GATE 2012 notification was announce with few changes but you can say few big changes. The first to notice was exclusion of pre final year students from GATE eligibility. Now pre-final year (third year) students are not eligible to appear in GATE exam.

Not allowing pre-final year students led to anger from third year student and also ignited a big debate in Engineering students all across the nation. I can see there are lots of comments on I n I for giving inputs and analysis about this decision. In this post I try to analyze the decision and its consequences.

If we look deeply into making pre-final year student eligible for GATE we can easily realize that this comes with few constraints and tradeoffs. First and foremost is to restrict GATE syllabus till third year. Secondly increase validity of GATE score for two years. And the third impact on GATE score calculation, as in general third year student appear GATE exam just to know how about GATE instead a serious attempt to crack it. This eventually this drop GATE qualifying score to least in spite of heavy completion reflected on number of students appeared for GATE exam. Please refer Number of candidates appeared for GATE 2011 and GATE 2011 qualifying marks for more details.

I think, keeping all these tradeoffs, GATE organizing committee decided to give rest to pre-final year students. I also think there will much change in coming years in GATE pattern, syllabus and M.Tech admissions.

In future we expect a change in syllabus that will even cover pre-final and final year subjects. As you all know this year there will online test for four subjects, giving a clear indication that we will have GATE online exam in near future. Only online registration for GATE 2011 application is another strong move forward a complete online GATE. Also I think GATE score will be kept valid for a year to make admission process straight forward.

If you read inspirenignite deeply would have read my M.Tech admissions analysis at M.Tech admissions what matters more. I always argued that AIR is most important factor to decide about M.Tech admissions and also supported a centralized admission policy for all the institutes like AIEEE. Now I feel GATE is moving toward an approach more like JEE or AIEEE and centralized admissions.

This is just to share with you all. There is nothing to worry about, as they (IITs, and NITs) will definitely give admissions to at the least same number of candidates they gave last year. Process doesn’t matter much, what matters more is number of seats. Prepare the best way to see the best. Be aware of whats going around and by which you can exploit it to make best out of this. Just knowing would not help, hard work, dedication with right knowledge would definitely gives you an edge.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.