This is the most desired information for every student appearing for GATE and looking for M.Tech admissions. I always looked for this information but always landed in wrong, unauthenticated and useless web pages. To get this information I specially watched M.Tech admissions in NITs. Please refer to CCMT and NIT GATE cutoff with possible M.Tech colleges for latest updates.

This is a part of GATE 2013 preparation guide. Don’t worry I will add IITs too in coming posts, just waiting for some official information. We are also waiting for detailed information from NITs. Here I add the data from first round of admissions of NITs in 2012 .

As the data is huge and making it in a presentable format after long lovable working hours is getting difficult for me. I will try my best to add an NIT cutoffs a day or more on weekends so that we can finish all NITs as soon as possible. For previous GATE cutoffs do refer to GATE cutoffs 2009, IIT GATE cutoffs 2011 and other related posts.

The NITs that I am going to cover are

NIT Warangal GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Tiruchirapalli GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Surathkal, Mangalore GATE cutoff 2012
Motilal Nehru NIT Allahabad GATE cutoff 2012
Malviya NIT Jaipur GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Calicut GATE cutoff 2012
Visvesvaraya NIT Nagpur GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Kurukshetra GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Rourkela GATE cutoff 2012
Maulana Azad NIT Bhopal GATE cutoff 2012
Sardar Vallabhbhai NIT Surat GATE cutoff 2012
Dr. B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Durgapur GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Jamshedpur GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Hamirpur GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Raipur GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Patna GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Silchar GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Agartala GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Papum Pare GATE cutoff 2012
NIT Hazartbal, Srinagar GATE cutoff 2012

Do check the NIT 2012 ranking to know more about each of these institutes. Don’t forget to read other posts related to GATE preparation to get to know the competition and stay focus.

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Wish you all a great luck with preparation.