 2011
    i have obtained 38 marks
    my gate score is 485
    n all India rank is 5583 in general
    in computer science

    please suggest me the best college i could get with this score.

  60. Alim

    GATE 2011


    is there any chance of getting NIT’s?
    which other colleges should i apply for?
    what colleges can i get in dis rank?…..
    PLS RPLY ME ([email protected])

  61. dilip

    Gate CS 2011
    Marks 37.33
    Score 477
    Percentile 95.60
    Category OBC

    Sir is there any chance to admit in NIT or good Central University?
    Plz give the names of such institutes where i aptly to apply.
    Plz reply.

  62. kopal

    GATE 2011

    i belons to obc catagory
    is there any chance of getting NIT’s?
    which other colleges should i apply for?
    what colleges can i get in dis rank?
    plz reply to my email([email protected])

  63. vijay

    sir i got air 1270 in EE 2010 gate . which college should i get the seat and which branch is more demand in my field.

  64. vandna

    GATE 2011


    is there any chance of getting NIT’s?
    which other colleges should i apply for?
    what colleges can i get in dis rank?
    plz reply to my email([email protected])

  65. Manoj


    GATE ranks does depend on the number of students appearing. But, to a larger extent, it depends on the difficulty level of the question paper. In particular, GATE 2011 question paper (EC) was very easy than previous years papers. So, we cannot have a direct relation between GATE marks and ranks by comparing it with previous year results. This is what the rank estimators do.

    As Zahid said, the keys are also not reliable. In my case, I compared my answers available online and I got 50 marks. But, I when the results came yesterday, I have got 61 marks. As Zahid said, I gave my GATE mark (61) to a rank estimator (, I got the expected AIR to be 90-175. but, my AIR is 528. This is not at all a “fair idea” about the result as you said.

    Hope this throws some light on your queries.

  66. kaushal

    hello sir,i have done Doeacc B-Level from Cdac-Noida. ‘B’ level course of DOEACC Scheme has been recognized by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India, as professionally equivalent to MCA Degree. I have appeared for GATE 2011 but did not qualified,but i want to do Mtech because i do not have any degree. Please suggest me somthing so that i can get admission in some collage for this year.


    hi, im scoring 530 in ece 2011 gate exam. which colleges should i apply for mtech in general category? is there any probability of getting in nits other than the top 4 like warangal, calicut, trichy? my rank is 3902.

  68. ramya ravi

    my gate2011 score is 355.i am cs student..please give me details of chances of getting mtech and which colleges??

  69. pawan sharma

    sir my gate score is 338 will i be able to get admission in any nit’s if not what other options are there for me.I will be highly obliged to recieve your answer.
    Thank you

  70. naveen kumar

    i got 95.5 percentile in gate2011 . can i got ism dhanbad for Mtech.if not than what are other possiblities.

  71. jasodha

    i have got a gate score of 286 and a percentile of 78.5…can you please guide me as to where i can get admission in mtech biotechnology..can i apply for nits?

  72. dhiraj

    sir my gate 2011 score is 468
    & my marks is 45
    & air is 3918
    in mechanical branch
    my academic % is 73
    suggest me Mtech colleges plz with the college website

  73. Shruti

    Hello Zahid bhaiya, I ‘ve got 46.33 marks in GATE 2011. My GATE score is 554 and AIR is 3167. Which colleges can i expect to get admission in? Please help.

  74. bharat

    i got 542 gate score in ece dept. can u suggest me some colleges

  75. krishna kant konwar

    my all India rank is 57000 and my gate score is 167 so tell me which college i could gate


    I got AIR 303 can u help me about the admission.
    To what coll should i apply????????????????????????

  77. robin kumar varshney

    hello sir…
    gate score: 482
    cani hope to get into an NIT if not IIT.
    suggest some good colleges as per my score !
    please sir ur guidance is invaluable.

  78. Zahid

    Mohit: Thanks again for such a nice analysis. On the first place let me take my words back about same number of students, my research about 2009 students was totally based on information given on different coaching center sites.

    The actual point i wanted to present was. If the GATE paper is easy many student will have great marks, hence leading to higher ranks. and if the paper is tough with the same marks one can get a better All India rank. And this difference can be huge with the level of difficulty of GATE paper. Number of student may not be a factor directly influencing the GATE Ranks.

    On the personal note, I would wish you a great future ahead and if you wish to present your analysis, please send it to me. If there are no issue I will publish it here and hope that would help a huge student community.

    I am looking for forum ahead. Because handling comments is becoming almost impossible to me. There are always over 600 comments to be approved, and I dont let them go with reading them. Because many people either dont know how to comment or frustrated 🙂

    Thanks a million for such a big appreciation. I hope with the immense care and love of inspire n ignite readers, one day it will reach every single engineering student of the nation. I would call every single genuine student to be a part of it.

