I n I Reaches 10000 Facebook Fans: A New Landmark

What an amazing year 2012 has been so far. Since its start I shook a lot and still shaking 😉 The good news is that many things came in life so fast I never imagined before and are still coming. Things turning on very very fast for me and I n I’s recent growth is another example of it.

Today I n I reached one of the biggest landmark of having 10000 facebook fans. This figure is not only important with respect to popularity but also tells the authority and helpfulness of the content that is provided for students.

I was alone when I started I n I, then a close friend of mine joined and gave timely support on content collection and presentation. We worked together and shared every piece or work and it was and is a great time. I realized how great is working from different parts of the world and sharing a common vision. If we are super lucky we can get her back to I n I soon.

Kapil joined our little team in mid of 2011 and he did an amazing work with forum. We launched it in in end of 2011. It’s in very good shape, with a very little group of amazingly active people. In 2012 will make it more active and alive and expect more friends would join hands and volunteer for it.

I remain thankful every single fan on facebook for their encouragement and constant support. I also commit today that I n I will much more than just a blog in coming days. It will be a test platform, a community, and buy and sell place for students all across the nation. We will try our best to make a great platform for committed students.

We expect that reader will support us as they do with their suggestions, contribution and volunteering in answering in forums. We will make a great M.Tech admission forum to support M.Tech Admissions in 2012 for different GATE scores and branches and we need your great support and presence for that.

I wish every single contributor, reader, subscriber, fan and visitor a great career and success. Let’s stand together and try to contribute in a best way to our society and help others to solve their problems and confusions. Wish you all a great luck ahead and looking forward for a great I n I community in future.

Thanks to the almighty and every single individual who one or the other way contributed to the growth of I n I.


  1. Arunanand T A


    GATE 2012 CSE Question paper and Key can be downloaded from:

    Arunanand T A

  2. Sunil

    Exam was very tough ece…………………….

  3. sekhar reddy

    great job sir..

  4. shishir

    s Zahid you r doing a social work also KEEP IT UP!!!

  5. Arunanand T A

    Dear GATE aspirants,

    A Full Mock Test for GATE 2012 (CS Paper with solutions) has been made available at:

    Note: The link will be alive only by 7th February, 2012 noon. It’s free, and no registration required.

    All the best to all aspirants.


    Arunanand T A

  6. bakeel khan

    A big Congratulation to You Sir and ur fully dedicated team.. u worked hard and this is the result of ur hard work and dedication… well a very gud luck to I n I..

  7. Ankit Chheda

    @Zahid Sir,
    Kindly look at my blog. I have shared some figures about GATE last two years exam conducted.
    link :

  8. Aparna Ankalkote

    Grrrrr8 sir!!!congratulations to you n your team :-).Keep posting such motivating articles. Till now they really proved to be very helpful to us.

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