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GATE 2011 Cutoffs For IIT Roorkee

Gate cutoffs are changing year to year making the cutoff information dependent on many factors, like difficulty of GATE exam, number of students appearing, ..etc. For me the best criteria to check for admission are All India Rank. The cutoff ranks would give a much clear picture than GATE Score and Marks cutoff. Please refer to how much GATE score is need for IITs, and other related posts for more details.

We collected GATE cutoff in 2009 and GATE cutoff in 2010 from whatever was possible through official sources. For 2011 we got bit more organized to get this information. I hope in future with help of friend and other government sources we will give much more information. The only aim of this effort is to provide accurate and genuine information to the student community.

Here we have GATE Cutoff aggregate Marks for IIT Roorkee (IITR) in 2011. This information is collected right from IIT Roorkee through official sources. The calculation of aggregate marks is given below.

Aggregate GATE Marks = (Marks out of 100 of the candidate / Maximum Marks awarded in that paper the same year) X 100

For maximum marks in GATE 2011 please refer to Top Marks In GATE 2011.

Department GEN OBC SC ST PD
Arch. & Planning 32.9 29.61 22.04 22.04 22.04
AHEC 52.89 47.6 35.44 35.44 35.44
Chemical Engg 32.19 28.97 21.57 21.57 21.57
Civil Engg 46.39 41.75 31.08 31.08 31.08
Earthquake Engg 32.9 29.61 22.04 22.04 22.04
Electrical Engg 59.91 53.92 40.14 40.14 40.14
E & CE 62.77 56.49 42.06 42.06 42.06
Computer Science 61.14 55.03 40.96 40.96 40.96
Hydrology 51.33 46.2 34.39 34.39 34.39
Mech. & Indl Engg 59.69 53.72 39.99 39.99 39.99
Met. & Mat. Engg 26.68 24.01 17.88 17.88 17.88
Paper Technology 35.36 31.82 23.69 23.69 23.69
WRD& M 26.68 24.01 17.87 17.87 17.87
Chemistry 35.78 32.2 23.97 23.97 23.97
Physics 56.2 50.58 37.65 37.65 37.65
Nanotechnology Centre 65.02 58.52 43.56 43.56 43.56

Thanks to Lorin for selfless support in organizing the information we collected over the years. We are constantly looking for volunteers for the kind of work we are doing. As a single individual I am giving my best efforts for organizing and presenting the information but with the kind of work and actives I am involved for my living its getting almost impossible to present all information I have. I and I n I need your help and support to extend help to a larger community all across the nation looking for right, genuine and clean information.

We will be posting almost all the IITs cutoff in 2011 and also looking for updates from NITs. Till then stay tuned and don’t forget to hit the share button and subscribe by email for more updates.

Wish you all are great luck with M.Tech admissions 2012.


  1. Karishma waghmare

    Can I get Gate 2011 pharmacy score card.Unfortunately I lost my original.

    1. Zahid

      I dont think so 🙂

  2. Ankit

    Hey guys you have to analyse last yeas cut off’s of various IIT’s and NIT’s to get an idea about which college u may get….All IIT and NITand PSU cut off’s have been uploaded here:

  3. mitesh pate

    hello sir,my gate mark is 41and AIR is 127 and score is 436 in PI code ..what is prefrable institute in which i can apply..for M TECH…plz any one can replay….thank you

  4. surya

    Could U please tell me how many persons attended for gate 2012 in civil engineering…

    Thank u

  5. anil k gupta

    I have secured 39.77 marks in Chemical Engineering as General Candidate in GATE 2012. What is the chance of getting admission in IIT Roorkee in CAD Applications in Chemical Engineering (one of the three M Tech courses offered by IIT Roorkee Chemical Eng Deptt).


    1. charukeshi gupta

      hi anil did you made it to IITR? im givn gate this year.pls let me know if u have made it to iits.