    Thanks a lot again and wish to be in touch with you.

  79. Divyanshu

    Totally Agree with you Zahid, These Rank Estimators are most annoying thing i have ever seen! Even the Keys provided by various institutes are highly questionable,
    Also it’s impossible to predict the cutoff for different colleges, There are simply too many variables involed, for eg so many PSU this year would do recruitement based on GATE score, Now people would prefer Mtech or a Job? and may be new IIT’s would start Mtech this year? May be, and many many more factors

  80. Bhargav

    sir a big difference in 2009 and 2010

    in 2010 the maxximum marks were 100and i dnt think that was the case in 2009…
    wheeas its same in 2011…

  81. nishit

    thank u zahid u made my thougths clear!!!

  82. Mohit

    Please close the Quotation marks, I had given in my quote & delete this comment. I hope, you like my self-designed quote.

  83. Mohit

    Well Zahed, I am agree with you about the answer you provided for not trusting these rank Estimators.

    You told me that the number of students in 2009 & 2010 were same. I am very much excited to prove that your words are wrong.

    My cousin had appeared in GATE 2009. He had the following marks:-

    Gate Score: 431
    Rank: 2822
    Percentile: 93.18
    That time, I was not interested in GATE, so I don’t know how much marks he had scored.

    So, he was ahead of around 6.82% of students, so he got 2822 rank. So, let’s calculate
    6.82% of x = 2822
    Therefore, x= 41,378.
    So, we can say that the number of students would be less than 50,000

    Now, he had appeared again in GATE 2010 and had just cried with his decision for not taking admission.

    Gate Score: 520
    Rank: 3373
    Percentile: 96.85
    Marks: 35.67

    So, he was ahead of around 3.15% of students, so he got 3373 rank. So, let’s calculate
    3.15% of x = 3373
    Therefore, x= 1,07,079.
    From your website, I come to know that in 2010, the number students that had appeared was around 1.06 lakh & my calculation is approximately correct.

    Another pair of data,
    For 2009,
    Gate rank: 3680
    Gate score: 321
    Percentile: 90.something, close to 91 (I cannot remember the actual figure)

    For 2010,
    Rank is 4551, GATE score 482, percentile is 95.75.

    One more question, in 2009, 3rd year students were unable to give GATE as the score was valid for just one year. In 2010, the 3rd year students had given the exam, so the number had increased twice.

    You can verify everything that I had written.

    Well, I don’t want to supress your article. After reading your comments over my statements, I had realized that Rank Estimators are useless for a student who is really an aspirant for GATE.

    I want to tell you a thing about me. I really like to conduct research in computers. At present, I had published two of my papers, one in cloud computing & another in Hash Mulitiplication. But, we have a huge family business house & my future rely on it only as my interest in computers cannot satisfy our money needs. Again, I got a placement in Microsoft. So, doing M.Tech is an alternative for me.

    I was not at all interested in GATE but just due to trend, I had appeared this time. I had not prepared for GATE. But, just after giving GATE, I got a lot interest in GATE. I had successfully solved many questions in the exams. I have no idea, how much I will score? I even don’t know the scope of my marks, I would be securing. After evaluating my marks from these keys, I come to know that I will score around 37 & from the rank estimator, I come to know that I had scored well in the exam.

    In the previous comment, I was just talking about this scope.

    After the exams, I had researched a lot over the marks, rank, how gate score is actually calculated taking the average of previous years (Not on previous year’s individual performance). At present, I am designing a program in Java to calculate such thing. My analysis doesn’t depend on previous year data but is just an analytical reasoning of its form.

    Well, my work is useless but it might help other students. If you want my analysis, I can provide it. It will definitely help the students who are in real need.

    Another point, in January, I had visited your website for the first time & had really liked it. I have just one idea that the topper had scored 86 & had really liked your method used for motivating students. Now, I really feels that if I had studied properly, I might had secured the top ranks but now, I cannot do anything.

    There are many students who are in real need & GATE is their only hope. Your website is really great, the articles present is exceptionally good, informative & useful. You are really doing a great job, running a website which is really helpful for the begginers. I believe, it is better than many of the charitable trust.

    If I can be of any help, please tell me. I will be grateful to help you & thus thousands of GATE aspirants. Now a days, I am completely free. If you need to add flash content or any other high-scale Java-Script code, I can design for your website, just free of cost.
    You can contact me directly at the E-mail ID provided.

    A quote from my side,
    Applicable for GATE aspirants,
    “East is east & the west is west & if you want to do your best, trust inspiren ignite.

  84. Zahid

    Mohit: Just to share with you the number of students appeared in 2009 and 2010 were almost same. Software markets were descent in 2009 but it sucked in 2007 and 2008. Therefore comparing the results give a much more clear idea. I agree with your few points such that there are many student want to take GATE to land in a better Job.

