Since the GATE exam is over there are thousands of students asking this question. I checked my marks with GATE XYZ key please tell me which college I will get for M.Tech admission. Another similar question is related to All India Rank. Students check their ranks on surprising estimators. I really don’t understand how come they can estimate the Rank based on what data. Do refer to GATE 2010 and 2009 analysis, for similar marks for more details about GATE.

All the expected marks and GATE rank estimators are just nothing but the trick to misguide students. The rank is not same even for the same marks in two years. It depends on number of factors and one among them is toughness of GATE paper. Without GATE results known its highly impossible to decide on the toughness of the GATE exam.

Now let me answer the most famous question with this GATE score in which college I get M.Tech admission. With my experience I can say that everyone will get admission in M.Tech on or the other college irrespective of their marks, ranks and scores in GATE. Few get into IITs and few get into NITs, and there are lots of colleges that offer a descent M.Tech program.

The most important thing in M.Tech admission is knowing all colleges that are offering M.Tech programs and desperately trying to join anyone of them. If you think you a chance to see big schools after M.Tech and you are willing to take that chance I strongly recommend you to join some college for M.Tech and from the day one do start preparing for next hope. If you think you need to take a break and work for an MNC or some other good company for some time, then you need to set out and take a risk of trying universities and institutes that offer great placements.

The bottom line is all these rank estimators, marks calculations tricks, desires to know the colleges you are going to get admitted are not useful until 15th March, the day when you get GATE results. Till that stay cool, enjoy cricket and do read and follow what to do after GATE exam. Also, don’t forget subscribe to get updates on M.Tech admissions and job based on GATE.

I wish you all a great luck ahead.