  6. ashok

    sir i get interview call from ahec branch at iit r so tell me what to study for interview my gate score is 540 and normalized gate scre is arnd 52 can i get this branch

  7. Sufiq

    I guess this is a complete fake matter.
    Mr. Alam can u suggest the corrected table or at least the link to get me to the actual cutoff scores.

  8. ankit

    sir my gate 2012 EEE
    which NIT i get for admission in……..

  9. M. N. Alam

    GATE 2010 Cut-off Marks for WRD & M for was (GEN- 41 & OBC 36) in second counselling. And, in 2011, cut off for interview calls was 40 marks for OBC……………

    It is request to correct the cut off marks given in the table.
    I am a student of IIT Roorkee……

  10. NAREN

    u can try for nits EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING
    nit tricht
    nit calicut
    nit surathkal
    nit wgl
    nit rourkela
    nit allahabad
    nit nagpur

  11. alok

    CEG takes the student on the basis of state !

  12. amit

    my gate score-420
    i want structural engineering branch in civil engg so which college i got in iits nd nits. thanks

  13. ravi

    my gate number is 17.33 & can i get admission in iit & nit?


    i hav scored 18.33 marks in ece in gate 2012 in sc category so please suggest me which colleges will i get admission for in nanotechnology.

  15. kamlesh

    Sir ,
    i have a complain from your side that as you had started this site and you are the sole admistrater then its is your reponsibilty and duty of you maintain and update it regularly. If anybody take a reposibility to some work then it is its duty to fullfill that work to the best level, not to leave it in middle of nowhere.
    Do you have any idea sir how many thousands of aspirants are dependent on you.
    I think many of aspirants may had already missed many notifcation of due to this websites no notification for quite sometime (or after the gate2012 results).
    There are many aspirants who owe you SIR.

    Therefore , i have a humble request please update this website with all the latest notification so that student do’nt miss any of the remaing notification which are left. And sorry to say that but if you are not able do this due to your busy scdule then give this reponsibility to someone else who can this job comfortably.
    Lastly, what i want say is please do’nt deprive us from notification 2012 as it suffers the future of many aspirants.
    please do’nt take it personal.


    1. Anuj Vats

      u’re quite a writer huh :p

  16. prince rana

    Sir , i want to know that may i take the admission in in base of score card 2011 my score is 27.82.

  17. krishnaveni

    i got 18000 air in gate cs, belong to oc caste. plz suggest me in which clg i can get seat as soon as possible. thank u


    Hai this is totally a fake information becouse the cut off for SC/ST/PD never can be equal .They alawayes vary according to thier catagory.

  19. kumar sourav

    one thing more can u please tell what was the maximum marks scored in mechanical paper in 2011 ?

  20. kumar sourav

    kudos to you zahid.. i have searched for the cutoff’s of iit roorkee a zillion times but alas no proper analysis..thanks a gazillion times 🙂 .. please also do put up the cutoff in iit bombay if possible and other premier institutes..thanks once more

  21. Rajan

    How to apply for NIT’s this year ? Could you tell the procedure ?

  22. muthu

    i got 26.67 in EE, OBC category, rank-8544.. is there any chance of getting into a gud coll… pls give ur suggestions..

  23. Abhishek Anand

    I’m from biotechnology.How is Environmental Engineering of ISM Dhanbad ? Plz reply..anyone

    1. NAREN


  24. Ritu Bafna

    can u plz post the cutoff for gate 2011 cse of iitG and top NITs

  25. Arun Kumar

    Hi, can you publish cutoff in IITMadras?

  26. Vinod

    good to see u back…
    which is the best institute for in mechnical engg. ?? please rank them..

  27. irfan

    Greetings of the day!

    As going thr’h ur article am bit confused, in 2011 I have 29 points in the gate exam for Metallurgy stream. Now you had mentioned cutoff at IIT Roorke was 24, instead of that actual cutoff was 47 in the said exam…… then how it varries from institute….will it make me eligible at any level for M-tech….

    Also in this year(2012) I got 43points while as the cutoff is 49.–, does i have any chance for M-tech at any level.


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