    Do you think it is genuine to give ranks with the difference of 1000~1500 upper and lower bonds. What does it reflect, just nothing except a confusion and false dream and still they play safe with that large upper and lower boundary. If you have some examples please share with us and give the comparison after GATE.

    Why I dont recommend to believe on GATE Rank estimators is that they ask for Marks, which students usually calculate using some keys or their own. The basis on which the ranks are estimated are itself questionable. A single mark can land one down 100s of students.

    The best way is to have an idea of marks. Check the highest marks in last years, that I already talked about. you can refer here and also refer to cutoff marks of IITs. This will make your more clear than the idea of making dreams on rank estimators with a boundary of thousand ranks.

    Also dont worry about comment moderation dude. Anything analytical and research oriented and presented to help student in sensible way is more than welcome and will be answered 🙂 you can read our comment moderation policy for more about it 🙂

    Thank you soo much for dropping a nice comment, wish to hear more from you.

  85. Mohit

    Another point, the rank estimator atleast provides student with self-satisfaction & a hope for the future, especially between the Examination Date & the result date. And, again it gives a fair idea, what can happen? They let them to dream for their future, leaving the anxious conditions.

  86. Mohit

    You made a statement that “The rank is not same even for the same marks in two years”. You are telling this by just comparing GATE 2009 & GATE 2010. You feel that there was a lot difference in these two years. You know, why there was such a difference.

    Before 2008, none likes to appear in the GATE exam. The number of students that had appeared in GATE 2007 & 2008 was very much less than 50,000 (Around 30,000) in the case of CS. That time, cracking the GATE was rather easier, better to say, getting into IITs (Competition was acute). If one secures 97 percentile, it was sure that he would get admission into IIT. In today’s terminology, what will you say about 97 percentile; it’s just above 3,000 rank (in case of CS). What will you get from it, most probably nothing?

    But just after the IT Market had crashed in 2008, the number of students appearing in GATE had increased dramatically. Student from average private colleges started thinking about M.Tech. Reason: Majority of the students from an average college, just get job in the IT Companies only, whatever their branches are. Now, they do not have a job at that time. By getting admission in M.Tech, they can hide their reason for not getting the job by saying “I am interested in higher studies”.

    Now, 2009 had added more students towards GATE. After that, GATE becomes a trend. I believe, from 2010, number of students in GATE had saturated, just like in other exams like AIEEE & IIT. Every year, there will be a little increase in the number of students.

    Therefore, we can completely rely on GATE 2010 rank to predict the rank in GATE 2011, which was not the case for the pair 2009 & 2010.

    Again, the rank-estimators specify the rank in a range, where the lower bound represents the rank, a student got in the previous year. I am sure that everyone will find that his or her ranks are approximately correct. Good thing is that, the student’s rank will be above the upper bound & if luck favors, it will be a little above the lower bound also.

    Results will be published in just 3 days & you will come to know that I am correct from every perspective. I am a fan of this website. This website had published great things that a student can never get it from anywhere. But, this article is a little bit confusing.

    Do not delete my comment as I am writing against your article. Every bit present is correct & I can provide the genuine links to prove my statements.

  87. Pranav

    Hello,I am Pranav,i have given gate ME this year & i m currently in last year engg.But i dont expect much score this year because of lack of preparation.So i m thinking to take one year gap & join some regular coaching class for gate.So which option do u thing is good whether to take admission for MTech in available college & continue gate prep. or to take one year gap & join coaching?

  88. SOMA DAS



    hi i have a question, what happens to the last year s GATE score card, and does the rank changes, because it was based on a relative marking scheme?

  90. m sandeep

    hello sir iam in confused state pls do help me

    1) the first thing is doing as a non-gater would that be benificiall

    2) apart from iit’s and nit’s and iiit’s doing mtech in any other universities or deemed universities will the degree would be worth full

    3) and last and important is what’s the point in doing mtech as a non-gater however u gone work for some or the other mnc’s. and will that degree will be worth full in the company’s

    4) and one more last and final question doing mtech will it be usefull for any thing in the future

    sir pls do reply me sir this questions are giving me sleep less nights because i didn’t do well in my gate 2011 and i dont what to do next go for job or go for mtech as a non-gater

  91. nandan

    zahid sir
    plz tell me which clg should i apply for my
    i have qualified gate2010 …with90%le and 372 gate score .
    whether chances for getting in to good university .
    my branch is electical edngineering .

  92. DINESH

    correct sir…….

  93. Zaheer

    plz add details of aero depart. also

  94. Ankur Modi

    thnks for such a relieving words from you.

    as always u r rocking….even a hopeless guy like me gets so much confidence after reading ur posts.

    thanks a lot

  95. zahid

    well said. if one is really interested in doing m tech but he gets a core technical job and top NIT, what should he do? is doing m tech frm top 3 nits worth leaving a core mnc? thanks in advance

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